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Text Comments (118)
Sandra Sanders (1 day ago)
Good movie! The gate man!!!! Great entertainment!!!
Novermber Bab Addy (1 month ago)
Heartless father
Pamela Egberanmwen (3 months ago)
Wow interesting movie ooh my my is at is angin
-iam- gold- Wandy (7 months ago)
Scatter your yansh lolz this man is always wicked in movies. But this gateman eeeh fear God before chioma fall on you. Walter anger is the father of that little kid. Even before episode 2 we have already know from episode 1. Who concur with me here?
Uchechi Ebonine (7 months ago)
Interesting movie ooh my my is here again👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍
Osayimwen Hope (7 months ago)
Lol scatter ur yarsh
CreamyButta (8 months ago)
I didn't watch yet.. but already i give thumbs up..just for the title PURE COMEDY!... be blessed
Beautyinmybrokeness (8 months ago)
This guy and his military statues! Rubbish🙄🙄🙄 are you the only general in this Nigeria? I beg!
Beautyinmybrokeness (8 months ago)
Seriously Dude! That’s your child! Are you kidding me???? Military General my foot!
Beautyinmybrokeness (8 months ago)
My gate man is here oh 😂😂😂
Olis ege (8 months ago)
Am proud of you guys thanks for the good movie's 👌
Blessing Pretty (8 months ago)
General fear God and accept ur daughter back
cloreatha Danzel (8 months ago)
This gateman should be in every movies ooh favourite ooh watching ooh because of he ooh from the Caribbean ooh
Debbie Yadi (8 months ago)
Ok thanks
Debbie Yadi (8 months ago)
Please is this the first part
nollywoodbest (8 months ago)
Yes Dear .
Diana April (8 months ago)
The "scatter ur yarsh "part got me😂😂
Blessing Uagbor (8 months ago)
funny gateman
Pretty Love (8 months ago)
In make me so sad
lucky ojo (8 months ago)
Very interesting movie thanks for uploading
Blessing Aigbedo (8 months ago)
Person marry Rich man no say just like this general wife soooo
Blessing Aigbedo (8 months ago)
Funny gate Man
Nella Alexander (8 months ago)
How some people could be so wicked to their flesh & blood. I’m sorry nobody deserves to suffer like that, I know what she did etc but everyone makes mistakes & kids are blessings from GOD.
Moreno Mo (8 months ago)
U show ple driving for over 1min it's not necessary
Mercy Pretty (8 months ago)
part two pls
Emily Melody (8 months ago)
the father is a total bitch
mary marymuthoni (8 months ago)
Enjoying the movie
zed zed (8 months ago)
This movie is so nice and very touchy...Mama you're so mean that so called general he forgets that one life lost can never be recovered I pity the girl and the daughter... this is great
hagar ackah (8 months ago)
this is beautiful nonsense no sound
Joanna Mirembe (8 months ago)
My Adeaze and yalo the gateman always on point.....
Pretty Henry (8 months ago)
Oooh my God my funny gateman is here ooooo
Ruth Maxwell (8 months ago)
oooooh my my
Victor Sandra (8 months ago)
Nice movie guys
Victor Sandra (8 months ago)
O my o my is here again
Isatu Kamara (8 months ago)
This gate man again lol
Princess Jombo (8 months ago)
Am here again, my people greetings ooooo, parents should try and be soft to their kids, because what. goes round comes around
Sarah usman (8 months ago)
Nice movies
Margaret Gabriel (8 months ago)
Hahahah OGa said I should give u and I added ma Po number inside
Brenda Josephs (8 months ago)
Scatter your nyash 😂😂😂
penina Love (8 months ago)
Is that her bra in the beginning that’s just staring or is that a shirt§?🇧🇮
Aminty Macarthy (8 months ago)
Ok am here now oooo
Jennifer Nnadi (8 months ago)
Ooh my my this funny👍gatesman 😃😃😃
Great Gozie (8 months ago)
we thank all of you for your great jobs here but u people are so wicked.....you have full videos and you are here cutting the videos in 30 minutes each, wasting people's time. Soon , death will visit all of you bastard that are destroying our culture and tradition. You people has never promote the MIGHTY POWER OF EZE CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA, the creator of our 4fathers and mothers but you people are selfishly promoting a gay jesus and lucifer god. Useless fools.
Paolo Dalle Ore (8 months ago)
Prosper Okadike (8 months ago)
the gatman funny shall..nice work guys 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
ASAMOAH PEPERTUAL (8 months ago)
Hahahahaha this gate man again?😀😀😀 thanks for uploading😘😘😘
Prosper Okadike (8 months ago)
Nice movie thanks for uploading. .gatman. .hmmmmm.
Faith Friday (8 months ago)
Lovely 😊
manzi mtamu (8 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 oooh my my my ...my favorite gate man is her oooh salisu 😂😂😂😂😂 watching now who is with me from Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪💘💘💘👏👍
Maggie Kamwana (8 months ago)
my funny gateman kkkk
Dwie Treasure (8 months ago)
Oh my my
kaddykaddy mylove (8 months ago)
This little girl can really make person cry🙈🙈😂😂😂
Kandeh Drammeh Drame (8 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪very much love to the movie i really it
shayelynne haver (8 months ago)
Beautiful movie
Evelyn odile (8 months ago)
J e h o v a h this gate man is here again. Nice one guys thanks for uploading
nelly aikins (8 months ago)
The father of his granddaughter is probably the man that got his elder daughter pregnant, whom is now the fiancé of the younger daughter.
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
nelly aikins yeah
Francesca Brasier (8 months ago)
The mother is something else seating here watching your daughter go through such pain,no men can trythis with me.
Francesca Brasier (8 months ago)
Not my child,no matterwhat I'm a mother and my kids come first
KikiLM23 (8 months ago)
Damn straight ....he wouldn't live peacefully in that house...it would have been world war 3 up in this bish
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Francesca Brasier true
Melissa Boo Vanessa (8 months ago)
o my my is here again
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
ooh yeah she is so cut
Dionne Malcolm (8 months ago)
This so call father is mentally deranged 😡👿
Kingsley Iyhoa (8 months ago)
happy Sunday to u all
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Kingsley Iyhoa and you to😀😘
Ginette Odeghe (8 months ago)
Please we need to c this gate man in more movies
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Ginette Odeghe I think that's good 😂😂😍😘
Ginette Odeghe (8 months ago)
Awwww this gate man again, very funny dude.
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Ginette Odeghe hahahaha😂😂😘
Vincent Sarah (8 months ago)
ooh my my this funny gateman is here again 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jameswhitepire Alexander (8 months ago)
Vincent Sarah hii
Lovina Blick Blick (8 months ago)
Hahahahahaha he is so funny....oh my my...the one and only uchenancy gateman.
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Vincent Sarah yeah she is
Lawrence Okechukwu (8 months ago)
My little baby girl Adaeze it's here i love her so much
Lawrence Okechukwu (8 months ago)
Wendy Awuor: thank you
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Lawrence Okechukwu wow that's nice of you 😘😍😘
Lawrence Okechukwu (8 months ago)
Electrifying movie
Lawrence Okechukwu (8 months ago)
Sanusi and mr okoli will not kill me in this movie...scatter your nyansh hahahahahaha
Aidara Jainab (2 months ago)
Lawrence okechukwu very funny,the gate man and his boss will not kill person with laugh scatter your yash,hahahahaha
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Lawrence Okechukwu wow nice one
Lawrence Okechukwu (8 months ago)
What sort of eyelash is this on this lady?
Mildred masheti (8 months ago)
Lawrence Okechukwu (8 months ago)
Sanusi has come again ooo hahahahahaha
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Lawrence Okechukwu hahaha wow nice one😂😀😀😘
Lawrence Okechukwu (8 months ago)
Once a general is always a general interesting
princess joy's (8 months ago)
wow my funny gateman, I'm here for you ,nice movie
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
princess joy's yeah it's so nice😂😀😘
Sarah Ijieh (8 months ago)
Wow the long waited movie is finally out oo...🤗🤗thanks for uploading @NWBtv...
Ndifreke Elijah (8 months ago)
My funny gateman.am here for u
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Ndifreke Elijah me to ooh gateman
Iyare Joy (8 months ago)
Oh my my oo is here
violet banda (8 months ago)
Iyare Joy (8 months ago)
My funny gatemen
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Iyare Joy yeah she is so cut
violet banda (8 months ago)
Bediana Walker (8 months ago)
To err is human to forgive is divine.tnks for uploading educative n awesome movie.welldone
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Bediana Walker true
Peace Pretty (8 months ago)
Nice moving ✔
Peace Pretty (8 months ago)
Natasha Sha yes my love ❤
Natasha Sha (8 months ago)
Peace Pretty u are here
Peace Winifred (8 months ago)
Thanks and happy weekend to you all
Lire Ugo (8 months ago)
Am beginning to feel that Walter anga is the guy that got that lady pregnant 🤔
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Lire Ugo yeah me to
Salista Kazingizi (8 months ago)
Me too I think 🤔 so
Annmarie Miller (8 months ago)
This gateman is very entertaining.
Ifeyinwa John (8 months ago)
Another wonderful movie, thanks for uploading guys 💓💓💓💓💓
Ifeyinwa John (8 months ago)
ihejiahi ekene 👍👍
ihejiahi ekene (8 months ago)
Ifeyinwa John yea
Patrick Paty (8 months ago)
Nice movie
James Bond (8 months ago)
General when no dey accept nonsense
Treasure Baby (8 months ago)
Waoooooo am so so early today.happy weekend guys
Wendy Awuor (8 months ago)
Treasure Baby ooh have a nice weekend

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