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Soccer Spirits - Official Trailer [HD]

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Fantasy Soccer that's out of this world! Assemble the best soccer team in the galaxy to defeat the League of Evil! Features 1. Dynamic Sound Effects Featuring 30 voice actors and over 3,000 sound effects! 2. A Story Transcending Time and Space! Compete in the Galaxy League to put an end to an epic Space War! 3. Real-time Command Battles Strengthen your team and power-up your players to fight against the toughest teams in the Colosseum of Despair! 4. Lose Yourself in an Immersive Gaming Experience Play in Story Mode, Challenge Mode, and the Colosseum of Despair to head to the top of the Galaxy League! 5. Recruit Managers to Strengthen Your Team Utilize coaches, managers, and scouts with special abilities to train your team! Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may be refundable depending on the type of item. For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, visit www.com2us.com. For questions or customer support, e-mail [email protected]"
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Text Comments (30)
Bao Mai (1 year ago)
Deo co tap 1
Displeased Soraka (1 year ago)
I want Baltheon as my manager as well! :D
Le 'Boin (2 years ago)
Baltheon was a sponsor?
Thomas Spiroch (2 years ago)
gives from soccer spirits a series? to watch?
Igneos Kai (3 years ago)
i dropped CoC, summoners war, brave frontier for these! this is 10000x times better
Aygis Elkesium (3 years ago)
If u need a id: Usebashi
Tasties River (3 years ago)
Favorite game
Runeytunes (3 years ago)
When you sign up please use the referral name Bonglord to sign up. You can friend request me too so you have a head start using my ace when you first play.
Oliver Schmidt (3 years ago)
sasuke soccer
Pat Samson (3 years ago)
the concept is... bizarre, especially given how many cards are so completely not soccer related in the least (lilith where your cloths girl?) but the mechanics are really interesting. From a pure CCG perspective it's a lot of fun to play
Le 'Boin (2 years ago)
Or Silla
Willy Wanka (4 years ago)
The visual illustrations makes the game one million times better! It's like you feel special with any cards you have! I gif this game a 10/10! -WillyWanka There's so much things to do even if you're f2p! Wow! Amazing! Splendid! Sugoi!!!!  My referal (<3 hehe) : Willywank OR Nekophile
Junmitis (4 years ago)
Referal code: Junma  for bonus crystalls! msg me if you want
Please, use the referal code: Warachia  You will get bonus crystalls as reward!
Kuudou H (4 years ago)
This really is a good game, you don't have to like soccer either. A cleverly disguised Collectible Card Game borrowing the theme of soccer. Many elements in the game make it fairly F2P friendly, as long as you're willing to spend the time. It isn't a game where you can make huge progress in just a week, but it does reward progressive effort. Oh, and the artwork is nice too, not something to show around the office, but easy on the eyes if ya catch my drift... Game Referal ID: Kuudou
Random Comment (4 years ago)
Just started playing this game. Its pretty awesome and would love to acquire the 20 referral bonus. Referral ID : 1GoalOnly
nirvash241 (4 years ago)
Referral ID for free xtal - Rozenbaun
PadaNub (4 years ago)
ID Elite10 refer me and I refer you.
Hi Am Disturbia (4 years ago)
THIS GAME IS FABULOUS!!! BETTER THAN SUMMONERS WAR!! Add me if you want guys, my name: PAN78 ;) ^^
Taboo (4 years ago)
Please refer Darkchain for referral Thank you and you'll have luck in this game :3
darkpiojo666 (4 years ago)
referral ID for suport me "hellgore" ty i love guys
Chris Angel (4 years ago)
Love this game.. write my id "bolt7" as ur referral id to get xtra crystal
Lautaro Solé Mayorga (4 years ago)
Referral ID for crystals: DariusXXI
pee cee (4 years ago)
referral ID: PSC, add me for free, you get bonuses, thx =)
Euler Souza (4 years ago)
Da pra mandar mais agora ja queroi
Euler Souza (4 years ago)
Amei os filmes quero mais
EJHC Dao (4 years ago)
If u need a referal id: Skyheler, u get free gems.
Malthalys (4 years ago)
my game is unable 2 be played since 2 weeks now.when i start it and i reached 100%loading i come to the screen where it says soccerspirits and i need 2 touch 2 play.now if i click it it says loading and even if i wait hours it wont start.s1 know how 2 fix it?
ComboMastars (4 years ago)
Need to spend to be competitive. Other than that great game with anime chars.
Malthalys (4 years ago)
Even if i hate foorball...I LOVE TIS GAME and compared to Summoners War i love the Design and the fact,that the characters can talk.

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