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SHAZAM! - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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SHAZAM! - Only in theaters April 2019 ----- http://ShazamMovie.com https://www.facebook.com/ShazamMovie/ https://twitter.com/ShazamMovie/ https://www.instagram.com/ShazamMovie/ ---- David F. Sandberg (“Annabelle: Creation”) directs New Line Cinema’s “Shazam!,” the origin story that stars Zachary Levi (TV’s “Chuck”) as the titular DC Super Hero, along with Asher Angel (TV’s “Andi Mack”) as Billy Batson, and Mark Strong (the “Kingsman” movies) in the role of Super-Villain Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. Peter Safran (upcoming “Aquaman,” “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle” films) serves as the film’s producer. We all have a superhero inside us, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In Billy Batson’s (Angel) case, by shouting out one word—SHAZAM!—this streetwise 14-year-old foster kid can turn into the adult Super Hero Shazam (Levi), courtesy of an ancient wizard. Still a kid at heart—inside a ripped, godlike body—Shazam revels in this adult version of himself by doing what any teen would do with superpowers: have fun with them! Can he fly? Does he have X-ray vision? Can he shoot lightning out of his hands? Can he skip his social studies test? Shazam sets out to test the limits of his abilities with the joyful recklessness of a child. But he’ll need to master these powers quickly in order to fight the deadly forces of evil controlled by Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Strong). “Shazam!” also stars Jack Dylan Grazer (“IT”) as Billy’s best friend and ultimate superhero enthusiast, Freddy, part of the foster family that includes Mary, played by Grace Fulton (“Annabelle: Creation”); Darla, played by Faithe Herman (TV’s “This is Us”); Eugene, played by Ian Chen (TV’s “Fresh Off the Boat”); and Pedro, played by Jovan Armand (TV’s “Hawaii Five-O”). Cooper Andrews (TV’s “The Walking Dead”) and Marta Milans (TV’s “Killer Women”) play foster parents Victor and Rosa Vasquez, with Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou (“Blood Diamond”) as the Wizard. Firmly set in the DC universe but with his own distinctly fun, family-centric tone, the screenplay is by Henry Gayden, story by Gayden and Darren Lemke. Shazam was created by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck. Christopher Godsick, Jeffrey Chernov, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia serve as executive producers. Sandberg’s creative team includes his “Annabelle: Creation” director of photography Maxime Alexandre, production designer Jennifer Spence, editor Michel Aller and costume designer Leah Butler. A New Line Cinema production, “Shazam!” is set for release on April 5, 2019. It will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.
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Text Comments (51886)
Christa Chischnijak (1 hour ago)
"Iam Bulletproof"-laughs and looks back at two robbers"your dead"I LOVE IT'
Yenela Blanco (1 hour ago)
Bmoney64 (1 hour ago)
I have to admit, this is the only DC film I'm excited for
August RempelEwert (2 hours ago)
If this trailer is representative of what the movie is actually like, it'll be the best DCEU movie that I've seen.
saket adarsh (2 hours ago)
0:18 which soundtrack please tell me?
Ajay Mishra (2 hours ago)
This one is going to be a lot better than captain marvel
Ace's High (2 hours ago)
DCEU, you had my curiosity. But now you've got my attention
1:59 Flaws Exposed By Shazam
c. lince (2 hours ago)
Joshua Taylor (5 hours ago)
This movie just looks so awesome.
Adam F (6 hours ago)
Can't be worse than Justice League..
StormShark (5 hours ago)
Fullmetal Shenron (7 hours ago)
Worst part of 2018 is waiting for the movies of 2019
CJ Sagales (7 hours ago)
Shazam looks like Robbie Rotten.
StormShark (5 hours ago)
Joshua Eppinga (8 hours ago)
The music doesnt fit this at all
joey vance (10 hours ago)
Jack dylan grazer get beat out and other stories
Devin Auuagh (10 hours ago)
oh yeah I want this SHAZAM hero!!!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🤑🤑😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
arush Agarwal (11 hours ago)
shazam looks like jimmy fallon
Putin you down (12 hours ago)
Now we're talking
Missbaddy. B (13 hours ago)
I want to be in a Super hero movie so badly
Rahulkumar Rohit (13 hours ago)
Suit should be better than this one
Woradanoo Pengruksa (14 hours ago)
Finally. Something new for DC
MusaedRahman14 (14 hours ago)
Better than Justice league!
youngboy3082 (20 hours ago)
This goofy as hell
Biades Fer (21 hours ago)
Jordan CLayton (21 hours ago)
Eniego And Bendy (22 hours ago)
But he can fly
Fozia Fatima (1 day ago)
OMG JACK DYLAN GRAZER❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I LOVE HIM, HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND ASHER I LOVE HIM TO
Dante Standifer (1 day ago)
Captain Shazam
Ace Suyo (1 day ago)
it's coming in 2019 but the trailer is out so the movie is out too -_-
ni_xoy (1 day ago)
марк лох
Vincent Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Don't you wish the 🌎 has a 📱 charger like that ⚡️ wonder boy?😍
Ben Baxter (1 day ago)
Stephen Strange (1 day ago)
I kept rewatching the part when Shazam blows the guy’s phone up 😂😂 So hilarious
carla xch (1 day ago)
This is marvel s years
noel reji jacob (4 hours ago)
carla xch dc movie
Endless Ambush (1 day ago)
intersect 3.0
Allan Germanus S (1 day ago)
Kendrick Lamar's Song bgm 😍😍
Tan Wei chiang (1 day ago)
Say My Name I don't know what your name John Cena John Cena!!!!!
Hulagu (1 day ago)
Shazam is over acting here
SAFURE ATEŞ (1 day ago)
güzele benziyor
Diamond Craft (1 day ago)
Wow I like When He say Sup Im a superhero With a doritto
Jolo Sarmiento (1 day ago)
The real Captain Marvel
Iwayan Ferasukma (1 day ago)
Trailer aqua Man and shazam so coool...
r s (1 day ago)
Finally DC is coming with some good stuff, he's like a Deadpool equivalent of DC, oh and it's our CHUCK!
CR- xGhost13 (1 day ago)
Replays 0:00 0:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30
Gaming Zone (1 day ago)
let me tell you something story is good but the base line of the story is a random kid inside a superhero body so how this kid play the same role in the second movie so i think every new shazam film the kid playing a guy inside shazam will be replaced ... i want a reply + like because nobody like my comments 😭
But April 2019 will be the best we have Shazam and Avengers 4
Mic (2 days ago)
Love the Shazam Flossing! The Costume for this movie looks incredible, reminds of Christopher Reeves Superman suit! I cannot wait to see this movie!
ANTMANO (2 days ago)
So this is what Jerry did before The Walking Dead
Cray Fish (2 days ago)
Wonder how drastic the Shazam suit change will be in the second trailer
Jokixx xx (2 days ago)
Rudy Fletcher (2 days ago)
His costume looks so bad
ChanelAboutNothing (2 days ago)
okay finally dc is getting my attention WOW nice
Shining Diancie (2 days ago)
A good looking DC movie? No way, there can't be!
Kimleng Prak (2 days ago)
DC steppin up their games. Aight that's what's up!
Akhil Sreekumar (2 days ago)
As a hardcore dc fan... I really really REALLY want Shazam to jumpstart the way for DC, to rule the cinematic universes.... #batmanforever
Mike pooper (2 days ago)
Or to shoot a web
Homer J Simpson (2 days ago)
I don’t know this is a dc movie or marvel movie
Jack Jack (2 days ago)
Homer J Simpson 0:15
Nadeem Akhtar (2 days ago)
This movie is gonna take DC studios on a next level
YASER JOIYA (2 days ago)
Whatsup i am a superhero .... hahahahah
gregorio Martinez (2 days ago)
dc what
VirusSpreading (2 days ago)
I swear to god dc if you fuck up this movie like all the other ones expect for one, I’m going to give up on you and never watch another dc movie again. Quote me on that!!
Despacito (2 days ago)
*Pizza time*
super Time (2 days ago)
Marvel is still beating the living shit out of DC
Azmir Abdul aziz (2 days ago)
Saud Khan (2 days ago)
Everything's on point except that $5 costume and $10 Zachary.
Aleesha James (2 days ago)
Faruck Maulana (2 days ago)
Ane ga stuju klo pemeran si sazam si the rock
Adolfo Pena (2 days ago)
Who noticed the continuity error at the end?
Christopher Gaumer (2 days ago)
I have Been waiting for this, But this looks stupid.
K Talha Ather (2 days ago)
Hey, its Chuck!
Vancatcutie 1248 (2 days ago)
Not sure if all these people really think this is gonna be the best movie of dc cuz ttg to the movies got better on rotten tomatoes than avengers infinity war
Ariel Julian (3 days ago)
Please please please dont suck
Dario Medina V. (3 days ago)
looks like a tv show
Brastie Crandolf (3 days ago)
Why do people still have hope for DC
The Man with no Name (2 days ago)
Because most of people's childhood was DC
CannedSpam (3 days ago)
eh maybe ill watch it also is the villain the penguin?
walter pelaez (3 days ago)
Only dc movie since man of steel that has my attention.
Jetpack Blues (3 days ago)
Cut out the cringey Fortnite dance and I'm in
Casper (3 days ago)
and this marvel this is how you make a good trailer cough the captain marvel trailer cough
Casper (3 days ago)
love this trailer
Caua Gamer39 (3 days ago)
1:59 *KILL ME*
Brayan Orozco (3 days ago)
CJacko (3 days ago)
Shazam defeats thanos by flossing
YunggaYT (3 days ago)
Shazam looks so stupid😂😂
Neelima Sri (3 days ago)
TEJA YT (3 days ago)
Warlock Generator (3 days ago)
2:44 When you are excited about everything
Androids Only (3 days ago)
1:50 Look at his Symbol on his chest( colour changes slightly in next scene). Or it might not be a mistake. Comment lol.
Samanta Rizzi (3 days ago)
Love seeing Zachary in this! He's the perfect guy to play this role because he's just adorable and he looks so genuine in everything he does, also because he is a very funny guy. Love him as an actor! He also looks very handsome in this, like he always does, no surprise here :P <3
Gabriel Racelis (3 days ago)
Both Side (3 days ago)
i have one movie title for nemesis
Nabil Jisan (3 days ago)
"Oh hey what's up! I am a superhero" 😂
Will Wicks (3 days ago)
c R i N g E
Ella williams (3 days ago)
OMG if jack grazer is in this im totally wtching!!!!! <3
Ovskii (3 days ago)
Ok, I'm listening
shagy bhai (3 days ago)
Chuck? Did you just...flash?
khuthadzo mukhesakule (3 days ago)
DC you got my attention
CR- xGhost13 (3 days ago)
As a huge MCU fan I’m starting to like more DC movies
Tazzy Ryan (3 days ago)
Jimmy fellon Realy? i thought it was a piss take immediately
NYCWallCrawler (3 days ago)
this movie BETTER be damn good

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