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TechZone ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6H07z6zAwbHRl4Lbl0GSsw You have probably listened about this big guy known as King Kong. Decades have passed since the moment this legendary beast was created, but in the last years he has come back and has appeared in all kind of movies and spectacles. But one day we became curious and started to wonder if there are any movie monsters stronger than King Kong. And as a matter of fact, there are! Today we are gonna show you ten incredible creatures, which can put up a good fight against this famous primate and beat the shit out of him
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Text Comments (10787)
Sammy KNai (1 hour ago)
Hey I’m Godzilla too
Iree Seeley (2 hours ago)
the got dragons would murder king kong
Raymond Pepe (4 hours ago)
Yes but King kong is still middle age So in the future they wouldn't beat them I learned it in Flim Theory King Kongs Secret Past and i think it is true
ySpy_ (7 hours ago)
KKKKKKKKKKKKK 50 FT WOMAN? KKKKKK King Kong is over 100ft now soooooooo "Someone took a big L..."
Yourboyrabbi (13 hours ago)
Shrek can kick it’s ass
Lane Sullivan (1 day ago)
2019 anybody
ARDB XD (1 day ago)
Amh i don't think a giant octopus will beat him in a fight don't you remember "Kong Skull Island"? He fight a giant octopus in water and still beat him
Nicci. Mac. (1 day ago)
#mind warehouse
ClarkDale AO3 (1 day ago)
KING KONG AND GODZILLA SIZE KONG:37.1 meters tall Godzilla:120.5 meters tall sooo... god zilla wins
Haden Goforth (2 days ago)
Kong can easily eat the marshmello man. *DUH*
Dalton Bailey (2 days ago)
what about the hulk
Diogo Guerreiro (4 days ago)
I1123rearr9ptlsy03 @ @ - - 3 ' ' ' '
지은영 (4 days ago)
bretian _worm (4 days ago)
Now u can wait a year :D 2019
Zach Roath vlogs (5 days ago)
Cthulau can whip king kongs ass
crazyturks61 (5 days ago)
Optimus a monster luuul
Kian Langkow (5 days ago)
Ummm the flofy one is so wek. Nice vid :D
unknown subscriber (5 days ago)
unknown subscriber (5 days ago)
it said #mind so I put #mind .-.
Wyatt Stumph (6 days ago)
kick his fuckin ass
Derp Derp (6 days ago)
Watch ur language
Stacie Melancon (6 days ago)
Team King Kong all the way
Aaron Mudliar (6 days ago)
Who whatching in 2019
Piotr Gardziński (7 days ago)
irene pulle (7 days ago)
I ment copied
irene pulle (7 days ago)
You cope with this idea from daily top 10
irene pulle (7 days ago)
I ment copied
Adhi chanel (7 days ago)
It's 2019
King kong would not deafet well Godzilla Earth xD
Oonagh Strathern (8 days ago)
Octmis prime kill
Pacer bri (8 days ago)
Godzilla Lazer beams
Alex Phillip (8 days ago)
Bye bye bye bye
Rami Abdu (9 days ago)
Shut up king Kong is better
A1Z703 4105 (8 days ago)
Godzilla is better than king kong
Elisabeta Husaj (9 days ago)
Wait is prime a monster or a giand Robot?
Says Godzilla *shows scene from zilla* *me* facepalms
What if cthulu and king Kong and godzilla all fight? I mean if I was it I would be terrified 😦😦😦
Ricardo Banuelos (10 days ago)
Hot or miss by the way
Ricardo Banuelos (10 days ago)
Ricardo Banuelos (10 days ago)
If goshtbusters can beat marshmello guy than King Kong can plz like👍😇
Lisa Moore (10 days ago)
But king kong won in his fight
Kaiwen quek (11 days ago)
The worst idea in my entire universe
Kaiwen quek (11 days ago)
Kaiwen quek (11 days ago)
I hate trolls
Cayden Franco (11 days ago)
Its already 2019
deadpool 567 Cruz (11 days ago)
frank morse (12 days ago)
Godzilla will win. Oh and By the way. The movie in 2020 is GODZILLA VS. kong. Get it right!!!!
Young G (12 days ago)
2:07 watch Kong skull island
Alma Pacheco (13 days ago)
Not tryin to piss any godzilla fans hes kinda cool tough but in 2020 i want them to team up that will be dam cool if they do
Alma Pacheco (13 days ago)
And godzilla has lost like 6 battles and the first one kong did it.and kong has never lost against anything so hes the king
Alma Pacheco (13 days ago)
He can beat gamera cause gamera is the same size as the skull crawlers!
Alma Pacheco (13 days ago)
He can beat those trolls cause hes dam big
Alma Pacheco (13 days ago)
1st of.all kong can beat mothra
andiodelgatto (14 days ago)
godzilla is obvis
Zair Malik (14 days ago)
hulk vs king kong who would win
KDN Wolfie (16 days ago)
I think dragonicus would have more of a chance tbh since he can turn into a giant dragon and he wields a pretty deadly sword
Dr_ Ops (16 days ago)
Barbie Princess (17 days ago)
This video side the s word
Arely Rosas (17 days ago)
God silla
Roger gomez (18 days ago)
Asss what the
I hit a freeze frame at 2:36 and I got a monkey ass in my face
CreeperBro9000 (18 days ago)
do you know who can defeat king kong? look at the second word in the sentence
Hi Mawey (18 days ago)
I sold bumblbee in real life
Bianca Natola (18 days ago)
stop swearing
Dpleis D (19 days ago)
I Love transformers
Godzilla Gamer (19 days ago)
.-. No They Can't Only Godzilla can ;)
Cooper Deemert (19 days ago)
I in 2019
Cookie 156 (20 days ago)
I don't know when the movie came out but King Kong beat Skullcrawler in a movie and it put up a good fight but king king killed it easily! Plus he also beat 3 fu*king dinosaurs with a lady in his hand!!!
Gia 2009 (21 days ago)
King Kong can eat marshmallow man
Charlotte southern (21 days ago)
Jack Sealeaf (21 days ago)
Optimus prime is no monster
DarisFilms DIRECT (21 days ago)
If you actually think godzilla would win,youre legit idiotic
Alesia Walker (21 days ago)
King Kong would beat all the giant monster as'ses
Big Boy Detroit (22 days ago)
The only ones I agree with is Cthulhu,Optimus prime and Godzilla
Finley Gibson Stocks (22 days ago)
Bumble bee can bet king kong
mañana kemal (22 days ago)
Godzilla can kick ass
King Kong is 106 feet tall how is a 50 foot tall woman gonna beat him
Javier Parada Vega (22 days ago)
boi i bet you will shit your pants if you ever saw him and he can beat anything up and optimus prime isnt a creature
Chill -BlueX (22 days ago)
Can he go win against Thanos??>:)
alliyah cochran (22 days ago)
king kong is fake
10 bears (22 days ago)
godzilla is the only one that can beat kong
Tommy Clifford (23 days ago)
Here my list 10.George 9.the rock 8. King Kong 7.it 6.jason 5. Bumble bee 4.thanos 3. I'm the juggernaut b**** 2. Vegeta 1. Goku
stelle noodles (23 days ago)
King Kong punches a building bam marsh mallow man is dead of flames
STACY LIPKINS (25 days ago)
The 10 monsters that show me King Kong kick the hell out of there ass
Sylwia Nowak (25 days ago)
It could be fake
Angelo Tasic (25 days ago)
Wait a sec gamera and 50 feet girl can ko kingkong the fuc king will just grab a large boulder and smash into their head and OPTIMUS IS NOT A MONSTER
Duble Boy (26 days ago)
Cthulhu and godzila are munch powerful then king kong
Duble Boy (26 days ago)
Really king kong will eat the marshmelo man
SCO STUDIO (24 days ago)
+Ryan Smith and po and Santa Claus and friends I found you
Kong would devoured the marshmallow man
Jonah Cotton (26 days ago)
What about Cthulhu
seth_bate 124 (27 days ago)
What about thanos?
Flora Tumalad (27 days ago)
Hey dont say badwords🤬
Handsomeadrian 408 (28 days ago)
The octopus can not beat King Kong if you saw King Kong skull island King Kong won on water
Alexandria Feaster (28 days ago)
Godzilla will win
Thomas Hanna (28 days ago)
5:08 King Kong doesn’t have pants 👖
Thomas Hanna (28 days ago)
I know how King Kong kills troll it just has too be morning 🌞
ewe lu (29 days ago)
Ceasar Monzon (29 days ago)
Kong has no pants
Jackass Dick (29 days ago)
Did u run out of monsters lol
DevilFish69 (30 days ago)
King Kong can kick any monsters ass in a fight and any monster can kick King Kong's ass in a fight. You want to know why? I let you in on a little secret. But you can't tell anyone. Ready? Promise not to tell? ITS FICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alausa Lagos (30 days ago)
world mania superman is not a monster
Alex Findley (1 month ago)
Boo huge women King Kong can easily be her
noah game Player MC5 (1 month ago)

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