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The World of Magic - Official Trailer

875 ratings | 1010064 views
Welcome aboard folks! Come join our voyage to the vast magical world that will unfold right in front of your eyes.
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Text Comments (92)
lxlWOAHlxl (2 months ago)
was a great game 8yrs ago, still great game today
The Twomer's imo (3 months ago)
Cant belive its been 7yrs since i play this game but cuz of getting scammed so many times im at the peak of my tolerance xD.
Manabu Nemoto (3 years ago)
Carzions ZYA (5 years ago)
Hey guys I am just a small gamer, making videos for fun so why give a lad a hand, go have a look at my channel
funnyfunkinmonkey (5 years ago)
Mmmm I love this game <3
Mathew Lau (5 years ago)
Rubbish LANOS
mgsnowbear (5 years ago)
Mia Lopez (5 years ago)
Pll killed me they had red names
Abram Hadnot (5 years ago)
So awsome
Com2us USA (5 years ago)
plz mail to [email protected], plz
jhjhgjhgmnnn (5 years ago)
Reinstalling after fixing storange in phone! Warspear is ok, but no exp for killing. Which sucks. I just wish there were quests here!!!
RiceCult (5 years ago)
How do I get 99million gold
Anju Katou (5 years ago)
cute but the ingame community is horribly unfriendly with everyone trolling and raging at each other all the time. (bad community with too many idiots around.) This is why I uninstalled after my first hour ingame. if rules are more reinforced then maybe I'll join again. For now (at least for me), no thanks.
Com2us USA (5 years ago)
maybe it related to memory of your phone. please check your storage.
Alex Esquibel (5 years ago)
Lanos! Lanos! Lanos!
Jesse Valdez (5 years ago)
Siras for the win lanos suck it
Black Opps (5 years ago)
mavis vermillion (5 years ago)
go turtlez siras!!
mavis vermillion (5 years ago)
guys go at sirass and server turtlez ! turtlez.siras rockz.we had the most strongest WAYNAY!" !!
Achirairi (5 years ago)
Me encanta! Me la paso jugando en mi celular
byronjohn01 (6 years ago)
that he wanted to rule Lanoras by himself so he killed Queen Elixiandra.Roberto and Kanos was so devastated that they killed Francisco while he was sleeping on his throne.The two brothers wanted to be Prince.Roberto said that they will be both prince but Kanos was very sellfish that he decided to start his own city.Kanos stole half of the land of Lanoras and named it Siras. Roberto changed Lanoras to Lanos.Since their parents died they had been fighting each other. Now the two brothers are now
byronjohn01 (6 years ago)
Here's the story of Siras and Lanos: Long time ago when the Empire of Siras and Kingdom of Lanos were still in one big land forming the city of Lanoras.King Ronos and Queen Elixiandra lured Lanoras,they had two sons Kanos and Roberto.When king Ronos died because of getting poisoned by his evil brother Francisco,who wanted to marry Queen Elixiandra and wanted to rule Lanoras.Kanos and Roberto had planned to stop Francisco and rule Lanoras together.Meanwhile,Francisco was so sellfish....
Jesse Valdez (6 years ago)
Siras the best beats lanos all the time
Jesse Valdez (6 years ago)
I love this gamr
Tatiana Decamp (6 years ago)
Go turtlez siras!
byronjohn01 (6 years ago)
Buying lvl 20 ranger in turtlez that's registered in the Security Device System. Do NOT scam cuz u can't scam me My name is SnakeSolid pm me,I'm at Turtlez,Siras
elanur hihi (6 years ago)
byronjohn01 (6 years ago)
matthew hernandez (6 years ago)
I really stayed up for 4day playing this game. This game is badass but final fantasy 7 is still my best game
matthew hernandez (6 years ago)
My server is turtle and my name is sephiroth6 im in lvl 20 i could still kick some sires ass all day long
CezarDSB (6 years ago)
Ae ve se vcs poem o jogo em portugues por q muitas pessoas n sabem ler ingles tenso
미틈 (6 years ago)
이 게임은 제가 제일 좋아하던 게임을 몰아내고 1위로 등극한 게임입니다. 너무 좋아요^^단지 렉만 덜 걸린다면 이 게임은 정말 완벽할 것만 같네요^^
Dianne Feliciano (6 years ago)
Hello missdiixd here of wadangka siras :p
Real Rulay (6 years ago)
Pero pongalo en espanol
merje reisenbuk (6 years ago)
Hey guys (: if anybody feel like start playng this then ask me(: imma help u get strong. Just go to wadanka SIRAS and add me friend. Muzcular
Iassc Mizrahi (6 years ago)
lanos can suck bremans balls
Iassc Mizrahi (6 years ago)
(:") im so happy from this video the world of magic is best game ever
merje reisenbuk (6 years ago)
Goo sirasss
Camilo Mendoza (6 years ago)
im skakira in lanos ;-)
Oreo4meh (6 years ago)
I love this game Go lanos :3
Koutax (6 years ago)
Sayuria (6 years ago)
lanos forever!!!! :D
EXO-L (6 years ago)
siras forever !
Lukaszix (6 years ago)
Does it work on htc Desire?
PandaAnn (6 years ago)
this game took scenes from Secret of Mana, i have the game for my Super Nintendo
راحوالطيبين بايخه
Amaru Pamplin (6 years ago)
byronjohn01 (6 years ago)
Hi com2usgames I hope u read my comment and reply quickly. I wanted to suggest that to encrease ur fanclub and com2us population I just wanted to suggest that u could have a new server for World of Magic.And it would be an honor for me cause I wanted to dedicate the server for my grandfather who just died :( I wish u consider my comment and reply as soon as u can.Have a nice day and more success for com2us productions :')
Thy Nguyen (6 years ago)
bored now
merje reisenbuk (6 years ago)
Love this game sooo much. Ill wake up in morning 4am to.play this. Awesome.game
Miriam Jimenez (6 years ago)
TopSpeed Pk (6 years ago)
Good very munt
Havi Savbur (6 years ago)
Love game but is everyone 2,i mean y r we so damn cute
Deshaune154 Douve (6 years ago)
Hi guys i love this game alot more then anyone just to let u im on siras wandaka server and my name on there is seororo lvl 31 Text me on the game when u get this message Bye Guys love u all !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
byronjohn01 (6 years ago)
Dear com2us, I come 2 u to suggest that the "News" Button on the bottom left is quiet disturbing while playing TWOM its so annoying that I can't even press the controls cause its blocking the controls. I hope that u could fix it and remove the "News" button so I could play good and safe.Thank u come2us for making such opportunity to have this game! :)
K̶T̶Y̶ Taeganger_ss (6 years ago)
not available on my countryyyy! I wanna plaaaay. T.T
C h r i s (6 years ago)
Dling it my name is yuhno
JayLink11 (6 years ago)
I live this game :) my name is jakai caligo_lanos
byronjohn01 (6 years ago)
I play in Turtlez and I have two accnts in Lanos and Siras my name in Lanos is PrinceMage,in Siras DoomLover
Yumomo Chan (6 years ago)
i love this game <33 my name ind the game is Kakikan and Krisella and I playing in serwer BigMama
chanel quattlebaum (6 years ago)
No one talks on it cause everyone already has a guild and friends
BeachBoy (6 years ago)
Omg I missed this I had this a long time ago on my ipod and I'm glad its on android now I'm downloading it now
Kitty Maw (6 years ago)
Love it
Licafmubel (6 years ago)
Servers Are Always FULL :( Hope It will Increase The max capacity of players...
Baldoxxx4000 (6 years ago)
Guildwars 2 ill be waiting... but for now, ill stick to this shit.
H100DREDSBOMB (7 years ago)
It look cool
林汪汪 (7 years ago)
kiski stylez (7 years ago)
This is pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin Chesler (7 years ago)
Mine didn't work on my LG ally :(
SilentFlakker (7 years ago)
Ehhhh ok if you want a REAL AWESOME game download Pocket Legends
Otakucho (7 years ago)
LOVE this game!! so much fun :D I also like that the lil "cash shop" doesn't make the overall game overpowered
Lewis Wattley (7 years ago)
This is a great game
Vazul (7 years ago)
Preview in an Iphone xD FAIL
Daniel Snow (7 years ago)
Screw this game. Latest update adds contact permission with no explanation. Sorry com2us..you arent spying on me!
19jacks71 (7 years ago)
Its prone to lag at times and sometimes have to do maintance...but otherwise an awesome game :D!!!!!
can i play with my android phone with other player it has iPhone?
Com2us USA (7 years ago)
@BelieveInWinxAndLove You need to send your request to [email protected]
Tiffany Hwang (7 years ago)
I dont have the notification for the latest update i juz lost my char....any ideax?:(
Com2us USA (7 years ago)
Please visit our official forum on our website to join the TWOM community.
Zammle (7 years ago)
Why post gameplay in this trailer when even they're lagging xD!
Balkisworld (7 years ago)
can it works on samsung galaxy y? :)
Malekitr (7 years ago)
i like this game
jt.anonymous (7 years ago)
Doea this game need to connect to the internet before you could play it?
Sidraan taigruth (7 years ago)
@syndeyrox what's your phone number or email so I can send the app to you
Faker Senpai (7 years ago)
@butiBIG Your internet fails. :P
elgato9o (7 years ago)
Foes it have some kind of voip function? A way to talk with ur friends without the chat? I mean, we are playing on PHONES....
Octavin Adi Nugroho (7 years ago)
It's on the Market. It's FREE! You should try it!
boyboyjc (7 years ago)
Im downloading it.. I'll post the comment after I played it
JimoAiJustsunkyourship (7 years ago)
Ken (7 years ago)
Yay:) But.... I don't have android.

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