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PreTalk part1

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I explain how to take your pre-talk up to the next level, which is very useful for stage hypnosis shows to get more people responding to you.
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Eddini76 (6 years ago)
Hey my buddy, how are ? You have great stuff :).
Astrid Rozema (8 years ago)
Leuk T-shirt!!!
Raymond Doetjes (9 years ago)
Drums is cool wil ik ook wel eens iets meer van kunnen maar verdomd moeilijk! Word ernstig onderschat.
Raymond Doetjes (9 years ago)
Ik speel nog wel alleen voor mijzelf :D Het aantal gitaren is ook gereduceerd van 16 naar 12 meen ik.
Raymond Doetjes (9 years ago)
Yup. Ik hou van het stevige AC/DC, Rolling Stones rock werk maar ik heb al sinds 1997 niet meer in een band gespeeld. De laatste band waar ik in speelde was: Silent Scream.
RiverSiege (9 years ago)
I love your driving preframe, I'll be sure to use that idea.
JimTheEvo (9 years ago)
Hey Ray Good couple these two remind me to get the name of an old hypnosis book from the 50ties that goes in to 'expanding morals' under hypnotic traces.
benji963 (9 years ago)
i have an simple request that if u can make a nlp video on anchoring (both speaking and touch) because i still dont get it that well and need work thank you for reading if u do write back
RCSuperPowers (10 years ago)
I've learned more from you than anywhere else, THANK YOU! Dave
Raymond Doetjes (10 years ago)
Your welcome. In your case, you should associate a trance like zoning out in the class room when the teacher is talking infront of the blackboard, that you stare out of the window and slowly but surely you will sink deeper and deeper in a nice relaxing trance as you daydream... etc Obviously kids your age don't have drivers licenses and therefore they aren't aware of this phenomena of high trance. But school bench trance is familiar with your age group.

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