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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer

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Tensions between the Alliance and Horde have erupted, and a new age of war has begun. For more info on the game, or to opt in to the beta, head to http://worldofwarcraft.com
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World of Warcraft (1 year ago)
The real question is - Are you FOR THE ALLIANCE or FOR THE HORDE!?
Azure Moon (1 month ago)
iRoyo (2 months ago)
Diablo Immortal
UNION SQUARE (2 months ago)
paper kay (3 months ago)
Just for these cinematics lately, I've been a little bit of both.
Justin Ramos (3 months ago)
if only this cinematic was as good as the actual game
Kridd Core (16 hours ago)
For the Dark Lady!
Z1026 (16 hours ago)
young Brad Pitt just read his copy of "The Light and How to Swing It"
Lim Wei Nan (18 hours ago)
Sebastián Šilon (1 day ago)
Omar Ali (1 day ago)
Warlords was the best cinematic, worst expac. This is the second best cinematic, probably second worst expansion. I’m seeing a trend
3:17 when u max level pala
Nodnod Samsung (2 days ago)
World of Warcraft 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Tonakaii (3 days ago)
Does anybody else think the logo reveal animation was freaking awesome?
Vachon Bouford (3 days ago)
what if Sylvanas knows she can not lead the world in what is to come, so she is acting this way in order to try and forge the boy king into what is needed to survive what is to come??
Kathleen Duffy-Conway (4 days ago)
The Alliance!!
Alex NDG (4 days ago)
When Sylvanah gives out that scream... chills bro, chills...
Merggy (4 days ago)
I'd love to see a full movie on something like this
This was great! I really want to quit LoL and start playing WoW but I can't afford it...
ZzolllozZ (5 days ago)
L Youtube (5 days ago)
I had shivers all over my body when Sylvanas screamed For the HORDE
Riyal Dinovryan (5 days ago)
Looks like Brad Pitt.
Rosso (6 days ago)
Im pretty sure that sylvanas wouldnt dare to act if it was king varian
Rosso (6 days ago)
Im still wondering how we defeated the legion it would be 100% better if we lost against it and then having a expansion to win the war
Paul Sheard (6 days ago)
cuddleswithphan (7 days ago)
okay so i love the alliance like my main is a human rogue but every time i hear sylvanas do her banshee scream and shout "for the horde!" in this, i get goosebumps.
Umut Ozdemir (7 days ago)
HairyDingo (8 days ago)
So wait, they gave Mercy Rez to this alliance fucc boy?
Some random passerby (8 days ago)
2:17 When the tank doesn’t let the healer drink up after being oom.
Saket Velala (8 days ago)
"We have paid the price for sharing this world, and we have forgotten what makes us strong."
Νίκος Ν. (8 days ago)
Easy win for the alliance if there was a northsire cleric somewhere nearby...
HennibsDP (8 days ago)
Icap (8 days ago)
Josip Aračić (8 days ago)
Govava (9 days ago)
I cried
tobias andersen (9 days ago)
real bait fucken trash game
JC Denton (9 days ago)
Seriously though. Would of thought that orc on the front line could have had more than leather armour, lol
Dangerous Female (9 days ago)
COBRACAN niuzam (9 days ago)
this vidio will never be forgotten.
PG (9 days ago)
But didn't she worked with his Anduin's father in Legion? But why are they fighting in this series
mitchell zurbrigg (10 days ago)
I Dianictus (10 days ago)
Why Blizzard didn't make wow hack and slash game?
Drew Fontan (10 days ago)
The real question is, can you bring back WoW?
Jed Serrano (10 days ago)
I vote Sourfang to be the next Warchief!
lotfi BZD (11 days ago)
Well its not that good finally ...
Craig Wilson (11 days ago)
don't play the game but if i did be FOR THE HORDE! love this trailer great job should of paid these people to make your movie
StickyCactus30 (11 days ago)
MR lurch (12 days ago)
Blizzard, i know it costs heck lot of money, but please make cg movies like this, at least tv episodes, thanks.
morphine (12 days ago)
i gotta say, never played wow (not much of a mmorpg guy), but i've been around people that did, and even by an outsider point of view it's painfully sad seeing the rise and downfall of this franchise. i can only feel the pain of the community and some of the blizzard crew that truly love the game and still have to sacrifice their work to brainless money-hungry businessman that don't have a clue of the craftsmanship, passion and creativity behind the story of this game.
_ Caras _ (12 days ago)
Wait, why fight again alliance vs horde? In Warcraft3 frozen throne orcs fight vs admiral proudmoore, but no vs alliance..
Badass 159 (12 days ago)
MateyGardelOriental (13 days ago)
Marko Ivanković (13 days ago)
Little did we know back then...
Marcus Reis (13 days ago)
Robert (14 days ago)
RIP Hope this game returns from ashes.
Stanislav Šišlák (14 days ago)
aaargh... why is the Sylvannas warchief... so bad..
Jay K (14 days ago)
i have no idea why I teared up in this video, I guess it really makes me sad how this game is going downhill, this game was my childhood and it still is pretty much, I just wish blizzard would stand up and do something.
YCBSelf (14 days ago)
Who knew Blizzard would end up being the greatest enemy of them all?
Mohamed636 (14 days ago)
This is what the Warcraft movie should’ve been like
Story -Maker (14 days ago)
Gänsehaut pur!!
Jag Otter (14 days ago)
Anduin is the epitome of white privilege.
LudicrousKid (11 days ago)
+Jag Otter Bruh, don't try to mis-interpret me. Come on, now. That's clearly not what I meant.
Jag Otter (11 days ago)
+LudicrousKid So non whites are toilet paper to you...I understand you now.
LudicrousKid (11 days ago)
+Jag Otter There's only been two high-king leaders of the alliance, Varian and Anduin who happen to be white. And them being white has nothing to do with anything since all that really matter is their leadership and management which is something the horde is struggling to do since they run through war-chiefs like toilet paper.
Jag Otter (11 days ago)
+LudicrousKid The fact of the matter is that the Alliance has always been run by white leaders. The Horde has a more diverse leadership. Diversity is our strength.
LudicrousKid (11 days ago)
+Jag Otter He was prince who turned into a king when his father passed. That's usually how it is when stories have monarchs.
Michael Angelo (16 days ago)
Idk about you guys but im for,the Horde
chris kiss (16 days ago)
Moral of this video "Cry when you heal in pvp, do it from your soul"
vasja pupkin (16 days ago)
bred pitt
spartan1010101 (16 days ago)
Huh...Heath Ledger became a warcraft character in death
van kk (16 days ago)
why don't they just make a Warcraft full cinematic movie....
the t squared (17 days ago)
Mercy: flies in after team dies and gets a 5 man res. Anduin: "b**** please, hold my beer!"
M1A1 Szajbus (17 days ago)
might of the alliance 1:04 - 1:14 i love this moment <3
Piero Garcia (17 days ago)
The real question is- Are you Have phones?
Thinh Vo (1 day ago)
It do you not are you.
cocotte cocotte (17 days ago)
For the Word
MR lurch (17 days ago)
My replay button be like: "Please stop, get some help".
MEGAAHMED (18 days ago)
The light will tear you apart sylvanas! Onions at 3:12
Gajeel Redfox (18 days ago)
After seeing this trailer only one question remains..... Where is Leeroy Jenkins?
Gonk Droid (15 hours ago)
Too busy tearing them up from behind but they don't notice it til it's too late.
Big Green (18 days ago)
Good trailer, bad expansion.
Wrench (18 days ago)
who is this 2 dudes 0:51 sry im new ;p
the t squared (17 days ago)
+Gajeel Redfox Genn Graymane
Gajeel Redfox (18 days ago)
The one with the lion helmet is Anduin, king of the alliance. The Wargen next to him is his right hand man I think (I don't know his exact name since I'm not a huge wow player myself).
Makatang Pilyo (19 days ago)
@ 3:59 Sylvanas approves!
RakoneTV (19 days ago)
Good !
Sogi Yoon (19 days ago)
Leroy Jenkins 1:19
Elise O'Neill (19 days ago)
the real question is: did you steal the League Of Legends logo and slightly tweaked it? (or did League Of Legends steal your logo?)
HacksignKT (19 days ago)
kill the healer, you had one job horde...
Tito Toti (20 days ago)
Windzard (20 days ago)
And here you can see the saddest game tragedy of the new age
Aaron3411 (20 days ago)
All I can say is..FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!!!!!!!! Varian did NOT die for nothing!
Chunga ma ass (20 days ago)
Aleesa Jordan (20 days ago)
*cast mass Rez in the middle of a raid* *IS LITERALLY GOD*
Fantasies • (21 days ago)
1:56 reminds me of raven from teen titans ._.
Tommy price (21 days ago)
Blizzard needs to think about making full animated movies it looks better than 90% of the CGI out today
Ömer Özlü (21 days ago)
I can't help sympathizing Sylvanas...I don't know why exactly.
A WM (22 days ago)
Stand as one! For the Alliance!
C Cabral (22 days ago)
Does anyone know if there's a name for the song at the end of this trailer??
rabii rabii (21 days ago)
Call to arms soundtrack
Chronorust (22 days ago)
3:35 When the Pokemon Gym leader uses Full Restore
Axelibnida (23 days ago)
When you don't kill the support
Laura Matuzaite (23 days ago)
Everytime I watch this, I cry a lil', cuz this cinematic is so freaking perfect
Um Nobody (23 days ago)
i miss that nice and kind sweet sylvanas why blizzard
Leonardo Barcelos (23 days ago)
2:00 rainha dessas
Iron Man (24 days ago)
So who wins?
Harley (24 days ago)
For the horde
JayBee Games (24 days ago)
Natartzy (24 days ago)
For the horde!!!
Silver Mist (24 days ago)
I wonder if someone else also thinks that she's like Amren, rhysand's 2nd
Marcus Games (25 days ago)
Makes me wanna play wow again
patrick star派大星 (25 days ago)
PrimeWarlord02 (25 days ago)
If you can make a world of warcraft action 3rd person game that looks as good as these trailers i will be extremely happy
Dude, you can say everithing about sylvana but the alduin moment who call the light is more epic than that scream
Xekoan_17 (10 days ago)

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