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✄ Barber Tutorials 6 - V-shaped Neck Hairline + Point Cut on Top

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Tutorial includes point cutting, pointy sides, V-shaped faded neck hairline, blow dry styling and styling with wax. Due thanks to Kevin McLeod for his royalty free track "GrooveGroove" which we used for this video. (how to cut hair, haircut, hair styling, style, salon, barber tutorial, barber shop, Turkish barber, hairdresser)
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Text Comments (39)
Gaurav Kumar (11 months ago)
Where is your shop sir ?
AlisBarberShop (9 months ago)
Dublin, Ireland
Gaurav Kumar (11 months ago)
Tech Nepal (1 year ago)
My favourite hair cut is V-shape. I always make such shape ..do dots exist in this haircut ?
Markfranco Naraja (2 years ago)
what haircut name is ir?
Allen Duke (3 years ago)
I wish you would show us a picture of the final product at the end.
yogi (3 years ago)
so when i go into the barbers, what should i actually ask for?
fabrizio olmeda (4 years ago)
taglio perfetto complimenti
Ben Mike (4 years ago)
Great well done more tutorials thank you
B R A H M S K Y (4 years ago)
Make me want to start cutting and learn to be a barber, great tutorial..
jakesotherthings (4 years ago)
Great cut I'm a barber and I always struggle with getting the v in tighter blending on sides is fine but just blending the v and taking it in tighter any tips ?
AlisBarberShop (4 years ago)
For V-shape slightly wet hair is preferable - spray a bit of water before starting. Comb back of the hair all way down and front hair/sides all way forward.  Start from the neck, from the right side. Hold the clippers at 30-40 degree angle rather than straight against the neck and 2 cm in from the hairline. Go up towards the ear and go upwards to the top of the ear area following the hairline. And then start with the same angle from the front close to temple and connect to the top of the ear area. Repeat on the other side. finish up with scissors.
What # is that guard u used at the beginning when u began to shape the v?
Jerry Domingo (5 years ago)
Frontal view please, I want to show my barber that
Jerry Domingo (5 years ago)
@AlisBarberShop Frontal view please, I want to show my barber that style
Yaoska Rivas (5 years ago)
That's my next haircut! Kool!! Thanks man!
Anthony Donatelli (5 years ago)
My walmart cut sure does not look like that! 
KalebD'Costa (5 years ago)
Is the hair faded in this video??
Brittney Aguirre (5 years ago)
I want to learn how to cut scissor over comb like that
SchmidtBo87 (5 years ago)
May I ask what a rat tail is?
Crystal K (1 year ago)
It's a long thin tail of hair at the nape of the neck similar to what the name suggests
AlisBarberShop (5 years ago)
Hi, at 00:56 I'm using number 1 over the comb cutting to blend in number 2 to the hair on top.
LunarC37 (5 years ago)
At 0.56 in the video which number is this and can you explain what your doing ?
Roger Perez (5 years ago)
How would I go about asking for this haircut at any barber shop?
Ervin Esparza (5 years ago)
I like the point cutting technique with the comb :)
AlisBarberShop (5 years ago)
From my experience, best hair style for person who keeps his natural style. If you have a rat tail, this would mean that you are already pre-designed for a V-shape fade, and this will give you a unique look.
AlisBarberShop (5 years ago)
Cheers mate.
AlisBarberShop (5 years ago)
Soc23Box (5 years ago)
Hey quick question. I'm someone who's hair style is slick back (all my top hair) and I'm trying to keep it that way but I have a rat tail and I think the V fade will go good with it. But do u think it will look good of I trying to have my hair slick back on he top??
Musique3579 (6 years ago)
Wow, that was truly a killer great haircut. Now I would like one just like that but everyone around here who cuts hair never gets it right.
AlisBarberShop (6 years ago)
Why not? Try and send me a pic.
Manu Mohindra (6 years ago)
nice i have curly hair can i try this
Ralph Emonts (6 years ago)
sehr schöner Haarschnitt super cut
AlisBarberShop (6 years ago)
AlisBarberShop (6 years ago)
Thanks for the feedback, which blade to take depends on what hair length is there. Number 1 is fine to use, but a secure way for a fade is to start with 2 and then go lower. Cheers!
electro84_ (6 years ago)
Nice job.
AlisBarberShop (6 years ago)
Baronni (6 years ago)
very good!
Baronni (6 years ago)
very good!

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