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Fallen Angels. True cost of sex tourism: Philippine’s fatherless kids of Angeles City Streetwalkers

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Angeles City in the Philippines is a well-known sex tourism destination. There used to be an American air base here, but now it’s popular among mainly retired men who travel in search of sex for sale. Hundreds of local young women work in the bars and night clubs offering additional services for the money they desperately need to make ends meet and feed their families. The real victims though are the sex workers’ children, conceived by foreign travellers. These children immediately stand out in the crowd, being of mixed-race here almost certainly means a child is the product of a liaison between a sex tourist and a call girl. They may stand out but they’re not unusual, within their communities there are many children of the sex trade. In most cases, the kids have never met their fathers who, after visiting for a brief holiday, either don’t know or care that their own offspring have been left behind. The burden of raising the children rests entirely on the shoulders of the already struggling mothers. An RT Doc film crew visits Angeles City to meet the children abandoned by foreign sex tourist fathers. This programme reveals their lives and dreams and some heartfelt messages for the estranged fathers. SUBSCRIBE TO RTD Channel to get documentaries firsthand! http://bit.ly/1MgFbVy FOLLOW US RTD WEBSITE: https://RTD.rt.com/ RTD ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/RT_DOC RTD ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/RTDocumentary RTD ON DAILYMOTION http://www.dailymotion.com/rt_doc RTD ON INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/rt_documentary/ RTD LIVE https://rtd.rt.com/on-air/
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Text Comments (11740)
India India (2 hours ago)
makes me sick. I am so heartbroken for these families. The children. Why God is this world so bad. This video is so hard to watch.
Büşra (7 hours ago)
22:05 this scene made me so angryy. The way how he threw the money at them. And let them fight each other. Disgusting!!!!
John Baldwin (7 hours ago)
It makes me so sad to see guys who wont take care of their own babies . They will let them grow up in poverty and not provide for even an education .
uxhermail romana (10 hours ago)
OMG plz GOD help me to help others who have important needs.
Leahann Poleto (11 hours ago)
Heartbreaking! These children are beautiful! I wish that I had the money to adopt them and give them the love that they need! So glad that the mothers are doing what they can and not abandoning them. God watch over them all and give them strength and joy❤
Leahann Poleto (11 hours ago)
Looking at these perverted old American men! Makes ya wonder what they do as a proffession! Disgusting pigs!
Greg Baisan (17 hours ago)
Yet. They seldom talk about it in local media. That most americans and white are doing this. They are busy blaming Chinese in the Media. I am not saying that all Chinese are good and all American are bad. What I am saying is, why media always try to portray Chinese as demons and Americans as angels?
Greg Baisan (17 hours ago)
Lester, son of Pia, will soon take care of Pia when Pia gets old, through Home Service Beauty Parlor as well, I can see that. But that is perfectly okay. Genuine Love between this two.
Greg Baisan (17 hours ago)
Why the father of Charlie, an Irish Australian, kept on using “he” inatead of “she”.
friccin hecc (20 hours ago)
All of the fuckin tourists should get a vasectomy
friccin hecc (20 hours ago)
When you're half Filipino and you understand so you don't read the subtitles 😎
Tanii Gucci (23 hours ago)
Is that the Philippines???🤧😟😟
aventura excellence (1 day ago)
I don't really have an issue with the exchange of sex for money, it's supply and demand and no different than how most women seek to hop on the 'D' of the man with the most resources. When I was watching this though, what I kept coming back too is circumstance. The women in the video willingly spread their legs and took the creampie, the men paid for it, often lied as if they were going to stick around, etc. In the end, the product of that exchange, it's the kids are the one's who suffer and neither party thought about how their actions would create this generation of children who don't know their fathers and now have less of a chance at a successful life due to the absence of both parents. It's much like here in the US where I think the stats are something like 70%, of crime is committed by kids raised in single parent households. My numbers may be off a bit but I think you all get the point, the kids are suffering because both the mother and father failed to think ahead, failed to take responsibility for their actions and it's a shame that the sexual exchange has lead to this epidemic around the globe.
Kagura Hayabusa (1 day ago)
pagkakakilala ng foreigner kala nyo iaahon n sa kahirapan ayan napapala nyo
Squonk (1 day ago)
These translations are horrible! I dont think it fully captures the real emotion of the people yall interviewed
friccin hecc (20 hours ago)
Being a Filipino and understanding it is a gift
Da Zy (1 day ago)
But I'm really glad that their mother not leave them all alone
59 thanks (1 day ago)
Kaiyla H (1 day ago)
All theses girls are so beautiful and the men treat them like there nothing
SHUMBA YESANGO (1 day ago)
VERY SAD INDEED, the goverment in this country should make a tax for bars and clubs that employ and use these women as business pawns, the tourist industry must take responsibility for down stream effects of their business, call it pimp tax
Risha Lyngdoh (1 day ago)
Its really sad to see this im thank full that my life is much better even if i have to work also i still have something good
DebInfo (1 day ago)
The UN is a joke
DebInfo (1 day ago)
AUSTRALIA blocked passports
Joseph Reno (2 days ago)
A lot of light skin straight haired babies... I think I watched another video where they interviewed an old white male sex tourist. He blamed the corruption of the government and law enforcement for being able to do what he’s doing.
VERSE (2 days ago)
Hi! We decided to visit and document their story to help the women and children on our channel.
Emina (1 day ago)
omg! it's verse
MoistCake (2 days ago)
Omfg they should be rounded up and eliminated the tourists that it ...
Laylannai Wells (2 days ago)
Is there anyway I can donate $$$ to these women
VERSE (2 days ago)
Hey, we visited Angeles and told a similar story to help the women and children on our channel.
TUCO ALTIERRI (2 days ago)
Xica Da Silva (2 days ago)
So saaaaaad what these foreign men are doing to these women, poor kids.
verocimil (2 days ago)
Thank you for this kindhearted documentary exposing the truth and the very important part that makes the picture a whole one. I hope everyone will see the reality and that everything has a bigger picture to it! It melted my heart seeing that tremendous love and unimaginable maturity speaking out from the faces of those children, who even going through those deepest sufferings not even condemned their fathers, because their love is so much bigger! How deeply touching and beautiful their gratefulness towards those caring for them, who were undergoing terrible austerities themselves as well. How sobering and encouraging that deepest commitment coming from the hearts of those children wanting to be there for them later and to be a blessing as much as possible in their lives to others as well, showing all that what was missing by their own fathers. May we all be touched and awoken by witnessing all that pure love, letting our hearts be renewed, always searching for the whole picture, so that we may not be tempted by the lies, but cleansed by the truth. Let us worship God alone instead, crucifying all idols and feeding our minds with the Scriptures daily, so that we may be strengthened in our walk in the Spirit and able to conquer the thorns of the flesh every day anew, finding true peace and comfort instead of the false short-lived tantalizing promises of the devil! May all those who are suffering be blessed and the light always shine upon them! Let us pray for them in the name of Jesus Christ!
T South (2 days ago)
30:12 Thailand’s government is pimping their women. They have no plans to help them because they know it’s the WOMEN who are attracting all the tourists. Hoping girls will fall for the glamour of prostitution. Thai women need to protest for more financial support and benefits and end the cycle of indoctrinating little girls into this culture!
Pree This (2 days ago)
such innocent kids being brought up in a cruel world
T South (2 days ago)
You gotta love the church. They don’t condone prostitution. But they sure will accept money from prostitutes who barely have anything and need to be worrying about their damn selves!
T South (2 days ago)
Former actress to little actress. Please don’t become an actress. Get therapy.
powdered milk (2 days ago)
Those children who are teasing them in school don’t even know what their mates are going through. Plus the teacher .... gosh I don’t even know where to start...🤦‍♀️
Kevin Asoera (2 days ago)
Request for child support from the Embassy of United States of America ur government should get involved with these situations they're all getting away with murder they need to take care of their offspring's.
x. esee (2 days ago)
I respect those women who still didn’t give up their children even though they can’t barely eat three meals a day
liyaah lecaros (2 days ago)
the child actually looks like a mini catriona grey
Nang Chetjawa (2 days ago)
I just want to adopt those kids, 😭😭😭 they are so innocent and beautiful, I hope they achieve what they dreamed of.
Lashonah Tia (2 days ago)
mothers day should be made a national holiday
OBSERVER (3 days ago)
Pretty sad and miserable 😒
Chandra Xabre (3 days ago)
50 dollar For A Month.... Terribly Sorry
PaYia M (3 days ago)
Their country has fail their people. No structure. No welfare. No WIC/Ebt. No jobs. Foreigners r their source of welfare. 👎🏻
John Arwin Keith Asia (3 days ago)
Sobrang nakakalungkot. Nang dahil sa kahirapan, kailangan nilang gawin yun. Nakakalungkot dahil, feeling ko tinanggap na lang ng mga babae na hanggang ganun na lang sila. Sana maisip nila that they are precious and is not deserving of a life like that.
Doomy_Doomy (3 days ago)
And these white girls who do nothing but drink starbucks all day think they’re oppressed.
Tray Swag (3 days ago)
Sad and disgusting pigs. Both parties are at fault but if you have a child take care of them don’t just abandon them.
hate him (3 days ago)
SUSH RYNN (3 days ago)
Natural (3 days ago)
The Truth (3 days ago)
Trumps new immigration laws based on 'merits' and skilled immigrants referring Australian immi. policy as an example. Clueless...
irwan_ tpg (3 days ago)
the WEST and the WHITE MAN destroy philipine women...and they still do this...
Marie-louise Carson (3 days ago)
Go after the white ones lol
anonymous buoy (3 days ago)
Was that boy selling condoms. Shit.
Victor Pope (3 days ago)
all those scum out there doing this to other women while they have their wives fucking shits...hate it...
I want to see part2
Very interested Story and beautiful people
Orlando Bloom (3 days ago)
Great country for sure great leaders and the colonisation of Philippines went great as well Irony
I hate sin
I hate Pornography
God is with you, always
I'm in tear.
Medusa Mccray (4 days ago)
listening to innocent kids talk this way is tugging at my heart 💔
ravi yadav (4 days ago)
i know most of them wont be seeing the happy ending as jane but i would pray for all of them to get something they wished from god
Tony Cabanes (4 days ago)
I salute Arnold👏🏻such a good hearted person, He only cares for his Family even tho his wife has a boyfriend in other country he still wants to have a better life for his Family.
Joy Koh (4 days ago)
Poor kids. What have they done to deserve this kind of life? And shouldn't the women there know anything better than to trust the pervert foreign men ? Those men are just there to pay a small small sum of money for some fun,and then off they go. So do you expect them to take responsibility for your pregnancy? No they won't!!! So please take good care of yourselves. Hope all of you kids have a better life and bright future waiting for you. Don't give up.
🕊 (4 days ago)
i feel so bad
Himamari Nohara (4 days ago)
So heartbreaking.. God bless Pia
Lic lick (4 days ago)
This makes me cry damn those fat ugly old men that uses the desperate of those women’s they should provide those kids there should be a law a god damn law at the Philippines that if a girl gets pregnant she can avoid the guy from exiting the country , they should freaking provide for the sake of those kids. SHAME on us human kind shame on us!!!!!!
Humam Slayer (4 days ago)
look at all of the young desperate kids , what's their guilt ?
David West (4 days ago)
The evil English deliberately juxtaposed the priest's homily against these people.
G B (4 days ago)
Pia is a BEAUTIFUL ANGEL. He raises Jean well ❤❤❤
T London (4 days ago)
Bless Pia for adopting and giving this child life. This poor transwoman who already has the most difficult discriminated and oppressed life from the close-minded people and the society is giving all that she has and is to this boy who was abandoned by his normal parents. He was ashamed to be seen with his mother and even call her his mother because of people who made him feel ashamed of her. He said it makes him upset when people make fun of her. He even said he could cure her one day when he becomes a doctor so she can be a woman not stuck in the middle. One day he will understand just how lucky he is to have a mother who took care of her, dedicated all her life and everything for his wellbeing even if she is a Transgender woman.
Jessie (4 days ago)
The dads are not going to see this video, probably to old to work a phone or know what YouTube is.
0000000Lara (4 days ago)
all those creepy old pervs need to be castrated
Andrea Taylor (4 days ago)
God bless and help them all
Thianna Ayiel Lenne (4 days ago)
26:10 her face, the judgement was so obvious... It only doesn't happen in that particular place, it happens everywhere in the Philippines. That's just the most common place for it. Edit: I feel more grateful with my life now. Every time I feel ungrateful I should watch documentaries like this.
RedRed plays (4 days ago)
god pls help our country
niyah w (4 days ago)
2:21 That boy in the white shirt needs...some special attention
Muthoni Kanjih (5 days ago)
This is so heartbreaking. I can't hold my tears.
Crystal Wong (5 days ago)
I just have 2 questions : 1. arent they afraid of Aids??? 2. Isnt it just disgusting to be messing around with women who sleep with everyone?? Ewwwww
Jianne 00 (5 days ago)
48:52 i hope she really do become an artist.
Samara Acosta (5 days ago)
I mean like their women they should be able to wear condoms I feel sorry but also sorry for the mum
Lil Broke (5 days ago)
This is just so sad to see
Cameron S. (5 days ago)
40:56 he was so lost🤣
Cameron S. (5 days ago)
38:30 baby Isaac is beautiful 😩😍
iconic sis (5 days ago)
My family was going through a hard time, and I always thought I had the worst life and that I was ''poor''. But I've been watching a lot of this documentaries and I've realized that I have everything I need, everything I want. And now me and my older siblings are donating to charitys.
DonQuixote 369 (5 days ago)
This is what happen when USA destroy my beloved country by the time they kicked out president marcos philippines get poor
luna shyne sparkles (5 days ago)
So sad ..wish I could wish those kiddos a better life.
Talent Got Talent (5 days ago)
Adultery is the second greatest sin after associating partners with God! I hope people now understand why!!!!
Domi KM (5 days ago)
Aside of the humanitarian burden it brings: it's true what they say about mixed race children - in their majority they truly are beautiful and bright
laila cub (5 days ago)
Where do I send money for this little boy?
Alex Nicolao (5 days ago)
How the moral and ethical fabric of a society is teared into shreds when everyone thinks of themselves and not others. Using appearances, religion and deceit to deceive others and eventually themselves. What the FUCK is philippines government doing to help these kids and to STOP child prostitution ? Why not ban prostitution all together, make education free for poor children from ages 6 to 14, and provide healthcare and family planning services. Isn't this basic job of the government ?
tyistrom (5 days ago)
They need to be a system set up to make the men pay more . MAKING BABIES AND LEAVING the Government needs to step in. This is a life for them cycle that repeats. But I will say this I Wish she stop talking to that child like that. The teacher could have been more understanding for the child sake. Dammm
Honeybun (5 days ago)
So sad. 😕
SIKE (5 days ago)
Whats saddening as well is that theres an industry for pedophilic sex tourists who buy extremely underage girls for sex in the Philippines as well.
Kelly Mcshane (5 days ago)
These so called men make me sick. Selfish bastards!
Rachel Perese-king (5 days ago)
Beautiful honey babys xoxoxo
Rita Rai (5 days ago)
Why Filipino girl believe westerner guy they use only for injoyment & return thier country leave behind dark life
shona smile (5 days ago)
May all those kids have a bright future
shona smile (5 days ago)
Why not use condoms or pills, don't fall for foreigners they just want t have fun and let you carry the burden of being both the mother n father

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