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Caligo Chaser - Official Trailer

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Caligo Chaser, a new Slash & Dash Action Arcade game from Com2uS will be released on the AppStore in the early of March, 2010. http://bit.ly/ctuKjs
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Text Comments (7)
Kristian Graff (5 months ago)
Que juegaso wachoooo! Yo lo jugue a este juego en el Samsung Wave hace como 5/6 años atras! No está en android, recien lo busqué </3 mal ahí... :'(
Filip Koudelka (6 months ago)
I miss this game sooooo much :(
burning255 (8 years ago)
make a vid with the theme song please
Willy Shum (8 years ago)
dungeon fighter online anyone? xD BTW its fking free!!
uliseto (8 years ago)
Excelent game, most iPod games i only play them for like 5 minutes a day (If they're good) but i can't stop playing Caligo! Best iPod game EVER
Kevin Kim (8 years ago)
its out!
AnguzBeef (8 years ago)
Looking foward to it!

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