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Wonder Tactics - Official Trailer

389 ratings | 985994 views
Strategic 3x3 grid battles! The new action RPG Wonder Tactics is here! Choose from over 250 Heroes to make the strongest formation and test your limits in various dungeons and PvP systems for a whole new RPG experience! Available now on iOS and Android. [App Store] http://bit.ly/WonderTacticsiOS [Google Play] http://bit.ly/WonderTacticsAD
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Text Comments (31)
Yourfavanimeperson 123 (1 month ago)
Rosemary looks sexy :)
Trenthedgehog1671 (1 year ago)
this trailer plays when you're installing the game and it has no audio at all
Rabeek semi (2 years ago)
ɷ Heeey Friendssss I Have F0unddd Workingg Online Hacck visitttt : - https://t.co/nC69sMD6xu
Awesome Sauce (2 years ago)
this would seem like a good anime
Gray Clouds (2 years ago)
Jogo pfto*-* mas trava mais que tudo 😒
MONCAYOBS (2 years ago)
Spencer Whiteway (2 years ago)
It's a shame the real game is online, has text for cut scenes, and this trailer is the best in terms of character development these Chibi people will ever get.
Benjamin Leigh (3 years ago)
just got a event saying I get some scrolls for downloading and playing the game, but i havent gotten it, anyone else having that problem?
Speedy (3 years ago)
Catholic Shrimp (3 years ago)
Skye Moon (3 years ago)
great trailer!
Raccoon In Disguise (3 years ago)
Incredible art style!!
Anime Andrea (3 years ago)
I wish this game was an anime series
zankies87 (3 years ago)
you should totally make anime shorts about this! Love your games too :3
RA Leonard (2 years ago)
They really should lol, I would love it and I am sure many others would 2. But sadly it's likely that they don't have the money to do such a thing.
Aidan Morales (3 years ago)
I've just completed the easy version of the campaign, but I am not sure if there was an ending... what about the dragon at the end?
Peter Hammes (3 years ago)
All the tropes!
bond lee (3 years ago)
大嶋慎也 (3 years ago)
None Ya (3 years ago)
Slightly confuseing game..and well the keyboreds messed up on it could you fix it please?
HopkinsCrafters Gaming (3 years ago)
I have al the Charcters #Hacks
phat hacman (3 years ago)
bad anime but i hope story will great
grimgor07 (3 years ago)
For some reasons, I'm going to ship the angel girl and the blue wolfman. ^^
Lola Martinez (3 years ago)
Jewish Wizard (3 years ago)
PLease make this a show
Maxuel Alves (3 years ago)
? windows Phone
FREDTHEHUUMOON (3 years ago)
Let's hope to god that lushen will be in the game
Oscar Vinicius (3 years ago)
good trailer :)
Aus Der (3 years ago)
Pls gimi a nat 5 pls come2us be nice :(
Nestor Lopez (3 years ago)
Wind Monkey King 🙊🙊
Aus Der (3 years ago)
I see it now :0 wtf come2us

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