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Magi (マギ) - Aladdin vs Titus [720p HD]

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All of my videos are in 720p HD and always will be. From episode 13 of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. Disclaimer: Magi is copyright of Ohtaka Shinobu and Aniplex Animation. No copyright infringement is intended or implied Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statue that might otherwise be infringing. No-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. From episode 13 of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic.
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Text Comments (1319)
احمد محمد (18 hours ago)
Name of Anime
MrJoeylj (1 day ago)
They need to bring this anime back.
JohnnyCannaSeed (1 day ago)
Two of the sexiest guys in anime
Super Girl (2 days ago)
2019 ?
Super Girl (2 days ago)
Still on going huhuhu where can i read the manga ?
Gojira 1968 (4 days ago)
Y’know Genie would have helped him if he’d wished,to kick this off
kekrolord (4 days ago)
Woah this is hype. Why have I not watched this?
N S A (5 days ago)
Aladdin vs My Ballpen Brand
Ronnie Acopra (5 days ago)
Contnue po next season po im still waiting
Ronnie Acopra (5 days ago)
Contnue po next season po im still waiting
Faisal (5 days ago)
this is s1 or s2?
。けんつぁる (5 days ago)
Lovely Sunshinee (6 days ago)
Omg this anime was so good why does nobody talk about it lol
Abby.Edits.Again (6 days ago)
they skipped a part ;-; also 2019 anyone?
Ojisan WTF (6 days ago)
I really hated that Titus became so lowballed at the near end of this season as if he is such a useless clone, as he was an equally great magician as alladin shown here.
mr.Blunttwist420 (7 days ago)
This is one of the most underrated anime of all time, wish they would adapt the rest of the manga, it gets real trippy and i love it, some studio should pick it up.
Digital Stickmans (8 days ago)
Okay okay but can we take a moment to appreciate the extreme smoothness of the animation?
Nikos Mall (8 days ago)
Ahrataza Ratazaahla (13 days ago)
Why are they calling these women men?
Galih AAAd (14 days ago)
what happen aftet that? did aladin really die? i dont watch this qnime but curious 😁
Serena T (13 days ago)
He didn't die. He was just knocked unconscious.
Lord Typh (15 days ago)
...#&*( move.
Ur Mom (15 days ago)
I need the next fkng season to come out already
Mo Hawk (14 days ago)
linnen_elm (15 days ago)
UGO!!!!? HE IST BACK??!!!
ックブラ (16 days ago)
mama killer (19 days ago)
I can show you the world..........oooooops wrong TV show
hyav-free fire ! (20 days ago)
KingHenryXIII (21 days ago)
Wait wdf, I've seen the all of Magi and Sinbad, but i don't remember this episode lol
ぶちとばさん!? (21 days ago)
なみ (22 days ago)
Man of Culture (22 days ago)
Titus is the brand of my ballpen
VainMusic (22 days ago)
Aladain wtf u Doing u suppose to use a knife
ko ne (22 days ago)
ko ne (22 days ago)
ペンペン (19 days ago)
Amy Duong (22 days ago)
The way Titus destroyed the sand Ugo is reminiscent of how Kougyoku "killed" ugo's body when he was about to kill Judar. Which is probably why Aladdin look pissed when Titus said his friend went up and died.
- ZERØ - (23 days ago)
Who else wish they made more of Magi?
eu8wy fhuiheruh (24 days ago)
Set Danhsunchin (25 days ago)
Ten phim la j vay.af
Sophia Ibalio (26 days ago)
when Aladdin was bleeding Me:YOU HURT ALADDIN ARE YOU KIDDING ME CHILD when my cousins here me screaming Cousins:shut up me:NOO ALADDIN GOT HURT BY TITUS AND YOU SHOULD BE SORRY OR ILL KICK YOUR ASS
たやななま (29 days ago)
Just Saying (30 days ago)
I would like this more if not for the ridiculous outfits
鈴木希美 (1 month ago)
Carolina Kim (1 month ago)
Brayden Fuller (1 month ago)
We really need another season
vimma444 (1 month ago)
What anime is it?
Mitsuki (1 month ago)
Pra mim o Aladdin merecia ganhar só pela arrogância do Titus, chato e superestimado
Magi and fairy tail one of my most favorite anime
Knju1 MonsterHunt (1 month ago)
1:56 Anyone else reminded of what Ugo did to Judar?
darvinist87 (1 month ago)
Titus, you treacherous dog!
Klarion 7 (1 month ago)
One of the best animes out there and yet one of the most unjustly underrated one.
Chaitali Cliff (1 month ago)
Y’all know if there will be a new season?
Riku 011 (1 month ago)
sub itaaaa nooooo???
Stan ANIME (1 month ago)
gosh i miss magi
Magi (1 month ago)
co ty się kurwa podszywasz fryto z nad wisły tidana no co kurwa dawaj 1 na 1 jak nie wiesz co jestem od miętusa
LK chrome (1 month ago)
I've recently watched Magi: the adventure of sinbad Magi: the labyrinth of magic Magi: the kingdom of magic I've loved all of them and hope for a new season too.
PrinzRei Ryuuji (1 month ago)
Relextor (1 month ago)
I dont think it will get a new season :( At least the manga is pretty good
harido jamaru (1 month ago)
LK chrome sadly that won’t happen since the blu Ray sales weren’t very good since attack on titan was airing at the same time. Also the main story of the series has ended and the creator is making a new manga
sara (1 month ago)
Mango Minki (1 month ago)
oh Aladdin my son, I <3 you so muchhhhh =)))
N M (1 month ago)
Kristel Sese (1 month ago)
Still waiting for season 3!!! This anime needs to be popular. It is so perfectttttt... Aladdin's story is so beautiful and it is so sad at the same time 🙁
Joker (1 month ago)
I’d prefer English but IM STILL WAITING FOR S3!!!!!!!!!!
GO LD (1 month ago)
Their powers were nothing compared to the manga where, Aladdin learned how to use his magic on a molecular level
Basically shitting on the laws of physics, by a huge margin. (ʊ・ิ ͜ʖ ・ิ)👍 ° ° ° 。°〖⊕♂Oy✡Vey♂⊗】。° 。。。
Barry (24 days ago)
Lmao that fight with Arba skskkssksk Aladdin op asf
Denis , (1 month ago)
is this anime good
Ganishka (1 month ago)
Че за аниме
Quilan GNTAT (1 month ago)
Yo older aladin got a major upgrade though
Esas lolis se ven bien con vestidos
Tú Lê (1 month ago)
I asked if that was the part ... how could I find it?
Rand althor (1 month ago)
Is there any Arab here? Lol
Javi Castro (1 month ago)
Wish they finished the anime manga
Ferdinand Baltero (1 month ago)
we have the same name hahaahahah
K Y (1 month ago)
マグノシュタットまでは神作 その後は名作
はちみつレモン (8 days ago)
髪様 (1 month ago)
ᄒ꿀단지 (1 month ago)
ᄒ꿀단지 (1 month ago)
Mohammed (1 month ago)
I love this anime, not just because it's uses Arabic words..
Mystic Moon (1 month ago)
The manga is mindfuck hahahaxD
冴ゆる永澄 (2 months ago)
jacob miller (2 months ago)
LChaze A.M. (2 months ago)
Its been a year since ive watched this anime, its time to rewatch it again
This is still one of my favorite arcs. It's like Harry Potter...except not shit. *gets Avada Kedavra'd by all the Harry Potter fans*
Chance Jarod Aquino (1 month ago)
Welp at least you spelled it right, jellal.
Ducky Pham (2 months ago)
Just Some Guy with a Mustache bruh u watching all these scenes
aiman farhan (2 months ago)
If black clover animation be like this epic
Noven Adaza (9 days ago)
I totally agree with you....black clover had worse animation, it just present a decent animation...the anime would totally insane if the animation is good like magi's animation.....I wonder....why A-1 picture didn't adapt the black clover and leave to the hands of Pierot....
updownoutin (2 months ago)
that stunt you pulled, yeah dick move.
Peace Maker (2 months ago)
We want another season whos with me Like if you're with me
Chayton Vuong (2 months ago)
Hmm wonder if Aladdin has ever heard of anyone named Gaara, especially because Ugo looks like Gaaras buff sand mom
Jonathan Tavares (2 months ago)
To be honest, when Aladdin started throwing the staff.... In my mind he won then and there.
I thought this was some lil girls fighting then i heard (he) 🤦‍♀
Ambot Ambot (2 months ago)
What anime title?
WAHV8 (2 months ago)
Magic is way cooler than martial arts come on. If I wanted melee combat I would watch dragon ball z.
アッシュAsh (2 months ago)
It's been so long, I want S4 already T`T
You Mom is Green (2 months ago)
This anime promoted arabic culture very well..👍
Как именуется
Shimzini (2 months ago)
I have not watched Magi in years. Guess I gotta start again, huh?
まま (3 months ago)
friskylime (3 months ago)
I really like this scene at the end because Titus is arrogant right up until the very point where he almost actually kills Aladdin and only then actually looks concerned about he's doing. Feels real. :p
Alice _24 (3 months ago)
Ryan Jackson (3 months ago)
Aladdin brought his A game and forgot his Pants
Dota 2 Guide (3 months ago)
its so nice I copied your video :)
Carlos Tutoriais (3 months ago)
Qual nome desse anime ? algum saberia ?
_Gacha Ray _ (3 months ago)
This boy reminded me Yunan :0
Kolonel Grotskull (3 months ago)
0:56 Can anyone tell me the name of this song as I can't find it anywhere amongst the OST tracks?

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