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Fallen Angels. True cost of sex tourism: Philippine’s fatherless kids of Angeles City Streetwalkers

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Angeles City in the Philippines is a well-known sex tourism destination. There used to be an American air base here, but now it’s popular among mainly retired men who travel in search of sex for sale. Hundreds of local young women work in the bars and night clubs offering additional services for the money they desperately need to make ends meet and feed their families. The real victims though are the sex workers’ children, conceived by foreign travellers. These children immediately stand out in the crowd, being of mixed-race here almost certainly means a child is the product of a liaison between a sex tourist and a call girl. They may stand out but they’re not unusual, within their communities there are many children of the sex trade. In most cases, the kids have never met their fathers who, after visiting for a brief holiday, either don’t know or care that their own offspring have been left behind. The burden of raising the children rests entirely on the shoulders of the already struggling mothers. An RT Doc film crew visits Angeles City to meet the children abandoned by foreign sex tourist fathers. This programme reveals their lives and dreams and some heartfelt messages for the estranged fathers. SUBSCRIBE TO RTD Channel to get documentaries firsthand! http://bit.ly/1MgFbVy FOLLOW US RTD WEBSITE: https://RTD.rt.com/ RTD ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/RT_DOC RTD ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/RTDocumentary RTD ON DAILYMOTION http://www.dailymotion.com/rt_doc RTD ON INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/rt_documentary/ RTD LIVE https://rtd.rt.com/on-air/
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Text Comments (8839)
LJ Shaine Villan (1 hour ago)
I literally hate Mary Anne's teacher. She's lacking empathy
iAdden (1 hour ago)
Y'all Baby Isaac is such a little cutie!!!! 😍😍😍🤗
iAdden (1 hour ago)
16:50 I don't think he's necessarily embarrassed that Pia is trans, could just be that most kids are embarrassed by their parents coming to school. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Das Ketchup (10 hours ago)
Come back to Kaohsiung city, American soliders .lol
Francisco Cordova (11 hours ago)
Poor Litles children’s
kirstin makea (13 hours ago)
God Bless all the little children , all the little children in the world...
Anthony Bojorquez (16 hours ago)
Bless this little child that always get tease from the bully . She diserve the life what she wants
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcü (17 hours ago)
Coookkk aci cok uzuldum kadinlar sex kölesi olmamali kadinlarin ve cocuklarin hakettigi sekilde yasadigi bir dunya diliyorum
Liana Mcduff (17 hours ago)
One more thing, this video has taught me about respectful no matter who you are, prostitution, gay, lasbian transgender or whatever ppl called bad. #Peaceandlove
Liana Mcduff (17 hours ago)
This is the saddest video I've ever seen. I feel bad for all of the kids :( may God Bless them and heal their heart from heart broken and also make their dreams come true, AMEN 💖
elizelo zelo (18 hours ago)
that black man need to get deported wth
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
Black men will leave there family's behind in the the USA and sleep around with random women , on the other side u got white u.s doing this in another country the Philippines
Yuhao Zhang (20 hours ago)
It's disgusting how irresponsible some people can be...
COco Yo yo (21 hours ago)
God damn.
kevin kurnia (21 hours ago)
just abort the child.. :)
Florin (22 hours ago)
Cute kids should have parents who love and work for them not sell for money
gansta bish x (1 day ago)
people just do nothing. why the rest of all the world stand still and let all these children rot i will never understand. children are the future they need parents, protection love and education. this is so sad. my little girl will NEVER live like this im so thankful we life in a safe environment.
J Lasky (1 day ago)
Pity? Why feel pity for a nation that refuses to teach sex education. Why pity a society that allows such a large part of it's population work in such an industry(may not ALLOW, but for sure don't teach against it nor provide alternatives to it's own population. Then they cry when they have sex w/a guy and when get pregnant the guy leaves. Well if this such christian country practiced what they preach on the surface, then maybe a woman wouldn't feel like she had to sleep w/a foreigner before they were actually married.
Love Child (1 day ago)
God help them!🙏
Adriana Kwiatkowski (1 day ago)
Why don't they give out condoms like candy in these places 🤔
child molesters...play ground. may God have no mercy. witness first hand in military. maybe the kids should be deported to USA
Chelleybeans (1 day ago)
Christ I try not to be sexist but some men are down right disgusting. My heart breaks for the children and women.
Nynch Liggers (1 day ago)
smelly shithole
Brandy Wasay (1 day ago)
It's called poverty ... but they don't have to become sex workers if they are willing to marry , maybe a foreigner, retiree. I'm sure there are millions of retirees from the West who would be willing to love and care for them.
Denise G- Hill (1 day ago)
A large majority of people in this country are very poor. Abortion is illegal, sex education is non existent and there is no free contraception thanks to the bloody Catholic Church. Islam is growing here as well. Such a tragedy wasted lives and bright children whose chances of a future career are very remote.
Scorpio Seven (1 day ago)
This video is old and malicious and capitalizes on the unfortunate to gain views instead of helping and raising awareness.
Yahira Yahuda (1 day ago)
how is that the mens fault when the women were and still are whores....strupesssssssssss
Kristina Bonyan (1 day ago)
These old guys with their wrinkled bodies...gush
Kristina Bonyan (1 day ago)
Please pastors stop glorifying churches and buildings....invest in the people.... that is what Jesus would have done.
Sam Sam (1 day ago)
Celeste Blakely (1 day ago)
You can take the girl outta the bar guy is a pig
Alhaqqa Mall (1 day ago)
Lets Get Away From The Pain , a New Life For Dios.
Yell Patzy (2 days ago)
Omg Pia has a beautiful soul love her!!❤️
Liiz Pem (2 days ago)
Why do asians worship white so much?
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
In Asian culture white skin is tied to beauty and wealth and it means ur rich and white worshiping comes from mainly south east Asia from what I seen
Warrior Khasei (2 days ago)
I see those angelic looks in these kids eyes. They happily accept the fact that they were born into this World with high hopes and had dreams which no rudeness and cruelty would never be able to stop.
Erin Jolley (2 days ago)
and WHY the fuck is your camera crew taking pics of her like THAT in the beginning??! IT makes the camera crew look like the fuxking cockroaches who buy these young girls!
Erin Jolley (2 days ago)
Disgusting Perverted And Embarrasing Of American Male Tourists Which I believe ARE most of their customers, Sad So Many Countries Are poverty-stricken JUST. LIKE. THIS.
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
Yup I'm Mexican American and yes white and black Americans just wanna go the Philippines yo screw women nothing esle.....black and white Americans are racist and hate Latinos/ native Americans and hate asians to
Ferry Tri.A (2 days ago)
what a prety kids..
Mya MalloosaLUVMJ (2 days ago)
Men are gross
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
Michael Jackson is your profile pic....
Lauren Lucas (2 days ago)
Kids, have hope you might find your dad one day. I had a one night stand 17 years ago and I recently found my sons father through DNA testing and ancestry.com
Jewell Starsinger (2 days ago)
it seems that patriarchy is alive and predominant all over the world. I wish for women to value each other more than any man... to help and live with each other... to know our true power, is the power of "No Thank You"
tsfcancerman (2 days ago)
Its good by them both to stick 2 gether even after strokes
tsfcancerman (2 days ago)
Cant understand why anyone would buy socalled love or give up their life for money.
tsfcancerman (2 days ago)
This is why p-pill/spiral/condom/p-stick should be used at all time so they are sure to never become pregnant
tsfcancerman (2 days ago)
Another black man that is tired of rug wearing females
tsfcancerman (2 days ago)
Had these females instead of asking for things and money said to their clients do you want to meet my family they might have gotten more help cause the client see how it is instead of beeing nagged for money and things.
tsfcancerman (2 days ago)
Its sad to see this, but maybe its time there is an org that can do these dna tests on these kids even their parents sometimes might be of mix
tsfcancerman (2 days ago)
If this tv channel think these western men live in luxury or something i think they are wrong cause they most likly are without a family or have a split up family where the former wife took everything
tsfcancerman (2 days ago)
If the mothers know the guys name and country they can contact the country and get a dna test done and demand a dna test by the guy they think are the father
tsfcancerman (2 days ago)
All these children should do a test at ancestry.com and if their fathers dna is in that database they will find them quick
Rukiya Mwatela (2 days ago)
In Kenya, we have a scenario related to this one, though  not involving sex/bar workers ours has an interesting a twist please look it up on You Tube or google. it will be worth your time.
Rukiya Mwatela (3 hours ago)
why are you taking of dangerous, where you come from is it ALL safe? I thought you would relate your question to my comment. and yeah Kenya is dangerous no wonder we are all dead or waiting to die in a few days haha! such an ignorant question..
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
Your from Kenya? Is it dangerous there ??
nellie bauldree (2 days ago)
The women are whores shaking their tits wearing stripper clothes and were supposed to feel bad because they were too stupid to take birth control. I don’t feel bad for the women. Quit whoring then you will feel better about yourself and you won’t produce fatherless children to sell for money. Sick
JP DE VERA OCAMPO (2 days ago)
Reality sucks. 😥😥
Denis Lenoir (2 days ago)
pedophile S.O.B! They can't fuck teens in their own country because of laws and they go there. I wish for those men all go to hell. Already those women have small spices body style, even they are not a kid but if you notice they acting and talking way like kids do. because their clients waiting from those women do like that way. I wonder God why abandoned some people as that all alone and hopeless. I am so sad for them while watching this documentary
REENA RAWAT (3 days ago)
God bless u
Dan Sat (3 days ago)
I live in this place I hope the government stops this kind of dirty business, there are many innocent children are suffering there are too many pedophiles roaming around on this side of the city district, I feel embarrassed when I going to passing by and thinking why there is a foreigner destroying my country dignity. hey Government official please open your eyes
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
Lina Cerrahoglu (3 days ago)
This is the western civilisation. That is happens when you are not implementing the sharia law. Thanks to Allah that i am a muslim and my religion guide me to live like a human ,not like these animal western people.
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
How ironic
Stella Sinaga (3 days ago)
Jesus, please bless them and help them who need ur help. 😭😭😭
Salvador Rodriguez (3 days ago)
I have five daughters who are my world and I just don’t understand how anyone can just leave a child to fend for themselves.
Isabel Confesor (3 days ago)
I'm only 16 and my whatsocalled father is from scotland my mom said and i don't want to see him forever and ever!!
Hager Fikadu (3 days ago)
Poverty at its highest God please look at this lil kids,
Natasha Bethune (3 days ago)
Dirty bastards
gloubert navarro (3 days ago)
damn the sex worker can speak english well, than the teacher...
Jessica Haley (3 days ago)
DNA test to link them! My ex husband says my children have siblings in Korea
PRATANG AQUINO (3 days ago)
hahaha hai daddyy yan na mga anak nyong inuwan nyo sa mga bisayang kinantot nyo ahhahaha wag nyo nayan balikan bayaan nyo nalang sila dyan haha
satyajitchanda (3 days ago)
Heart breaking but I also know its upto all of us to work to make life a little better for every child born on this planet. I might not have any firm plans yet but that's my goal from today onwards.
Elizabeth Nevares (3 days ago)
The men take advantage of the poverty and easy women and the women are looking for a way out of poverty and are being opportunist, pregnancy is their anchor. Silly to think these men will stick around ...The Poor children left behind are the only victims here.
Rachael's G.B (3 days ago)
So beautiful omg gorgeous kids
Ginna Fraser (3 days ago)
Why don't the government give and teach the women about contrastive to prevent them from bringing these lovely children into the world.
Chito Dʀɛaʍs (3 days ago)
You guys do know that condoms may be pricey over there and an abortion or infertility treatments may be very fucking expensive. Those horrible men rape young girls, you think they care about leaving their sperm behind? Men like it raw. They can just leave anytime. Don't only live in that innocent and comfortable bubble you're in people. We all have no idea what happens. They make way less money. Sometimes they don't at all. Watch the fucking video, please.
Ginna Fraser (3 days ago)
Why don't the authorities and media make a big deal of these old fat ugly white men. If it was black men they would make a big deal of such atrocious behaviour, these men are exploiting these vulnerable needy women. They should be jailed, I am so sad for the children they do not deserve to be living like that because of some stupid men without morals, and these women who think that sleeping with these smelly men is the way out of their situation 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Namrata Rai (3 days ago)
i just wish i could be rich enough one day to help these young innocent souls.
Vicky Popova (4 days ago)
Foreigners haven't any business to our country leave us alone if you haven't any intention of supporting them, after making money of publishing... Be sure to give them their share of financial support.
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
Are u from the Philippines. ?? Is it true alot of foreigners just go there and rape women ?
Vicky Popova (4 days ago)
I couldn't figure what'ts the purpose of showing this do these people receive financial support from RT documentary or just to humiliate our country.
series fan (4 days ago)
If this girls are working as prostitutes then i don't understand why they're not taking contraceptives for them not to get pregnant, don't ask their costumer to wear condoms, act on themselves not to get pregnant.
Chito Dʀɛaʍs (3 days ago)
+series fan Their consumers bought them for the night. She was knocked out and raped. No one wants to be on the pill. If all of her other characters are using condoms, she wouldn't need the pill. Then this guy raped her.
series fan (3 days ago)
+Chito Dʀɛaʍs well contraceptives are free in philippine health centers you just have to choose from the options as not to get pregnant
Chito Dʀɛaʍs (3 days ago)
The price for the doctors, man.. ever thought of that?
sarita hernandez (4 days ago)
wow bless the transgender
luan trieu (4 days ago)
Pia, you have a heart of gold.
luan trieu (4 days ago)
Well either make prostitution illegal, but that won't solve anything, but increasing education level and job training, .Also passing international law of child support for those dead beats
sarah is so pretty, and has such a good heart, she just looks like a little angel. i really wish i could help her and all the other families :(
rebecca camarillo (4 days ago)
Doesn't anyone believe in using condoms? I mean, sure they aren't 100%, but i know ex escorts and they never got pregnant while on condoms/birth control...Yes, there are failure rates but come on
Chito Dʀɛaʍs (3 days ago)
Right those men care about that, right? Those men who take their services care about not coming in girls they'll never see again. And sure they can afford lots of condoms for each day. That's why they're living in luxury, right? Always having food to eat, etc and to buy extra condoms.
Lala Shelala (4 days ago)
The exploitation of these people is astronomical. It is also very sad that these GIs screw these women in more ways than one and do not accept any responsibility for their sexual misbehavior. Hunger, poverty and sexually available girls make these people ripe for the picking for predators. Many of the sex bars are owned by Australians. Sex sells!
Dexter Daughtry (4 days ago)
meluliss (4 days ago)
This documentary shattered my heart into a million pieces. I so badly wish I could change the lives of all these mothers, of all these KIDS. Hearing the little boy say he wants to be a teacher and help kids who can't go to school, or hearing the girl say she wants to become a doctor and help her family... broke me. What a messed up world we live in. The men who engage in these activities are despicable, pathetic, unworthy, disgusting monsters. Shame on every single man who has ever paid for sex, or forced a woman to have sex with him. Shame on every single one of them.
chidex chidex (4 days ago)
Men are so wicked
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
Ikr! The evilness !!
Dorivaldo Jones (4 days ago)
All these Ladies/Mans are Brave it’s not easy to live neither to rise a kid in this country if you don’t have the means... I’ve been living here in the Philippines for 8 years now, and I would say that Filipinos in general are brave to the point I often got myself on tears but one of the things I really get upset about it’s the fact that when Filipinos sees a foreigner people specially white guys, they’re all amazed as if God came out and this leads to the reason why foreigner/white guys mostly playing around as if it’s their own country.. Most of Filipinos aren’t open minded about the world outside and they carry the stereotype that white people are good and rich then black people are poor and evil that’s why foreigner usually take advantage of the vulnerability of these people ...if anybody notice on this doc.., most of the fallen angel are from white guys and with that said I wish I could have the means to help these people and I got myself on tears after watch this doc..., what a sad situation these people are in...may God help all these families...wish I could say more...have got lot of experience in here to the point that I came up with the saying “FILIPINO WORSHIP A WHITE PEOPLE”.. Excuse my words but that’s the reality...
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
Yes all white people should die . There are no good white people they are all scum bags black man good and holy
AMorrissey (4 days ago)
8:44 uhh C.J Dickens, if that's your real name, thats gotta be embarrassing! Hope you're not married! 😁 on a sadder note, that baby is malnourished andd I'm sorry but mom holds her like she doesn't know what to do with her. It's sad that she most likely spends all of her time trying to make money and hasn't formed any kind of bond because of it.
Tim Newlun (4 days ago)
This broke my heart. There arent enough resources for these kids, or any kids, anywhere in the world. It's sad to know that some of these kids will live a life of desperation and not get a chance to do more with their lives. We only get one life, so when I see someone suffering as a way of life it crushes my heart.
Kopi O kaww.. (4 days ago)
God bless you Pia. My prayers are always with you.
Fah Sibo Sithole (4 days ago)
What makes me made r America n European men that go to poor countries like Thailand, Cambodia n the Philippines to sexually abuse small kids
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
Only muslims do that not Americans
Katrina Sadler (4 days ago)
"You can take the girl out of the bar, but you can't take the bar out of the girl" lowest form of life!
Karen Merritt (4 days ago)
Women can prevent getting pregnant by using condoms, at the end of the day its the children who get hurt
cheneu villa (4 days ago)
I feel pity for the kids.
Mona Luiza (4 days ago)
Mama's baby..papa maybe....:(
Hamit Lila. (4 days ago)
If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice Again another verse from the Quran is here ,don’t you still realize importance of islam ? Honestly!!!
Hamit Lila. (4 days ago)
Well all this is sad beginning for the kids . Atlst now i see the importance of Islamic Law as a solution to humanity . "The woman and the man guilty of fornication/adultery,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment." — Qur'an, Sura 24 (An-Nur), ayat 2
MWoodson (4 days ago)
Alot of these comments are very rude and judgmental. Remember alot of these people are doing this to eat. They have made this an industry for this country because these people are poor and dont have access to education and many other things. It is absolutly the rich taking advantage of the poor. These people are doing what they can to survive. Its so sad. Instead of judging, find a way to help. The people who have documented this are doing a whole lot more then the self rightious ones writing these stupid comments. Talking about its cruel for these kids to say "hi dad" to the cameras. Its cruel for these nasty men to take part in making these children and completely dismiss them, but they've been doing this type of thing since the days of slavery in America. I applaud the crew for documenting this and exposing it.
Lu Rr (4 days ago)
Also why is this chapter about sex tourism and how wrong it is and then blur the faces of the old white fuckers who literally are pedophiles????!!!
Lu Rr (4 days ago)
Men: have kids and left them and their moms all their lives alone Kids, women, society: Hi dad, come visit me at least one day I beg you, everything's forgiven.
Katie (4 days ago)
are sex tourists all just fat, old white men? probably
E.A Martinez (5 hours ago)
Jeno Serilla (4 days ago)
Mas fluent pa magsalita ung nanay ng english kaysa teacher, shame on u and ur attitude
ll 6dbqp9 ll (4 days ago)
For one to take care of a kid which is not his own.. Plus he knows about the mothers past.. And yet agreed to let them walk away from him for bigger future. Thats pure love and sympathy right there..

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