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BRAIN TIME► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Maybe you already know that making a movie is a complicated matter with a lot of important details. And the bigger the film is, the more unexpected situations can happen. Many times some fun moments are recorded and then used to entertain viewers in YouTube bloopers videos. But sometimes an unexpected improvisation turns out so well that the director decides to leave it in the film. Well, today we present to you 10 failed shots that turned out to be masterpieces.
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Steve Pasquale (9 hours ago)
Coat hanger? W O R T H Y
Stephanie Drake (18 hours ago)
Some of the BEST scenes and lines in moves where improvised or ad libbed, it's also a testament to the talent of the actors.
C.A.L.A AGENCY (1 day ago)
4:17 Breaking all the expensive china on it lol
slipps 0331 (1 day ago)
"elevator's not worthy"
I’ve never ever seen a lord of the rings movie or a Harry Potter movie ever
Cypher7 (1 day ago)
Wtf infinity gem 8:25
VIP KUSH (2 days ago)
Alex DaBeast (3 days ago)
how do you know?
Mekukato (4 days ago)
Emma Stone is very cute during that moment
Jonah Ellis (4 days ago)
Love the tiny appearance of uncle Benny. Oh and it's fried rice you plick
Luis - Plays (5 days ago)
*has not watched any of the listed movies*
Mommy Fluffy (6 days ago)
( ̄^ ̄)ゞ[__] TABLE FLIP!!
0:17 airpods
GlasBoThatBeastThough (7 days ago)
All bow to the mighty coat hanger But in all honestly the only reason it works is because the hammer chooses if ur worthy a person a sentient being and a thing like a coat hanger isn't this so it doesn't and isn't fazed by this enchantment it's why vision can lift Thor's hammer he's a robot but this is the thing true marvel fans know this and is why it's so funny for us cause we know the power of Thor's hammer and know what it can do and he just hangs it up like it's nothing
Aiden Draeger (10 days ago)
Heath ledger and gothoms joker are the best
casino mn (12 days ago)
did he say nz cause i liv ther
Captain jack spearrow is iconic the whole and every movie!
Smárt Hùńgyø (16 days ago)
Came for Thor.
Arthur Morgan (19 days ago)
batman v superman martha scence
4NN0N1M0U5 (19 days ago)
10:17 for people who where wating for avengers
Ahmad Ali Nawaz (20 days ago)
lots of adds
Mollah bros Vlogs YT (20 days ago)
Daw hook is worthy!
Leandro barrera (20 days ago)
What about fast an furious when Roman says EJECTO SEATO CUZZ
Niklas Hinnenberg (20 days ago)
Best video
Zaahid Muhammed (20 days ago)
Wat about jango unchained
NightCrusher76 (21 days ago)
I like durt
aki adagaki (21 days ago)
maybe it was worthy
TheXscottiex11 (21 days ago)
10 minute video with 4 ads scattered in it? Come on.
ayden Lopez (22 days ago)
I like how the first part shows my favorite superhero ever⚡
mix Carnage (22 days ago)
b l o w p e r s
All Hail Jordan (22 days ago)
Thor: “The coat hanger is worthy”. Coat hanger: Oh yeah man!
Ailethe Kana (22 days ago)
i live for captain sparrow-
sheba Gondo (22 days ago)
I am groot
And Chris Pratt is a Christian 😊
James Quinn (23 days ago)
First fact straight off the bat is wrong Harrison Ford made that up on the fly without Speilbergs knowledge because Harrison had actually injured his shoulder thats why he looks so slumped over because he was in physical pain and during that scene he just decided to shoot the baddy instead akd Spielberg loved it so much he decided to keep it in the film
Zionne Makoma (23 days ago)
Part 2?
The Science Geek 2020 (24 days ago)
Let's make this comment the most disliked one👇👇👇👇
Lego Hobbit (24 days ago)
Disney Freak (25 days ago)
I wasn’t surprised when Chris Pratt came on screen.
Ananthu Xtreme (25 days ago)
We manly came here for finding the thor keeping his hammer on a hook
Quick Dimwit (25 days ago)
The godfather is not a cult film.
Poison Jackle (25 days ago)
The Joker bus scene was actually scripted...
Scorpio (25 days ago)
*SHUT UP* let us see it as a compilation
Mantis (25 days ago)
he really said infinity gem
A.SHEPHERD (25 days ago)
Not sth out of date, he ate some bad dates.
petar pan (25 days ago)
What about "Home alone" sceen where santas car broke down (that was a accindent)
F.B.I (25 days ago)
Wait if a coat hanger can hold thors hammer just get a loose coat hanger and connect it to the hammer and boom you can lift thors hammer.
B_Ryan_style (25 days ago)
nicolò marchini (26 days ago)
LIGHTNING StudioX (26 days ago)
Elevator is not worthy😅
Skeleton Gaming (26 days ago)
Skeleton Gaming (26 days ago)
Skeleton Gaming (26 days ago)
I laughed
Skeleton Gaming (26 days ago)
Hahaha nice one bro
Larry Diaz (26 days ago)
Where is captain America where Peggy reaches for the tiddy lol
magma fire25 (27 days ago)
So... *Improve*
steven van woudenberg (27 days ago)
Fast and the furious 5 last scene?
shiraz b (28 days ago)
You talk too much. Cant enjoy your videos because they are about you not the main content
Undead- Kun (26 days ago)
So you want him to stop explaining his content?
Marek Poláček (28 days ago)
Ad.1: Also notice the butcher in the back :D :D He doesn't seem to know how to use the butcher knife :D
Dayne Dayne (28 days ago)
How can that thing on the wall ( i forgot what its called ) hold mjolnir when no one aside from thor can lift it??
Benjamin Tagoe (28 days ago)
Thought this was meant to be q funny a funny list. What's silence of the lamb and lotr doing here?
Ben Fletcher (28 days ago)
Can we have a scene in Endgame where Tony and Steve finally get Thor to test putting his hammer into an elevator? I’d love to see that
Mira Bhattacharyya (27 days ago)
But mojlnior is destroyed
red cube (28 days ago)
I got a jar of drirt
Gamingwith Ethan (28 days ago)
*Thumbnail* the hangars are worthy
JDR (29 days ago)
This guy talks too much
mister magnificent (29 days ago)
Apparently the hanger is worthier than anyone else😂😂😂
Make This Day (29 days ago)
9:11 Mjolnir is not heavy, never was. It cannot be moved by force unless the wielder is worthy of it. That is a magical property of Mjolnir. It is physically a very lite weapon. MCU was trying to explain that by this scene. Unfortunately some people misunderstood it.
Patrick Nalty (29 days ago)
Captain America: What if you put the Hammer in the Elevator? Tony Stank: It will still go up. Captain Merica: I don't think the Elevator is worthy. Elevator: Hold my passengers I go this! Stan Lee: Kid these days always causing trouble, first the infinity stone now testing to see what is worthy of holding mjolnir.
Tony Gomez (29 days ago)
The coat hanger is worthy
Nobody Special (30 days ago)
the godfather is overrated
Nehemiah Scudder (30 days ago)
Johnny Depp didn't invent the term "savvy" It is a commonly used word in English.
Charly Mae (28 days ago)
They meant invented it as jack's "word"
Magic Girl (30 days ago)
Lol I loved age of ultron that whole movie was f*cking hilarious HEY HEY now watch your language 😂
Maria Molchanova (30 days ago)
4:40 *Alright then keep your secrets*
Lawrence Mercurio (1 month ago)
Cole Piper (1 month ago)
I thought thor was the only that was able to pick up the hammer.I guess the coat rack is worthy to wield the hammer as well
Ringingbirch65 (1 month ago)
“But if you Put the Hammar in the elevator...” Honestly, Steve is over thinking things again 😂
kaustub mallapragada (1 month ago)
A good addition to this is “Why is Gamora?”
asdf fdsa (1 month ago)
Actually, on the first one, Ford felt bad so he said to the director "can't I just shoot him instead?" and Spielberg thought it was so funny it made it into the movie scene.
Tyron Addison (1 month ago)
It is not a person so it can hold it dummy’s
Just TV (1 month ago)
You forgot. In LOTR there is a scene where Aragorn uses his sword to block a dagger thrown at him by Lurtz. That was an accident. It was unscripted and could actually hurt him
2:37 was that also part of the movie because that's funny
93jcoop (1 month ago)
Would be nice to actually get to enjoy the scenes instead of just hearing this dude talk for 10 minutes.
Colon Petiluna (1 month ago)
2:36 so is not improvised...?
DarkaYoddha (1 month ago)
Ben Fulfer (1 month ago)
Vitto corleone not corleoney
Matthew Jeremy (1 month ago)
The lotr flag thing isnt true
arky3000 (1 month ago)
heath ledger was asked to improv something... he chose to clap
Shashikalyan Kosuri (1 month ago)
Maybe the elevator is worthy... Think 'bout it😲
[Kako no Yurei] (1 month ago)
if the hook can hold the hammer then HOW XD THE HELL A HUMAN BEING CANT WTF HAHAHAAH
Undead Gamer (1 month ago)
1:07 **Horn sound* , 1:05 **Just Do It!*
Oldřich Prokůpek (1 month ago)
Mis Star wars scene in cloud city "i love you" "i know" My best
FerroSplice (1 month ago)
RIP Heath Ledger
Memento Mori (1 month ago)
The "flag gets blown of the pole" Scene in Lord of the Rings was actually NOT improvised or unscripted. It was very much intended from the beginning. The only unscripted thing was that the flag flew far more than they had anticipated, as they thought that it would just fall down.
Mr LaPrune (1 month ago)
the first one lol 😂 i have the lego game and played it many years ago memories lol
The Amazing Channel (1 month ago)
Johny Depp is the best actor in the world to have played the role of Captain Jack Sparrow.
It's God of Thunder, not God of lighting bolts
Samuel Habington (1 month ago)
1:01 Thor god of lightning?????
Fither storm (1 month ago)
The coat hanger is worthy
AJ842919 (1 month ago)
so could Ultron steal the hammer since, well he's not alive and i doubt the hook was worthy
SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS (1 month ago)
Isn’t it sir Anthony Hopkins?
Bazzer Bazzington (1 month ago)
I got a jar of dirt I got a jar of dirt
Scythex McPhantom (1 month ago)
Wait don't tell me jack Sparrow is willy wonka
Nathan Cate (1 month ago)
Gene Wilder is THE Willy Wonka.
Michael Lauzon (1 month ago)
False, Johnny Depp did not invent the word "savvy," it shows up in 1785...seriously do some real research instead of just spouting stuff off!
Nathan Jordan (1 month ago)
Michael Lauzon he meant that Depp came up with the idea to make it Sparrow’s catchphrase. Nobody thinks he invented the word

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