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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs There are many records in the world in many areas, from incredible to absurd ones. Of course, the video game industry isn't an exception, and in it you can also find unexpected, impressive and even strange records. In today's video we'll talk about video game records, and who knows, maybe one of our viewers will one day dare to break them.
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Text Comments (671)
ʙᴏss (2 days ago)
Sura islam (5 days ago)
___Frèê firē ___ (10 days ago)
Sat Josh (12 days ago)
Fake one it is not real. One mission is take atleast 1 mind or 40 seconds even fully finished video length is also higher than 8 mins
Watema 3 (12 days ago)
why 10:01? Why???? At least stretch it to 11:04 or something the 10 minutes marm drives me crazy
Ashwin Jose (12 days ago)
That is not playing gta
xsharawi (12 days ago)
You understand nothing ur saying also where is the video link? (talking about the vc speedrun)
M & M (12 days ago)
*The RC helicopter mission taught me perseverance in life.*
RC helicopter mission took forever like 8 months wtf
Safwan Emkaye (13 days ago)
I have been learning 100+ cheats No one taught me this cheat🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️
Ken TheMLGNoob (13 days ago)
I can finish it within 2 mins ... Download save game Put it on save game folder Start the game
leon F (13 days ago)
See this video for stickman story https://youtu.be/eN-rfbPqAlg
Death Claw (13 days ago)
Hate racing Hillary King
Kickz Kickz (13 days ago)
It was all a dream...
Shievam Shreyas (14 days ago)
OK, I'll climb the Mount Everest the quickest, within 30 mins (in a chauffeur). Will that make a world record? 🤣 😏
notin mood (14 days ago)
It's about the journey not destination
Mighty Cute (15 days ago)
Do it in San Andreas and CJ will kick your butt wuile doing Damn Train mission
David Donka (15 days ago)
It's not beating the game when u don't do any missions, this speed run thing is stupid and makes no sence.
Ayaan khan (15 days ago)
There is no Helicopter in GTA VICE CITY!!!!!
V E K T O R (16 days ago)
I have a record... I completed GTA San Andreas WITHOUT CHEATS!!!!
#EVIL Anime (14 days ago)
U r not the only one
RKG Gaming (16 days ago)
Well actually I like how he jump lol 😂😂😂😅
Jagdeep Singh (16 days ago)
cheating does not gain experience or fun
Nʌqqʌsʜ Aɓɓʌsɩ (16 days ago)
He Said he Passed Vice City in 8 mints but the Video length is 10 mint lolx😂
White Cloud (16 days ago)
Pubg left the chat
SRAVAN S (16 days ago)
i can do nfs prostreet world record!!!
Swahir Shah (17 days ago)
Is this a rap song? 😂🔥
Parker Gaming (17 days ago)
Dheeman Singh (17 days ago)
My laptop will 8 mins to open it!!!!
FUNN SIDE (17 days ago)
Even i can't passed in the class test
Soapmed (18 days ago)
Don't ! https://youtu.be/RpQ66dlAwYg
wertyamatz22 (18 days ago)
Took me more than 8years to finish Vice city.
John C John (19 days ago)
OK SMART GUY, Wanna see me complete a 1000 page book in 2 seconds? You will never see it coming.
John C John (19 days ago)
Let's see him win the RC helicopter demolition in 8 minutes first.
Aditya (19 days ago)
I started playing GTA VC from the age of 10, I'm 21 now and still stuck on the helicopter mission.
sumeet kinge (14 days ago)
Same with me bro
Weird Felix, but ok (19 days ago)
i basically ruined my grades to fucking complete that helicopter mission
mayank chaudhary (19 days ago)
Thanks for sharing the ending of Vice city. I would have never known. 😮😥
Kajol Islam (19 days ago)
Hey give the link of the vice city with gta 5 grafics😯😯 that you showed early
Eric Ndigah (19 days ago)
😂😂and I was stuck on demolition man mission for three days😂😂
Hriday Ranjan Bora (19 days ago)
The Best of Discord (20 days ago)
Nadeem Shaik786 Shiek (21 days ago)
Sorry but it's cheating
Mohit Choudhary (21 days ago)
That 959 dislike are by that guys who aren't able to complete the demolish man aka helicopter vla mission. 😂😂😂
Inderpreet Guliani (21 days ago)
My PC would take 8 minutes only to load the game..😒
Adeesh A Nair (24 days ago)
which game was that on starting a guy who wears an helmet scene
The Glitch60's (24 days ago)
Thats why american full of dumb thing...thats fact
RASHID WILLIAMS (25 days ago)
Achieving a record in a video game by using glitches is not that impressive.
Fedas (25 days ago)
"I'm not gonna lie, this is totally me when I speedrun VICE CITY."
BLACK HATTER (26 days ago)
2 minutes jet pack
Utkarsh Gadkari (26 days ago)
But how only available time to complete that RC helicopter mission of demolition man we have 8min countdown...!! 😂😂😂😂
Ranjeet Dalvi (26 days ago)
It is impossible to finish in 8 minutes, just play the small remote control aeroplane mission in that game & tell me..
SkinHeadBaby (26 days ago)
Such a retarded video...
Lokesh Dhruw (26 days ago)
I can pass with in a second.... I will replace the save game file 😂😂😂😂
A l d o (26 days ago)
but how did he find those glicthes
Naiem Nooristani (26 days ago)
im going to download game saves 😆
Salucho Gameplays (26 days ago)
Refugio Mental un English
cool dude time to play (26 days ago)
Mom: you got 10 minutes Me: ok let me complete gta vice city
Fist Power (26 days ago)
I watched that video, and I got the top comment and it is: ''Most wtf speed run I ever seen'' *sips coffee*
SS TECH (27 days ago)
Well I completed it in 1 Month😂😂😂
GamingWithShayan (27 days ago)
Can someone please give me a chance by subscribing to me?
d i c e (27 days ago)
yes you guys are right. it's nothing like playing GTA. but you have to admit that this is pretty impressive. no cheating, just glitching.
Osama Ahmed (27 days ago)
Brain.exe has stopped working
0:45 number 2 lost to him by 1 sec
A.D Jordan (27 days ago)
That RC Helicopter mission was the most difficult mission for me in this game
The Citra Game (27 days ago)
Do The Same For GTA 5
Freddie Endencio (27 days ago)
Its the same as cheating.
Kim Jong Ungrateful (27 days ago)
I've literally played Need For Speed for two-days-straight, no sleep. That ain't shit.
Shounak Sasane (27 days ago)
4 fucking Ads The duration of ads is longer than the video it self
Rakib is bd (27 days ago)
Who still playing vice city in 2019 ? 😂
Snehil Gour (27 days ago)
I am the only who passes all blue whale missions 🔥😂
zayd akhtar (27 days ago)
What's the point if you just play last mission of the whole game.. pffh.. another worst record
I Make Funny Comments (27 days ago)
A 10 minute video with an 8 minute title. Gotta get those ads on ur video, huh?
Ramandeep Kaur (27 days ago)
I completed 2 mission in 8 minutes 😮
Chandan Banakar (27 days ago)
I'm faster than bolt on track with mosserati
Study Hard Be Evil (27 days ago)
Next generation of speedrunners will be engineers!
CoD Moose (27 days ago)
This on psp was the shit.
Shadow Ranger (27 days ago)
I completed GTA Vice City I Approximately 1 minute by using savegame file.
James The Toad (27 days ago)
I completed SWORDIGO in 1 day
ツᴢαɢє (27 days ago)
oh yeah yeah
BMO Gaming (27 days ago)
Fortnite Sub here
Shameer T (27 days ago)
That's 10 year challenge
Марио Михов (27 days ago)
Wait what.. did I just watched? How did he knew about all of this?
Dark SideR (27 days ago)
Vice city is still life, it's multi-player is epic
Shubham Gupta (27 days ago)
I can't even finish this video in under 8 minutes 😅😅
Kuntal 1716 (27 days ago)
So i wasted 2 years of my life for trying to finish that game....
Áķ hìł (27 days ago)
It take 4 hrs for me to pass the full game without skipping
Áķ hìł (27 days ago)
AM I dreaming
GAmEr# XXX (27 days ago)
That dark souls guy is impressive!!!
GAmEr# XXX (27 days ago)
I speedrun it in .....Wait i didnt even finish it i just free roam and use cheat codes lol
Jorn (28 days ago)
Janry Fern (28 days ago)
hmmmm. I've finished this game in 1
Ujjwal Acharya (28 days ago)
did it really worked?
GamerZ026 (28 days ago)
Mom: you have to sleep in 8 minutes Me:
Cool world (28 days ago)
What are the games in the intro ?
Dark Sayujya (28 days ago)
And that fucking Helicopter (URGGGGGH)
Baldeep SiNGH (28 days ago)
bilioo (28 days ago)
cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt you made the video 10 minutes
Supra (28 days ago)
I bet Rockstar is shocked
Amitoj Singh (28 days ago)
And I can't even do a single mission in 8min
yash bansal (28 days ago)
*Totally DISAPPOINTED* 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

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