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Drunk Fails Compilation #14 | Funny Drunk People 2018

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Text Comments (72)
Andrew Baker (13 days ago)
What is the song at 2:20
TheCimbrianBull (1 month ago)
4:57 she's a keeper! 😀
Kenny K (1 month ago)
3.59... DAMMMMNNNN.... 😂😂
Celert (1 month ago)
2:44 The best one. My favorite.
BeerChuggingGamer87 (1 month ago)
The last girl was awesome you never ask a drunk person to think and then make fun of them about their knowledge
maximanimo (1 month ago)
0:40 My Nigga !! You're wasting so much alcohol !!
IANISIN (2 months ago)
1:36 You’ll never the difference 😴✍️👁👁
M G (2 months ago)
Aspect ratio, my dude. Please fix it.
Lindsay Polfliet (2 months ago)
The first videio wtf lol
Amadeus von Beaverhausen (2 months ago)
Drunk people are always great fun! You can pretty much do whatever you want to them and they have NO SEMBLANCE of a clue as to what's going on. Shove 'em down flights of stairs, off balconies, into pools, in front of oncoming vehicles, ANYTHING! And if they live, they'll have no idea it was you! Loads of laughs!
Der liberale Gentleman (3 months ago)
The only fail here is the video! Just stupid people laugh about bullshit like this! 👎👎
DJRKBEATZ 518 (3 months ago)
Dat white boy at 2:12 got me damn near dead lmfao 😂🤣😭💀
EvilMeatloaf (3 months ago)
5:53 is one of the most infectious laughs.
Imaginashawn (4 months ago)
Just a bunch of other peoples clips.
AllGamingz (1 month ago)
And? Would you prefer watching them separately? It's still entertaining
HellDemonQ (5 months ago)
Um... 6:55 Did I just hear someone say in the background: "Did you just say you'll f*** me after this?"
Hawk eye (5 months ago)
And this is our future we are in so much trouble
Ron Fountain (5 months ago)
Yea I'm fine. The deck broke my fall.
I roll loud 420 (5 months ago)
Song 4:51?
I roll loud 420 (3 months ago)
Lastman Standing 😂🤷‍♂️
Lastman Standing (3 months ago)
You heard music????
Esteban Kozak (5 months ago)
I feel like the two dudes probably raped that girl at the end. They were way too sober to be in a bedroom with a girl that drunk. Democrats.
AlBhedEyes (4 months ago)
I get a lot of things. I just don’t get it because Democrats has nothing to do with this at all. I am pretty sure Brock Turner is a Republican.
Esteban Kozak (5 months ago)
@AlBhedEyes I imagine there is a lot in this life that you don't get...
AlBhedEyes (5 months ago)
I don’t get what Democrat’s have to do with it when Republicans are the ones who shame women for coming out saying they were raped, etc. So yeah.
Esteban Kozak (5 months ago)
@AlBhedEyes Nope, Democrats. But I agree that we can just feel sorry for her.
AlBhedEyes (5 months ago)
You mean republican. But seriously, what does politics have to do with it? The only thing I agree with is I feel sorry for her.
NOYFB FOAD (5 months ago)
Ban VERTICAL Videos!!!!    Learn how to use your FREEKING phone properly GEEESHHH!!!        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt9zSfinwFA
Joseph Deffendoll (5 months ago)
I would be plowing the drunk blonde at the end. She would wake up sticky and hungover.
Tee See (1 month ago)
That shows what type of moron you are.
Chimzi Amadi (3 months ago)
Bro u r sick
Connor Hoey (5 months ago)
That's called rape my guy
A.B. (5 months ago)
She probably did.
Inserent (5 months ago)
The last clip.... what's my wife doing in the video?!
Tony Horton (5 months ago)
That laugh at 6 mn is hilarious 😁
Cesar Gomez (5 months ago)
7:09 is my spirit animal
shai420ful (5 months ago)
Cesar Gomez mines @ 7:50
first hand (6 months ago)
Just drunk idiots can do shits..... like them all
armando garcia-lopez (6 months ago)
5:53 😂😂😂😂😂Elmo😂😂😂😂
Shane Knerr (6 months ago)
Drunk people can be absolutely disgusting. Thank god I'm not a big drunker. Smoke medical marijuana, it does the body good. No aches no pains.
teddy pendergrass (5 months ago)
its pretty strange how alcohol became so ordinary. its one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet. you can die from withdrawal. even heroin you don't die from withdrawal. if you look at these videos and imagine its heroin not booze then none of this would be funny. but why? i mean, they even managed to get us to separate alcohol from other drugs. as in "if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol".. alcohol IS a drug. its very strange how easily it slipped into our world and we laugh at people high on it. If people said "oh when you go to college you'll end up shooting heroin like everyone else does, its sort of the thing to do in college" it would be appealing, yet alcohol is the norm.. really weird
Shane Knerr (6 months ago)
I live in the USA. ARIZONA. where it is legal medically. SO HELL YES IM PROUD. there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Maybe Norway should do some research on it and quit being such PUSSIES and legalize it.
Linda Svalesen (6 months ago)
Wierd that you are proud to smoke marijuana. It is illegal here in Norway
Ashlyn P (6 months ago)
I’m pretty sure I saw my teacher in this
Jimmy Gilmore (6 months ago)
Soo cool I remember my first beer smh fart noises .....
The Last Rebel Show (6 months ago)
Women shouldn’t be allowed out of the house, ever!
NC redbird (6 months ago)
Nothing like getting to laugh at the stupid ideas from a drunk .😂😂
Martin Ruddell (6 months ago)
human plus alcohol equals stupidity. Life threatening injury? No problem!
Zoltán Obrcián (6 months ago)
Ezekkel a felvételekkel én nem dicsekednék!Idióták gyülekezete,ennyit tud a mai fiatalság egy ręsze,még jô hogy,nem mindenki!
Jeremy Cubs (6 months ago)
Mostly pests of society
X0xFalconx0X (6 months ago)
Chick at the end got spit roasted...
i love the usa (1 month ago)
those two were fags.
Sue Atkins (6 months ago)
Oh the young
Raoul Volfoni (6 months ago)
The 2nd one : cumshot ! Right in your face !
Paul Butler (6 months ago)
Blurry sides... Annoying to watch.
Paul Butler (6 months ago)
Yes, would be much better
Trendinidasdana (6 months ago)
So you like or prefer to watch %60-70 of the screen totally dark and vid like a thin line in the mid ? Interesting... Problem is... There is no way to make EVERYONE happy tho .) Cheers!
HomiesBaez Flag (6 months ago)
2:10 the guy is king :D :D
HomiesBaez Flag (6 months ago)
@Trendinidasdana yea :D
Trendinidasdana (6 months ago)
he could eat the world as whole just before swallow the moon lol
A Certain Anime Index (6 months ago)
The pizza money arguement is all to real hahahahaha
Trendinidasdana (6 months ago)
what an argument! .)
Kaleb Collins (6 months ago)
5:00 ...weird flex but ok
Samir Samy (6 months ago)
2:40 hhhhhhhh is good drunk
Trendinidasdana (6 months ago)
Iman Electrode (6 months ago)
The first one's my favorite.
Trendinidasdana (6 months ago)
teddy bears wasted ha? B-)
Simon Strasser (6 months ago)
Trendinidasdana (6 months ago)
Indrid Cold (6 months ago)
7:10 made me lose my shit 😂
Trendinidasdana (6 months ago)

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