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TechZone ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6H07z6zAwbHRl4Lbl0GSsw You have probably listened about this big guy known as King Kong. Decades have passed since the moment this legendary beast was created, but in the last years he has come back and has appeared in all kind of movies and spectacles. But one day we became curious and started to wonder if there are any movie monsters stronger than King Kong. And as a matter of fact, there are! Today we are gonna show you ten incredible creatures, which can put up a good fight against this famous primate and beat the shit out of him
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Text Comments (10353)
Rubies Reborn World (7 hours ago)
Your wrong about the octopus he kills one in King Kong Skull Island
Papyrus (8 hours ago)
If king Kong decides to take a swim He’s gonna have a bad time *other eye turns blue*
Here’s Andy! (20 hours ago)
Prime can be defeat by goku
Danielle Farley (23 hours ago)
King Kong is better
Ryan Byrne (1 day ago)
Ian Northcutt (1 day ago)
Don't say bad words
j Reilly (2 days ago)
Chuck Norris VS King Kong 2020
Kinsey Joram Kiamco (2 days ago)
The mothra is real i think but smaller i saw it on real life im serious
Isaiah Glervin (2 days ago)
Otimus is not a monster
Isaiah Glervin (2 days ago)
Otimus is not a monster
Giovanni Gonzalez (3 days ago)
Witch King Kong are u talking about because if it is the Kong skull island one then I’m so triggered because King Kong skull island can beat most of there monsters
LosssPlayz Zelaya (3 days ago)
Listen chicken bitch if u say beat the shit out of my king Kong bro ill beat the shit out of u
Li B (3 days ago)
King Kong face a giant octopus in the water and won
Dark Ninja (3 days ago)
50 foot woman can't defeat King Kong bc King Kong is 100 feet
Jesam Nisam (3 days ago)
I love king kong
Nikki Movie Reviews (4 days ago)
Can't wait to see a modern Version of Kong vs Godzilla!!
Hazey_420_life _ (4 days ago)
Only Prime and Godzilla stand a chance
#tag King and optimise prime Will finish Godzilla like if you agree
Alex Ceja (4 days ago)
How did Optimus Prime land in the list more so how does he count as a monster?
Brodi Tamez (4 days ago)
50 foot woman would not win you need help
Brodi Tamez (4 days ago)
But Godzilla is stronger but it does not mean Godzilla wins
Brodi Tamez (4 days ago)
50 foot woman would not win you need help
Brodi Tamez (4 days ago)
Kong got drown from godzilla
Digi King (6 days ago)
If u think king kong can win against godzilla (he cant by the way) imahine godzilla east vs King Kong.
rainbow_chicken (6 days ago)
Godzilla:human King Kong:tiny ant
Anonymous King (6 days ago)
King Kong is way smaller than godzilla
This list is so ridiculous / lol. Mothra and Godzilla yes, but the rest..
Fornite Master (9 days ago)
What about thanos
Fornite Master (9 days ago)
Kong is 1,000 feet taller than king kong
vj balan (9 days ago)
GAMERCOLINBRO (9 days ago)
Seriously octumpus prime King Kong could rip him but I see where u mind is at
Shaira (9 days ago)
What da f*ck men.... just let King Kong Win he already died😭😭😢😢😢😢
aini ahmed (11 days ago)
Rodan: I can kill Kong
Fnaf Frenzy12345 (11 days ago)
What about Clover?! He can beat anybody!!!
I’m not a vet but I think King Kong does not pants
Tristan Ryals (12 days ago)
King Kong has already beat Godzillas ass
jewelpebble (12 days ago)
This is silly, he compared silly characters vs King Kong! Only Godzilla and Gamera can beat him, other monsters can't compete with the King!
Saucee2k (12 days ago)
yolanda branch (13 days ago)
Mr. Rick8555 (13 days ago)
Wait but isnt a gorilla 10× stronger than a human? Also King Kong can rip the moth's wing and then the moth would be dead since king kong would beat it up in the ground or he could do it faster by ripping its Whole body in to 2 since its a bug and any other monster in the list honestly he would just tear them to pieces and optomus prime srsly king kong can just break his cables and arms without trying . Hasnt this dude seen how strong gorillas and how big they are now imagine it 100x bigger he should be able to rip his opponents into 2.
Eric Johnson (13 days ago)
that will never happen King Kong cannot lose to no damn goblins
Dh Liton (13 days ago)
Ly Sonyda (14 days ago)
Is optimust prime real
Thelma Andal (14 days ago)
The 2018 king kong is bigger than the others
howw did he do it (14 days ago)
Stay puff marshmello man lol
howw did he do it (14 days ago)
Optimise prime would when 1 like if agree
howw did he do it (14 days ago)
King kong eats octopus so he would when
howw did he do it (14 days ago)
King kong has gotten bigger and stronger like im talking wayy stonger 1 like if u agree only please
Katie Steffen (14 days ago)
There all fake
Micaela Zapata (14 days ago)
King Kong wold make a good battle agendas
Exxotic (15 days ago)
3 years for 2020, pfftt now its only 2 years noob.
Jake Walsh (15 days ago)
King Kong already be Godzilla
Infinite Boredom (15 days ago)
Ik a monster that can kick the shit out of all their asses...Ginormica
Jennifer Olsten (15 days ago)
Thanos vs planet thanos *snaps finger*
Jennifer Olsten (15 days ago)
Hay you know why Godzilla can't die because his name has GOD and god is strong so Godzilla is strong
Are you serious mothra can not beat a giant fucking gorilla 🦍!!! And Optimus prime isn’t a monster either you have to atleast be animal to be seen as a monster
KIDS (15 days ago)
Also the 50 foot woman would lose easily
KIDS (15 days ago)
He is
NOAH POWER! (15 days ago)
Why not Kong from kong skull island because he is much stronger
Raptor Jesus 28 (16 days ago)
Ok I look though the comments and what happens if Godzilla is not that half of the universe hmm? Also a troll beating a ape I think not. Same as 50ft woman
KingAllen (16 days ago)
I disagreed with all of these. He has the power if Harambe. So he has hope , abd strength.
Supremegamer (16 days ago)
Luka all u do is talk shit. Instead if complementing him, or something like dat. AND really... A GIGANTIC WOMAN WILL WIN A GIGANTIC monkey WONT WIN AGAINST a woman with human strength. Uh huh
Unidentified Man (16 days ago)
How about that fucker from Cloverfield?
Gerti Spahija (16 days ago)
Dude this man thinks that even a bug can defeat king kong
DIM KOUKS (17 days ago)
And I am a Godzilla fan
DIM KOUKS (17 days ago)
I believe that Kong vs Godzilla is going to end up with a draw because Kong fans are going to be really mad if Godzilla win 🤔🤔
Asgard Burd_2010 (18 days ago)
George is the name from Rampage king kong
Asgard Burd_2010 (18 days ago)
Not king kong george
Asgard Burd_2010 (18 days ago)
Lizzy the giant crocidile and Ralph the giant wolf from Rampage vs king kong
Asgard Burd_2010 (18 days ago)
Gigan can cutt king kong's body
Asgard Burd_2010 (18 days ago)
The meg just ate king kong just ate king kong
Asgard Burd_2010 (18 days ago)
The meg vs king kong at the water fight
Asgard Burd_2010 (18 days ago)
Thanos the mad titan can kick king kong's ass
Asgard Burd_2010 (18 days ago)
Desteroyah vs king kong
rexy the dino (18 days ago)
Dude gamera is a kind monster king kong and gamera will be friends so shut the hell up u retarded dumbass
Stellar Belt (18 days ago)
Godzilla I loved that movie monster he’s my favorite monster in the movies
Bobby Lao (18 days ago)
Optimus would destroy Kong, even bumblebee would. They have hand cannons a military level fighting skill.
Bobby Lao (18 days ago)
King Kong would finally get some pussy with 50 ft woman
clair germain (18 days ago)
Where the flip is the arrangers
clair germain (18 days ago)
So that means godzilla can get kicked by any robot
Landy Valcourt (18 days ago)
Landy Valcourt (18 days ago)
Not going to lie I think Godzilla is stronger
Alex Green (18 days ago)
Mate King Kong fought a giant squid in river,sea and King Kong whooped his ass one massive smash to the head
LG KOMBAT (18 days ago)
Yeah beat the Sai out of him
i am Xian The YouTuber (19 days ago)
The 50 foot woman will put up a good fight with Cthulhu.
i am Xian The YouTuber (19 days ago)
By the word "huge" Cthulhu is just a size of his leg.
i am Xian The YouTuber (19 days ago)
Cthulhu will also be eaten by King Kong like the octopus.
i am Xian The YouTuber (19 days ago)
The 50 foot woman will totally die instantly....
i am Xian The YouTuber (19 days ago)
Dont u know King Kong is twice the size of a building?
MIKI JASMINA (19 days ago)
King kong no one part from another ape can kick his ass as he would destroy godzilla godzilla is not strong all he has is fire witch is stupid as fk as nothing in realife has fire breath lol king kong 1 death to godzilla
Kim Laurence Chun (20 days ago)
Well since optimus prime have some weapons it can defeat king kong but i don't know if optimus prime is the same size as king kong
fausty150 (20 days ago)
2 yrs not 3
Teresa Montes (20 days ago)
Ryan Stokes (20 days ago)
What about cloverfield monster vs king Kong that's seems like a good fight
Primo Tech YT (21 days ago)
More 1.hulk 2.gipsy danger 3.Otachi 4.slattern 5.gipsy avenger 6.superman 7.The meg
Roblox YA (21 days ago)
#KingKongs Ass chicken
Dylan’s Awesome vids (21 days ago)
I know kraken
XxProGamerxX187 - (22 days ago)
This nigga need to stfu bcuz king kong will beat tf outta every body on here
This is smart

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