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Age of Conan: Unchained Secrets of Dragons Spine Trailer

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http://www.gamezplay.org - Age of Conan has just gotten an all new dungeon in the fresh Dragon's Spine area. The Coils of Ubah Kan offers a brutal challenge for a six man party with great rewards awaiting those who succeed. In the Coils of Ubah Kan the players enter recently excavated tunnels and can fight their way into the ancient underground city of the Serpent Men to uncover all its secrets. The primeval Serpent Man race has been biding its time for an age, but is now rising again to repel the invasion of their territory. This new dungeon is found in Age of Conan's newest area exclusive to Member players -- Dragon's Spine. Here players can take part in all new adventures and test their strength against terrifying monsters. The Coils of Ubah Kan is Dragon's Spine second dungeon, and even more content will come to this area in the near future. #gamezplay
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