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My Mercedes Sprinter just went into Limp Mode slow acceleration maximum speed is limited

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Please watch: "ZIMALETA MOTORS ONLINE STORE Grand Opening Today Mercedes Sprinter Parts Please Check it out Guys" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNJQ7fxtPqI --~-- Free 4K 30fps Action Camera give away, click the link if you want to participate, Rules are in the description https://youtu.be/5QV2lUylOEM My Mercedes Sprinter just went into Limp Mode slow exaltation maximum speed is limited, i am surprised by it, it came out of nowhere, not sure what this may be, but I am determined to figure it out and will share what I know so far Enjoy 😊
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Lee Bdst (3 months ago)
Hi my friend, how come mine got no turbo, does it come with turbo or some don't? I got it from second hand. Pls let me know. Mine is a sprinter 315 cdi 2007. Diesel.
Thanks will do
Lee Bdst (3 months ago)
Thank you my friend, i hope you keep up this good work.
Yours has a turbo on top of the engine, under the air intake
Jayden Nguyen (4 months ago)
I have the same problem can you tell me what can I do fix it?
I have many videos on it, it’s hard to explain
Finbarr Sheehan (4 months ago)
Hi great video sorted my sprinter thanks from Finbarr in Ireland
Ahh wow welcome Finbarr from Ireland it’s always nice to get viewers all over the world
thomas pierce (4 months ago)
Thank you for the info. Very informative, keep doing what you are doing please.
Your so welcome and I will continue doing this I enjoy helping people, please let me know what videos you would like to see more of
Kyle Goldston (8 months ago)
Be careful turning the key off, it locks the steering wheel!
Yep, by the way today I bought 2012 Mercedes Sprinter, does not start I will fix it
Dimitriy Perchik (9 months ago)
Serg, don't waste your money on chip scanners. Buy yourself a DAS Xentry system, it will save you a lot of headache. If you need the info on where to get it, email me at [email protected] and I'll give you the information and I can explain how to use it. The scanner that you use reads only the OBDll codes and even those codes can be wrong due to the translation from Mercedes codes to OBDll codes. For example, it gave you a code and the description of a problem with throttle body, your van doesn't have a throttle body. 2007 and up have throttle bodies, the 2006 and lower don't have it. More like you have/had a problem with the gas pedal sensor malfunctioning and the ECU is not allowing boost by keeping the waste gate of the turbo open. Change the gas pedal and it will solve your problem. If you had a tool that reads the Mercedes codes and description, you would have been able to pinpoint the problem right away.
Wow very nice, you know I appreciate all your information on my channel and I would like to give you my number give me a call sometimes but first text me to let me know it’s you do I answer 803-235-9512 also you can email me at [email protected]
Mr. NiceGuy (9 months ago)
When this happen to your Sprinter,change your tourqe converter
Yep sounds like a good plan, but how do I know if it’s torque converter or clutches when I get black oil and slipping especially in low gears and when it warms up
Ali Radmand (11 months ago)
What did you find with this particular problem?
Ok sounds good
Dimitriy Perchik (9 months ago)
One more thing, if you look for a part for Sprinter on rockauto, look under Dodge Sprinter, it has more parts than looking under Mercedes or Freightliner. Just a side note...
Dimitriy Perchik (9 months ago)
Ali Radmand More likely a bad gas pedal sensor. https://www.partsgeek.com/gbproducts/DC/17864-05194007.html?utm_content=DN&utm_term=2004-2006+Dodge+Sprinter+2500+Accelerator+Pedal+Sensor+Standard+Motor+Products+APS163+04-06+Dodge+Accelerator+Pedal+Sensor+2005&fp=pp&gbm=a&utm_source=google&utm_medium=ff&utm_campaign=PartsGeek+Google+Base&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzqTYgcC_2QIVVySBCh1qrQvyEAQYASABEgIQ3_D_BwE&ad=47433965532 www.rockauto.com will probably be the cheapest in selling the pedal.
Not really sure, forgot what’s in the video, but I find problems all the time
Felipe Manzo (1 year ago)
I recently just experienced LHM, not fun at all. When I crawled under my sprinter I noticed that the two E8 bolts that are supposed to hold the turbo resonator to the alternator bracket were missing! Thus my resonator is now loose. I changed my alternator about 4000+ miles ago and if I remember correctly it is difficult to remove the bolts due to a small amount of access area. Has anybody else's bolts fallen out as well? I don't understand how they went missing....
+Felipe Manzo thanks so much, and I wish you and your family Happy thanksgiving as well
Felipe Manzo (1 year ago)
That's great! I wish you and your family a blessed thanksgiving!
+Felipe Manzo Lol At first I thought you were kidding lol, but I think your actually serious, I personally never had this problem, but birds built a nest in my parts sprinter in the engine bay lol, about rats I don’t know what to say, lol have you tried rat poison ☠️ lol, as far as how am I doing, thanks for asking I am doing well, taking some time off from driving will enjoy my thanksgiving and then I plan to stay home and do lots of renovations
Felipe Manzo (1 year ago)
Quick to reply as always Serge :) hope you are doing well my friend. I'm pretty sure I put the bolts back in and like I said that was before a 4000 mile trip... I think I would've experience problems before today if I forgot to put them back... I will have to replace them now but I don't know the thread size... On a side note there is currently a rat(s) running rampant through our carport... It couldn't possibly be that little squeaker that loosened them of! Any tips on fighting back these rodents? I'm currently leaving my hood up when I park my Sprinter since rodents don't like open spaces. I see less traces of rats in my engine bay but every now and then I'll find hair and scat by the oil cap....
+Felipe Manzo yes bolts are hard to remove, but I I don’t see how they could just simply fall out, did you put bolts back in after Alternator change? It’s easy to forget to do so, but if you forget t don’t see how resonator will hold to turbo on its own
OutWestBound (1 year ago)
I'm learning the hoses and trying to understand the vehicle's problem areas for my T1N Sprinter 3500 manufactured in 2005. I've heard you say that the top hose rips on the bottom. I found this part, and I wonder if it is useful to install now to prevent a future problem. I don't have the knowledge to know whether this fixes anything. What do you think Serge? https://www.idparts.com/sprinter-t1n-intercooler-hose-adapter-p-4314.html
+OutWestBound That top Hose when it rips, it will cause Turbo Not to Spin or work, and if you never had to deal with it, you might think it’s serious problem and then you go to a mechanic and they look at it and tell you sir your Turbo is not working, we checked all houses to and found this top one ripped, so you owe us $3500 :) I am glad your looking into this, I recommend just have a spare house, or Good quality duck tape and break cleaner, you can clean it up and duck tape it, for temporary fix
gert 04 (1 year ago)
I drive an Sprinter CDI in Germany, same probs, 3 times the "LLM" (Air Flow Meter?) was broken
+gert 04 where is the Air Flow Meter located? Are you talking about Mass Airflow Sensor?
Mason Nesson (1 year ago)
Serg , to me this sounds like an electrical problem caused by your engine wire harness !
+Mason Nesson lol thanks for your support my friend
Mason Nesson (1 year ago)
ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING I hope your diagnoses are correct regarding the EGR valve ( I just watched your next video) ! Good luck
+Mason Nesson could be, I would not be surprised because a bad harness could cause allot of problems
Eliot Yang (1 year ago)
It is good to have a diagnostic tool.
+Eliot Yang 👌
Eliot Yang (1 year ago)
+Eliot Yang yeah it helps, I want to get a better one that can clear transmission codes
la mama de YouTube (1 year ago)
Check the hose going from the resonator to intercooler is probable ripped. Samething happen to me you probably drive like that an other 300 miles then boom you problem is gonna be exposed. Europarts sd is the parts store for Sprinter. I hope you solve the problem soon. Best wishes for you.
+la mama de YouTube thanks so much, I will look into that, I actually have replacement hose if that's the case, I will try hunting the problem in my next video thanks for wishing me the best, same thing to you my friend
Pedro Regalado (1 year ago)
Check the cables caming from the rear axle speed sensor and brake pads sensor I had a short there cables look fine from outside I cut the cover and there were fried inside don't know wy
+Pedro Regalado wow fried wires, that's a new one, did that cause a problem for you? I need to do a break job soon, I will look at mine
Pedro Regalado (1 year ago)
What kind of radiator fluid do u use?
+Pedro Regalado I used stuff that I don't recommend for you to use, I used to drive a Cadillac and I used GM Radiator Fluid in it, I had 3 cans of that stuff left over, so I went ahead and used it, because Cadillac has a special Fluid to keep it cooler, this is why I used it, it should not be a problem because Cadillac Engine is Aluminum and this is non corrosive mix, my Engine was always running a little hotter from New, I thought it might of been due to Radiator leek but apparently replacing the Radiator did help but not as much as I hoped, because I have a winter Thermostat and it keeps the engine hotter, perfect for winter but there is summer thermostats they keep the engine cooler in the summer
iceblue (1 year ago)
the thing about sprinters is 99.9% of people have no idea how to work on them and the cost is ridiculous getting it fixed. I used to drive sprinters for a owner and I would bring it in to get fixed and it make me sick seeing the 2-5 k bills every time i had it fixed for various issues.You can fix it so most of the cost is saved, thats a good thing..
To be honest, Sprinters are more reliable then they look, sure they have there problems, but mostly due to people not understanding what it takes to make it right, usually it’s something simple, but mechanics make the problem look bigger then it really is, or want to fix every little thing and do to much preventive maintenance, and give you a big bill, when your just trying to get it running good to make more money. So my advice only fix what will keep the van running. I am speaking for 2002-2009 Sprinters After that there’s DEF to worry about, and there’s shops that can delete it and get rid of particulate filter, and that will make it better. I know this information will make it harder to make your choice of a Sprinter, but it’s the truth, I am not sure if there’s vans that have less problems, there’s some gas choices like Ford Transit and Pro-master, I say don’t get a pro master, it has bigger problems that go with engines and transmission shortly after 100k, the fords can go up to 500k with less problems but still will have some. But when it comes to sprinters, we mostly use them for Expedite and put on 500k Miles in no time, sure there will be problems, and some problems are big headaches but, when I get them I make videos showing what happened and show you how to fix it, I guess with electric Sprinter there will be less to worry about in 2019
Syncro Van (5 months ago)
ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING Thanks for replying ! You have a new subscriber. Well...it6 even more difficult to choose now, when you confirmed my worries. Fact is that I'm in the wheelchair, traveling alone and living full time on the road. So that van, should be my home also. Keep in mind that I would not put it to work, so won't earn his money to spend often for expensive repairs. The only reason I would choose this one, because it's 4x4 with reductor, looks very nice, it's way more lifted up than a normal Sprinter. The van have about 250.000 (if they are even real ). But if they always have problems, why people still buy them ? I'm trying to have a better idea. Be well and safe out there !
All vans have problems, I like sprinters because I know what to expect and can fix it without much effort, not only that I can teach you guys to do it to, let me know what you choice, maintenance is one of the biggest things to worry about
Syncro Van (5 months ago)
ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING Do, what do you think , I should stay away from Sprinters ? I'm about to buying one from 2010 and honestly, I'm a bit worried about possible issues and maintenance costs.
+iceblue yes that's so true, it sucks but it's true, this is why I fix everything myself and spread the knowledge to others, I am tired of people getting ripped off
Front Line Media (1 year ago)
Brake light switch?
+Joe Moto cool I already made the video will post in the next hr
Front Line Media (1 year ago)
ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING I recently replaced mine, and that fixed my limp mode. My limp mode was about 50 mph. Look forward to seeing the video
+Joe Moto could be anything at this point, but in next video today I will hunt for the problem

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