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Yoga, and Sedona - Mysteries, Magic, & Miracles - 4628

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#bikramyoga #sedona #mysteries #patrickmacnee #vortexes Hosted by Patric Macnee and Susan O'Leary. Includes: * Yoga: Art and Medicine * Sedona: Psychic Hotspot
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di. mythios (3 months ago)
One of the GREATEST CONS TO BE TOLD IN THE US. THERE IS NOTHING MYSTICAL ABOUT SEDONA. In my 30+ years riding my Harley's through out the US/Canada/Mexico roads you get to meet the locals... the Original Locals of Sedona have told me straight to my face that there is nothing magical about the place. It is the fucking hippies/yuppies of the 70 through the 90's that made it what it is today. All it did was to make a business of False Magic and drive up the cost of land. That part of Arizona is a nice ride but for all of the years driving through there it is all about selling their type of religion of business and of their product.
John Radue (9 months ago)

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