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Inotia3: Children of Carnia OST - "Ice Fortress"

355 ratings | 106503 views
Inotia 3:Chidren of Carnia is another epic action rpg from Chronicles of Inotia series. In this sequel, you are sent on another mystical venture to save the land of Inotia!!
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Text Comments (67)
Ashen Phoenix (1 month ago)
Back in time... to bad they shut down huh...
Batrial Lumosa (1 month ago)
Still waiting for the remake in 2018
Rin Okumura (5 months ago)
Guys, where I can find that Red Two handed sword??
TroveNation I Phyroxi (6 months ago)
Inotia 3 remake please!!!!!!!!!
This is the first rpg game that i have play
Fre Yja (1 year ago)
Anonymously Adorable i think because i was to old
LordDrabi (2 years ago)
Inotia 3 is the best rpg !
Templar is the best class in inotia 3 for me x3 Nice song though :3
Shawiez29 (1 year ago)
yeah can heal XD 2nd is rogue
joo jett yee (2 years ago)
The bird might be saying right now when the camera is at the birds face is like the fuck your camera is at my face.
joo jett yee 😆😆
giden 750 (2 years ago)
gran juego de android XD lastima q no sigueron sacando inotias =(
Jasmine Calvin (2 years ago)
dbz roleplay story me:faces West goku: faces East me :turns around to see goku wave at as he slowly fades away me: scream his name goku,goku!!!!!!! goku: completely fades me: tries to reach for him but he's gone me:where did you go ?????...Papa?
Paelen Brooks (1 year ago)
Jasmine Calvin dude i need a life
jawad mansoor (2 years ago)
Best Android rpg and best choice for theme.
jawad mansoor (2 years ago)
Lyrics please
Jian SinLok (2 years ago)
I love the game and this song hurts.. it hurts beautifully.
Archerlight Ooi (2 years ago)
Plz make inotia movie.....(^u^)
Samael Leares (2 years ago)
where did you go.....~~~🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵
genevieve lee (3 years ago)
genevieve lee inotia4
Mordred Pendragon (4 years ago)
i really love this song!
陳紹紹 (4 years ago)
Where did you go ?
Nanay O (2 years ago)
+899happysnow Oh....Then Hello
899happysnow (4 years ago)
Kakek Prakoso (4 years ago)
COM2US pleaseee make inotia 5 or inotia online MMORPG :(
Kiwon S (4 days ago)
Kakek Prakoso agreed!! That’s a good idea
mysticblaz e (2 years ago)
in 3d
Exotic Kaizer (4 years ago)
ok you need a priest and a shadow hunter and a barbarian the skill build of a babarian is berserk and fury tornado the skill is the tornado skill and earth aquake to lvl 15. :)
星空女神 (5 years ago)
太好聽了! 閉上眼去聽這首歌 就好像看到聖母瑪麗亞的光暉
kevin bawic (5 years ago)
I can't defeat the God of Darkness.. and I am using 2 templars and a Barbarian... help me guys
Aerol Santiago (5 years ago)
lvl 110
MegaKeikoku (5 years ago)
I win at level 101
Chet M. (5 years ago)
Um, isn't the max level 120 or 110? Forgive my memory, haven't played Inotia 3 for 2 years haha.
John Paul Asensi (5 years ago)
Kill anything that has a level near 60
macario tutchang (5 years ago)
it is easy lucio+ameli+haldeit.just dont let lucio be shackled.voila ;-)
тнє qυєєη (5 years ago)
İm level 106 :D
Jc Enriquez (5 years ago)
cheater hahaha
Ash-Shofli Afif (6 years ago)
I'm Level 42,And i can beat the god of darkbess
DarkFlameZealot (6 years ago)
Damn, i hate you lol. I cant get past the god of darkness :P
andy rammirez (6 years ago)
This was really a movie & name
andy rammirez (6 years ago)
What's is name this son
LadyNightFox28 (6 years ago)
Dude those weapons they have aren't matching up to the time line no fair
Tony Huang (6 years ago)
88lv. :-)
Muhamad Firmansyah (6 years ago)
lvl 101 :D
Ashwin Kumar Bharat (6 years ago)
lvl 71:)
Sajuto (6 years ago)
Just beat GoD last night (You'll know what I'm talking about when you get there [not gonna spoil it]) The game gets quite grindy after that, the main questline is no longer there but you still get a sense of direction of where to go, the quests are "Kill X of a mob" and even then the quests are so far apart in level, you still need to just grind out mobs. The portal bosses are a nice feature though, I like to smash bosses while lying in my bed not wanting to do anything but play some Inotia :)
Abyssalruin (6 years ago)
When you get to the level 45 boss its really hard I'm stuck ;(
Afriendfromhell (6 years ago)
Awesome game im a lvl 31 rouge. Its more of a challenge i suggest that u do not get attached to a main/side charecter thogh
BuubieNubie (6 years ago)
I just start playing this game while, now im on level 29 , its interesting.. U guys should try it out,
Kaan Kara (6 years ago)
sad game story.. but still beautiful!
britt918273 (6 years ago)
This is one of my favorite games and I absolutely love the song.
hachidarksky (6 years ago)
@Antikileris2 agree :]
Klaudijus Bertovas (7 years ago)
@lamar154 if u new the end u would know its perfect
lee chee king (7 years ago)
Love it
clarencezer (7 years ago)
Shippoyasha (7 years ago)
I like these types of dungeon crawlers (simple and fun) and I don't mind having epic music for such games. I want more indie games to get recognized in a big way and not always the AAA titles.
SplatteredArtist (7 years ago)
It's such a pretty song! But the game looks pretty cliche and boring :/
HaterZgunnaLuvMe (7 years ago)
This song should be on a hit movie, not on a game. Unless its a top hit game. Some how I see this song on a tragedy movie or a psychological thriller twist movie thats sad. This looks like a good game, but I feel the song just doesn't go well with the gameplay. Feels outa place, maybe if there was that movie sequence in the game might fit better
Ruth Smith (7 years ago)
i hope it comes out soon awesome music and cool video game graphics i am a fan of all there ipod touch games to date oops a TYPO ON LAST POST
Ruth Smith (7 years ago)
i hope it comes out soon awesome music and cool video game graphics iam a fan of all there ipod touch games to daqqte
CVIceCream (7 years ago)
Apparently most beta testers are saying that Inotia III will be released on the afternoon of the 5th worldwide.
Evanz111 (7 years ago)
I hope they don't go stupid with the prices, the max I'm willing to pay for this is £1.79 but even then I'll probably wait for a price drop...
JIEON LIM (7 years ago)
디어클라우드! 이젠 게임ost까지 참여하는건가요 정말 좋네요
hu le (7 years ago)
Didn't know what language they were singing until about 4 minutes in. What does this song have to do with the game and PLEASE, give us a DATE OF RELEASE! The Beta test was done in late November!
jjjjjjk (7 years ago)

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