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70+ Crazy Magic Tricks Everyone Can Do at Home

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So, who likes secrets, mysteries, conspiracies? Or maybe you like magic tricks more than anything? Then join our live stream, something fun is coming up! 🤓 Have you ever thought that each profession has its own secrets? Yup! Take, for example, supermarket employees. Going to a store, we usually have an idea of what we’re going to buy there. However, we often make purchases on a whim that we can’t later explain even to ourselves. Have you ever been in a situation like this? We’re tricked into spending much more than we initially intended. So for all those eager to find out the truth, we've prepared this video! Of course, there's more! You're gonna find out secrets of cruise ship crews, hotels staff, casino workers, and even magicians! It's going to be legen... wait for it... dary! 😜
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BRIGHT SIDE (29 days ago)
Hey guys, which of these secrets was the most surprising one for you?
Ricky Pete's (27 days ago)
Where are the other 60+ tricks?
xOoArtzoOx TV (29 days ago)
I am Anthony Hill (16 days ago)
The walking on water trick that they explained isn’t 100% true because it’s not how cross angel walked on water, he didn’t do it that way
pretty pony198 (17 days ago)
I m strong enough to actully bend a metal and plastic spoon XD
Contreras metro (21 days ago)
Good morning
SAVAGE DRUMS (24 days ago)
228 people lost their job
jazzy fizzal (26 days ago)
Ummm call me blind but doesnt the title say MAGIC secrets revealed? Not hotel secrets. Smh.
m Small (26 days ago)
there are so many comments
Too Long
Ricky Peters (27 days ago)
I count ten tricks, is this clickbait?
Harish Jain (27 days ago)
Repeated lot of times
Jakila and Tyresa (28 days ago)
Will there be flying cars
Jakila and Tyresa (28 days ago)
What is going to be like in 2050
Jakila and Tyresa (28 days ago)
If u go to space can u come back
Laura Buehler (28 days ago)
It started off talking about obvious magic tricks and then switched over to airport secrets...HUH??? what does one thing have to do with another? NOT hitting the like button for this one.
8:40 and 9:40 Why are there so many clocks with all different times?
Joe G (28 days ago)
Regardless of all that what R your chances or does it get down to that ole Black magic
Forever ManUtd (28 days ago)
Gowthamaragavan t (28 days ago)
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“The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.” — Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder
Mai Quibod (28 days ago)
Magic is fake... ALL MEH LIFE! I thought magic wasss reeeeal!! 😱😣😢
Knowledge Pedia (29 days ago)
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rose M (29 days ago)
Omg i have to watch whole video 😭😭
Hokage Arriola (29 days ago)
Just for the fact that those tricks are famous everybody knows when to clap.their hands and when to just watchh😅
Ashok Kumar Sogarwal (29 days ago)
I beg you please small videos😫😫😫
nairabella (29 days ago)
I stole this trick from a person but... I could show u a magic trick! Press this and it will turn blue ⬇️
nairabella (29 days ago)
Edt:at least im honest
Tamer Aydogdu (29 days ago)
Why does the video repeat multiple times ?
Love the channel can watch all day and night
Lakpa Onge (29 days ago)
Can I ask you one question can somebody look someone's future?
Aira Escala (29 days ago)
I Share U Watch (29 days ago)
Great reveal
mikemichaelmusic09 (29 days ago)
Repeat repeat repeat. Next
Leah Fishman (29 days ago)
mikemichaelmusic09 was this there own magic trick?
Mohd Jafar (29 days ago)
Bruce Lee is back..wow 😮 https://youtu.be/zXnpu5vaneE
khajie Reaper (29 days ago)
keep repeating again and again wooooooh
ejio _dejesus (29 days ago)
im late nooo
FOllow me please please
Lisa H (29 days ago)
is this live
Rascal (29 days ago)
Oh wow what a killer joy
Can i get 1000 Sub plz (29 days ago)
Paul Theberge (29 days ago)
Wait a second it is on repeat come on guys why is that
YouTube TV (29 days ago)
someone is going to get suicided for this
mimi is the best (29 days ago)
oof i missed it.
Sebastian Martinez (29 days ago)
If u watched this whole video then I'm guessing u wanted to be a magician when u grew up
Samuele V (29 days ago)
Beautiful video 😊 next video on Denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰 please 😊😊
Valeria Cervantes (29 days ago)
{\_/} ( • ) /
Kristal Shackelford (29 days ago)
How us this real
Lil Lexi (29 days ago)
110th comment Idk why thats such an accomplishment.
Thiagu (29 days ago)
Jason Irelan (29 days ago)
I gave this a like, but it's way too long. Take care and God bless.
Alyssa Perrett (29 days ago)
The same things kept repeating
ModMaster Playz (29 days ago)
jason killer (29 days ago)
You are good at this
Great Camp (29 days ago)
Laundiyabaaz 007 (29 days ago)
Bright side fooled me
H4CK3D 5KU11 (29 days ago)
I want to know who is behind this magical voice. Loved it 😊
tech life (29 days ago)
Learn how to lose weight fast in 2019 https://bit.ly/2HzuBmc
DoubleDeckerAnton (29 days ago)
Now that's... magic...!!! 👍
DoubleDeckerAnton (29 days ago)
Who remembers Paul Daniel's...? 🤔🔝👌
Aurobindo Ghosh (29 days ago)
magic is now in our hands that is flat and rectangular opening up the world of information
Francine Joseph (29 days ago)
Lol lol
White Plays (29 days ago)
This vid is sooo short it’s like the rings you sad you repeat all agAin?!!??!
Frank Espinoza (29 days ago)
I can disappear after watching a minute of this video.
rockee8 (29 days ago)
dude another great video from you i just got to that your video channel is better than the supreme team. please do not stop making videos please and do not join the dark side stay on the bright side ok man.
VIDEOHEREBOB (29 days ago)
Bright Side repeats their videos so you waste time wondering why.
Haider 7 (29 days ago)
Hey bright side when will you answer my question (previous video)
Only me notice the video is over looping again and again ???
TheDahminator (28 days ago)
i did to . really confused
VIDEOHEREBOB (29 days ago)
At 4:32, What is a Foot attendant? LOL!!!
Archita Banerjee (29 days ago)
Wow I really very happy to know this tricks.. And excited too
Who watched the full video which is a full hour
AnyaSofia (29 days ago)
It is12:00 and i am still watching
Jeff White (29 days ago)
FYI: This video is only 22:34, then it just replays multiple times.
Jeff White 😮😮😮😮😮
Irena Koleva (29 days ago)
Mr. JH (29 days ago)
I understand Saturday but why are there less businessmen traveling one Tuesday?
Jayashree Goswami (29 days ago)
It's 11 pm right now in india..... But still watching!!!
Jayashree Goswami (29 days ago)
+Celma Antonio | English Chanel I slept, and now i am awake.... 😅😅😅
Jayashree Goswami are you going to sleep ?
Jayashree Goswami (29 days ago)
+Celma Antonio | English Chanel oh....... Thanks..... And bye!!!!! Good night...............
Jayashree Goswami I was telling you to stop watching and sleep because it’s already late. But you still awake 😅
Jayashree Goswami (29 days ago)
+Celma Antonio | English Chanel but whyyyyyy!!!!!!! 😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😷😷😤😤
Melanie Zamarripa (29 days ago)
Who else whatched the whole video?😂
Dourgesh Officielle (29 days ago)
My channel is better than yours 😂
Irena Koleva (29 days ago)
Bright side is clickbait
Irena Koleva 😞😞😞😞
Yash Panchal (29 days ago)
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Zenn Lozanno (29 days ago)
Magic is easy, I could be invisible among the crowd
Raynegielle Sojourn (29 days ago)
I am not amazed with magics! But i can do some magic when you comes in my room!
Rayhan Shairus (29 days ago)
YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Now I can surprise magicians with their own tricks!
iiomq_ Prince (29 days ago)
Lets try hit 1k | | \/
Sean Doody (29 days ago)
Devilish Ninja (29 days ago)
Ananya Choudhury (29 days ago)
If only Harry Potter was real ..
N H (29 days ago)
Better Psychology (29 days ago)
Love Bright Side Love Life.
LucasEain (29 days ago)
hala saad (29 days ago)
hello i still like ur videos
Peace out boys Omg (29 days ago)
Hi I’m an early viewer
Maria Montero (29 days ago)
Love it
Riley Collins (29 days ago)
Hey!! If you press read more you'll see some magic! Now press the like button... And it will turn blue😱
Karim Dixon (26 days ago)
Yo mada Sucks a wood larger than your riverton city house
fuckoff pussy (29 days ago)
The dislike button turns blue too.
Karim Dixon (29 days ago)
Kiss mi teet
Rodrick Foster (29 days ago)
Rix Rax (29 days ago)
Aryan - Man (29 days ago)
Checkout my Endgame infinity war style trailer
rockee8 (29 days ago)
hi you must want to see end game ill make sure that i watch your trailer stay on the bright side man
Gloria Wright (29 days ago)
Aye early
Savagesuper1 (29 days ago)
xX Gachawolf Xx (29 days ago)
Look at my reply
xX Gachawolf Xx (29 days ago)
Report this reply.i want to see what happens.
Deni S (29 days ago)
Djinn Master (29 days ago)
Let’s all live on the bright side of life.
Makayla Johnson (29 days ago)
Nagella Jean-Baptiste (29 days ago)
Who watch the whole episode of Harry Potter. haha.
Austin Moder (27 days ago)
I've watched all of them (and read all the books)
Nigel TFK (29 days ago)
oops, my browser doesn't recognise that type of video.

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