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Comrades \ , Drugovi , Tito , Kim 1st , Gadafi , Sadam Husein , Causescu

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Found it somewhere on the YouTube , some fellow Croat made it . Pretjerivac production . Very creative guy . I just find it funny , so I share it . Lately I started to share this little peaces of historic absurdity .
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midnight blue (7 months ago)
Created by ((( karl marx and Engels )))
Nice Kitty (7 months ago)
Damn it I was having a nice cup of coffee and I saw the word "Gaddafi" and now I feel sick. THANKS.
Kruno Baraba (7 months ago)
You are welcome .
slhtmb (7 months ago)
Kruno, good one, how many will it take to wake sheeple up? or can they be awakened? Peace!
slhtmb (7 months ago)
Selwyn, please take your time, I'm open to hearing it any time your ready. Peace!
slhtmb (7 months ago)
Selwyn, that's still not a clear explanation, perhaps it got lost in translation? maybe you could supply some links to back up your assertions.

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