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Mo Long & Hathor Dance Battle! #SWC2017

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Watch Mo Long and Hathor get down for the Summoners War World Arena Championship 2017! #SWC2017 Free Entry, Free Prizes! Register to attend: https://event.withhive.com/ci/smon/evt_arena_championship_final/us ---------- Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item. Terms of Service: http://www.withhive.com/ Customer Support: http://www.withhive.com/help/inquire
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Text Comments (13)
TsukiStuffs (2 months ago)
Chantha Hour (8 months ago)
I love you.
Stardust Sillica (11 months ago)
#buffJaara(Dark Phoenix). Fix Jaara's awakening bonus and skill 3.
Leon Korno (11 months ago)
This is why I don't like this coumnity. Insteas of doing this shit, they could add back Inotia 1,2,3, and make a 5th one.
Gustavo Sena (11 months ago)
Traller is good, but Claytano seems not a good ppl or enterteinement youtuber of SW! for Real!
hopy pro (1 year ago)
Why the game exit of 5 min
Robbie Jannoh (1 year ago)
This is a video from a 3 billion dollar revenue company? This looks like a middle school video project... negative stars for quality and effort.
Gats (1 year ago)
You guys should do more fun stuff like that
Kevin Irons (1 year ago)
A for effort
Mateus Carneiro (1 year ago)
16 Be$t player$.
serenity898 (1 year ago)
.........〉l:3 (1 year ago)
Not sure why im subbed to this shitty channel
Krisna Ade Marta (1 year ago)
so cringy...

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