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Everyday Hair style for Long Hair | Beautiful Hair styles for Girls

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Everyday Hair style for Long Hair | Beautiful Hair styles for Girls SUBSCRIBE to my channel for a new video every Week. Full Credit: All credit goes to its respective owners ! Music Credit: @NoCopyrightSounds ✔✔✔ Want to submit your videos? Send us your video links via email and we'll put them in our compilations! Email: [email protected] ***All the credits in the video*** My intention when doing this video is not to steal nobody's work but share and compile the best ones. If your video is here and you don't want it just email me and I'll remove it. Email:[email protected]
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Text Comments (1548)
New Nail Art 2017 - The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MacuyF-lhg4
Manju Das (10 months ago)
Style TV - Makeup,EYE,HairStyle,Nail Art,Cake
Amreen Golandaz (3 months ago)
Unique hairstyle
thank you for your message
Madhumita Mathur (3 months ago)
U r so smart n beautiful
thank you for your message
world mehndi designs (5 months ago)
Great! good Idea
Abdul Hamid (5 months ago)
Wow so beautiful
Sarvesh Soni (6 months ago)
Wow amazing video nice vid
Natalia Sajid (6 months ago)
1 one is not good
Sumisomo Ghalib (6 months ago)
who like the first one ???😍😍😍😍😍😍
Zeehan Muhammad (6 months ago)
Plz silky shiny hair k bty mry hair bht rough Choty b koi tips dy
Muhammad usman (6 months ago)
nice hair style
Aisha Khan (6 months ago)
Patra Soham (7 months ago)
Rukhsana Ansari (7 months ago)
Sarita Vastrakar (8 months ago)
nice yar
Azaruddin Pathuri Shaik (8 months ago)
Masha Allah...
Tannu Baig (8 months ago)
Hat laffasss😀😀😀😀
Rayyan Kami (8 months ago)
it is really a very very nice and cute video
vijendra tata (8 months ago)
very nice
Survar Mawati (8 months ago)
siobhan douglas (8 months ago)
i have a few pet peeves with this video 1. half of the videos aren't even hair styles. 2. Most of these you wouldn't want to do everyday and they shouldn't even be classed as everyday. 3. i think only 2 people in this video had what i would call long hair.
Arvind Upadhyay (8 months ago)
Vow pyara h
Ali Ashraf (8 months ago)
Ali Imam (9 months ago)
From where I get this type of hair comb in which staitner is included
Jyoti Sable (9 months ago)
nice and cool
Mister KHAN (9 months ago)
How I can do straight hair s with out hair straighter
Mister KHAN (9 months ago)
2018 new hair styles for didn't please
Bobby Kasera (9 months ago)
soo nice yr
Anuj Sharma (9 months ago)
My hair is very rough my hair is not straight
md azjeez (9 months ago)
I like it very much to
Vara Prasad Rao (9 months ago)
where you have bough this straightner can u plz tell me
Akhtir Dother (9 months ago)
Aruna Chauhan (9 months ago)
medium length lyerrs hairkat nd makes half.pony
Phulkumari Goswami (9 months ago)
I want to know the hair straightener name which is used in this video..plzzz tell me the brand name
K.S.VICTOR KOPPULA (9 months ago)
Background music is 😍😍
Blueyes05 (9 months ago)
@ 06:31 what was the stylist sprinkling on the hair?
Umm E Ammara (9 months ago)
Shabina Khan (9 months ago)
Shabnur Khan (9 months ago)
wow amazing all hair stayl.
Mano Billi (9 months ago)
Riju Madhikarmi (10 months ago)
Hey kiddo
i h (10 months ago)
Amazing video
kishor Bansod (10 months ago)
first hairstyle looking scary and crazy
Shahi Khan (10 months ago)
This is not long hair..!!! It's normal length..!!!!
Hussain Shah (6 months ago)
Shahi Khan u r ri8
Tannuja Sonwane (7 months ago)
Mere patle bal h to me kya karu
mohd saleem (7 months ago)
Shahi Khan yes you are right
Rim roy chowdhury (10 months ago)
I like the last hairstyle
Jyoti Shirpurkar (10 months ago)
Which song it is
gunja rai (10 months ago)
Super this haircutting nd i like your hair
Imran Kapadia (10 months ago)
no so good
Sankari Arulvenkatesh (10 months ago)
U repeat the hairstyle stop repeating hairstyle
hina naseem (10 months ago)
Bilkul fazool
Md Vakil (10 months ago)
Hair cut name
Pratiksha Gurung (10 months ago)
Fathima Nushra (10 months ago)
bharti kumari (10 months ago)
nice yar
skill prem skill prem (10 months ago)
u r really so cute and beautiful i am u r fan
Ginger Babe (10 months ago)
Where are the styles u show in main frame page?????? Don't waste time of others
Priyanka Pathak (10 months ago)
Thumbnail right side hair style is missing though!!
Vinat Ram (10 months ago)
U r so cute
Romance 100% (10 months ago)
garima agrawal (10 months ago)
Where can I get that hair brush
cristiana stan (10 months ago)
s.junaid ali (10 months ago)
Slow video. Banti tu samajh ata
Komal Zaman (10 months ago)
Awesome hair styles ☺️
Bharat Jaiswar (10 months ago)
Bharat Jaiswar (10 months ago)
Raheel Khan (10 months ago)
You are so cute sister
zoya khan (9 months ago)
Raheel Khan What is the full name?
zoya khan (9 months ago)
Raheel Khan what OMG Your name too raheel 😱
Rubina Khan (10 months ago)
Rubina Khan (8 months ago)
Sanjay Gupta (10 months ago)
Hair spray kon sa use krti Ho aap
ankush ravan (10 months ago)
Wow so nice 😘😘😘😘
mohd saleem (7 months ago)
ankush ravan you are right
Azmat Batool (10 months ago)
very niceeee
Suhelkant Sharma (10 months ago)
Kya bat h...super
chinnu p (10 months ago)
Samia Shafique (11 months ago)
Lovly Girl
Altaf Hossen (1 year ago)
verry good videos
Nahid Roky (1 year ago)
Md Altaf Hossain (1 year ago)
like makeup
Methon kazi (1 year ago)
Anowar hossen (1 year ago)
Rihab Sheikh (1 year ago)
Md Motalib Khan (1 year ago)
Md Faisal (1 year ago)
Mithu Mithu (1 year ago)
Vary good
Naimur Rahman (1 year ago)
Shetu Haque (1 year ago)
Chondon Komar (1 year ago)
mosharaf cse (1 year ago)
tublu deb (1 year ago)
hair good
Ariful Hasan (1 year ago)
Mahmuda Mozumder good (1 year ago)
Sunzida Islam Mim (1 year ago)
Jubair Ahmed (1 year ago)
Dilruba akter (1 year ago)
Sadia Islam (1 year ago)
Ibrahim Khan (1 year ago)
Md Lemon (1 year ago)
Nice video
afnan ahmed (1 year ago)
wow nice
hossain zaman (1 year ago)
Mokarrom Hossain (1 year ago)
Nice hairstyle
MD JHONY (1 year ago)
Isolated Neon (1 year ago)
samim reza (1 year ago)

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