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Blackmagic URSA Mini Unboxing & First Look

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Text Comments (241)
Max Myers (8 months ago)
why did you upload in 60frames haha
TheRedGamerFPV (10 months ago)
1:08 yes 5k... Expensive someone please compare this to the linus tech tips red camera unboxing cost i mean these are pretty cheap campared to his but still 5k is a lot but someone find the ratio on the prices 100k vs 5k
TheRedGamerFPV (10 months ago)
I hope that soon we will get to have red scarlet video
Genesis Yasu (1 year ago)
@Randomfrankp Would you still recommend this Frank? Ive been looking for a high end filming camera for starting a YouTube channel, for mainly just YouTube content like yours, doing reactions and reviews, and gameplay, what do you think????
Elmer Cuaton (2 years ago)
Is this good in lowlight condition like sony A7sII?
SMY PMC (2 years ago)
Elmer Cuaton no. This is not a low light camera. It is for something else that A7s isn't for.
Parallax Peak (2 years ago)
u should have got the 4.6k. Not just resolution its better at.
Jaime Roma (2 years ago)
hello, i like you your video, I wanted to ask how the sigma 18-35mm art works in Ursa mini, thanks.
Frederic Karlo (3 years ago)
The low light quality makes this camera unusable for evening events. Realistically you'll never carry or find enough lights to properly expose. I'd go with the 2K cheaper BMCC or even a 5D Mark lll
Micky (3 years ago)
more please :)
Pro S Films (3 years ago)
how does this camera the AF? is this fast?
Pu Derrick (3 years ago)
Thats a very very small sensor
B.L Thackrey (3 years ago)
@ 4:44 " rewind " ha man haven't heard that in a long time . reminds me of my betamax days .
Bobster986 (3 years ago)
You bought a URSA just to make YouTube videos? LOL
Krafko (3 years ago)
He does stuff for other big companies too
MySchizo Buddy (3 years ago)
i quickly looked at his old videos to judge what is he actually doing that requires this camera
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
@Bobster986 cool guy!
Bobster986 (3 years ago)
@randomfrankp Yeah, it lose my interest fast LOL
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+Bobster986 Did you not watch the video?
Brandon Smith (3 years ago)
Hey, do you have any plans to go more in-depth with the workflow that you have established since December? I recently just purchased this camera for my job and the workflow seems a lot more bulky and slower than I used to with the standard Sony camcorder. Auto white balance seems to be missing, even if only just for setting the initial color temperature. There doesn't seem to be any intuitive touch screen features that allow you to make adjustments on the fly while still viewing the preview monitor versus entering the menu. I would love to know more about the mechanics on what makes this camera truly great and how to best utilize its features.as far as I have seen on the Internet there is not much out there.
The Dead Immortal (3 years ago)
Tony Dupre (3 years ago)
CFAST 2.0? Yeah no thanks...
Santiago Castro (3 years ago)
hey, what's ut? spectacuoar! whirl flimsy $
Azaya (3 years ago)
you're so stupid and please show your face less, everyone should try watch this in 0.5 speed. so funny
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+Jack And That Guy I like how you have multiple accounts to like your own comment XD some things people can easily find out buddy, epic fail.
AirsoftWarfareHD (3 years ago)
How did you get it? It's on back order Iv been trying to buy this but it's not shopping yet
doggo (3 years ago)
It seems like your complaining about how expensive this is, that's because it's meant for professional uses...
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+Blueberry the Alpaca When did I ever complain?
AstreausFIlms (3 years ago)
so it doesn't turn on unless it has an external power source?
Jason Lam Music (3 years ago)
Did you shoot this video with the FZ1000 too!?
Cali Livin831 (3 years ago)
Hey have you made any videos with this camera yet?
fellok710 (3 years ago)
This thing is a fucking beast. I'm stoked to see the footage with it
LC 7INEO (3 years ago)
MASSIVE OVERKILL. still pretty f`* dope. congrats man!
MR. BUCK MAN (3 years ago)
good one :) .. really waiting for the new content ..... happy shooting.................
Avidcomp (3 years ago)
Who did you buy it from? B&H have been saying "item coming soon" for a time that disputes the word "soon"
Avidcomp (3 years ago)
+randomfrankp Well done. I would so love to get my hands on one. I've been progressing really well with Resolve. Any thoughts where I might download a small clip to grade from the URSA mini at 12bit DNG?
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+Avidcomp Adorama. B&H is screwing everyone over who had these preordered. People who originally preordered in June still havent received them...I got mine from Adorama within 3 days
Indie In The Blood (3 years ago)
one ugly ass camera lol but if it does the job who cares
Very cool! I felt your excitement too man! Great set up.
Rqxofrc (3 years ago)
Have you tried any shoulder rigs/tripods/glidecams etc with your ursa mini? I'd love to know if you can recommend any, and even the other accessories required.
Clarence Castillo (3 years ago)
I remember you talking about Black Magic in one of your vids and today, you've got one! Congrats Frank!
Deangelo Scott (3 years ago)
Good luck in low light ;)
Martin sd (3 years ago)
Wow, that is expensive but again, what a camera !! I'm glad you could get a hand on one of those :) Cheers m8 and happy week
Avocado (3 years ago)
you're such a suck up to #teamcrispy
Anujit Ganguly (3 years ago)
that is some fortune that you have invested there
Liam Velasco (3 years ago)
wow that is a professional studio camera... and you have one!! your richman! nice camera bro
Red The Man (3 years ago)
Congrats on the new camera. I just have one question. Can you rack focus by touching your focus points on the LCD screen?
Play Curious (3 years ago)
Your channel isn't growing fast enough... SUBSCRIBE PEOPLE! :)
VirtueGaming (3 years ago)
imagine seeing someone vlog with that xD
SoundsLikeCrisps (3 years ago)
That thing looks comically large.
Amos John (3 years ago)
This is gonna be on my bucket list!
Jarosław Tabor (3 years ago)
Damn nice stuff :) One question since i can't find answer. Do You run hackintosh ?
Stanrijo ™ (3 years ago)
If you record in 1080p please render it in 4k and upload in 4k.
Govicarious (3 years ago)
I like you, and I like this channel. But...This is not the right camera for this channel and its content. It will be interesting to watch how it all plays out. I would suggest an A7sII. ONE of the problems with the Ursa Mini is that, its not a low light camera. And will require lots of light all the time. Otherwise things are going to get grainy and have FPN. Plus work flow will be a PIA working with AND storing the unnecessarily large files that come from this camera. Especially for online or just YouTube content. This is not the right camera. I understand you'd like to "up your game" in quality but the A7sII with its 4K and INCREDIBLE low light capabilities would have more than done the job here, and for a lot cheaper. Also the HDD you'll need to back up and/or archive the footage, if you wanted to, will get ridiculous real fast. There are many many more reasons but I wont get into those. Enjoy your new camera. :)
Krafko (3 years ago)
But he does stuff for other companies, he doesnt do just youtuvbe
Rob Cartwright (3 years ago)
+GoVicarious Put some good glass on it and it's fine.
The Dead Immortal (3 years ago)
+GoVicarious Isn't the A7sII like around $3000 body only That's like basically the same price as the Ursa Mini But then again, if they ARE the same price, the Sony would've been a much better choice I too think that the Ursa Mini was a bit of a mega overkill, to say the least lmao
Carphi2000 (3 years ago)
nooo, why would you shave that epic beard you were growing?
SamsTech (3 years ago)
Please do some test shots?
mkay dmkay (3 years ago)
I was a bit confused to why one would spend almost 5k on a camera when videos are already crispy? why not invest in other products that you can make reviews for? or something different? also is that camera tripod attachable? its really big so yeah idk if tripods support that size. and lastly is the built in microphone good enough to replace the other microphone you use normally or will you still be using an external microphone? again awesome review and can't wait for the new camera to get rolling! #crispyfrank
AirsoftWarfareHD (3 years ago)
@The Dead Immortal I know, I had a Blackmagic Camera myself. MKBHD is a tech channel and his grading style is a very clean vibrant theme. But he has one of the best in that regard. 
The Dead Immortal (3 years ago)
@AirsoftWarfareHD Trust me when I say this: the camera is only half the work for why his work looks so cinematic. I've seen better footage cinematic wise come out of the GH4 in somebody's capable hands than Marques' work. The camera has very little to do with somebody's work looking great.
AirsoftWarfareHD (3 years ago)
@The Dead Immortal It is unnecessary for sure. But because he has that camera his videos look really cinematic. 
The Dead Immortal (3 years ago)
+AirsoftWarfareHD MKBHD stated a few times that his camera is completely overkill, and to not do what he did since the RED for youtube is completely unnecessary and to go for something much, MUCH cheaper
AirsoftWarfareHD (3 years ago)
Look at MKBHD or Jonathan Morisson. They both have cinema camera that cost even more then this. You gotta invest a lot to get back a lot. YouTube is a different ball game now, you aren't gonna get to the top by using some canon DSLR anymore
karan singh (3 years ago)
its your camera and idk why i'm so excited
conspartaco (3 years ago)
Suicide Booth (3 years ago)
Why tf would you buy this? You make fucking youtube videos of your face in front of your computer. I seriously don't understand.
Suicide Booth (3 years ago)
@Noblesseux It's true that's how it is thank you for understanding 
Suicide Booth (3 years ago)
@karan singh that made no sense please rephrase. :") 
Noblesseux (3 years ago)
+Andres Vargas What a dick comment. Apparently people have to run their spending decisions pas Andres Vargas before anything is approved -.-
karan singh (3 years ago)
+randomfrankp hahahaha good bro keep it up....andres vergas kinda peeps gonna waste their time on negtive comments and hate but they're realy dumbass...he just shown that
Suicide Booth (3 years ago)
btw link us some work will ya i'm interested on what you have created apart from filming your face and spending 5k lol
Matdrum5 (3 years ago)
I am excited for you but also jealous!
Skyvision Kasper (3 years ago)
nice video, have order that camera to, but from another website
artjan ylanan (3 years ago)
Your so happy with your new camra i can see it in your face.
Scott Furey (3 years ago)
Bruhhh. Who's going to be the first one to buy Randomfrankp's old camera? Collectors m8.
Marcelo Muniz (3 years ago)
Oh my fuckin GOD!!! That is like a camera to use with a whole team... Not sure if you will enjoy all functionalities...
Autonomous Zebra (3 years ago)
OMG!! I love that camera, seriously I've been looking for it for a long time. I feel jealous...
Sky Del (3 years ago)
I noticed the quality difference right away Lol jk
Brian Rogers (3 years ago)
Small loan of 1 million dollars?
Got memes? (3 years ago)
United Russian States of America
Shenan Eardly (3 years ago)
I was expecting for some 4k though . Hope you upload atleast one 4k test video man. keep up the good stuff coming
AustinAk123 (3 years ago)
Take this nice foam out…
Swirox (3 years ago)
5.000 bucks damn in my country thats like $73.000 pesos, which is the salary you get from 5 months of work if you have a good revenue. Rofl
Ben Carter (3 years ago)
Congratz on the purchase must be really exciting!
Dirty Mota (3 years ago)
Small loan of a million dollars? Jk, i need the randomfran4kp in my life
Silenced Technology (3 years ago)
This is one beast Frank, that sigma f1.8 lens will look crispy.
the guy (3 years ago)
what the hell is that thing
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+the guy A kangaroo
Mr KF GaminG (3 years ago)
Why didn't you get a Panasonic GH4? Ed uses one on TechSource and it looks amazing
Filmed by Fresh (3 years ago)
nice upgrade! this is definitely on my list either this on the cinema 4k
MrAlexander137 (3 years ago)
Is the casing plastic? Also at $2,995 I would have thought you'd get a power lead and a screen that rotates 180 degrees. You might as well have gone for a cheaper 4K Camera and linked a display too it since your not doing any moving videos ie.vlogs.
Yudi Govender (1 year ago)
MrAlexander137 The casing is actually magnesium alloy so its strong and fairly lightweight
Alpher (3 years ago)
Whats the name about the lins :)
LaBooM (3 years ago)
waiting on those 4K videos, love that beast of a camera! best of luck!
Ash Tailor (3 years ago)
Hey buddy! Looking real nice. What an amazing camera! Wait till you stick a V-Mount battery, its gonna weigh double that haha. Hopefully c-fast will drop. Prices are insane!
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+Ash Tailor (ashthought) Hey Ash! Hahaha yeaaa, I'm keeping that V-Mount battery off until I absolutely need it outside of the studio. It will definitely add some pounds to it haha. I need to work out again.....
Ku møøø (3 years ago)
If your Lumix is sold to a fan of the channel, can you sign it?
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+Gutta fra Calcutta Haha of course, that's a good idea! I'll put it up on Twitter for people to see
2T TopTech (3 years ago)
WOAH its so smexy! wish i had the $ for that XD
RedDecky (3 years ago)
Im crazy or i hear noises in the background
RedDecky (3 years ago)
It was likely womans voice or something I dunno i might be crazy
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+Swagy On me Background music most likely??
Lawrence Timme (3 years ago)
the packaging is so bad.
cee128d (3 years ago)
Seriously doubt that anyone will be able to tell difference between videos shot with the new camera and your old one. Hope the workflow is better otherwise you wasted a few grand on this.
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+Bullion Head LMAO later man, seriously hope your life gets better than it is.
cee128d (3 years ago)
+randomfrankp Then it may be worth it, but definitely not just for this channel. I haven't watched all of you videos so I never saw that, but I can understand that aspect of it. But my statement still stands as far as this channel goes.
cee128d (3 years ago)
+Bullion Head How is that rude? Sorry, but I don't see it. You don't seem to have a substantial grip on reality if you ask me, or are one of those "don't do anything to lower someone's self worth" people who are undermining the youth of today..
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
@Bullion Head LOL. Yeah, I buy subs. I guess I also bought my 16 million views as well? Did I buy your original sub to my channel? Didnt thinks so. Daaaammmmnnnnn son you're bitter. 
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
@cee128d I've mentioned this in other videos as well, but I do many things besides YouTube. I do external videography work for companies and this upgrade is far worth it in my opinion! 
VL T (3 years ago)
In Actuality (3 years ago)
Good god that is my dream camera. sucks that is doesn't have a variable nd filter though.
CrisTV (3 years ago)
Leo Corvo (3 years ago)
OMG, do you seriously need a professional cine camera just for you tube??? 4k RAW for what? you tube compresses everything, you'd be fine with a gh4, NOBODY WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE!! this is the mother of all overkill purchases
The Dead Immortal (3 years ago)
+randomfrankp Can we see any of your other works for companies like LG and stuff?
Ronald Huyskens (3 years ago)
+randomfrankp i can confirm that there is no black hole sun spot on this sensor! And the fixed pattern noise can't be fixed over updates. Its still there.. Its the sensor not the software. I'm gonna be using iT for commercial work. Been shooting with the other blackmagic camera's for quite a while now. Would just use a gh4 for the simple yt vids. No Kelvin settings no professional grading :) but commercial work gonna be great with this cam!
Leo Corvo (3 years ago)
+randomfrankp wow nice! thanks for answers! I'm now waiting for some sample footage ;)
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+Leo Corvo The 4.6k version is $5,000 itself, which is more than I spent for everything here combined. I didnt have the need to drop around $8k if I went for the upgraded sensor, and some of the things people complained about like the black hole sun and vertical noise pattern have either been fixed in a firmware update or will be fixed soon. And for my usage, using this in low light isnt really an issue since I use proper lighting. I do reviews for other companies that aren't related to my channel. I've worked with LG, Braun, Philips, just to name a few! And I will be picking up a wide angle Rokinon lens pretty soon!
Leo Corvo (3 years ago)
+randomfrankp ahhhh ok! now I do understand! i'm curious, what kind of work do you do for companies? another question: why not the 4.6k version that has got better performance and fixed some issues of the old 4k blackmagic sensor? for "just" 2000$ more It could be worth... ps: someone in the comments suggest you to buy rokinon lenses, I have 3 of them and they're awsome, expecially for the price!
m m (3 years ago)
Does it have autofocus?
Raymond Rahner (3 years ago)
wow.... So what your saying is you need a 4k camera with autofocus to you can make youporn videos?
m m (3 years ago)
i usually write this word ( HANDJOB)  when i watch youporn videos
Raymond Rahner (3 years ago)
+Mike Thomson OMG LMAO. Manual means you have to die everything in yourself. Like you have to set your focus, set your white balance, set your exposure and set your shutter speed and then you have to get all those settings right so the image isn't to over exposed or under exposed.
m m (3 years ago)
@ThreeSixteen Films Manual means handjob??
Raymond Rahner (3 years ago)
+Mike Thomson No. Its a Production camera. Everything is manual.
Jerome khan (3 years ago)
definitely do some test footage outside n stuff
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
For everyone asking, my old camera is the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, which I am selling here: http://amzn.to/1NM4lCs
Envision Studios (2 years ago)
Those cameras don't come with a standard power chord for the power supply. Pretty ridiculous huh? I guess they're trying to save a few bucks?
Allan Zepeda (3 years ago)
+randomfrankp old........ .............
mikefromtrinidad (3 years ago)
+randomfrankp Hey man, did you end up finding the power supply cord?
Schmonkee Shomky (3 years ago)
+Bad Max mom would not allow. Hahahahahaha. J/k
Bad Max (3 years ago)
ok i understand heh. he should make a tour of his house :)
LIL PLUM (3 years ago)
Still using the Blackmagic Pocket. Pretty sick Cameras.
Raymond Rahner (3 years ago)
LIL PLUM (3 years ago)
Holy Shit! Thats ..i dont know :D 
Raymond Rahner (3 years ago)
+KIMYOUNGill just think, MKBHD uses a RED Weapon Dragon for YouTube
LIL PLUM (3 years ago)
@ThreeSixteen Films Jep! Love it! But This URSA for Youtube?... wow :D 
Raymond Rahner (3 years ago)
The BMPC is a badass camera
FuryPixel (3 years ago)
Thats what i wanted to see so fucking cool, congratulations men thats amazing
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+FuryPixel Thanks brotha!
Meteor Shower (3 years ago)
Umm I'll stick with my Canon 60D while my raspberry finishes its time lapse....
Kysmir CSGO (3 years ago)
We want to see a demo!
Floris Heinen (3 years ago)
Your content just keeps on getting better and better, keep it up Frank!
IcelanderMods (3 years ago)
This is great Frank. Just tell me one thing. What type of camera are you using today cause that quality looks great but having better stuff is always most FUN Frank
Raymond Rahner (3 years ago)
@randomfrankp Thanks for correcting me :) That looks like a pretty nice camera btw
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+IcelanderMods FZ1000 http://amzn.to/1NM4lCs
Raymond Rahner (3 years ago)
I think he maybe using a GH4. that's what it looks like.
Peter Furia (3 years ago)
Frank- That little USB key is a dongle aka license. You need it plugged in to your comp in order to launch Resolve 12 Studio. Don't lose it. It's basically worth $900 (the cost of Resolve Studio).
Gneiss Guy (3 years ago)
I'm not too smart with cameras but why buy this? This has a lot of proprietary crap and has a lot of functionality points that are missing, but that's just me. It costs more than my car too :/
Gneiss Guy (3 years ago)
@randomfrankp lol, I'm looking forward to some footage with it though, quite curious to what $5k gets you in a video camera. Good luck with it, I wouldn't be my personal choice though (what I was kinda trying to say earlier).
randomfrankp (3 years ago)
+Bullion Head Damn dude you're really bitter, hope your life turns around you can find some happiness
Schmonkee Shomky (3 years ago)
Watch his vlog crap about growing a channel. He advises to fake it until you make type mentality. i.e. Overspend and never get a return
It Came From A Box (3 years ago)
Holy Cow D: I was considering a Blackmagic but my biggest issue was the file sizes D: Since I don't spend as much time with color correction, I decided to stick to my DSLR's for now and wait it out :O
Johan Pupin (3 years ago)
Aperture science camera !
big Ölle (3 years ago)
Damn! How do you get all your money?! xD
big Ölle (3 years ago)
+milosz lech Lol, sarcasm is the best xD
PaulBeats (3 years ago)
@milosz lech i think he knew what you meant
milosz lech (3 years ago)
+EmanuelPe I think you didn't understand the context I was speaking in. I meant 'working???' to mean be sarcastic.. :) funny joke anyway
Raymond Rahner (3 years ago)
+EmanuelPe lol
PaulBeats (3 years ago)
Work maybe? Not sure....
Justin lee (3 years ago)
mostafa alali TV (3 years ago)
Congratulations dear friend ursa mini 4.6k I am waiting for the giant as possible We talked a little bit about the dark places, ISO and greetings Congratulations
Raymond Rahner (3 years ago)
it's just the 4K model
Tephnos (3 years ago)
Any response on the tweet I asked about the vertical monitor stand you use?
trung nguyen (3 years ago)
look at the fuckin' kamera
Ephraim Paradice (3 years ago)
what's wrong with the camera your using? and what is the make and model of your old one?
Raymond Rahner (3 years ago)
Its a FZ1000

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