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Magi AMV - World of Magic [HD]

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ENGLISH Hi everybody! This is my new AMV: " The World of Magic " from Magi. Magi is a new anime which I have been watching with my brother and we liked it a lot, so I recommend all of you guys! It has 2 seasons: S1 - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. (25episodes) S2 - Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. (25episodes) Hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching! :) Important advice: Don't copy / don't translate / don't Rip it! I don't get any profit of my AMVs but my only "payment" are your visits. So if you steal my work for translate into your lenguage or to getting more visits I will lost visits and I will stop uploading my videos. If you really appreciate my work, please don't copy my videos. Thank you so much! ESPAÑOL Hola a todos! Este es mi nuevo AMV: " The World of Magic " de Magi. Magi es un nuevo anime que he estado viendo con mi hermano y a los dos nos gustó mucho, asique os lo recomiendo a todos chicos! Tiene dos temporadas: T1 - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. (25episodios) T2 - Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. (25episodios) Espero que os guste y gracias por verme! :) Aviso importante: No copies / No Traduzcas / No Ripees esto! No obtengo beneficio de mis AMVs por lo que mi unico pago son vuestras visitas. Asique si tu me robas mi trabajo para traducirlo o conseguir más visitas,yo perderé visitas y pararé de subir mis videos. Si realmente aprecias mi trabajo, porfavor no copies mis videos. Muchas Gracias! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow me on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/DnmanumontHide Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dnmanumont.hide Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DnManumont - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Songs used: Intro: love-in-idleness Main: Audiomachine - When It All Falls Down - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Programs used: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Adobe After Efects CC Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Audition 3.0 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Special Thanks go to: IManu96I & willy_95 - Intro. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Disclaimer: This video is purely fan made, and I am not making any profit. It is purely for entertainment purposes and in no way meant to offend. I do not own the clips or the songs I used, they belong to their rightful owners/companies. No Copyright Infringement is intended at all.
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Text Comments (148)
Kuroi Seraphic (1 month ago)
This was such a good series. So many cool concepts, amazing characters and beautiful designs. Towards the end, the manga just gets so messy so really, the extent of what the anime shows was its best parts.
Choc's & Pak's Tv (1 month ago)
fhageran (2 months ago)
We miss you 😔 Your work represents a long awesome tradition :') And Magi suits a lot with you quality.
Dark Men (3 months ago)
u are the best bro wow
The One (4 months ago)
Really? Why not Sinbad?
Aldway (6 months ago)
OMG ... why this masterpiece has so little views? .... This AMV is sooo different yet perfectly emotional...
Luka Monsaraz (7 months ago)
I come back to this Amv, after so much timehas passed and still wonder, why it is they didnt finish Magi..
Pain Amvs (5 months ago)
I think Manga sales and popularity for the anime dropped.
briann (8 months ago)
Anime Otaku (10 months ago)
All these goosebumps when I watch the videos...
MagicStaff (11 months ago)
Wow! What a great hidden gem!
Linn SB (1 year ago)
This is seriously the best AMV of Magi that I've ever seen
lybraa (1 year ago)
one more legendary AMV
ItzFeral (1 year ago)
I never saw the anime before but I had a notification on my phone that you uploaded it. Watched it, *epic af* automatically stopped my plans and watched the anime (Now its my favourite anime).
AngryBoy13 (2 years ago)
Who has read the manga?
Mysti Kuroneko (1 year ago)
Angry studio I did
NatsuSonOfIgneel (2 years ago)
the anime looks interesting
eddie wilamo (2 years ago)
Yo I forget how much awesomeness is in this show when things are going where, the manga makes everything seem hopeless
Alex :3 (2 years ago)
this amv underrated af
iReload (2 years ago)
thisis fucking awesome!!
No Cpo (2 years ago)
es un asmv no un amv 😐😐
Andrei Gabriel (2 years ago)
@DmManumont Hey man, I love the way you edit your videos. Can you please make an one piece amv about the good marines (coby, aokiji, garp, fujitora), using Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side of Heaven? Please! I think this song would perfectly fit the subject of those marines.Thanks and keep up the good work! :D
Samantha Clark (2 years ago)
Eh....I wouldnt call this an amv??? its more like a trailer tbh. Amv is a animated music video, this isnt really a music video
fAlLeN rAiNbO (2 years ago)
epic video *-* nice
¡Smile ! (2 years ago)
this is one of the most beautiful video i've ever seen
Corvix Corux (2 years ago)
pretty sure the 17 peeps who disliked are from Al thamen 😒
Corvix Corux (2 years ago)
Gorgeous trailer. Gave me the chills. Too little morgiana though. could've added " amon selseila!" too. And sin.
cuddlebunnies45 (2 years ago)
Oh my gosh..I just got chills.. Great job!!! <3
Christopher Cid (2 years ago)
this is amazing!
ewurabena idun (3 years ago)
MrYafay99 (3 years ago)
I swear that I am Log in to your channel every day to see amv you'r the best
The Last Sheikah (3 years ago)
Should be a trailer for the show.
Alex :3 (3 years ago)
this amv has to less views :( it's the best magi amv i have ever seen 😊✨
Whisker Kittens (3 years ago)
When I first saw this I decided to watch and now that I have this is awesome amv good job Cx 👍🏻
imajerk0416 (3 years ago)
Whoa, this perfectly captures how epic it is :o
Sara Filali (3 years ago)
For anyone who has an iPhone or android and does not have Netflix, there's a free app you download from safari called Playbox for iPhone or Showbox for android. You just google it and click the link and follow the directions for installing. I've had it for almost a year and had no virus, no slowness, nothing. Basically, you can stream anime, movies, and shows for free, and even download episodes in advance to watch with no wifi. I swear this isn't an ad, I just want to share how I've been watching Magi and other animes without the internet. Let me know if it works out for you guys (you're welcome).
Sujit Bikkumanla (3 years ago)
did anybody else get chills?
AkiiJazz (3 years ago)
su-sugoi ..0: ..
Xaiphon Seraphic (3 years ago)
this is like one badass trailer
KORE (3 years ago)
This is perfect. A good amv.
Feras Ali (3 years ago)
It's amazing
adrimvp (3 years ago)
Nice AMV, but am I the only wanting more Sinbad footage?
Desio2 Chan (3 years ago)
this video hit me in the FEELINGS
Utro Moon (3 years ago)
it is impresive.
connor kenway (3 years ago)
still waiting for robins amv...
roman prodan (3 years ago)
and suddenly, i want to watch it!! GREAT AMV!
AniSman (3 years ago)
Very Good AMV)))
Desiree Cortes (3 years ago)
Eres muy bueno haciendo amv sigue a así
jonathan sierra (3 years ago)
DnManumont eres un genio para los amv :D
Just WOW!
Packers GB (3 years ago)
make plwase one of code geass
Ahlam Hossain (3 years ago)
Awesome work as usual! I already watched it already and hope they would have a 3rd season released soon.
Kage Sinon (3 years ago)
This was amazing, you ket the feels of the anime while making it so short :3 absolutely a good job man :D
Bu (3 years ago)
ab 1:05 min ... einfach nur schön...
Immortal Assassin (3 years ago)
after a long time see you bro how you doing ?
GrandDCursus (3 years ago)
Best AMV maker. Truly the best. No wonder you was so inactive, making this masterpiece. It's worth making now by the time you finished reading this I've finished episode 1 :P
Orhay Benahim (3 years ago)
is there an episode about who is alladin?
Alberto8gb (3 years ago)
Eres un genio! Increible
Nookiezilla (3 years ago)
Hmm, my #1 anime site doens't have magi stream. Do you guys have a link for me?
Rohit Roy (3 years ago)
+Nookiezilla Its my pleasure to be of Help, first is Labyrinth then kingdom of magic and Yeah I've watched them both ^^
Nookiezilla (3 years ago)
+Rohit Roy Thanks sir! Oh and btw. which one? Magi Kingdom of magic oder labyrinth of magic? have you watched both?
Rohit Roy (3 years ago)
+Nookiezilla kissanime.com
[NOAH]™ (3 years ago)
This is amazing bro ^^
TheGamechair (3 years ago)
Chills as always, chills as always
Awg Zul (3 years ago)
Bruno Galvão (3 years ago)
KizARu Bv (3 years ago)
me encantan tus vídeos 😍😍😎
TheHannessexy (3 years ago)
TheMiningPiggy (3 years ago)
Vin (3 years ago)
i love you
Xeno Bell (3 years ago)
i think imma start watching magi now....
Christian Sørensen (3 years ago)
you are awesome dude... this is amazing.
Monkey D Luffy (3 years ago)
Awesome, can't wait for season 3!
Dennis Kariuki (3 years ago)
could have been a tad darker. Made it look too happy go lucky. ie no politics, magic school, dark rhouk sinbad etc.
PeWe (3 years ago)
I love your AMVs! Keep that great work up! Cheers!
franki maxter (3 years ago)
Simply Awesome!.It's...Wow incredible DnMount yeah!
Harrak (3 years ago)
DnManument , Me pregunto de donde descargas los capitulos de cualquier anime en alta calidad ?
Jimmy Lafon (3 years ago)
Enrique Alanis (3 years ago)
i was so amazing that i think it was in spanish, you are the best amv maker!!
Dotorin (3 years ago)
He knows what he's doin'... Good Job man!
WhiteBearBepo (3 years ago)
I like the transition at 2:10 and the ending transition at 3:40. Open Sesame!!! Nice work.
dragusangel (3 years ago)
super travail continu
Ś i l v á (3 years ago)
0_0 nice job and welcome back
XdisaterX (3 years ago)
Should i watch this anime, looks awesome but im not sure.
Hamsicuk61 (3 years ago)
+XdisaterX np ;) i think and hope you enjoy it
XdisaterX (3 years ago)
No this is what i like buddy, to start funny and become more serious , something like One Piece,Hunter x Hunter, katekyio hitman reborn etc there are more and more but yea i will watch thanks.
Hamsicuk61 (3 years ago)
If u don't mind an Anime starting funny and becoming more serious/better every Episode than yes. I say this bcuz i know People that want Anime to begin with 100% Action and go on like that for 12 ep, but magi is a shounen that needs some time for buildup and it has 2 Season with 24/25 ep (each Season Covers about 100 chapters) but don't get me wrong i loved the Anime and the Manga is even my 2nd Favorit at the moment obviously behind One piece :p
Juan Serrano (3 years ago)
Go for it.
Benji Kelso (3 years ago)
This anime was so good. I hope they make the third season!
tanott (3 years ago)
Nice amv :) I hope that there will be more seasons of the anime :) You should start reading the manga :P Though, the last arc of this anime is beginning :(
Strangething (3 years ago)
+Jordan Nnabugwu No, they're making a full length anime for what's already done of Sinbad's story
tanott (3 years ago)
+Jordan Nnabugwu Yeah, 3 OVAS and I know :D
Jordan Nnabugwu (3 years ago)
They already man some parts of it but the manga continues
tanott (3 years ago)
+Jordan Nnabugwu they will make anime of Sinbad this year 
Jordan Nnabugwu (3 years ago)
hopefully they'll make a season out of Sinbad's while story once it finishes
Minh Nguyen (3 years ago)
is this anime worth watching?
German Estrada (2 years ago)
vidE o por nos
Kazumi Shirayuki (2 years ago)
Minh Nguyen fucking yes
LuminaryPrism75 (2 years ago)
+Ashley For an anime based on a 200+ manga? Yeah its short 
Ashley AMV (2 years ago)
49 episodes isnt short...
LuminaryPrism75 (3 years ago)
+Minh Nguyen The anime doesn't follow all the way through the manga, but its really just a great series, the characters are all creative and colorful, and so is the world in general
Victor Matos (3 years ago)
Jeim Mue (3 years ago)
10/28 we can see magi ㅠㅠ
XPolaXMonTageX (3 years ago)
Dat magi greatness ^_^
Sheen Dog (3 years ago)
I started watching Magi last week and have finished it, then you make this. Are you a God.
Florian Vetter (3 years ago)
what a work it's very awesome i love you <3
arpew8 (3 years ago)
great amv¡
Viety (3 years ago)
Awesome ~ i love ur editings
Matjaž Urbančič (3 years ago)
YEEEESS! I love it! So glad that you made another great AMV. Keep up the good work!
eloi x2 (3 years ago)
buenisima manu me encanto!!;))
Kuronoo (3 years ago)
and Simbad?? -_-
Como Dino (3 years ago)
best of best
Edwin Lopez (3 years ago)
awesome video
Xeprus (3 years ago)
It would be awesome if you could make an amv of Kuroko no Basket :]
Metahuman (3 years ago)
I would also approve of this
Abdo ak (3 years ago)
Your video's are just epic and you care about every details man love you alot Big Fan:)
Turko X (3 years ago)
awesome amv!
3emsh (3 years ago)
Subscribe to my channel for awesome AMV'S
TheVerrYMaddHatTer (3 years ago)
Im qhiL (3 years ago)
.Khauser (3 years ago)
woooow, them feeels c:

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