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The 2009 World Magic Awards

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Pankaj Gorey (6 months ago)
19:22 real showman...
Ричард Профи (6 months ago)
Уже немало таких трюков демонстрируют. Складывается такое чувство что за рубежом сделали телепорт. По другому это не разъяснить)
Gloria Gomez (7 months ago)
Ok 👌 I’m sleepy 😴 good night 😴🌙😘 sweet dreams beautiful
Gloria Gomez (7 months ago)
He is the best magical guy
How come David Blain & Criss Angel did get any award?
Harry W Smith (8 months ago)
Magicians are not demon processed. The power comes from God to prove that there is life after death.
Rene Guedj (9 months ago)
pheonix (9 months ago)
2018 and there is still magician using animal : birds mostly ! did you know a lot get's dislocated and they are in pouch ,scarf ,sleeves for a period of time....yes they listen well ? get dislocated and being shove GOD knows where never the same environment ? you to would behaved ! )animals aren't prop's ....they are the best friend you will ever get to know in this life time and never ever will notice if your getting fat , missing a limb .....and more ...they don't care if you are rich or poor....treat them with love and respect as every living thing has that right..!!!! the best part .........they cannot be brought !!! can you truly say that about anyone in today's world ? please be human ...please try and feel , what they feel ? people will respect you more and those that don't ....ask yourself : do i really need this kind of friends.....
Burntvegetable (9 months ago)
aren't penn and teller on this?
Jeff Knox (9 months ago)
For being a magic awards show there's so many cliche tricks that have been done to death. The last guy who was magician of the year did three tricks all involving people getting in boxes...can we create other illusions that aren't the same old "get in the box" stuff we constantly see? And he ended on the most cliche trick other than sawing someone in half. Penn and Teller Fool Us is a much better show than this awards show. Why is that?
Eddie Van Naymon (10 months ago)
when the guy at 7:33 goes behind the box to get the steps his shirt is untucked, but when he emerges from behind the box his shirt is tucked in, Change of people? I think so... Got Ya...
sevenmarbles (11 months ago)
omg the trick at 34:26 is horrific. htf are we supposed to be amused by this. ffs this isn't 1640. we know you aren't turning birds into paper you psycho. the guy is just stuffing birds in his socks or fuckin where ever. those poor fuckin birds. the way he smiles when everyone is clapping its like he almost believes hes tricked us. "hahaha...those fools...i have birds all over my body. its horrible. then at the end like .... wtf!!! 35:24 "do you have zee bird bird" "yes i do" "good..put him up my ass" those poor dam birds. one of thems wings had gotten all fucked up somewhere along there too. this stuff is just sick. why do we let it go on?
asddf asdqwe (1 year ago)
ok guys we all knew the first girl was a stooge, you're not gonna blow anyones mind my writing it in the comments
SillyGirl26 (1 year ago)
I remember seeing this on tv and I recorded it. theses tricks was so awesome! also this is pretty good quality. thanks for this!
Alicia Bello (1 year ago)
twins, same old thing.
PHANTOM (1 year ago)
those tweens just were putting their big hands all over the body of that blonde..!!! DISCUSTING..!!
john korleone (1 year ago)
The third guy doesnt give the 100$ back
Jon (1 year ago)
That first bit sucked. Glaring fuck up number one: the leg box has a huge black cover on the front. When they spin the box head facing the audience, they switch her legs out. And, there is something up with the triangle base. When the one douche takes the blades out and puts them under the cart, they disappear. Shitty trick start to finish. Not to mention the girl is totally in on it.
Rick Manning (1 year ago)
dumbass hosts and who's the f****** guy in the orange suit in the dyed blonde hair all the stupid cliche remarks he says over and over how can anyone do this for a living where do they get these people
Rick Manning (1 year ago)
who gives a s*** about the saw trick it's so f****** old
Rick Manning (1 year ago)
looks like Jill Saint John's face got under the plastic surgeon's knife too many times she looks like that host of tale of the crypt
Josh Kim (1 year ago)
Double Fantasy's performance is even more impressive to anyone who does understand the trick--pretty insane
Akash Dixit Magician (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/koDPzouiBJs Mere jadu ki video dekhen achi lge to like kre....
SilentShadovv (1 year ago)
act one. How da fq did they do that?
greenporsche1 (1 year ago)
Did he really kill that dove? all for our entertainment?
greenporsche1 (1 year ago)
Anita Kankali (1 year ago)
the fucking twin brother
bRad Nichols (1 year ago)
123:20 to 123:30 is BLOODY MIND BLOWING ! ! ! I LOVE it ! ! !
bRad Nichols (1 year ago)
Feed the Children makes me PROUD to be a Magician ! ! ! Please take a second and appreciate that the gentleman shaking my hand is "Daryl", the magician who was recently found deceased in a closet @ the Magic Castle in Hollyweird .
Freda Schnebly (1 year ago)
what about the Japanese magician Hiroki Hara?
Andreas Kreissl (2 years ago)
The Canadian (?) at 1:23:20 shows something amazing. Not the position change is the criterion, but the incredible speed! This can be seen only at the big magicians !!
John Alexander (2 years ago)
GFRG panel
You're the man now Dog (2 years ago)
2009? This shit screams 90s production
John Lamphier (2 years ago)
her legs are tilted toward the left and over, what's pulled apart below her is fake
John Lamphier (2 years ago)
time to change the channel. these people fuckin wierd looking. but that's usually what will manifest when you worship witchcraft.
Rick Wijnveld (2 years ago)
and that is supposed to be a award show for the best acts? give me a break... none of those acts were convincing, seen better acts on penn&teller fool us. hahaha
Lockylovespixels (2 years ago)
You'd thjink an awards show for magic in 2009 would award some inginuity and creaticity. but all we see is the same old shit.
Andreas C. (3 years ago)
The twins = obnoxious Eurotrash.
nukeurhouse12 (3 years ago)
looks like the Last guy...boned all 4 of his assistants
Michael Buffong (3 years ago)
omstrat (3 years ago)
The girl in the first act works with them she's no random audience member
yarelyn sanchez (3 years ago)
i can do all the magic tricks performed
Weunelect (3 years ago)
Magic in 240p. No. Bye.
jonesgerard (3 years ago)
vegas crap.
Jeremy Gross (3 years ago)
Campy and lame.
salim Md (3 years ago)
homopunk84 (4 years ago)
58:20 Hey a 19 year old male magician who says he LOVES antiques. You know what that means :P
homopunk84 (4 years ago)
13:40 I LOVE THIS GUY! Forcing a card is easy. Making a dude like me laugh my ass off for a solid 5 minutes. That guy DESERVES an award.
homopunk84 (4 years ago)
27:50 Hey wait a minute Lance! All good magicians show the box as empty at the start. You don't have someone in there do you? What about under the table is it empty under there? There is probably a guy in a pizza delivery outfit under there. Just a hunch. And I'd GUESS there's a lovely assistant dressed up like you in the box too. 28:24 Oh Look the trick is revealed it's Lance! Hey Lance! Turn around and make a Shhh with your finger to let us know it is you! Wait... Your not showing your face dude! That's weird. Unless your using a show girl dressed up as your double? Do magicians use doubles? Oh well get under the table anyway. 29:17 Hey the pizza dude! That's highly unorthodox. Will he get under the table with the woman? Probably not there's a pizza guy under there since the start of the trick already it could get crowded. 29:37 Wait! What's this says the magical blonde assistant with her amazing acting skills! This isn't meant to happen! But since Lance stayed in the box the whole time and it's his trick lets just go with it shall we girls? 29:56 Z0mg! It's Lance! But that must mean.... Yes the double has stripped down to something sexy and now we get to reveal the pizza guy double that was there the whole time.
Teody Alonzo (10 months ago)
homopunk84 coinmagic
TheChristianBryan (2 years ago)
homopunk84 this is pretty shitty and obnoxious of you
homopunk84 (3 years ago)
+Pino  LOL try to have more fun next time.
homopunk84 (3 years ago)
Trying to be smart? That sounds like an American passtime. I wasn't trying anything my dear.
sumsh!t (3 years ago)
+homopunk84 You're failing at trying to be smart. But it was fun see you trying.
homopunk84 (4 years ago)
12:12 Hey guys the roof of that box looks unusually heavy for you to lift. And why does it have that shape that a human could very easily fit into? And a solid bottom? Hmm.
homopunk84 (4 years ago)
7:10 Why you gotta put your foot on the stairs dude? You gotta keep it steady for the dude to climb in there and the lady to come out? 7:37 Gotta love it when you see a stage hand roll a "starcase" BOX off stage. HMMM I wonder what's in that stair box? I tell you what tho. If the TWIN is in the set of box stairs it would give him a great opportunity to appear somewhere else in the audience... Oh wait.
Steven Holt (3 months ago)
I'm guessing it ain't no white rabbit?
sumsh!t (3 years ago)
+homopunk84 Wait sherlock ! Did you figure this on your own ????? wow i'm impressed, since it's so fucking obvious I think everybody saw that you know ...
gR.rajesh bangera (4 years ago)
Very nice
gR.rajesh bangera (4 years ago)
Very nice
Mofa Julius (4 years ago)
Allen Pilgrim (4 years ago)
The video quality is so bad I can't watch this. Sorry.
During the devil act the middle devil is just an empty costume rigged into an upright position.  After ducking inside the box she immediately escapes through a trap door in the rear and steps into the costume.
masha daniel (4 years ago)
that is so obvious lol
spyyder976 (4 years ago)
this first girl is of course a planted stooge; she gets into position without them telling her to and fits herself into the box as they put it over her, knowing exactly what to do!
Happy Days (3 months ago)
It's an illusion, enjoy it for what it is. If you want to see how it's done, watch Penn & Teller.
Jeffrey Cesario (6 months ago)
spyyder976 your full of shit. I hate when lay people pretend to grow a brain.
sumsh!t (3 years ago)
+spyyder976 totally
homopunk84 (4 years ago)
Not to mention is great at acting like she is in pain when a sword goes in the box even tho it is obviously an illusion. Or maybe she ISN'T a stooge but a desperate actress who thinks this is her big opportunity to wow studio executives.
Sorna Kumar (4 years ago)
Must see...
Godismy refuge (4 years ago)
I used to be a magician, but I disappeared never to be seen again.
homopunk84 (4 years ago)
And they have internet there?
HDBombing (4 years ago)
people are so fucking stupid. World magic awards ? You can see how every trick is made.
Michael Greenwood (1 year ago)
To HDBombing, They are just fat USA popcorn magic cheap shows. Not even good actors or magician. All they need are an audiance of sukers. Suckers abound in the USA.
HDBombing (2 years ago)
actually I can. And remember "keep it simple".
Jeffrey Cesario (2 years ago)
HDBombing you can't see how it's done moron. Your not a magician and have w do you even know that your even right. Just a guess and theory. These are would class magicians. You've been watching to much of the mask magician. There not o obvious. I world love for to come and see my show. So I can make a fool of you in front of my audience. What do you know about illusionary principles and phycology in magic. Which take yes s to understand Dip shit.
homopunk84 (3 years ago)
+HDBombing You know how movies are made and that they are fake but you still go watch and are entertained by the illusion right?
HDBombing (4 years ago)
+Olivier Jolicoeur I don't have to.  Just look at those tricks
HDBombing (4 years ago)
Actually the first gir is a stunt. Who told her to have hands crossed ? No one, she's just a stunt.
homopunk84 (4 years ago)
+guardsdepot  LOL.. Humans... Never willing to learn something new.
guardsdepot (4 years ago)
+homopunk84 Piss off you pedagogue........................................... 
homopunk84 (4 years ago)
It's called a stooge. A stunt is an act. Not a person.
guardsdepot (4 years ago)
A Cunning Stunt at that...................................
Erik Larsson (4 years ago)
The "faling spike bed" must be the worst trick ever.... Who dose not know hos it workd ?
miru na (4 years ago)
uhm the third person,.. finney? he was no magician ._. just funny
Wopa (4 years ago)
lol the trick from the teenager with the flying table was to bad for britains got talent and here for this trick an award?? omg
Cheryl Comstock (2 months ago)
+haripada basak been hjnah
haripada basak (5 months ago)
That's a little different though.  Magic acts always struggle in mixed talent competitions where they have to contend with classically trained musicians etc.
ray ssani (4 years ago)
Janetza Garcia (4 years ago)
bakory Saib (4 years ago)

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