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TechZone ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6H07z6zAwbHRl4Lbl0GSsw You have probably listened about this big guy known as King Kong. Decades have passed since the moment this legendary beast was created, but in the last years he has come back and has appeared in all kind of movies and spectacles. But one day we became curious and started to wonder if there are any movie monsters stronger than King Kong. And as a matter of fact, there are! Today we are gonna show you ten incredible creatures, which can put up a good fight against this famous primate and beat the shit out of him
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Text Comments (11313)
Braylon Awesome (6 hours ago)
The 50 FT women would get destroyed
Jeth Manio (8 hours ago)
I hate Mothra vs Godzilla I wish they could marry
Jayden Mehaffy (11 hours ago)
I know hulk isn't a monster he's a hero but he could kill king kong
Gloria Graham (12 hours ago)
I’m a Aline
Gloria Graham (12 hours ago)
Moth 👽👽👽👽👽👽
Raider 9282 (15 hours ago)
Just because King Kong can get his ass kicked doesn’t mean King Kong isn’t a badass
Louise Iwanusiw (16 hours ago)
and godzilla is 300 metrs
Filipino Gaming (18 hours ago)
A t-rex is 49 foot and he fought 3
Filipino Gaming (18 hours ago)
Kong literally ate a gaiant squid in the movie like ramen
Rodrigo Hernandez (18 hours ago)
Well, I usually like this guy's vidoes but this one was shit. Not because I'm a kong fan but because he didn't do reaserch nor did he said how the fight could go down, he just mention some random giants and say they could for sure win. It's honestly retarded
Maximus Primal (20 hours ago)
Optimus Prime can defeat Godzilla with the matrix so if you call Godzilla a god he's not against Optimus Prime because one single blast with the matrix Godzilla (as you call him) is going to be burnt to a crisp
Sakura Neomi (1 day ago)
kong can eat the marshmallow ghost and kong can kill that woman
Kim Oliver Pelaez (1 day ago)
Is kong not king kong
Gaming Skull (1 day ago)
Godzilla earth vs Cthulhu pls
Cody Eggleston (1 day ago)
10 monsters? Sorry to be obvious but prime really ain't a monster and if we talking straight up fight, and movie lore and story from the enemies like Prime's help from other people shouldn't be a factor like again should be obvious
Jackie David (1 day ago)
Godzilla can kick King Kong ass
DogeStef (2 days ago)
Why is this video important Kong can defeat the trolls, the octopus, Optimus prime, stay puft marshmallow man, the 50ft woman, and possibly Cthulhu. You’re just a stupid hater, do more research on your stuff too
Maverick Insigne (2 days ago)
King kong will lose to godzilla
SWEET BUNNY GAMER (2 days ago)
But for me I just can wait one more year
I checked through a lot of comments, but not found so far..the guy in the video keeps calling King Kong 'a monkey' but he is 'an ape' !!!
Andrew Juarez (2 hours ago)
Best Movies and Entertainment with VidpixEnt I think he is a gorilla
brieflycake (2 days ago)
The Balrog
Max B (3 days ago)
I’m pretty sure the only one that really can beat King Kong is Godzilla. Just my opinion.... edit: but yeah most of this list is trash. I laughed when you said stay puff marshmallow man XD cmon now! The 50 ft woman? Seriously? Lol, yeah I think the only monster on this list is Godzilla that can actually defeat King Kong.
The Ice king (4 days ago)
50 foot woman is not a monster she’s a human but she won’t be big enough to beat kong
Clare Dockerty (4 days ago)
The 1st one king Kong would beat.kmowing king Kong he would probably rip the wings off her.
Frank Fuller (4 days ago)
King kong would devour the stay puft man. Edit: HE'S MADE OUT OF MARSHMALLOW FOR CHRIST SAKE!
Scope X (4 days ago)
Kong can eat a octupus bro
I Maramauri (4 days ago)
And Godzilla vs King Kong is happend before
I Maramauri (4 days ago)
A Gorilla is WAY too strong for a woman
ARTIC Deleted (4 days ago)
Your a hater on King Kong oh yeah giant spud could defeat King Kong watch Kong skull island
Tom _135 (4 days ago)
The only person who would kill King Kong Is thanos
zenzen zel (5 days ago)
Well if godzilla beat mothra and mothra can beat king kong then its no compitition
Nicholas Callonas (5 days ago)
Not Godzilla
Who says non of them could best King Kong you were right on 50 ft woman But all of the others could beat his ass
King Kong fought a giant squid in king skull island and he fought it in the water
sl33p ops (5 days ago)
King Kong killed a giant squid in skull island which gives clues that long can kill the octopus, u need to think about the movie first then put the octopus in here
Jared Sorbi (6 days ago)
Sonia Mendez (6 days ago)
Maria Martinez (6 days ago)
How was win in a fit Godzilla or pusidin
This guy is a kong hater
Charasrat Mangkarat (6 days ago)
Jack black
Gavin Taube (6 days ago)
Im in 2019
Jameer Londen (7 days ago)
King Kong will beet all of them
Kyron Reece (7 days ago)
50ft woman will be King Kong girlfriend
3 years NO its 2019 dud!!!
Alex Hernandez (6 days ago)
For reals
Jerry Garcia (7 days ago)
Godzilla is number 1 King Kong is number 2 and all the others aren't shit.
This is a robbery (7 days ago)
Penguin King (2 days ago)
This is a robbery no what actually happened was they fell into the water where Godzilla lives and Long managed to escape before Godzilla finished him off
Bryan Martinez (7 days ago)
He defeated a giant squid
Stephano Kjellberg (8 days ago)
“A giant squid can kill Kong” *kong kills giant squid in Kong skull island*
Blake Brooks (4 days ago)
And in the water at that
Katrina Boyd (5 days ago)
I saw it
liz thornton (8 days ago)
its not 3 years from now its 1 year beavuse I watched this at 2019
Robert Delafuente (5 days ago)
liz thornton what you mean?
Infinite Gaming (8 days ago)
Godzilla vs King Kong COMING.... us:YAY!!!!! In:2020 Us:OH MAN
This is a robbery (7 days ago)
There is actually a og version
Heidi Nelson (8 days ago)
In kong skull Island They made kong higher than a mountain so actually optimus prime would Get rekt
ROSES R BLUE (9 days ago)
2019 anyone like if you are
Steve Zolina (9 days ago)
The monster from clover field.
Ranea Clementer (9 days ago)
nub only god zilla can kill king kong
PotBellyMaori (9 days ago)
A marshmello? Really? REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sabrefire916 (9 days ago)
Is literally the stupidest video I’ve ever seen
Offoacito boi (10 days ago)
Gigantic octopus known as kraken
Thumbs Up (10 days ago)
Kong is 100 feet he can easily beat giant octopus and 50 foot women
J Lockwood (11 days ago)
King Kong Could easily kill Octimosprime
Shawn Daniel (7 days ago)
Oh hell no
Shay Cunnigham (11 days ago)
Bro this shit is a lie he would beat/kill most if not all of them ur just a king hater
kerchoo (11 days ago)
the fact that he said physical to optimus prime is just funny to me
Michaela Voller (12 days ago)
Don’t The S word it is a bad Word
Kong is strong he has more strength all those bithces are losers
Jean Jaques69 (12 days ago)
Godzilla is way stronger
Samuel Wetzler (12 days ago)
Bella Layzell (12 days ago)
GOGO! Gaming_Glenn (13 days ago)
But Godzilla and Kong Both want to safe the World from the bad creatures so why they will fight? (2019 movie comes out soon it's from the makers of Kong Two in Kong Skull Island you Saw Godzilla at the end Fighting the 3 headed Dragon I don't remember te name on a Stone in a Cave) and in the Movie that comes out this Year they Will fight to
lorie madrona (13 days ago)
What about venom
Jennifer Williamson (13 days ago)
You know in skull crawler vs King Kong King Kong is 153 feet tall
Jennifer Williamson (13 days ago)
So 50 foot woman would not stand a chance
ChillVibesOnly (13 days ago)
The kong in skull island would rape those trolls. He also ate a giant octo pus as a meal. Yall dont know what yall are talking about💀
Azar Senh (13 days ago)
Cthulu, Godzilla, Gamera were the only notable ones. Everyone else is getting dragged. Optimus Prime is smaller than trees, Kong (Skull Island) stood out of valleys. What are you on.
xGinka Hagane (13 days ago)
King Kong would get his ass wooped
Big Guy Bill Hey (13 days ago)
King Kong could kill half of these monsters. You a hater on kong
Amber Guerrero (1 day ago)
Ale-Win Um let’s see how about you do research
Amber Guerrero (1 day ago)
Rize Guardz just because it’s a woman doesn’t mean she would loose gender recess. King Kong sucks
Ale-Win (5 days ago)
And kong killed a giant octopus in Kong skull island
Ale-Win (5 days ago)
I know right how can a moth kill an ape👮🏼😃😃😃😃
Big Guy Bill Hey (10 days ago)
+Rize Guardz I think he was out of ideas tbh lol!
Epic oscar (13 days ago)
50 ft woman vs 100 ft King Kong. He would just step on him
one hundred (13 days ago)
Josh B (13 days ago)
I love Godzilla! Who else does? 😋
WillTheWhiteKid (13 days ago)
Optimus prime can’t beat Godzilla
WillTheWhiteKid (13 days ago)
Skull island
Aaryan Jagmohan (14 days ago)
Optimus Prime is an Alien Robot.
Aaryan Jagmohan (14 days ago)
Optimus Prime is invincible.
Yann vang (14 days ago)
I think shin godzilla can kick king Kong ass
Yann vang (4 hours ago)
I'll kick your ass
Yann vang (4 hours ago)
I'll kick your ass bro
one hundred (13 days ago)
ah pidor (14 days ago)
king kong just can eat the puft man
my1 meme (14 days ago)
Did this dumb ass just say the state puff marshmallow man could beat king kong
Renee Molina (14 days ago)
Just so you know, Godzilla can come back alive like Optimus prime, Godzilla just Comes out of the water again a little later
S Jackson (15 days ago)
Jongjong tolledo (15 days ago)
Lol nice title
Ward Toledo (15 days ago)
Most of these monsters are way smaller than kong... That automatically gives him that crucial advantage...
Cript Naydo (16 days ago)
Fifty fut hahah
Lsndiwndj Djdowmdnd (16 days ago)
I bet Kong will use the propeller he used in the 2017 movie on Godzilla
PUBGiscool5678 - (16 days ago)
King Kong is 104 ft tall
Tips and tricks Guy (16 days ago)
King Kong skull island made there King Kong 100ft tall so she would poop herself
Brutalknockouts YT (17 days ago)
happy toast (17 days ago)
50 ft woman: I'm 50 ft tall! King Kong : I'm 104. 50ft woman: .... Uh hey why don't I just leave and uhhh we uhhh !!!!!aaaaaa!!!!!!!!
Will’s World of Toys (17 days ago)
Diego beyblade world (18 days ago)
I think king Kong will beat Godzilla up
Ansali Sesen (14 days ago)
nvm we have to wait for the year 2020
Ansali Sesen (14 days ago)
That ansewer is false
_ Syx (15 days ago)
For your information kingkong and godzilla are neutral to each other
shemyong2011 (18 days ago)
lil kaz_gamer 10 (18 days ago)
King Kong skull island King Kong is 104ft tall against a 50ft tall woman...King Kong would win
Nightmare Foxy (19 days ago)
GODZILLA is the king of the monsters
karlen bain (19 days ago)
Well in some cases who stronger doesn't matter or helps the situation king kong is definitely powerful but what he possess over most his rivals is cain intelligence kind of like spiderman beating you even though your bigger and more powerful but he is 100+ times smarter
chad ADrian (19 days ago)
ummm king kong killed the giant squid and king kong will not swing he drinks the water from the ocean are you stuped

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