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7 Disturbing Confessions Caught on Tape

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Text Comments (77)
Katt Moon (5 days ago)
Ummm the 8 yr old said “ i THINK I shot him again” 🤔🤔🤔
steven clark (10 days ago)
The 8 year old kid was mad I wonder how his life has turned out.
MR CREEPY GUY (1 month ago)
Wow Rob Dyke in the thumbnail
oh yeah yeah (1 month ago)
The question is... Why? Why do they murder? Are they like insane or something?
The Manila Mile (1 month ago)
Different people, different reasons. Some do it for money, some for insanity, others for pleasure etc. You can never truly tell why people end up murdering others, only person who 100% knows is the person him/herself.
Dastick (1 month ago)
This is really good. Honestly, great scary video, deserves a lot more attention. You're a great youtuber! +1 Subscriber
CrackedRack (2 months ago)
Hey would you like to work with me on an upcoming serial killer countdown video (Ranking 10 criminals by levels of sociopathy), you've been subscribed to me for a while so I assume you've seen some of my stuff, get back to me.
k p (2 months ago)
Why is mac from always sunny in the thumbnail
KJH -H (2 months ago)
Wait wait so that kid is out now?!? And no one knows who he is?!? That’s crazy
KingYi Chi (3 months ago)
Smh white
InfantGoose6565 (3 months ago)
"Dispatcher: Don't Be Sorry", Screw her and anyone that loves her.
Z0TIIX - Resin (5 days ago)
She said that to keep him calm and contained until officers arrived, if he started to get out of control there would be nothing to stop him taking the gun out on to the street and shooting another 5 passerby's before anyone could stop him. It's the same reason she had a calm and collected voice when hearing him saying 'I just killed my mother and sister'
Nightmare Files (3 months ago)
The moment that Air Force guy figured out he was Caught was priceless
Isaac Hager (3 months ago)
So not Canadians are nice ?
applehead honeybun (3 months ago)
Anybody else think that Wozniak bears a slight resemblance to Rob Dyke? No insult to Rob intended! 😊
Kubahog (3 months ago)
Put more enthusiam in ur vids but its still good
The Gamer (3 months ago)
You should have way more subscribers lol
The Guard (3 months ago)
Don't be sorry wtf ?
The Manila Mile (1 month ago)
Its the operators job. I mean, if you freaked or talked out about it, not only do you come off as unprofessional but you could jeopardise the murderer's willingless to give himself in.
Naomi Panda (2 months ago)
I went into the comment section to see if I was the only one who was so baffled at that. Thank fuck I wasn't.
Jay Donagh (3 months ago)
It's interesting because my grandfather knew Robert Pickton and his family back when he was a kid. He said they were strange people and he's not surprised at all.
Journeystomake Alkebulan (3 months ago)
Some people are just evil!
Michael Sternberg (3 months ago)
Why did the 8 year old kill his own father?
michael Longford (3 months ago)
Cant believe the guy at #1 was only concerned that he didn't get to 50 kills and no remorse whatsoever, It'd be funny if it wasn't so evil. Thanks deburke.
bradp213 (3 months ago)
Ontario Provincial Police....not Provisional
Davey George (3 months ago)
Very interesting videos 👍🏻
Tina Harnish (3 months ago)
Provincial, not provisional.
F Ram (3 months ago)
Guy looks like Rob Dyke
hobbitpeddler (3 months ago)
+F Ram Gotcha! I can see the resemblance
F Ram (3 months ago)
hobbitpeddler (3 months ago)
Which guy?
Damarys Dingui (3 months ago)
I think some people felt guilty about the horror crimes they committed and that's why they confess.. Awesome video.. Thanks for sharing..💖
Jahmarley Kauhi (13 days ago)
Daaaamn girl
Olivia Ray (3 months ago)
It's so chilling how people can just calmly recount these acts. This topic so interesting to me for this reason. Great video!
bret alleman (3 months ago)
try to do video on dean corll
Sema Sema (3 months ago)
Pozorrogo (3 months ago)
Imagine being locked up with a serial killer in a tiny cell trying to extract information from him, wow.
steven clark (10 days ago)
Haha I know he didn't look a big guy but it must take some bottle to be in the cell but I don't know how long he was in the cell with him for,I wonder if the cop fell asleep if he was in for the cell for a few days.....also am not sure if it was just woman he killed ??
Alec Skinner (3 months ago)
That kid needs to be locked up away from society.
Kenneth Bradshaw (3 months ago)
Literally every single person in this video is caucasian. I dont mean any type of hate with that statement by any means, just a simple observation (and b4 some douche gets their panties in a bunch about it I'm white too for the record. That shouldn't matter but people are retarded) Food for thought none the less
Kenneth Bradshaw (3 months ago)
+Anthony Crenshaw I think ur just misunderstanding me man. For the 3rd time now it was just an observation. Like saying "the sky is blue". Ur taking my observation and adding negativity to it as if I was being prejudice. I didnt say "the reason they did fucked up crimes is because they are white" if that's what I said then u would be correct. All I said was everyone in this video is white. I simple fact pointed out. U took it further
Anthony Crenshaw (3 months ago)
Kenneth Bradshaw “never said it was a racial one” your whole comment is about race. You don’t even know what you’re talking about.
Kenneth Bradshaw (3 months ago)
+Anthony Crenshaw this made me want to actually find out, turns out is because of media only reporting on white dudes for some reason. So I was not wrong in saying it seems that way. Point being that there's STILL a reason for it. Never said it was a racial one, but a reason why it seems that way none the less. Blame the media I guess
Kenneth Bradshaw (3 months ago)
+Anthony Crenshaw see I knew someone would get butt hurt. Look all I'm sayin is John Wayne Gacy. Jeffery Dahmer. Ed Gein. Ted Bundy. All the famous serial killers just happen to be white? I'm not saying there's a correlation for sure but it def seems like there could be and that's where the "food for thought" comes in. And 2nd, the person that made this video probly wasn't singling out white people. he or she was singling out fucked up confession tapes and they all just HAPPENED to be white. Anyone else that wants to chime in here in open to it, like I said it's just an observation. Calm down everybody, just because race is the subject matter doesnt mean it has to automatically be bad. I wish people would understand that
Anthony Crenshaw (3 months ago)
Kenneth Bradshaw there is no food for thought in this comment, with your logic I could make a list of confessions of any other race and consider it “food for thought”. People like you are the problem.
Andrew Thrasher (3 months ago)
Ontario Provincial Police.... not Ontario Provisional Police
Vlad Kravich (3 months ago)
Disturbing indeed, great video deburke.
Mendez Raymond (3 months ago)
creepy video
Dark Jesus (3 months ago)
Is this story time?
Justin Ellender (3 months ago)
Guilty or not always lawyer up
Kerry Ann (3 months ago)
Another well done video. Oo it is chilling though. Love this channel.
Jahmarley Kauhi (13 days ago)
I love you too.
Dastick (1 month ago)
The nurse lady is so F'd up. What she did is so horrible and there is no exuse. The fact that she laughed makes me so sick to my stomach
ANTBoyHAKEEM (3 months ago)
sorry i didn't join the premier my internet literally went down as soon as i got the notification ;(
J Kerfont (3 months ago)
Just when I think you've been found dead in hotel room strapped to a racoon with barry manillow blasting. .. Another [email protected]!!!
Panda Curry (3 months ago)
It's great to hear your voice again ❤
Micho Truth (3 months ago)
Nice that you are back from the grave
Broba Jett (3 months ago)
Evans is Michael Myers in real life. He did the exact same thing and even had no clear motive.
Maceo Gray (3 months ago)
Spooked me
Luke Schultheis (3 months ago)
Maceo Gray nice profile pic
Red macaroni (3 months ago)
hey I love your videos u punk <3
READY TO GLARE (3 months ago)
Maya Imani-Amani (10 days ago)
Luv u 💙 Seriously though, it’s my dream to make a video with you.
David Kennedy (3 months ago)
Yet more proof (as if needed) that children shouldn't have ready access to firearms. With a gun anyone, of any age can kill easily deliberately or accidentally. America needs a serious look into it's minimal firearm laws. How many school shootings, mass killings, gangster shoot outs do there need to be before the US wise up. Plus America is the source of the vast majority of guns that are in the hands of Mexican narcos and other criminal groups.
David Kennedy (3 months ago)
+Anthony Crenshaw I have 3 young children, and I never have the slightest fear that a classmate or other is going to kill them. Our schools are the safest places in our country, as a school should be, and I like it that way. I used to be a gun fanatic, when firearms didn't have the restrictions/bans, but the law changed. I like firearms when they are used for sports but just leaving a firearm sitting with the ammo where my kids could reach it is straight up retarded. Maybe you guys need tighter restrictions and a huge amount of education for the gun owners (e.g. don't leave it lying around so anyone can pick it up) Firearms 'as protection' is mostly silly, with owners more likely to kill themselves (or family members) than any criminals.
David Kennedy (3 months ago)
+Anthony Crenshaw we have only rarely had police officers killed in the line of duty with firearms. How many officers lose their lives each year in the US???
David Kennedy (3 months ago)
+Anthony Crenshaw look at the number of firearm deaths that happen in the UK each year. It's you guys that ain't the sharpest tools haha!!! If the police are not facing armed citizens every day they don't even need to carry guns!!! The only school shooting we had was committed by an adult with a handgun, most firearm types were banned, no shootings. We've never had a school shooting committed by a kid, how many has America had now??? How many Postal types??? We've had 3 proper ones (1 of which was the school shooter) that I can think of since the 70s, 2 happened before guns laws were tightened, only 1 after carried out with a shotgun. I've been in the criminal world and it is far from easy to have access to firearms, you need heavy duty connections that most criminal don't have. America will never learn, you don't have ready access to firearms, there's no going out killing tens of people easily (so easy that your children keep carrying them out!)
Red Eye (3 months ago)
Good job with the vid🍻 a trip to the past, Very informative yet something else as well.
Kayla Rae Colgan (3 months ago)
I love watching this video.
FANTASTIC GENIUS38 (3 months ago)
This is why I subscribed to u cause u make GREAT videos!!
Winking Ace (3 months ago)
eyy some of these are from ontario canada, is that where you live? if so me tooooo! :D :/
Emziana (3 months ago)
Great voice as always. Disturbing subject matter, but delivered in a professional and sincere way.
powerboyj roblox. (3 months ago)
This is gloomy house & horror stories (channel) level quality. (A pretty big compliment if you understand it)
Dark Jesus (3 months ago)
Horror stories👍
Tanner Knox (3 months ago)
BAIJAN BERRY (3 months ago)
If this is a good video I'm about to spark up a fat joint have a great day sir Papa bless

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