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Hi everyone! Have you ever imagined that you might have some unique powers that almost no one else on Earth has? No, we're not talking about supernatural abilities like invisibility, flying or walking through walls. There are skills that are more common, but still very rare among people. So, here are 5 simple tests to find out how unique you are. top 10 mind games intelligent education
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MRdoombi Doombi (16 days ago)
And take it out
MRdoombi Doombi (16 days ago)
I put i fist in my mouth
IT'S LILY HURTGEN (25 days ago)
rose pegasister (29 days ago)
I very close to doing the thumb thing
Alexander Antonio (1 month ago)
SARAH IS AWESOmE (1 month ago)
I can put my thumb to my wrist easily but I can also only bend one digit of my finger, can you do it, maybe one or two fingers but probably most of you cannot
Lend King (1 month ago)
i now how to pop eye
Taryn Clarke (2 months ago)
I could do all of them except the eye popper.
Chocolate Unicorn (2 months ago)
I can't bend my thumb to my wrist with my whole hand strait up
Parys With a Y (2 months ago)
I got the thumb touching the wrist thing
mike just mike the 2nd (2 months ago)
Hypermobility 4 life my hypermobility friends we shall weird out people unite
Lee Am (3 months ago)
I caaan doo that thumb on wrist thing..... Like if u can too
Guy Flambert (3 months ago)
I did the ✊ and the 👏
Jaybee Salazar (3 months ago)
How am i unique if im unlucky.
auburn blu (3 months ago)
My whole hand fits
Ultimatum_ Roze (3 months ago)
I habe hypermobility
izOsTen 65 (4 months ago)
I can do cobra style
doge kiki (4 months ago)
Omg i can put my hand to mouth and take it out!omg omg
norm ALL (4 months ago)
I can do cobra style
Eden Chang (4 months ago)
First one is easy. Second one is easy. Third is no. Fourth is no
Kirby Gamer15 (4 months ago)
I can put my fist in my mouth
Carl Johnson (5 months ago)
Woah I can do all except the last one the eye popping one😂
Jennifer Del rosario (5 months ago)
I did the middle finger trick
Angel Iese (5 months ago)
I have a big mouth I can fit my fist in it
GoodSeens GS (6 months ago)
You forgot the most important skill of all time. The ability to do the Vulcan eyebrow raise. Oh yes ! Can you raise one eyebrow while leaving the other one down and say the word, "Fascinating" in a deep tone of voice ? If so, there may be Vulcan in your blood, you never know. 🖖
Chelsea Worsham-Hall (7 months ago)
Funmuzics Msp (8 months ago)
I can put my fist in my mouth
YNightIce Fire (8 months ago)
i can do all of them but the last 2
Marceline Playz (8 months ago)
Igot this 5trick am i unique? Sorry wrong spell
Ava Khoo (8 months ago)
I have hypermobility
COLE VIDS (8 months ago)
I did 2 tricks only
PeppaMLG (8 months ago)
I have hyper mobility
Jagadong 159 (8 months ago)
I have 4 skills xD
Pig Pound (8 months ago)
I can do the cobra thing and the first thing
Gamer BakerGirl (8 months ago)
I can do the first one😊
ville tiittanen (8 months ago)
I can that thumb and cobra things
Party Boi (9 months ago)
I can do cobra style, sensitive hands, and the hypermobility
HELL RIDER (9 months ago)
i did that thumb one
Maya Hedges (9 months ago)
I can do all of them except the last 2
khushi !!!!!!! (10 months ago)
I have done 4
marawan ezzat (10 months ago)
I can do the hand thing and the tongue thing
애정엘리야 (10 months ago)
I can do everything except for the spitting thing and the eye thing...
Mr.polar bear (10 months ago)
I have hypomotility
MONSTER 79 (10 months ago)
I have cobra style
Laurie Tanaka (10 months ago)
Forester Fusso (10 months ago)
I actually did it
Ur Technical Friend (11 months ago)
I can do every one of them except the eye popping
Ur Technical Friend (11 months ago)
can l get 500 likes please
Jia Asif (11 months ago)
I did three
xd (11 months ago)
First one only :(
Rakesh Lal Shrestha (11 months ago)
Infinite C (11 months ago)
I could fit my fist in my hand
Ross Antoinette (11 months ago)
I can do most of these
222 333 (11 months ago)
Im the ununiqiest person on earth... Am i now unique because of this?
TZX dap channal (11 months ago)
I can do both hand in my moth
wolf hacks abd diy (1 year ago)
I can do all exept eye popping
let me change my name (1 year ago)
I can step on a lego
let me change my name (1 year ago)
Practically their are alot of people who are unique
I can put my fist in me mouth! :D
Jasmin Kisanga (1 year ago)
I can’t do any😭
Michael Sullivan (1 year ago)
Omg I can touch my thumb to my wrist like in the picture!
PKS EMT (1 year ago)
You dont have to do these things to be unique
Zacharia 619 (1 year ago)
I did get the hypermobility one
I could only do hand thing😟😧😢
A normal Pikachu (1 year ago)
Fist in mouth done!
Brown Family (1 year ago)
i can do the first one and i can do the paralyzed finger and i am a tetrachromat
Brown Family (1 year ago)
Think Shaker Walker (1 year ago)
Think Shaker Walker (1 year ago)
I fit my hand
let me change my name (1 year ago)
I fit your bad grammer with youtube
Nicole Voellinger (1 year ago)
I'm not a dude
Nicole Voellinger (1 year ago)
I did the 2nd 1 but almost broke my thumb xD
CBello 88444 (1 year ago)
3/5 could do
ツklee (1 year ago)
I did 3 out of 5
Crystxl YT (1 year ago)
I do cobra spitting... My friends says "Omg, Ari! You're spitting over my face." I ALWAYS Cobra spitting when I SAY SOME WORDS. ;-; (btw, ari is part of my real name, I can't tell you my REAL name..)
Logan Hurt (1 year ago)
I have hypermobylity
JustA MusicStand (1 year ago)
I can only do 2 The first and second
Iconic Soul (1 year ago)
we are all unique in God's image
Esc Emma (1 year ago)
1:30 I can do that
Lx Gupta (1 year ago)
View to my first video(washing maching dj setup)
Benjamin Torres (1 year ago)
3/5 that's what I got
Gabriela Flores (1 year ago)
I can do four out of the five :)
inside out gaming (1 year ago)
I can do hyper mobility
No Name6666 !!! (1 year ago)
I can put my fist in my mouth
Sienna Beaumont (1 year ago)
Ive got hypermobility I also asked my mum if I was special and she said I'm not special but weird
The most unique thing to have is lego-proof feet.
technic Builder Huere (1 year ago)
I did three
DuhMaggie (1 year ago)
Also at 1:31 could somebody explain what hes doing?
Bros Gamingjj (1 year ago)
Does that mean I have hidden powers?
Bros Gamingjj (1 year ago)
I could do the first one
husaan shabendri (1 year ago)
I can do hypermobility
husaan shabendri (1 year ago)
Hypermobility,I don't think it's rare I've met so many people who could do it
Louis Saludo (1 year ago)
hi im only 11 and the like the dude in the show like his bone i did tried and i did it
Emalee Ott (1 year ago)
Szanto Peter (1 year ago)
Pretty funny video about people's uniqueness. I like especially the part about eye-popping. Have you ever thought or heard about finding your strength in reference to Kevin's Kelly 2x3 steps?
NubeTube (1 year ago)
the hypermobilitie is ez for me, i can do it with both hands
Venoman62 (1 year ago)
golden boy (1 year ago)
I can fit my fist in my mouth and do the thumb thing
Sploop (1 year ago)
I can do around 13 hypermobility tricks 😜
Phillips Tablet (1 year ago)
I did all of them except cobra thing
Janis Sepulveda (1 year ago)
I could only do the first one lol

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