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Penn & Teller's Invisible Thread

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The Saint (2 months ago)
This is in there book
this was cute, i enjoyed it!
lsant (5 years ago)
They should have been the 2 of Jokers. budum bum
Tinderbox (5 years ago)
penn and teller loves the 3 of clubs
CardSharkGermany (5 years ago)
Thanks for uploading that. ;) I didn't know that one.
Raon Bowdash (5 years ago)
17:18 The Amazing Randi! :D
Spotted Buddha (6 years ago)
Thanks for the upload!
michael omalley (6 years ago)
Can you get hold of or find penn and teller don't try this at home full video?
madzaxmax (6 years ago)
Antonio Golemi (6 years ago)
19:29 3 of clubs....seems legit :D

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