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Hold That Baby's Head ... and I OOP!

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Follow us on tik tok for more awesome videos like #wikihow! Links below! Hold that baby's head! Subscribe: https://bit.ly/bcomeAbrownie | Follow us on IG: http://bit.ly/InstaBrownie Watch The Most Intense Labor Vlog You'll Ever See ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tK52pGhyRw&list=PL9i3oLLwSOPnmlChrTJbeDnux6PclO3lp&index=3&t=1s   In this video, Naveen's hopes of going to see Spiderman Far from home are crushed, and the couple address some recently pressing matters concerning the comment section. Add us on Tik Tok: http://bit.ly/NSTikTok Follow our FB Page: https://bit.ly/NandSFB Follow Naveen: https://Facebook.com/naveenwastaken https://Instagram.com/naveenwastaken https://Twitter.com/naveenwastaken https://snapchat.com/add/naveenwastaken Follow Shena: https://Facebook.com/shenavici https://Instagram.com/shenavici https://Twitter.com/shenavici https://snapchat.com/add/shenavici   Follow Royal: https://instagram.com/royal__giovanni (2 underscores) Follow Reign: https://instagram.com/reignxenai Watch More Naveen & Shena: Latest Uploads: https://bit.ly/nsLatestUploads Popular Videos: https://bit.ly/nsPopularVideos Mukbangs: https://bit.ly/nsMUKBANGS Vlogs: https://bit.ly/ourVLOGS Watch More Reign: https://youtube.com/reignscastle This is a family-friendly, kid-friendly youtube channel dedicated to cute couples activities, family fun, fashion, music, and lifestyle. We have been making family vlogs, travel vlogs, cute couples videos, and other creative challenges like 'kids try' since 2014 so there's plenty of fun and laughs for the whole family! Join us on our journey together while we drown each other in love and make everyday more than regular! tags: tik tok,natural birth,funny,birth vlog,birth,pregnancy,pregnant,labor,baby,giving birth,comedy,colleen ballinger,mommy,emotional,child birth,water birth,home birth,mom,waterbirth,vlog,home,unassisted birth,natural,daughter,try not to laugh,funny videos,2019,funny vines,laugh,funny videos 2019,best vines,memes,meme,musically,cj so cool,ace family,baby name reveal,unique baby names,baby girl,unique baby girl names,daily bumps,hilarious videos,and i oop add1v
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Naveen & Shena (8 days ago)
What's up guys! We're excited to be getting back to our "first love" by bringing the blogs back 😬. We hope you all enjoy watching them as much as we enjoy making them! This will be one of the last times that we address this sort of negativity because we want the energy of our channel to be unapologetically positive!🙅🏾‍♂️ With that said ... Let us know your favorite part below! 👇🏾👇🏾
Derrisha Key (2 days ago)
Your baby has so much hair..she’s going to be so beautiful. Can’t wait to watch her grow up 🥰
Amber Pritchett (5 days ago)
I absolutely love y’all & it’s a shame that you even needed to address others with what they have to say. Keep being your beautiful souls & uploading so I can keep watching. You’re my favorite family to watch. 💚
Nikisha Ollivierre (7 days ago)
The dance break was so cute and funny 😂
DTAY281 (7 days ago)
You guys are great parenta
simply.auty25 (7 days ago)
That law & order skit had me crying laughing but I loved the vlog it really brightened my day❤️
maequoia reeves (10 hours ago)
I believe that’s what it’s called
maequoia reeves (10 hours ago)
maequoia reeves (11 hours ago)
I love that show
Gloria Williams (11 hours ago)
Hi Shena and Naveen been missing in action a little bit but glad to see my youtube family doing great da baby is so precious as reign and royal is precious as well blessings to yall till next time love yall.
Lilly Lewis (12 hours ago)
Yes letting down hurts!
Lilly Lewis (12 hours ago)
I love you guys you have such a beautiful family!😍😘
Journey Robinson (18 hours ago)
Kc gang Okurr (21 hours ago)
I think they won’t post like that bc they have newborn baby 🌼
Gabriella Delacruz (21 hours ago)
Tatiyana TV (22 hours ago)
Catherine Morgan (1 day ago)
awww i think yall are awesome
Brenee84 (1 day ago)
I subscribed and turned on the post notification bell hope you pick me for the shoutout of the day or the nudey of the day
Noelle Love (1 day ago)
Such Beautiful family can’t wait to have this one day❤️💕
Sunflower Soul (1 day ago)
Shena....lemme be like you after I have a baby...wearing crop tops.
Olivia B (2 days ago)
I’m new here. What’s the codeword?
Olivia B (1 day ago)
Naveen & Shena Thank you!
Naveen & Shena (1 day ago)
Gives you something to comment if you don’t know what to say
Karmen torres (2 days ago)
i didnt even notice tbh bc you are parents of 3 children people shouldn't even be coming at you and most that do don't have experience with children like me for example i dont have kids im ttc tho but i cant say nothing bc i have not experienced motherhood yet and until i do or others do then we can form our opinions js
Josh Bumphis (2 days ago)
We waiting 🙄
Ny Thibodeaux (2 days ago)
can I get a shoutout
Sharon Johnson (2 days ago)
I am Kailynn i love your channel! My momma watch it too❤
Heather Keck (2 days ago)
Noti❤️❤️. I love your videos and your family. You guys are so inspiring to me. Keep doing what your doing. Your doing absolutely amazing. Your family is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Heather Keck (2 days ago)
I’m freaking out you actually responded😱😱😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️❤️😃😃😃
Naveen & Shena (2 days ago)
Thanks Heather! You’re amazing!
Derrisha Key (2 days ago)
Layla & Alacya (2 days ago)
New intro ?
Muttha J. (2 days ago)
Hey my name is Myia I’m from New Orleans, LA and I just came across y’all YouTube channel a while ago and I’m so in love with y’all family, relationship, respect for one another (as well as other ppl that’s around) and y’all honesty. I’ve been going back watching all of y’all old videos as well as the new ones I do like 👍🏽 every video but this is maybe my second time commenting and I do apologize for my lack of communication with yall. U and ur husband is truly an inspiration for what real pure genuine love truly means and what a real close knit family is all about. God has truly blessed u and ur husband with 3 beautiful, smart, respectful, kind-hearted beautiful kids whom is being raised by two awesome and amazing parents who is teaching and instilling in their kids to know the real true value of life and what it means, to know their worth(so therefore no one person on this earth can make them feel less worthy), to know and exceed on all their capabilities, and to have all the wisdom and faith in God our creator, our protector, our everything and for me that so beautiful to watch. I’m sooooooooo happy for u (Sheena), Naveen and the kids for the new arrival of the new beautiful baby girl God has truly given y’all one of the most beautiful blessings and gifts in the world (God said be fruitful and multiple) and he (God) do everything for a reason if it is or wasn’t the right time (whatever the case may be) God knew it was the PERFECT TIME b/c he would’ve given y’all this beautiful blessing and he know that u and Naveen can do it b/c God would never mislead or forsake y’all nor will he ever give y’all anymore then y’all can bare!!! SO I’M SCREAMING FROM NEW ORLEANS, LA ALL THE WAY TO ATLANTA, GA THE BIGGEST CONGRATULATIONS TO U (SHEENA), NAVEEN AND THE KIDS🙌🏽🥰🎉😍👏🏽😘🎊💯🙏🏽❕❕❕Love y’all to pieces feel like I really know u, Naveen and the kids!!! Y’all stay blessed and continue doing what y’all r doing b/c God has y’all covered, shielded and protected with the blood of Jesus😘😘😘😘❕
Naveen & Shena (2 days ago)
Thank you so much for all of the beautiful words and well wishes. We don’t take it lightly or for granted that you think so highly of us. It’s really an honor ... 🙏🏾
Fortnite1234 Bryant (2 days ago)
I’m new and I’m already like you guys
S2BMB_33 (2 days ago)
Did you see Reign's eyes as you were putting her back down off your lap lol 8:43
Sella Zoumanigui (3 days ago)
Beautiful family 😍😍❤️❤️❤️
madi Tv (3 days ago)
Life with Kyla (3 days ago)
Man y’all be my moods😂
Life with Kyla (3 days ago)
“Reign pick it up and move it back”😂that’s how me and my sister be when we sweeping 😂😂
BABY Pooh (3 days ago)
Congratulations 😍😍😍😍😍😍
BABY Pooh (3 days ago)
family Squad Nation (3 days ago)
Do a intro with the baby
Sisima13 (3 days ago)
Baby girl is so advance holding her own head !! 😍😍
TheDbrown50 (3 days ago)
I’m new here!! Y’all family is so cute . 🥰
C Rocks (3 days ago)
Lol that title lol
Kiara Forde (3 days ago)
Noti love yall😍😘
Emma Mcdermont (3 days ago)
Just came across your channel!! And I absolutely love watching your videos! Love from Scotland 🥰 ps mama is beautiful 😍
Delores Skinner-Smith (3 days ago)
Love your lovely family!👍👼♥️
Miasia Blacknell (3 days ago)
hi I love you guys
Valencia Robinson (3 days ago)
Let down 😫😭 I feel you sis
Detrix Hogan (3 days ago)
She has a lot of hair!! She looks like a mixture of royal and reign...
Detrix Hogan (3 days ago)
My favorite new young family....
XxxCensi _Cookiexxx (3 days ago)
im dead naveen wikihow was so funny!!!!!
Brhee Garrison (4 days ago)
Like I say, "never comment on a household you've never lived in". Y'all are great parents.
Heaven Drayton (4 days ago)
yea my mom does
McaRoni AHhhh (4 days ago)
Sir looks like the character from the Sing. By the way congratulations by having a cute baby girl 😭😭👏👏❣️
Lakhylan’s VLOGS (4 days ago)
rosie s (4 days ago)
That’s what happens with us nine pound babies. Come out beast mode.
keya Davis (4 days ago)
New viewer
Daquita Hardy (4 days ago)
"vlog & order" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ZGHEIAN Marie (4 days ago)
ZGHEIAN Marie (4 days ago)
10:36 I don't know how to spell it but I watched all of the video my fave part is when Naveen said "why is that the code word" I love love love your channel so much I would all day long but I'm all was late bc I have a broke phone but I just want to say kept up the good work 😂😂
Elisabeth Blanco (4 days ago)
Shena you are so beautiful!!! And you have a gorgeous family!! I also love your piercing!
Rhandi C'Mone (4 days ago)
NEW Brownie ALERT!!!🚨
carlishag (4 days ago)
Love you guys
nananana ohoh (4 days ago)
I was gonna comment hold her head but then I thought ...not my buisness y’all know what y’all doing y’all have 2 grown kids beautiful and healthy y’all know more than me👌
J&J Nation (4 days ago)
Shena it’s pronounced Set-A-Phil 😂
Joya Moujabber (4 days ago)
Wait a minute girl don’t listen to people who are telling you to hold the baby’s head you raised two kids before her and they’re fine! ❤️So don’t let anyone teach ya!😘
jedidah Roberts (4 days ago)
Us silent brownies😍😍😍😍. We love you too..
Angel Weathers (4 days ago)
Your new baby is cute😍😍
Tyshae Miller (4 days ago)
Oh hell yea. Its on my to do list for 2019
Kra Somalia (4 days ago)
Uh ohhhh number 4 is on THE WAY!!😂♥️♥️♥️
Lydia Máe (4 days ago)
Your baby is gorgeous 😍
sarah rohrbaugh (4 days ago)
im a new subscriber and your family is so beautiful love your videos yall make me laugh
Jasmine Rutledge (5 days ago)
The Mary J Blige song that was playing while you were addressing the head support situation though. lmbo
Egypt Davis (5 days ago)
ItsJustMeNai (5 days ago)
Y’all are so damn cute!! 🥰
Mariii World (5 days ago)
that's not even a 3 week old baby 😂😂😂 . that's a whole grown baby if she holds her own head up 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂 .
LIFE AS LA’SHAE (5 days ago)
I love you guys 😘 congrats on your beautiful baby girl
Emma Ainsworth (5 days ago)
You guys are all so cute and your kids are so lucky to have you as their parents
Jaylah Johnson (5 days ago)
Tenisha Gipson (5 days ago)
Noti 🤗
Trinity Allen (5 days ago)
She looks like your other daughter
Amanda Jackson (5 days ago)
I'm glad y'all addressed this. I didn't comment about it bc it's yalls third baby and I figured you two know.... but I was still thinking it.
Kiid Myx Jayy (5 days ago)
i love their relationship, they know how to handle things as a team , they love each other so much , & their bond is like they best friends. their still kids at heart with their jokes and skits 🤣💞 love you guys 💗💗. like if u agree
brilliant ramsey (5 days ago)
2:18 is how I have conversations with myself
Leah Massey (5 days ago)
Daddy day care part
Sukira Gibby (5 days ago)
My son did the same thing he was holding his head up by himself at 2 weeks
Sekou A Savané (5 days ago)
When you make the new intro please keep the same song😘
Shaneez Halim (5 days ago)
baby girl so cute i wanna hold her ah!
Shaneez Halim (5 days ago)
KoKo Brownie (6 days ago)
Good morning Brown Family, I just love your family I’ve been a brownie since 🇫🇷 and I so love you channel can’t always watch the entire eating vlogs because they makes me hungry 😋ignore the negative people you’re great parents and a beautiful family. I wish we had a family channels like yours when I was raising my kids the advice and tips you guys give are awesome. Cetaphil🙏❤️😊# notigang
Preciousgem Stylez (6 days ago)
Its so cute that Royal has two princesses to look after. He gonna be a over protective big brother❤️ as he should be.
SILAS’ Life (6 days ago)
No D
Ariel Reeves (6 days ago)
You guys are awesome parents and the way y'all work together and help and love each other is amazingly beautiful 😍 ❤️
Makayla De Bokx (6 days ago)
She’s so cute
Amy L (6 days ago)
I love your family soooooo much I love your intro I remember watching the proud family when I was a teenie lol but I just love your vibes
Kurly Suee (6 days ago)
Wow she was really holding her head. 🥰
Gammer 3456 (6 days ago)
It’s crazy how 2 videos ago you were 9 months pregnant.
Ikea Mcknight (6 days ago)
I love the brownies family so much
MyDearbornechild (6 days ago)
Okay MJB music, I caught that! 😊
Haedyn Black (6 days ago)
All people on YouTube, or any social media platform, think they have the right to give their opinion and their criticism. They're know-it-alls and they try to act like they know better smh I KNOW all these people just trying to feel high up on that horse
Haedyn Black (6 days ago)
Honestly, I know y'all good at raising your babies, don't listen to the negativity. I've watched like 3 of your videos but I know i'm about to binge watch.. too funny. Charismatic family, I love y'all already
Glam by Am TV (6 days ago)
The Doc McStuffins joke 😂😂😂
Naveen & Shena (6 days ago)
Shavonne Sims (6 days ago)
Let down is EVIL i hate it. My daughter 5 months and it still not comfortable.
Maile Harper (6 days ago)
I love you guys and your family 🥰❤️
Jaleah Stevenson (6 days ago)
unicorn Squad yaya (6 days ago)
Deed you per on your sefe

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