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Official Esports Announce | The World Will Know Trailer

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We are proud to announce a new world of competitive Magic starting in 2019. Introducing Mythic Championships and the Magic Pro League. $10 million prize pool in 2019 across digital and tabletop Magic, including a $1 million invitational tournament in March Download MTG Arena and use the code GameAwards for your Esports Starter Kit. For the latest details: http://www.mtgesports.com Special Thanks To: The staff at Meeples Games, Richard Garfield, NumotTheNummy, ProJared, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Mark Rosewater, and the Magic Pro Players
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S1L3NTDr460n (12 days ago)
Does....does Sir MixaLot play magic..? o.0
Luliby (12 days ago)
This video has such strange stats. Over a million views and yet not even 500 likes and dislikes and not even 100 comments (at the time of writing this). It must be embedded all over the place and oddly not many people actually coming here to see it. Also, at 0:23...that's ProJared. I did not even notice him the first time around. Yet there's no fanfare nor any attention drawn to the fact that it's him. In fact...I didn't notice him because Mark Rosewater is sitting next to him! XD Lastly...what's with all the toxicity in this comment section? Why did so many people decide to come here to spew small-minded hate? I see people attacking diversity just because the sister in the trailer has darker skin when she can just easily be adopted. I see people just bashing it saying that Richard Garfield is the only good part of it. I see people trying to push for unbanning The Quartering when he very clearly broke the rules and has been hateful ever since. I see people bashing Garfield saying he sold Magic to Hasbro (untrue) and that he is "stupid" and that he looks bad. And I even see people being dumb ironically saying "Oh WOTC is assuming people's genders calling them 'he' or 'she'" or whatever. What's the reason for all of you to come here just to be awful? What's going wrong that this is what you do?
Chewie (17 days ago)
In response to Sir Gerry Thompson?
Feno Droide (1 month ago)
SilverFire200 (1 month ago)
The view count doesn't match with the comments and like/dislike ratio... Viewbotting much?
Drugoth (2 months ago)
I just started playing the beta, and I have to say... I'm enjoying this game a lot more than Hearthstone.
Defiler (2 months ago)
One of the best commercials ive ever seen.
Pierre Wirth (2 months ago)
25 years of a great card game with lore and intricate mechanisms to knock up such a disgrace of ad., makes your eyes bleed. The whole world knows it.
Igrams (2 months ago)
WOTC... congaratulations, you did it again. You made one of the most fuckin cringy clips ever!
Lee Christmas (2 months ago)
that projared cameo tho :D
Chief Joseph (2 months ago)
Your brother's friend's stepbrother's friend's father's daughter's friend's imaginary friend's friend's mother's husband's drug dealer's gang's boss' son's shoe will know.
ShR3D0r S3v7n (2 months ago)
Goose bumbs dang
ScaryChin TV (2 months ago)
projared in the fucking video
BatmanVsSombies (2 months ago)
So instead of buying new skin for a character we spend thousands of dollars to get powerful cards?
Márquez Caramba (2 months ago)
so if i become a pro MTG Arena player, my mom will become asian, my sister will become black and my twin brothers will become caucasian? now THIS is "magic"...
Thomas Andrianopoulos (1 month ago)
Hey magic lets you play multi-color decks. I'm not surprised
Talliah Slavik (2 months ago)
Is that ProJared at 0:24 sitting between Numot & MaRo?
Miagi Fodder (2 months ago)
tehy need to do an hour video of this
Alright, so Magic wants to be relevant on eSports? Perfect, get Two Headed Giant involved, trust me on this one.
ringotomb (2 months ago)
such bullshit modo is such a better place to play magic online
Ruell Black (2 months ago)
Wizards I loved the coverage of the Twitch Rivals Arena tourny. Especially Asian Avenger aka Crim you guys might want to get him on your Arena coverage team. Also Wizards you should add comments to your website articles so that grinders can comment and maybe share ideas that may help the game. Also Great marketing by the way my son watches fornite streams and minecraft streams and told me he was interested in magic because he saw a commercial for Mtg Arena on one of these streams. Keep up the work guys.
Nate Waller (3 months ago)
Hmmm not a great look for this game based on the quality of this promo.
Techlur (3 months ago)
girl with the purple hair at 0:20 is cute af
Björn Hjorth (3 months ago)
funny and well made
Sasuke kuniski (3 months ago)
she!? assuming her gender omegaLUL
Sasuke kuniski (3 months ago)
I was waiting for this cancer to announce Esports .. Lets see if they 1 up league of legends ..and introduce trash coaching like its basketball LUL.
marc juvinall (3 months ago)
WHERE THE FUCK IS DANNY TREJO... ok maybe a little strong... Jw is all
Brine Ryte (3 months ago)
"A start to finish cringe-fest saved only by Richard Garfield's cameo."
Luliby (12 days ago)
Brine: I mean sure, they've made some poor decisions lately (Mythic Edition cough cough), and they do need to get in better touch with the players and do better reprints and such...but this ad doesn't seem to me like it's the problem or where attention should be directed. Awesome that you're not gonna be mean to others and still like the game. That's good. Igrams: Yes. It is. Let's not be dismissive or condescending to others for no reason though.
Brine Ryte (12 days ago)
+Luliby I mean I definitely noticed all of them... But in all seriousness yeah no disrespect to anyone, I just find wotc to be pretty blatantly out of touch with their customer base these days and I personally found this cringy as all get out. But that is 100 percent my opinion and in no way reflects anyone else's feelings toward this video, the people involved, or the game as a whole (Which is still dope I might add). ❤️
Igrams (12 days ago)
"Um no, that was pretty good actually" Ok bro. Cool opinion +Luliby
Luliby (12 days ago)
Um no, that was pretty good actually. And if you didn't notice, there wasn't just Garfield, there was Mark Rosewater, Kenji, and even ProJared in there.
Igrams (2 months ago)
Sultan (3 months ago)
hey this is actually cool
V^² Volgraza (3 months ago)
Oh no! is this the future from Tomska's video where..... THEY KNOW?!
luclarkno9 (3 months ago)
Richard Garfield passing through with his pokerface was hilarious!
clackityclack9 (3 months ago)
two titans of 90s culture, Sir Mix A Lot and Dr. Richard Garfield
Dom Giu (3 months ago)
ok, but write ESports
Aleš Peregrin (3 months ago)
Richard Garfield has a moustache now? :O
ARGnasher (3 months ago)
But does anyone in the world know this beat's name?
Manas Sharma (3 months ago)
Wait, a newspaper in Hindi??? Barring the fact that the headline meant absolutely nothing, does this mean Magic is finally coming to India??? We've been waiting for ages!
sjlinton (3 months ago)
Quality photoshop work on the newspaper headlines there. Twice.
Johan Bach (3 months ago)
PoliteBoyy (3 months ago)
This ad is fucking hilarious
Nawaki (3 months ago)
how does this have 1.3 mil views and 66 likes?
hoytster88 (2 days ago)
People don't like it.
Jacqueline (1 month ago)
​+Flying Dutchman​, I just had the biggest laugh at that. Thankyou
Flying Dutchman (3 months ago)
Hasbo's employees are forced to F5 This page 09:00AM till 18:00 PM
Nawaki (3 months ago)
+Stefan Brenner yeah, its probably that, plus everywhere else its also embeded... but id still expect a couple hundred likes
Stefan Brenner (3 months ago)
Its embedded on the Wizards website where I imagine the vast majority of the viewers have watched the video. A place where people cannot like or dislike.
Kiwimasterpiece (3 months ago)
Even God will know!
Reagusmage (3 months ago)
"So will these guys" - Excuse me, calling a mixed gender group 'guys' is extremely offensive. I expected better of your Wotc...
Sam Urai (2 months ago)
+Mike white cis-male problems.
Mike (2 months ago)
I really hope this is satire. If not, excuse me while I execute the biggest eyeroll conceivable by man.
Sam Urai (2 months ago)
I am shocked that this clip is assuming the genders of all the peoples in it. to many "hes" and "hers" in my opinion. Nobody asked them for their genders.
xHeigoux (3 months ago)
the right word would have been dudes
MrVovoda (3 months ago)
1:00 "De la guimauve pour la jeunesse" ? "Magie" ? I'm not sure what to think.
Your little sister is mixed race but your twin brothers are white. OMG I LOVE DIVERSITY.
Luliby (12 days ago)
Goths: Not that it's too important to the actual trailer, but maybe the obvious answer is that she's adopted? Maybe we should just go with the easy explanation for this small part of the trailer instead of pretending that this discredits positive elements. Also, "race mixing" is not bad at all and does not lead to mental issues nor genetic disorders. It's actually the opposite. Inbreeding is what leads to disorders and problems and diversifying and mixing genetics is what makes them healthier and stronger. It's also ironic that you attack others for "horrible writing" when yours has multiple errors. Jesse: I highly suspect that you're making up nonsense. This is the same trailer from the game awards and the same upload to their channel. Not to mention that your claim is not falsifiable because apparently this original version with awful messages in other languages has been deleted. This is a major trailer. They would ensure that the messages are correct. Epic: Same thing I said to Jesse. They would need to make casting choices ahead of time and would put in the effort for such a big trailer. Also it's ironic that you say that they are being lazy and threw whomever in when you used the wrong "there" like you just threw it in thinking "good enough".
Bastien Perrotin (2 months ago)
"some scientific studies" wow can't argue with that, too scientific. :D
Quantum's World (2 months ago)
Why does it matter? We don't know the backstory. All sorts of family situations happen. Family is family, point blank.
Max M (3 months ago)
The gamestore in this video is meeples, it's in Seattle and I go to it.
Nikolay Hodyunya (3 months ago)
I love this ad!
Michael Campbell (3 months ago)
Do guys play magic anymore? The ad was really cheesy let me guess mark rosewater? Also why don't I just play the original, hearthstone the game you stole from.
Michael Campbell (3 months ago)
I have lost interest in this thread. Just like I have lost interest in the video and both hearthstone and magic arena. There is nothing more I care to add. Thanks and have fun
Sasuke kuniski (3 months ago)
+Michael Campbell youre just a scrub,hs is for toddlars
NPC #76409543 (3 months ago)
+Jesse B-K it would have to suck.
Jesse B-K (3 months ago)
Michael Campbell how would it be possible to create a digital TCG without it seeming like it copies Hearthstones design?
Malazoid (3 months ago)
Waz that finkel next to maro?
betwen 0:24 and 0:25 it is Maro, Jared( Pro Jared Play) , and Kenju (Numot the Nummy). The last 2 are Youtubers, ProJared made a series about Shandalar (the NES magic game)(his chanel is more about old games and D&D, sometimes he plays D&D with other internet people), Numot is a magic streamer.and eventual event player
NPC #76409543 (3 months ago)
Mix a lot? I'm impressed.
NPC #76409543 (3 months ago)
How can this only have 5 comments?
Woo Warrior (3 months ago)
your friends pet alligator’s brothers nieces owners nephews father’s coworkers boss’s man he met on the street’s mom cousins daughter (twice removed) favorite tv shows actor’s pet tiger will know
Vagabond Wastrel (3 months ago)
Step 1: unban the quartering.
Feno Droide (1 month ago)
Nemsilib (3 months ago)
Holy shit it's projared
ChuggaasNo1Fan (1 month ago)
With Mark Rosewater no less!!
Diesel Marcus (3 months ago)
nvm, found him 0:23 XD
Diesel Marcus (3 months ago)
WHERE!? I must be blind because i can't see him
Mr. Beef - Storyteller (3 months ago)
+DalettusGaming ProJared is great. Check his channel out.
+DalettusGaming He has a chanel on youtube, you can search.
Floony (3 months ago)
Gab es doch schon ^^

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