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Adobe Captivate 9: Create a New Project

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Just getting started in Captivate for the first time. This broad overview will introduce you to the interface and give you a brief tour of project creation in Adobe Captivate 9. You’ll learn to start a project, add media and interactions and how to preview and publish your finished work.
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Text Comments (12)
edunaija channel (2 months ago)
Hi i have been enjoying your videos please i want to know how to display all questions once so that student can choose any question or subject they want first thanks
Tech News for Tech Noobs (4 months ago)
This seems more like PowerPoint on steroids than PowerPoint dumbed down in any sense.
Kehinde Abegunde (2 years ago)
Quite similar to Keynote.
Sunny Navnit (2 years ago)
hi, do you know how to view only wrong answers while reviewing a quiz?
Annadog40 (2 years ago)
So this is like an advanced version of powerpoint?
Denziel SkeletonDragon (2 years ago)
I'd ewfdd
Annadog40 (2 years ago)
+Ultimate Gaming Channel find it strange how all the internships want this so much
this looks more like a dumbed down version of powerpoint
Ignacio Oyarzún (2 years ago)
untamed vagabond (3 years ago)
Can only shapes be used as a button, not an image?
Rocky Bergen (3 years ago)
I appreciate this as well!
elloiisnana (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for your video! :)

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