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How to Script YouTube Videos (for HIGH ENGAGEMENT)

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HOW TO SCRIPT YOUTUBE VIDEOS (FOR HIGH ENGAGEMENT) // PERFECT YOUTUBE SCRIPT/ You want to get 39,000 comments on your next YouTube video? Today I’m going to share how to script your YouTube videos to get higher engagement, views and YouTube ranking. I applied a small change to my scripting formula and it resulted in 34,000 comments on 1 video, 326,000 views (among other factors), and a page #1 ranking for a very competitive keyword. Watch this video and steal my Scripting Formula! And don’t forget to grab my Free “0 to 100,000 YouTube Subscribers in Under 12 Months” Guide HERE: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/subscribers RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: Download my Free “0 to 100,000 YouTube Subscribers in Under 12 Months” Guide: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/subscribers Watch my video “How to Make a Professional Video at Home”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2i-JwYufuA&index=14&list=PLAiq4XXtRPuLZWR9txBnmtWfquRIFqmfw Watch my video “How to Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers FAST”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVg4lQL8TG0&t=4s __________ Have you been thinking of using Youtube to grow your business business but you’re not sure where to start and you're scared of wasting time on the wrong steps? Let me be your guide! I'll show you the right steps on how to rank on page #1 of google for more views, subscribers and leads for you business: http://bossyoutubestrategy.com Join our community in “Be Your Own Boss Mastermind” Facebook Group here: http://www.byoboss.today __________ TWEET THIS VIDEO: https://ctt.ec/fR9Bf Say hi on social: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SunnyLenarduzzi/ Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/sunnylenarduzzi Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunnyLenarduzzi Instagram: http://instagram.com/sunnylenarduzzi/ Listen to The Sunny Show PODCAST here: iTunes: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/itunes Google Play: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/googleplay Stitcher: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/stitcher Android: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/android TuneIn: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/tunein https://youtu.be/i8NqmzKkLI8
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Sunny Lenarduzzi (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching, Boss! Is this scripting process making sense? If it is, write "Boss" in the comments section below! :)
Sunny Lenarduzzi Boss‼️
Karen Solt (2 months ago)
Sunny Lenarduzzi Boss (and thank you) 😊
David W. Ryan (3 months ago)
Platform For Artists (3 months ago)
hey sub for a sub
Joy Pedersen (3 months ago)
Trayonna Rankins (19 hours ago)
This is awesome!
Kim Agostino (20 hours ago)
boss :)
RC Murphy (1 day ago)
Syed Mohsin (2 days ago)
Thanks for the great tip. Subscribed !!
Vanessa Christidis (4 days ago)
Love this BOSS :)
KnowJesusKnowPeace (6 days ago)
777th comment. 1.9% of the way to goal!
TETASH (6 days ago)
She So Re'Re (8 days ago)
Holly R Jahn Yoga (10 days ago)
Boss! My content is an online yoga class and I’ve just starting posting videos...how would you suggest middle engagement? Btw—I will be adding more to my script after viewing this video. I’m loving your tips and advice. Thank you. 🙌🏼🙏🏼
Bubbli Chardonnay (10 days ago)
Uggh, you are so good!!! I have a question tho. How do you ask your viewers to do all of this engaging and make it look so natural?
Fatima Architect (12 days ago)
Today I’ve uploaded my first video 🐱
Fatima Architect (12 days ago)
I like your videos. They are helpful and fun
Kaelyn Zielinski (13 days ago)
Boss! Love this! I just started writing out actual scripts for my videos, but this video was great for giving me an over view of what I should be doing vs what I am now!
Kelly Jean (14 days ago)
Boss 😊
Netsky Petchky (15 days ago)
Definitely helpful! Now I’m hooked to your videos! But I don’t wanna binge watch them. I wanna slowly take them all in co’z they’re all so meaty I might choke if I take them all in one go! Great job Sunny, thanks so much for all of these!😍
PositiveChick (15 days ago)
Thank you for these tips Sunny! 💕
Aparna Singh (15 days ago)
What a shame Mary Jane (17 days ago)
I'm scripting my 23rd video and doing it following this video step by step!
Yanni Velez (17 days ago)
Kathy Wolf (18 days ago)
Boss! Loved this video! Great job!
Rich Jacobs (19 days ago)
Boss thanks for The Script. Yup, I’m going to use it. Also, thanks for your interview with Amy Porterfield (podcast) I didn’t know you until I heard that great interview. All the best! Jim
Ashley Loves Glitter (22 days ago)
BABS (22 days ago)
About to record a video now. Going to use all your tips. Thank u!
Jade Valentini (23 days ago)
boss! Love your content, natural authentic presence, and humor. Bravo Sunny.
JenniferEverAfter (23 days ago)
rainyangie (23 days ago)
Queen Boss ♡
Shantel Ross (24 days ago)
#Boss I am beyond excited that I have found your channel. I have been watching you for the last 2 months trying to educate myself before starting my channel. I officially launched my channel and I feel like I have implemented your guide in just my first video. I can not wait to continue to learn from you and watching my channel grow. 💕
Dee2deeLuv (24 days ago)
A2Z with miss Nag (25 days ago)
Aurora Somnia (25 days ago)
Hey boss, I really appreciate your videos. I need someone to walk me through things step by step. You’re really amazing for that. Thank you.
Made by Kap (26 days ago)
You did everything I asked for in how to be engaging with my viewers thank you so much. Www.madebykap.com
AmalEmilAbboud (27 days ago)
BOSS! :)
Asiya Iammuah (28 days ago)
sunny your videos are dope, i've applied your advice on 1 of my videos and have already seen a difference. you have a great way of breaking things down in a friendly relatable way
Susan Chagalian (28 days ago)
Love all your videos!
Vera (29 days ago)
Boss! I am VERY new to this. Just getting as much information as I can before making my first video. I don't even have a YouTube channel yet! This has been very helpful.
Rachel McRae (29 days ago)
Princess Jasmin (29 days ago)
Glenn Mathis (1 month ago)
Samantha Hauger (1 month ago)
Kohl Karmakar (1 month ago)
Your content is awesome!
Where to eat With Flo (1 month ago)
R O VV A N D E R S (1 month ago)
Boss, you’re awesome! contents are very helpful!
TechFit360 (1 month ago)
I always learn something New! Thank you Sunny!
Keith Merrill (1 month ago)
You're a game changer, Sunny. THANK YOU.
perfectingcarla (1 month ago)
Boss. Omg it works!!! 🤗 very informative as usual Sunny!!!
Catherine Treme (1 month ago)
Mike Dodds (1 month ago)
Ginthian Shield (1 month ago)
Margie Smith (1 month ago)
We are going to do pre funding on u tube Facebook and indygogo for ICO launching in 50 days thank u ! I ordered a selfi stick we have all of our sites almost done its 452impact inc please like us we need likes on u tube Facebook and twitter! Thanks!
I really don't like many of the hooks I see on YouTube. Good advice though, I'm not hating. I often dislike the reverse story telling idea - show the best bit first, it's often executed poorly, the rest of the video sucks and it's often not an interesting ride to the best bit. It can work well but shouldn't be relied upon, some channels do it (nearly) every video. I also often hate the ones that have a really aggressive intro, like they'll shout out some spiel and then it'll blast you with trap or edm and a splash-screen thing almost like it's designed to attract children, it's fatiguing, overdone too. Anyway, those are just some things to avoid if you can't do it well. Good vid. Boss.
HerHair Legacy (1 month ago)
fun vlogger (1 month ago)
Love this video am totally gonna do this 👌
fun vlogger (1 month ago)
Big Edds Lore (1 month ago)
Hi great video I produce videos based on the lore / information about characters and locations of TV shows like star trek is there any advice you can give me on how to structure a script for a video like that ?
Maurice Hayes (1 month ago)
Ophelia Galliano (1 month ago)
Boss!!! Great info. Thanks for your channel!!!
FederalOperation (1 month ago)
Gary Hollingsworth (1 month ago)
katie beautyreviewsuk (1 month ago)
I'm watching all of your videos one by one! X
Liragon (1 month ago)
This was so helpful! Thank you so much, Sunny!
Liragon (1 month ago)
Bill Muri (1 month ago)
Damn, you are smart and sexy.
Jason Parrillo (1 month ago)
Floss.......oh, sorry, Boss
SeifTalks (1 month ago)
Boss, that's a really great video and I really see the engagement thing within your own performance. I'm currently experimenting but I haven't uploaded anything yet because they all seem very artificial haha. How do you think I can sound more natural or actually just be me on camera?
Study Morph (1 month ago)
Boss !
BRYAN WILKINS (1 month ago)
You are amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Raltog (1 month ago)
BOSS. Thanks for making this clear. The intro was much louder than your speaking, which could be another tactic for you to get more comments... you mastermind
Tehila Cohen (1 month ago)
Boss , this is for you. .
American Goulash (1 month ago)
Is this the same tutorial on 'How to get subscribers?" as well ?
72garethtom (1 month ago)
Great video.... just a thought for those non tec team players... ‘watching in widescreen on your smartphone turn it right way up scroll down to the comments section you can watch and comment at same time’. Unless you are like me and I pause...👍
Fantastic tips Sunny! Just started on YouTube and eating all this info up!
The Art of Sir Eden (1 month ago)
Boss! thanks I learned a lot :)
Ada Gailey (1 month ago)
You're the boss!!! 💖
Tiffany Day (1 month ago)
Joanne Pizarro (1 month ago)
Yeah,Enjoying for ya!
The Freedom Hustler (1 month ago)
Barbra Taffe (1 month ago)
Andre L. Vaughn (1 month ago)
Boss...I love your content Sunny!
Travesty Live (1 month ago)
Mikaila Renee (1 month ago)
Boss! Love all your videos Sunny! 💕
GoShiggyGo (1 month ago)
How does having a "dislike" help you other than engagement? Doesn't the percentage go down now for dislikes?
April Braswell (1 month ago)
Hey BOSS Lady of YT, yes indeed, this was both helpful and has given me additional ways to tweak and improve my future videos. Thank you so much for ever-generous spirit is sharing so much of your wonderful expertise with us here at YT. Waving a big "Hey" up to Canada (I did see that correctly that THAT is where you are based, yes?) from TheOC here in SoCal USA. Cheers and blessings, April
Nashan Clay (1 month ago)
HairObsess Club (1 month ago)
What if your a 1 man band and you have no time for scripts. Especially when you have a family and you have a day Job. How do I squeeze in a script?
Wall Street Paper (1 month ago)
Great content Sunny, way to make it quick, easy + simple to learn how to write a script and get more folks watching your channel!
theclevertraveler (1 month ago)
Jerry Capital (1 month ago)
Coffee? Let’s say my place Saturday night 19:30
Superchic Ug Podcast (1 month ago)
Rebecca Gourley (1 month ago)
vladilutsyk (1 month ago)
Liked it!
Beyond Reviews (1 month ago)
Beyond Reviews (1 month ago)
Wow Sunny! Grateful to have seen this video! New Sub here! :) going to apply these tips to our Review videos! Thanks for the help!!!
bhnmfaza jaza (1 month ago)
Hi, why r u such a babe?

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