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Goat head curry - By Vahchef @ Vahrehvah.com

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http://www.vahrehvah.com/goat-head-curry-1 Ingredients: coriander leaves 1 Cup garamamasala pinch Pinch coconut powder 1 Teaspoons coriander powder 1 Teaspoons pepper powder 1/2 Teaspoons red chilli powder 1 Teaspoons turmuric pinch Pinch ginger garlic paste 1 Teaspoons onion 1 Numbers salt as needed garamamasala dry 2 Numbers Oil 2 Tablespoons Goat Head 1 Numbers water as needed Directions: Take pressure cooker add oil,garamasala dry,onion chopped,salt cook till onions are golded brown colour. Now add ginger garlic paste,turmuric,red chilli powder,cut goad head mix well and add water as needed and cook for 20 mins in pressure cooker. Once it is cooked add pepper,coriander,garamasala,coconut powder and sprinkle Coriander leaves chopped mix well and serve with roti. a speciality preparation "Reach vahrehvah at - Website - http://www.vahrehvah.com/ Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=vahchef Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VahChef.SanjayThumma Twitter - https://twitter.com/vahrehvah Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/116066497483672434459 Flickr Photo - http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ Linkedin - http://lnkd.in/nq25sW Picasa Photos- http://picasaweb.google.com/118141140815684791742 Stumleupon http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/vahrehvah Tumblr http://vahrehvah.tumblr.com/ Blogger - http://vahrehvah.blogspot.in/"
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Text Comments (226)
avunuri sanjeev (4 hours ago)
Plzz show time vs process
Apparao Rao (22 hours ago)
Pls Telugu sir
naga Jyothi (1 day ago)
I like this karry🦴
basha basha (1 month ago)
Vahchef - VahRehVah (1 month ago)
Happy cooking
Hanuman Rana (1 month ago)
Sanjay sir today I m gonna make lamb head curry 😍
Hanuman Rana (1 month ago)
@Vahchef - VahRehVah ☺
Vahchef - VahRehVah (1 month ago)
Happy cooking my friend I also have craving for it will make it this week
Ramya P (2 months ago)
You didn’t tell us how it tasted
magesh ashir (2 months ago)
Thanks brother super super wow wow wow
Akshaya Kumar Behera (3 months ago)
3:57 - Dhink chik dhink chik 😆😆🤣🤣
Bastob Bora (4 months ago)
Tujse jyada atcha banati houn mai..kya dhin chik bak rahey ho mothahsood sala kutta
Abinash Das (7 days ago)
bolusu lakshmi (4 months ago)
Tnq sanju when ur eating I am feeling akkali
yashu S (4 months ago)
Goats brain
Imran Khan Midas (4 months ago)
You are Master Chef 😍😍😍😘😘😘
The Only Jamie Bourgeois (4 months ago)
The bones are still in? That's the only part I don't understand! :)
Syeda Asfiya Muzzammil (5 months ago)
@3:14 "lamb of head" haha
madhuri bavireddy (5 months ago)
Lamb of head haha
madhuri bavireddy (5 months ago)
Papam mekaaaa
bhagya rekha (5 months ago)
Make videos in telugu
Deepak Choudhary (5 months ago)
Bc gandh
parveen banu (6 months ago)
Hi... you are awesome... you know what someone stole your whole lamb head recipe video https://youtu.be/LbMeWwgHRXY 🙆
Mahesh13 (6 months ago)
Head curry is my all time favourite dish
Radhika Sekar (6 months ago)
I tried it was very tasty
eswar kumar (7 months ago)
సంజయ్ గారు మాది అనంతపురం నాకు తలకూర అంటే చాలా ఇష్టం. మీరు అసలు ఎంత త్వరగా తయారు చేశారు. ఇంటి లో మా అమ్మ గారు చాలా సేపు వండుతారు. ఇంకా reddish గా ఉంటే చూడటానికి బాగుంటుంది రుచి గా కూడా ఉంటుంది అని నా అభిప్రాయం. అయిన మీ వంట కూ తిరుగులేదు లేండి. మీరు బోటీ కూడా వీడియో చేయండి ప్లీజ్. ఇట్లు మీ అనంతపురం జిల్లా అభిమాని 👌
Telugu rada
Pls do in Telugu
Harish Keshri (7 months ago)
You look like bhukkar more than a cafe 😁😁😁😁😁
Sudip Majhi (7 months ago)
Dhinchiki dhinchiki
Balagam Sreenu (7 months ago)
Madarasi Chef (8 months ago)
Try this https://youtu.be/Z2f4ORksI70
abdul bari (8 months ago)
din chiki dinchiki yummy yummy
kala dar (8 months ago)
Sir please make videos in Telugu
phanidhar 1985 (9 months ago)
Very nice sir
SHAHRA RIGHTS (11 months ago)
Bhai tu cook nhi bhand lagta h
Dollar Banerjee (11 months ago)
Clean with turmeric powder, salt and? Hot water or normal water? Reply pls
Vinodkumar reddy b (11 months ago)
Good morning sir i am join with ur student sir plz send ur address please this my contact number 7997176270 i am in Hyderabad
Arey avla nikante ma amma baga chesthundhira
Shamma Sadiq (1 year ago)
literally waste.....this dish is like same his head..uh make ur head curry and eat....it was just waste of time watching this video..
vijay arjun (1 year ago)
@kutchina Kitchen Appliances. Hyderabad
safura doll (1 year ago)
thnx chef very well explained
safura doll (1 year ago)
made it last nite chef came out xclent
pranisha magar (1 year ago)
why you doesn't use to tamato ?
Ratna Abnes (1 year ago)
come on guys don't use abusive language here OK you can go other places
Swamy Bharati (1 year ago)
ఓరే లంజా- నువ్వు చేసేది తెలుగు చానల్లో ఇంఘ్లీషు ఏమిటి రా ఎర్రినా పుష్పం
GiF 93 (1 year ago)
3:14 "Lamb of head "🤔
littlerascle59 (8 months ago)
GiF 93 😂🤣😂🤣
nimi ktm (1 year ago)
over acting
Maheshkumar Jakkala (1 year ago)
ఇసారి తెలుగు లొ చెప్పండ Please🙏
Gangadhar G S (1 year ago)
Hy...kukka ekkuvaga 0ver acting cheyyakunda....thalakaya vandu.. chalu
Anwar Ali Anwar (1 year ago)
God bless you Sanjay Bhai. Your style is excellent. I love your recooes.
Firoj Alam (1 year ago)
testy resipy
Vishal Labde (1 year ago)
Shit shit shit
suresh j (1 year ago)
Rey Telugu vochu kada Telugu lo yedu
Vyasaraj R (1 year ago)
Alisha Mughal (1 year ago)
Hahahaha Nice styl
vjszq4 (1 year ago)
Brahmins run !!!!
Furqhan Taha (1 year ago)
I too make like this no newp
Sumeeth S (1 year ago)
Realize that ever action contributes to peace/violence Teach good things use your power for good.. Teach plant based food not something that has a face
Sadaf Shaikh (1 year ago)
Can v skip coconut powder ???? Reply soon plzzzzzz
Prabhu Kumar (1 year ago)
yes you can very much skip coconut and add khas khas paste...these works as thickening agents.
abudi live (1 year ago)
Coconut powder is grated fresh coconut or dry coconut powder?
Prabhu Kumar (1 year ago)
both can be added....
War make teluge telusu meru kuda English ante
Moni Saab G (1 year ago)
so essi
trakba (1 year ago)
Bhai what about the nasal fluids and the ear wax in the goats head ? How is that cleaned ?
Sameer khan (2 years ago)
Quick recipes (2 years ago)
I love you brother...
Joe D (2 years ago)
ur a man loves to cook nd u make it unique....love u.....
Joe D (2 years ago)
mmmm sound is gone cheff..thts ur plus.....
r k (2 years ago)
sir i am fan of u
Farin Zahra Fatima (2 years ago)
I tried it was very tasty
Farin Zahra Fatima (2 years ago)
hmmmm looks yummy 😋
1234 kalai1234 (2 years ago)
All ur recipes r superb taste chef Thank u frm sush
Nadia Zafar (2 years ago)
like ur stayle nd way of talking em Pakistani.. 😍
Faraaz Khan (2 years ago)
at 3:12 did he just say lamb of head????
Sanjana Tamse (1 year ago)
Faraaz Khan i noticed that lol, 😂😂😂😂
Anirban Chatterjee (1 year ago)
Faraaz Khan 😂😂😂😂
Sunita Rawat (1 year ago)
Sajidsasha 123 (1 year ago)
Faraaz Khan hahahaha
Madhu P Jadhav (2 years ago)
Yes, I guess he was concentrated more on finishing the dish and eat it!
Phoenix328 (2 years ago)
'three vizzals'
Killer Fish (2 years ago)
I like the part Dinchik...Dinchik...Dinchik..Dinchik..Din :D
santosh tea (2 years ago)
He acts like a gay. ...
Joe D (2 years ago)
santosh tea dont mock or understimate or come to an opinion abt someone thru from their voice or gesture..get to know them thoroughly and then speak.....u hurt him....and all watching his shows...
Vivek Nair (2 years ago)
He is not here to showcase himself, but his cooking.
Dr.akash yerrawar (2 years ago)
how to cook goat testicles
Aizen Z (2 years ago)
WA ALAIKUM ASALAM watching it in 2016 and Eid Ul Adha is 8 days away will must eat head cury with naan. :p
supriya koki (2 years ago)
Thq chef very well shown
jitendra harit (2 years ago)
this is south indian style i not like.
Selva Barathi (2 years ago)
Ding chicku Ding chiku ding ......:)
Alin (2 years ago)
nadeem mahadevpur (2 years ago)
hi bhaiya iam ur sister sabeta didi friend. ..mahadevpur....u r cooking style is very good
Vahchef - VahRehVah (2 years ago)
Thanks. :)
Nick (3 years ago)
Heard unborn lamb too eaten in Hyderabad. Do u have any recipe?
Nick (2 years ago)
Whats des?
Sri Manju (2 years ago)
ARUNA SINGH (3 years ago)
Superb presentation!!!!👌👌👌
Nurse956 (3 years ago)
Hallo chef, i love watching your cooking. And the great thing is that you are not vegetarian chef otherwise honestly IT would be boring to watch daal, bindi, etc. And AS i think you are reall chef who can cook for both vegetarian and non vegetarian.
Vahchef - VahRehVah (3 years ago)
Thanks for following. Happy cooking
VN PN (3 years ago)
Its a delicasy in Rayalaseema and heads are sold as hot cakes even before the meat. I am a big fan of your recipies and as usual you have cooked it well. I liked it.
KK (3 years ago)
Savages. Lol.
BeerGogglesReviews (3 years ago)
In a brave mad moment I bought a sheep's head. I had it quartered because I was still a bit squeamish. You have inspired me to go ahead and cook it. Thank you.
Vahchef - VahRehVah (3 years ago)
+BeerGogglesReviews Hope you enjoyed the dish.
Mara Venu (3 years ago)
looks good chef.I loved your salivating song
Sanya88 (3 years ago)
Very informative video! You're wonderful!
Vahchef - VahRehVah (3 years ago)
+sania696 Thanks. Happy cooking
Future Observation (3 years ago)
Aditya Kothare (3 years ago)
Start a hotel in Dubai , I would like to personally taste your recipes
dushyant tandel (3 years ago)
Sir I tried it was awesome bt when I boil brain in water my mother told me that if i do this there will be no more vitamin in brain. Is it true?
Good Food (3 years ago)
roaler coster of non veg items
Shobha Rani (2 years ago)
Sridhar Dontha (3 years ago)
sir ur dishes are very tasty and easy to cook
Vahchef - VahRehVah (3 years ago)
+Sridhar Dontha Thanks. Happy cooking
rohit reddy (3 years ago)
mast recipe hai yaar
Vahchef - VahRehVah (3 years ago)
+rohit reddy Thanks. Happy cooking
Ashraf Limbada (3 years ago)
Hello Bhai. Tried it this Bakri Eid. Very Nice.
Sampath Dawarla (4 years ago)
This is amazing cooking ...Your the King maker of all recipes .
Vahchef - VahRehVah (4 years ago)
@Sampath Dawarla Thanks. Happy cooking
Bankat Singh (4 years ago)
super taste i have tried ...
Vahchef - VahRehVah (4 years ago)
@Bankat Singh Thanks. Happy cooking
naren madurai (4 years ago)
Vahchef! You are a rockstar at cooking . I'm a fan!
Vahchef - VahRehVah (4 years ago)
@naren madurai Thanks. Happy cooking
Ami Phillips (4 years ago)
Mr.VahChef,im a huge fan of your recipes as i have been a Indian food lover in the uk since a teenager  and love to research authentic dishes.I cook paya and other dishes and always make a jar of salted pork pada pickle at home(the original vindaloo). I always go to your show for inspiration and instruction and have a goats head ready to cook. More success to you sir.
Vahchef - VahRehVah (4 years ago)
@Ami Fragkis Awesome. Happy cooking
Sunny Frank (4 years ago)
Interesting I wouldn't mind trying this thank you
Vahchef - VahRehVah (4 years ago)
@Sunny Frank Sure. Happy cooking

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