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Djokovic vs. Sharapova: The Challenge

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What's better: Speed or Instinct? Who's better: Novak Djokovic or Maria Sharapova? To answer this question once and for all, both HEAD Tennis players meet in a contest with three rounds of slightly different kinds of tennis. Speed vs. Instinct: Make your choice on http://www.head.com/tennis And for a chance to win signed memorabilia from the film, go to https://apps.facebook.com/speedvsinstinct/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Watch Novak's moves for celebration here: "Novak Djokovic Players Only" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io2sQykdx1w -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (1523)
filip milenkovic (7 minutes ago)
Interesting...russian and serbian 🇷🇸🇷🇺
rocky balboa (5 hours ago)
I can bet $10000, they fucked after shoot
Serge Grattu (11 hours ago)
On which adult website is the continuation ?
debu1997 (12 hours ago)
At the ending (2:18) Sharapova says ''New Balls Please" because Djokovic's are apparently down because of her only 🤣
schandra sekhar (16 hours ago)
New balls plsss....
hokutoshinken (19 hours ago)
あ ほ く さ
WonJoon Jung (21 hours ago)
2:22 fuckin' cunt
pride (1 day ago)
holy shit she's tall
I believe the hole is between her legs! !!!
GT-FTW (1 day ago)
Can't believe they are both 6'2
Mike (1 day ago)
77boondocksaint (1 day ago)
legs for days she's so fucking hot
Tolga Bedir (1 day ago)
super fake shoots but super sexy legs. :p
The Sports Debate (1 day ago)
aaand 6 years later.. youtube recommends me this haha
taro buhi (1 day ago)
كيف ضحكتها مصطنعة
wolfmanjacksaid (2 days ago)
joshua rodriguez (2 days ago)
Wheres the part they fuck?
Sukh S (2 days ago)
So basically too much for Novak to catch and fedrer could have one may b 2 more so all time great as people say to 18
Sukh S (2 days ago)
Djokovic no 1 always after Rafael if Rafael wasnt Injured he would have won 25 grand slams by now so it means Federer on 17 and Novak on 12
Sukh S (2 days ago)
Winners got something in them.
Dana James (2 days ago)
I'm sure he appreciated the butt shot she gave him at 1:19.
Usama TKM (2 days ago)
New balls plsssss
Armando Sanchez (2 days ago)
Dicks Sporting goods
Armando Sanchez (2 days ago)
Cashier Cash
Ian Allison (3 days ago)
feel me (3 days ago)
I lily lily love maria sharapova. So innocent yet so fierce
Marco ocraM (3 days ago)
Sharpapova and Jokeovic
lockodonis (3 days ago)
So fake....
Selene Evans (3 days ago)
Novac is so funny , Maria is smoking hot .. both are so talented . Imagine of these two got married
Peter Hammer (3 days ago)
Dont think a tennisball fits in the golfhole if the stick is inside :) Funny video though!
Ken Free (4 days ago)
Maria is DAMN HOT!
Kamil Różański (4 days ago)
too fake...
Damon Tan (4 days ago)
Why do all the shots look fake as fuck
sajib sjb (4 days ago)
I think the hole is that way..... 😂
Showme Dumuny (4 days ago)
Tennis players, dancers, ice skaters and swimmers bring all men to their knees
ANDREW Smith (3 days ago)
Don't forget the Neballers
Luke Blazevic (4 days ago)
It’s not hard to imagine what happened that night
abhishek parihar (4 days ago)
I luv Maria
Alister Shallam (5 days ago)
She did it on purpose, 😆😆
Bobba Rockersons (5 days ago)
The bitch hit the goat in the balls
Rocco Gant (5 days ago)
she'll fukk anybody.....man or woman....that pussy has to smell sumthin terrible.....
New Jersey (5 days ago)
its fake.
Ricky Alfaro (5 days ago)
Sharapova was so sexy in her prime.
Alexander Carter (5 days ago)
Part 2 now streaming on Pornhub
Gnosis7 (5 days ago)
The hole in one was totally faked out. Why is it that they always try to to portray women as better and smarter when in reality the best man will easily crush the best woman in any sport!
David Sikent (5 days ago)
That's a HUGE bitch
Brian Bassett (5 days ago)
I could watch that young lady play with balls all day long.
gespiri (5 days ago)
Fake, phoney, and false. A tennis ball WILL NOT GO IN A GOLF HOLE WITH THE FLAG IN IT (CGI) since it's too big.
Exlan Tech™ (5 days ago)
Are you sure about this one? * Im ready.
c17h21cmoscmos (5 days ago)
all the "performences" are fake fake fake
Dave (5 days ago)
I wonder if they share a dealer?
CrazyChristmastree (5 days ago)
why do they talk like emotionless robots?
Skeeter Johnson (5 days ago)
She's so much more enjoyable to watch when she's not grunting.
jaimin sharma (5 days ago)
0:55, 2:18 that's what she said
FP (5 days ago)
How did she make dat shot
Sandro Asiain (5 days ago)
Fake af
The Cookie Legend (5 days ago)
These comments are so inappropriate 😂
Myron E (5 days ago)
How come Sharapova gets popped for drugs and serves a suspension, while a certain other "lady" is 'roided up to full linebacker size and gets to talk about how she is redefining femininity?
Jeff S (5 days ago)
Wow, really funny and charming.
Anjal kharel (5 days ago)
"I think the hole is that way" -Novak djokovic
S S (3 days ago)
Underrated comment lol
You are Great (3 days ago)
*Whose hole is he talking about..Guess....*
92kosta (3 days ago)
Don't worry. He knows where the holes are.
きょん きょん (5 days ago)
drakey27 (5 days ago)
flyhound97 (5 days ago)
For some reason I thought this was going to be some celeb porn video. Man I need to lay off the Pornhub.
flyhound97 (5 days ago)
With all the CGI couldn't they CGI that skirt a little shorter?
Uibeltje Snuibeltje (5 days ago)
I read also afterwards she handled his balls quite well....
Marcin Karczewski (5 days ago)
1:07 Russian cheering :|
Silviu Teodorescu (5 days ago)
This apeared to me in recommendation after the Wimbledon 2019 😭 *Too late*
mbiu mbiu (5 days ago)
Pritish Appadoo (6 days ago)
Djokovic is like Niko Bellic playing bowling with his girlfriendin GTA 😂😝
Striker ™ (5 days ago)
I mean they are both Serbian hahaha
captain masa (6 days ago)
Timothy Burton (6 days ago)
I don't care what they play or what the challenge is....Maria wins.
Ranga Kanoz (6 days ago)
Where can I find the rest of this porno?
jonathan spittlehouse (6 days ago)
When it comes to Maria I'd definetly get it in the hole !!!
Javier M (6 days ago)
LeagueOfBucketsBG (6 days ago)
Sents ball in the air and goes in Sharapova: "TaKe A piCture Of tHat"
FP (5 days ago)
how she do that
Sunsence (5 days ago)
For a second there, I thought I was on PornHub.
McNudl_HD (6 days ago)
Second ball of her is fake!!!
CHC Aran (6 days ago)
Cloes your eyes and get dirty
[ GTA5 GLITCHER ] (6 days ago)
This was fun even I want to play this
Alphacool7 (6 days ago)
陈俊峰 (6 days ago)
Sharapova doesn't have any russian accent in her English speaking lol
Black Tusk (5 days ago)
She's an American actually.
Yung Al-Ghazali (6 days ago)
i bet they bang after this
Mick Davies (6 days ago)
I bet Novak found her hole
Mehmet Gndz (6 days ago)
valla ne yalan söyliyim topa mopa bakmıyom sharapovanın göte bakıyom.
meteo reinaldo (6 days ago)
Mahnoor Khan (6 days ago)
Maria ur sound is too much sweet and marvelous laugh u bring on your face
A.James Reilly (6 days ago)
He so banged her
TOM MOT (6 days ago)
How fake is this lol😂😂😂
Jorge (7 days ago)
She’s so attractive 😍😍
WhiteChocolateMocha (7 days ago)
Wat a babe!
dylan peritz (7 days ago)
this has to be fake
Tom Behnke (7 days ago)
This was terrific!
Muhammad saad (7 days ago)
I never knew she is this much beautiful
Ashwin (7 days ago)
How I would love to throw a fuck in her
Dank vader (7 days ago)
Fucker won the wc.
Meisseli (7 days ago)
This video is the most "porn intro" thing I have ever seen.. :D
k odu (1 day ago)
you are perverted. Get help fast.
Andrija Matic (2 days ago)
The is the best possible Commercial for head- Pun intended
Henri Spaan (3 days ago)
LOL soooo true
If you didn't have such a dirty mind you'd realize It was just a commercial for Head.
11H8 (4 days ago)
@Віталій Савченко It rly isn't
LoungeJay (7 days ago)
Women tennis players never have boyfriends for long because they're always calling for "new balls please!"
Your funny
Madao (6 days ago)
LoungeJay haha nice one mate
HorizonPlayz (7 days ago)
I was smiling the entire way, but when she actually got it in, my face just dropped (and yes I know it was fake and all that)
Tobias Gerrits (7 days ago)
Who’s here after Wimbledon 2019 finale?
Jeffrey Cui (1 day ago)
@Lei Harry 英文
Brawnkers (2 days ago)
Not me, commenting before, no spoilers please
AKI Kawasaki (3 days ago)
Prince Chauhan (4 days ago)
Becoz of algorithm hack us all including me

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