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Taylor Swift - Red (Live from New York City)

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Milagros (1 hour ago)
Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia
gail Kreug (3 hours ago)
That's why I loved your song
Andrew Hughes (5 days ago)
ravi gotriwal (5 days ago)
You deserve world..TAYLOR SWIFT...💕💕
Jon Ojo (5 days ago)
Im happy for live in same time as she.
Ellen. Lanasa (5 days ago)
taylor the best ever!even were not met in person but i know you have a good heart,you are amazing <3
Chrismae Lacopia (6 days ago)
Waiting for 4.26?
Rica Nungay (8 days ago)
Taragis yan! Bilib na bilib talaga ako pag electric gamit ni *Taylor* e. 😭😍❤
Disha Mittal (9 days ago)
These people are so lucky
Cristine Joy (10 days ago)
She doesn't need autotune.
Mehak Khan (15 days ago)
She is super talented
Himu Chowdhury (17 days ago)
April 2019
Yagami (21 days ago)
This is my first time seeing someone who sings so stable and it’s just like the audio
love , love, love you so much
Caroline Nueve (23 days ago)
porqué no se para derecha?
Kadambari Sawant (24 days ago)
Binge watching Taylor's Older album performances 😍😘
gien82 (24 days ago)
I’m going to her next concert here in London, it’s a promise x
Franzel Fernandes (29 days ago)
Franzel Fernandes (29 days ago)
Aisha Arenova (30 days ago)
Love you Taylor 🌺🌺🌺 Hello from March 2019
Linda Manipuri (1 month ago)
Sexual contact
Linda Manipuri (1 month ago)
Red vaginal
Siwar Bou3bena (1 month ago)
this is awesome 😍😍❤!!
Hossein Talaee (1 month ago)
U r to die for
Ihsan Airways (1 month ago)
She really don't want any aurotune
Juanjo Céspedes (1 month ago)
Her voice is really really perfect in live. Love yoy TT♡
the big weeb (1 month ago)
wow a video without "2019 anyone" comments im so blessed
Faiqatha Joesta (1 month ago)
This my favourite singer,i love you taylor swift,i hope she read this messege😊😊👋
michael delossantos (2 months ago)
She sounds pretty good here. Her voice sounds so much better on the RED album than 1989, the style just suits her voice better! The high-pitched pop-sounding voice on 1989 isn't so great in my opinion. Ironically her voice sounded the most beautiful for country even though she wasn't born with a southern accent.
Anas Malik (2 months ago)
She is singing so easily and same as the studio version
Missanne Anne (2 months ago)
Taylor my favourite 😳😳😳😳😍
Putri Gupitasari (2 months ago)
Whos watching in 2019? 😂
Jason Ingram (2 months ago)
A gorgeous young woman with a beautiful spirit. God blessed her with genuine talent and her dreams came true.
Yo ya no estoy para que Teylor Swift, me diga que no para buscar las estrategias para que me diga que si, nuestros corazón unido por el creador, los católicos tienen la acción, los pastores la fe y algunos tienen acción.
Rex Davis (2 months ago)
Love you my queen 👑 Taylor Swift i send you these rose's to you 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Reena blink (2 months ago)
Our Queen..❤❤💖💖👑👑
Vansangi Vani (2 months ago)
I'm believer Taylor swift ! do you???yes like or no do not like
Serine cici (2 months ago)
Nazar Hussain (2 months ago)
OMG she's gorgeous. And so her voice
hugo llanoscruz (2 months ago)
Yo tengo Amor todo el Amor k buscas una y otra vez en los demas pero no esta ahi Si antes viste ahora k te kedaste dormida ya no y por eso volvi porke entiendo k tu estrella habia caido porke siempre los ignorantes creian tener tu control y se reian de ti a tus espaldas porke yo no estaba en tus actitudes y caias sin tu saberlo Sabes Amor nunca debi decir esta verdad pero dado k en cada vez k intento ver el mundo por yutb apareces tu y debido a k no me hablas siento k te debo miles de perdones por algo k tu no me lo dices Y me veo obligado a hablarte aki en yutb porke no encuentro ni otra manera ni otro modo de ayudarte wyth my Love Asi k aki kedaran guardadas mis palabras las k te dije y las k te dire asi transcurridos los años eternos el 5500 veran k si hubo un Amor sincero el mio y k a pesar de las miles de limitaciones se impuso por sobre todo tan solo por ver una sonrisa tuya al saber k alguien te Ama sin condiciones Y k no espera Y te lo dice Y te lo grita Y te da Luz Y te proteje Y te Ama Sabes siempre hable solo con mi madre las cosas secretas k debo decirle Pero aki en la wb y yutb debo de hablarte ante miles de personas lo k habla mi ....... Creeme en como me siento pero tu Amor me impulsa a ello pues k me busca y no puedo ya escapar aun cuando tu sabes k estoy atrapado dentro tuyo Me Perdonaras Amor?? Me hablaras?? Si asi no lo es creo k empezare a caminar tal vez a correr 110V3Y8U74110RF0REVER U80😸
Daniel Ichim (2 months ago)
Driving them fancy Maserati's is driving no Mrs, Daisy, I saw one just the other day. Those 350, 000 $ .Maseratis. A Top Cat ride.
Justin T (2 months ago)
Flaona Davidson (2 months ago)
2019?? 🙋
Nhi Trần Lê Phương (2 months ago)
That my queen, Taylor Swift <3
metinee boonkong (3 months ago)
Lilet Swift (3 months ago)
Do you guys notice the lights??
red queen (3 months ago)
Cause listening to your song reminds me of red..
Zetem Guite (3 months ago)
My favourite
La Divaza (3 months ago)
Nnริน Nn (3 months ago)
Swiftie Hazel (3 months ago)
I love Taylor live.
Domskieee xD (3 months ago)
2019, anyone?
Wala Lang (3 months ago)
axel kuser (3 months ago)
ya lo sabes porque no deseo hoy me regalen nada ??
Diego Alonso Cruz Nonoal (3 months ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍 Tay is a God😍😍😍
smk.g caFFeine (3 months ago)
Taylor, can u drop me cookies?
Legolasfan2001 (4 months ago)
And she's got a beautiful guitar.
omar errabaany (4 months ago)
it's sounds like studio version , is she lip sync ?
ᄋᄋ (4 months ago)
Sounds like she ate CD.
Canal Top Músicas (4 months ago)
Saeid Asna (4 months ago)
You want love me? Are you love me baba?
Asha Gonsalves (4 months ago)
Love this song
sena sumawun (4 months ago)
Bibekananda Haldar (4 months ago)
Incredible voice
Bibekananda Haldar (4 months ago)
I loved her real voice
Bella Wright (4 months ago)
Excellent lip syncing and air guitar.
Kgotso K (4 months ago)
Burning red!
Allyssa Aliangan (4 months ago)
2018!!! who else?
shaifali tyagi (4 months ago)
You are always ossam
aiman afqir (5 months ago)
Im here November 2018
SUPERB Clips (5 months ago)
She sings so well in live
Maverick - (5 months ago)
My sweat heart is a true legend!!!
Bro Feast (5 months ago)
Aria sweezy (5 months ago)
Taylor you're so perfect, I can't say anything...
Mary Jaira Reyes (5 months ago)
I'm a first time viewer.. She sounds good because she is not dancing, like other singers. She is focused on her guitar play while singing. And that is what makes her talented, simple, and outstanding among the rest..
Blink Distajo (5 months ago)
Favorite era of all time 💕😍
Nestor San Gabriel (5 months ago)
You're really magical Scintillating artist. An exceptional vivacious queen of pop!
Liarmerch design (5 months ago)
Love this version of Taylor and her music.
ReyhanDinho 017 (5 months ago)
Good job ,amazing
netizen terhormat (6 months ago)
it's time when she still make good music ..
Joshua_ Prime (6 months ago)
Wow is this even live!!
Wiriya Master (6 months ago)
In Thailand we love you
Happy. You. Goognight.
kepler240 (6 months ago)
the freak on the violin….oh la la
Sonali More (6 months ago)
Loving her is red.... Love u taylor
Christian Jee (6 months ago)
This song always makes me cry .....
Love. you
Kenzu Nakazawa (6 months ago)
She is the legend
SHIVAM KUMAR (6 months ago)
This is the region why Taylor swift are different of all singer I love her song and forever amazing performer best of luck for future 🎤🏅🏅
Asko Ariicho (6 months ago)
Looks good in red too
Christian ChimChim (6 months ago)
Red was her best album.bye😭😭
Amanda Stone (6 months ago)
you're my favorite Taylor Swift can you make a video of you doing a pole dance..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍😎😎😍😎😁😂😄😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍
CiGame (6 months ago)
I seen avril Lavigne live "head above water" i seen tylor Swift "Red" than i realized both have perfect voice when i seen them live performance
09969190589 Warniega (6 months ago)
My Idol💕
Coleman Dickson (6 months ago)
The look on the banjo players face at the beginning way priceless! I love Tay so much :)
Ceyda Yıldız (6 months ago)
An angel sound?
Fahim Jaowad (6 months ago)
I'm a man and she makes me gay, if that makes any sense.
Raihan Pratama (7 months ago)
Sabrina melo (7 months ago)
Quem mais conheceu essa música pelo fifth harmony??

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