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SHAZAM! - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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SHAZAM! - Only in theaters April 2019 ----- http://ShazamMovie.com https://www.facebook.com/ShazamMovie/ https://twitter.com/ShazamMovie/ https://www.instagram.com/ShazamMovie/ ---- David F. Sandberg (“Annabelle: Creation”) directs New Line Cinema’s “Shazam!,” the origin story that stars Zachary Levi (TV’s “Chuck”) as the titular DC Super Hero, along with Asher Angel (TV’s “Andi Mack”) as Billy Batson, and Mark Strong (the “Kingsman” movies) in the role of Super-Villain Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. Peter Safran (upcoming “Aquaman,” “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle” films) serves as the film’s producer. We all have a superhero inside us, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In Billy Batson’s (Angel) case, by shouting out one word—SHAZAM!—this streetwise 14-year-old foster kid can turn into the adult Super Hero Shazam (Levi), courtesy of an ancient wizard. Still a kid at heart—inside a ripped, godlike body—Shazam revels in this adult version of himself by doing what any teen would do with superpowers: have fun with them! Can he fly? Does he have X-ray vision? Can he shoot lightning out of his hands? Can he skip his social studies test? Shazam sets out to test the limits of his abilities with the joyful recklessness of a child. But he’ll need to master these powers quickly in order to fight the deadly forces of evil controlled by Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Strong). “Shazam!” also stars Jack Dylan Grazer (“IT”) as Billy’s best friend and ultimate superhero enthusiast, Freddy, part of the foster family that includes Mary, played by Grace Fulton (“Annabelle: Creation”); Darla, played by Faithe Herman (TV’s “This is Us”); Eugene, played by Ian Chen (TV’s “Fresh Off the Boat”); and Pedro, played by Jovan Armand (TV’s “Hawaii Five-O”). Cooper Andrews (TV’s “The Walking Dead”) and Marta Milans (TV’s “Killer Women”) play foster parents Victor and Rosa Vasquez, with Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou (“Blood Diamond”) as the Wizard. Firmly set in the DC universe but with his own distinctly fun, family-centric tone, the screenplay is by Henry Gayden, story by Gayden and Darren Lemke. Shazam was created by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck. Christopher Godsick, Jeffrey Chernov, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia serve as executive producers. Sandberg’s creative team includes his “Annabelle: Creation” director of photography Maxime Alexandre, production designer Jennifer Spence, editor Michel Aller and costume designer Leah Butler. A New Line Cinema production, “Shazam!” is set for release on April 5, 2019. It will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.
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Text Comments (45427)
Milind Sharma220 (18 minutes ago)
Garcia Garcia (36 minutes ago)
Is this a parody like teen titans go?!?!?
Jason Hong (3 hours ago)
Jimmy Fallon as Shazam!
Jalen Wong (4 hours ago)
2:40 Condom pack. 2:42 Movie realizes it’s aimed at kids. 2:44 Doritos magically appear.
Daniel Solis Rodriguez (6 hours ago)
Daniel Solis Rodriguez (6 hours ago)
What the What? The strain of the sky make this guy a superhero
What is with DC and weak casting for their lead actors?
John Osbourn (7 hours ago)
This looks pretty good!
Dilan Matthews (7 hours ago)
IDK why I’m more excited for this Captain Marvel movie than the MCU’s Captain Marvel movie.
Garcia Garcia (35 minutes ago)
Dilan Matthews is this a parody like teen titans go?!?
Kofi Kofi (1 hour ago)
you probably hate women, that's why
Rich Russini (7 hours ago)
This looks aweful
Ikogwe Benedict (9 hours ago)
finally a dope DC movie
Pengu 96 (9 hours ago)
Tbh the good and bad thing about this is that his suit stayed the same. It’s good because it brings back memories of the old comics but it’s bad because it’s almost exactly the same as the comics and it looks very cartoony
Kofi Kofi (1 hour ago)
best. comment. ever
Yuno Gasai (10 hours ago)
I don't want to nitpick, but shouldn't the Wisdom Of Solomon, one of Shazam's powers, clue him into all the rest by stint of being ultra-smart while Shazaming it up?
DC Comics Universe (6 hours ago)
wisdom does not equal maturity, shazam could be intelligent but it does not stop being a child
xXloverOfJesusXx YouTube (10 hours ago)
hey guys can peopel pls subscribe to me ill try to sub back thank you so much! have an amazing day!! (;
Freeland Gonzales (10 hours ago)
Oh wow it's The and I Mack kid great
Freeland Gonzales (10 hours ago)
Andi Mack I mean lol I hate autocorrect
Kayson Mitchell (11 hours ago)
Why does it have to be so goofy? I was looking forward to a super sick, serious film... coulda been good
GANTZ100pts (6 hours ago)
Well like in the comics Caption Marvel its still just a kid but in an adult body. And just like in the comics and animated TV shows he still acts like one.
Derek Au (11 hours ago)
From Chuck to Flynn Rider to Shazam. What a man. :)
Stephen Webb (12 hours ago)
I gave it a like but the last chance for DC to make a come back in Live action films is STATIC SHOCK!
Stephen Webb (12 hours ago)
I just want to say I feel bad for the fans who don't realize these are probably going to be the only good parts of the movie!
Kofi Kofi (1 hour ago)
I know!
Oisin Mckeown (12 hours ago)
What's with the doom music in the background
GhostRider GAMING (13 hours ago)
it looks more bright, colourful and more fun than the other dc films(apart from wonder woman).
Hypixler Productions (13 hours ago)
This looks good
Abhinav Sahu (14 hours ago)
oo hi..below there ...everyone starts praising DC now
Michael Hill (14 hours ago)
Looks good.
Destroyer (14 hours ago)
Spirit (15 hours ago)
I remember the series. Was great for the time. hope the movie lives up to the name.
Jayna Burke (16 hours ago)
This so good I can’t stop watching the trailer
Kofi Kofi (1 hour ago)
Wow, how old are you? You must not have seen many movies in your lifetime
Deependra Ratre (16 hours ago)
"So.. you're like a bad guy, right ?" *throws a punch at him*
Jack Kellett (16 hours ago)
I know this is a "superhero movie" and shouldn't be taken too seriously, but they always have the kids saying shit they would never say in real life.
Bladedflame 360 (16 hours ago)
Dc makes the shittiest movies ever
Bladedflame 360 (12 hours ago)
Gekkouga that is true thanks for not being so overly toxic like some fanbois
Gekkouga (13 hours ago)
Give them a chance. They have a few good movies.
anonymous person (17 hours ago)
Seems like a good/fun movie but i mean come on, his suit is arguably even worse than captain americas😂
Êhn BÊH (17 hours ago)
This suit is a little bad
Mike Vasquez (17 hours ago)
That looks to be adding some much-needed levity to the DC EU. That is of course if this movie is connected and not just a standalone project.
Rizaana Malik (17 hours ago)
Omg Asher
minh thu nong (17 hours ago)
0:43 he sound like tobey maguire
Fahad Mubeen (17 hours ago)
Shazam to me seems like a much cooler superhero compared to Superman
Isaiah Estrada (18 hours ago)
I can wait to see that movie
Flowwid G2A (19 hours ago)
Cant wait
MJPK (19 hours ago)
get rid of that stupid dance floss already, it's already more than outdated
-Krazy S0dah- (20 hours ago)
Wisdom of SOLOMON Strength of HERCULES Stamina of ATLAS Power of ZUES Speed of MERCURY SHAZAM
Chidera Nduka (20 hours ago)
This movie is gonna be a bomb
Saurav Sreekumar (20 hours ago)
Humble song is the best at this movie
xKhiizr (22 hours ago)
For people who are asking why it’s to bright and funny it’s because that’s how Shazam is
Elvin Garcia (23 hours ago)
From The Studio That Brought You Man Of Steel
Mr. Fighter (1 day ago)
Looks good
GameStation (1 day ago)
*2:40** he comes out holding beer and on **2:43** hes holding snacks..*
spiderman (1 day ago)
Shazam: your welcome for not getting rob! *but he rob something and didnt pay it*
AlmightyMedia (1 day ago)
0:48 lol only in American schools could a kid get away with kicking a fucking crippled.
DrDarkDoom (1 day ago)
Most marvel fans dont even read comics, they just watch the MCU
Gekkouga (13 hours ago)
yeah. then they proceed to act like they know everything Marvel
DrDarkDoom (1 day ago)
I thought billy was 8
NickFamzi (20 hours ago)
DrDarkDoom He was but they altered the story in this universe.
Jordan Franks (1 day ago)
DizzyGEICO (1 day ago)
I want to love DC so bad! Great characters but terrible movies. Shazam gives me a little hope! (I’m a Marvel fan at heart, but DC is still super cool)
FUN studios (1 day ago)
If they fail this movie and aquaman im gonna lose faith
Kurt XyD (1 day ago)
This movie got my attention cause it's not so dark like your screen of your T.V. is turned off while watching some dc movies
General Heavy (1 day ago)
Are you for real? SAY IT!!!
Roebie Plamenco (1 day ago)
Your phone's charged Your phone's charged THE HELL???
Dat Dragonfly (1 day ago)
I have mixed feelings about this....
Logan Batson (1 day ago)
My full name longan billy batson
Joel Abela (1 day ago)
come on? really? april 2019?!? bloody bastards lol XD
JayJay Lemon (1 day ago)
Be humble
greytractor 123 (1 day ago)
Go web go! SHAZAM!
I actually would go see this
jack turner (1 day ago)
i think this might be a decent film but the part where he was flossing made me want to kill myself
NIELZER (1 day ago)
this will be a really good movie i think bcs it looks very funny and thats what dc needs
Graeme O (1 day ago)
Ok I dont really care about Marvel vs DC. But honestly, this looks like shit.
David Reynoso (1 day ago)
His costume is a joke, right?
Sam Jaildar (1 day ago)
Mobile:- whats your name shazam :- my name is shaza... mobile:- It doesn't matter what your name is!!!
Ross 128 BC (1 day ago)
en injustice lo mata superman :v
at least its not dark and gritty
Bella Carnally (1 day ago)
“Are you for real” sorry I lost it at SHAZAM! And when he grew into a man from saying it 😂🤦🏽‍♀️💀
Machindra Kumbhar (1 day ago)
Plzzzz Hindi language trailer
noel reji jacob (1 day ago)
use subtitles
Kyle Craig (1 day ago)
lol 2:00 hahaha ha ha
Mimir Gamer (1 day ago)
*oh hey sup iam a superhero* hahah that gets me
Sten (1 day ago)
Doesn't look half bad, Think I might give it a shot
Tevin Sewer (1 day ago)
The trailer didn’t look terrible huh. *I might just go and see this maybe*
Norman M (1 day ago)
Sheila Butungi (1 day ago)
DC rocks marvel not so much
Megrimlock78 (1 day ago)
Not gonna lie, while aqua man just looked like black panther underwater, this looks pretty good
Megrimlock78 (10 hours ago)
NickFamzi yeah I know, just saying aqua man looks like another generic super hero king movie. This on the other hand looks completely different from anything else
NickFamzi (20 hours ago)
Megrimlock78 You do know Aquaman's storyline existed in the comics before Wakanda right? Sorry if that sounds mean.
Tom Memester (1 day ago)
Ok Dc OK!
Harry Cope-prior (1 day ago)
Captain Marvel look like a nerd and onesie
Liam Harte (1 day ago)
At 2:19 look at the persons face when his phone exploded he looks like the villain
PoleMuntant (1 day ago)
Finally dc has a movie that does not involve superman and it's super funny lol I love shazam
Mezak Zambono24 (2 days ago)
I like both trailers this and Aquaman 👌
B R (1 day ago)
Mezak Zambono24 Same. But i like the Aquaman trailer more so.
Ramazan Tekin (2 days ago)
finally dc stopped with the doom and gloom and became less serious it works for batman but not all heroes are brooding sociopaths
xfanvid queenx (2 days ago)
asher angel:*
AddventurePT (2 days ago)
Marvel >
noel reji jacob (1 day ago)
probably for 21st century
Gamerkid X49 (2 days ago)
So is Shazams gonna be in the DC Extended Universe
B R (1 day ago)
Gamerkid X49 Yes.
noel reji jacob (1 day ago)
yep u didnt see all that mos events in trailer
Orecon 125 (2 days ago)
If New Line Cinema can make the hilarious Game Night, they ain't gonna screw up the comedy of this film
Cioaca Cristian (2 days ago)
Let's what movie is going to be better Shazam or Captain Marvel
B R (1 day ago)
Cioaca Cristian Captain Marvel.
Leth Orellano (2 days ago)
Is billy asher angel from disney
kuroro lucifer (2 days ago)
1:30 me joking with my dad 1:32 also my dad reaction
Mr. Fox (2 days ago)
Old DC films like V for Vendetta, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Burton movies etc. were very creative and interesting with good scripts. But this... I can´t even compare this fucking garbage with Marvel. The New DC doesn´t know what the hell they are doing and still... they are making these movies. Stupid movies with terrible CGI, stupid villains and other things. Shazam will be a catastrophe - just look at the director. I just wish of a good director that could really work with the TRUE darkness of DC :(
noel reji jacob (1 day ago)
dude wat u expect from shazam !!
Nire Smith (2 days ago)
Can't wait
Chad Hauntz (2 days ago)
Blitz99 (2 days ago)
2:44 how to get a girl 1 by 1
生霊Ikiryo (2 days ago)
You lost me with the rap music. It sucks.
Wint Herr (2 days ago)
I think it's funny that this is probably going to be a fiasco, whereas Marvel's Captain Marvel (which was the original name of this Shazam character) will probably be YET another Marvel hit. But let's be frank here, who on earth asked for a Shazam movie??
Spanky Gaming (2 days ago)
Dc is making a comeback
Matias Conca Romano (2 days ago)
Shazam pvtoz!

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