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First Charlie Lee, Now Vitalik. WTF?

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First Charlie Lee, now Vitalik Buterin. Why are these cryptocurrency figure heads (finally) running from the spotlight? Find me on Steemit: www.steemit.com/@heiditravels Twitter: @blockchainchick Instagram: @hheidiann Bit.tube: RealCryptoTips Thinking about purchasing a Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet? Browse their official website: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/67ef Want to join coinbase to begin your crypto journey? Here’s a link to get free $10: https://www.coinbase.com/join/558828d Step up your game and Check Out Binance too: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10080191 Join the Robinhood app and invite your friends to Robinhood and win free stock. Here's my invite: http://share.robinhood.com/heidic1 LINKS FOR ADDITIONAL READING FOR THIS VIDEO & ALL INFO IN TEXT DOWN BELOW: https://coinpedia.org/news/ethereum-ceo-vitalik-buterin-leave-ethereum/
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Text Comments (191)
TheDrnik (4 hours ago)
BURST coin is decentralised cryptocurrency using revolutionary Proof of Capacity. It uses 500.000% less energy than PoW and is mining its coins by hard disks. OFC no ICO/premine.
VentionMGTOW (5 hours ago)
OOO, Tether's down to 97 cents.
drx1 xym (1 hour ago)
Tether is a scam.
weeh Dinga (17 hours ago)
What is decentralized? Read btc white paper. What is coin vs token. Any coin that is minable is a coin exept eth. Eth is a platform to create token yes token like xrp fullbame cripple are not minable but is is created out of eth platform ico remeber last year bunch of them are scam. So there is no blockchain on token to validate a new coin that is created.seach youtube how blockchain works there is a simplified way. Now why univorn moving away from eth connect hey hey hey bit connect. You mentiob about network what is network on btc network is a node or miner that validate the transaction and new coin that is credited to miner in short blockchain technology. Unicorn (vitalik) knows he pre-mined 77 million eth means he solo mine eth keep the 77 million then release to public means miner have a chance bitbetrippin is one of the shiller of eth. Just type bitsbetrippin on you tube see how he shill about eth and buy Graphics card to mine eth. So early 2018 eth price drop unicorn started asic mining E3 cost 1800 dollars dificulty bomb unicorn crated mining 77 million eth now it cluster the last month he came up with new graphics card 1400 mh/s imagine how much dificulty it will add to current difficulty? Eth network is getting abandon by miner the difficulty of mining anf no POS proof of stake false promise to people. Then eth developer xame up using cell phones to validate transaction (nodes) good luck on you data and battery and you aint getting chit basically free nodes for eth devs lol. I forget eth have no max supply btc 21 million. Coins with max supply until its mined the last block. Btc ltc zec dash zen sorry monero fans i like the security of monero but its like eth and fiat unlimited printing. Hope it help for you to know why unicorn is bailing out He flock up and miners know eth is eth connect hey hey hey. Thats why i like watching day trader day dreaming about eth and cripple.
Kevin Mc (23 hours ago)
Cardano Digibyte Litecoin Ripple Electroneum Tron Verge = HODL
greg whall (1 day ago)
Very lucky for Charlie Lee that he picked the top of the price to cash out or was it luck ?
Ken Semotiuk (1 day ago)
The crypto rats are leaving the ship and you poor snowflakes 🐑 people and Muppets are going to take the hit and are going down with the ship. Better cash out of crypto crap and buy silver and gold God's money, before its to late!
Decentralised.....for sure.........what do you think of Komodo, in a nutshell...? ta
Allen Pellerin (1 day ago)
Charlie Lee used his experience as a competition poker player wearing his HODL t-shirt as he sold all his Litecoin at aprox $349.00
Elite Truck Repairs (1 day ago)
If you have watched any of the dev calls you would know that vitalik is only the "leader" in the eyes of the public. The dev team runs itself without him mostly. He is basically symbolic as a leader nothing more. Makes sense that he wants to abolish that. I doubt he will remove himself from being involved all together.
G. Graham (1 day ago)
Did anyone go to the LiteCoin summit in SF CA. The United nation was there and presented Charlie Lee with a award for all hard work in BlockChain. Also, type in or google & listen to the Senate Banking Committee Holds Hearing on Crypto - Oct. 11, 2018 & fast forward T 9:35. Looks good for Crypto :)
Brasse Au Max (1 day ago)
I offer you 50 BTC for 1 Night ;)
drx1 xym (2 hours ago)
maybe not Heidi's level... yet women do tend to toss themselves at money or power. I am sure Heidi is above that. I just wonder who her camera man is.
VentionMGTOW (6 hours ago)
Jesus you early bitcoiners are such simps. Use some of that crypto to go to Russia and you'll find endless women of her appearance level who will throw themselves at you.
andrew cork (2 days ago)
My opinion is that he understands what Charlie lee has done for litecoin in making it a truly Decentralised project. And I don’t think it a fair comment to say why not from the start ! Things change and rules change. I believe regulation is his reasoning for distancing him self from the project???
Omar Garcia (2 days ago)
ETH going to $60 in time... poor souls who bought bags lol. LTC and Charlie?.. he took all of you for fools, glad I never bought any forks. Buy Bitcoin and HODL.
TreantBG (2 days ago)
Many of the anonymous projects are scams and shitcoins
Mr. Nobody (2 days ago)
Deep State created Bitcoin. Over 5 million Bitcoin missing, think again. When regulations are passed, when Cryptocurrency replaces Fiat...The missing Bitcoin will suddenly be found..Major News after years of investigation over 5 Million Bitcoin Found...
Benjamin J (2 days ago)
BURST is the most decentralized crypto for both governance and mining.
432 lightbeam (2 days ago)
Charlie Lee backed away because LTC is going to be enormously successful. Vitalik backed away for the same reason.
Fray Fray (2 days ago)
Cardano ADA
Charlie Lee (2 days ago)
Im on twitter follow me
Romac Mi (2 days ago)
Glad i stumbled access this channel today. Enjoyed the content and style of this video. Will be definitely checking more out.
Romac Mi (2 days ago)
Im glad Vitalik didn't go anonymous because he is such a cool guy and an asset to the whole Cypto space. We would all never know how smart he is because he wouldn't have had the media. If he went out now at least no one could hassle him for going out on a high.
A (2 days ago)
Nickolai Kautezki (2 days ago)
I don’t like pointing out aesthetics and giving the wrong impression because you always deliver such educational and well informed content but you in glasses 💯
Chuck A (2 days ago)
There is nothing preventing IBM/Microsoft/Google/Amazon from adopting distributed ledger tech and crushing the current "leaders" in the space. Even no-fee options like Nano and EOS will probably fail. I see Vitalik, Larimer, Hoskinson and Lee selling out of crypto and enjoy that hype money.
chickenalleyfarm (2 days ago)
drx1 xym (2 hours ago)
Litecoin is the right coin.
chickenalleyfarm (2 days ago)
jordan young Brittrex is to hard to use? Litecoin is going down with popularity and its market cap is shrinking. And because ltc is attached to Charlie Lee it will turn people off to holding ltc. I see litecoin value but I think it’s shrinking in relevance to other coins.
jordan young (2 days ago)
No easy access .... it will still do good just not as good as ltc
chickenalleyfarm (2 days ago)
jordan young you are so wrong. Just compare transaction fees and transactions times. Digibyte beats litecoin in both. Dgb has 5 algorithms so its is infinitely more secure.
jordan young (2 days ago)
Litecoin is superior
ThanksMia (2 days ago)
ethereum also started adding more eth max supply
Mo BurnerPC (2 days ago)
You look alot better
Andrew Offord (2 days ago)
Hey Heidi, great video. This is exactly why I like DGB have a great flight.
Andre VK (2 days ago)
PIVX, is a great community decentralized project that few are talking about!
Harold Hodgkinson IV (2 days ago)
Ashish Vanjani (3 days ago)
Thank you as always :)
Guru N (3 days ago)
I wonder why monero does not get much love, it seems to have all the attributes ppl want from a crypto currency
Lars (3 days ago)
Komodo AND Oyster PRL ("Bruno") come to mind.
Lars (3 days ago)
Heidi... you're a purist. ;)
bazilian0 (3 days ago)
You speak a lot of sense as always.
Rick Shae (3 days ago)
Litecoin and Ethereum are both outdated.
volerhaut (3 days ago)
Thank you for another great content, may cryptocurrency make all of us rich! By the way, does she have an Instagram or another social media page?
Bo Crypto (3 days ago)
Komodo platform has an anonymous leader and is a great project
live injection (3 days ago)
People just confuse the forced association through taxation that keeps the Fed chugging alone with voluntary consent. These are called decentralized systems not non-centralized systems. Centralization is still held to some regard.
SunRa (3 days ago)
Particl, Governance on Mainnet in a few months. Will become the most decentralized/community driven ecosystem in the space.
Daniele Sbordone (3 days ago)
You know something ? Vitalik has become a pain in the butt. If you want to leave , that's fine. Just freaking go. Instead of developing his coin , he complains about people wanting to buy Lambos. What the f..k do you care what people say or do ? First he left the Bitcoin group , now he's most likely going to leave ETH. Is this guy ever going to finish a project ?
Gianbruno Bianchi (3 days ago)
Brock Beasley (3 days ago)
EOS (and DPOS in general) is my vote for a good balance between decentralization and still being able to remain functional (fast blocktimes 1/2 a second for EOS) and being able to evolve/change rapidly and thus staying relevant in the future.
Steve (3 days ago)
You hate authorities, especially when they go irrational. Well so do I. Happy freedom! :)
Jeff Quinn (3 days ago)
Great video 👍 I can feel and understand your frustration. I think an interview with Charles Hoskins over this subject would be a wonderful discussion! Cardano has a great vision of how to make the platform governed by the users. Dash has a pretty interesting take on this as well you should definitely take a look. Keep up the great work and thanks for posting on BitTube!
bartbtsful (3 days ago)
SmartCash community is great! Read about it. Thanks for the Video!
Irshad Azeez (3 days ago)
hold on ...thats not bali...
Ryan Bender (3 days ago)
Wow! Thank you for another great video! Was just debating these exact points. Also you are rockin them glasses!
G-Raff Asaurus (3 days ago)
Wow, u still look beautiful as ever, even with glasses! ;) Also, content was great as always :D ;-P
TheBegby71 (3 days ago)
Why are you wearing glasses, are you reading from a teleprompter?
John Wijnberg (3 days ago)
Great from the heart presentation ...agree that decentralised is not perfect either...BTC is probably a good choice in terms of being decentralised
crypto fox (3 days ago)
Tron is going to crush Ether that is why Vitalik flew the coop. Plus there is talk he is involved with a new coin created by / for the Rothchilds among other big power families. Any thoughts ? Love your info BTW thanks .
Alex Sal (3 days ago)
Hmm a crypto that can achieve consensus but in a decentralised manner
beatybeaty (3 days ago)
For a properly decentralized crypto currency project, it seems to me that there would need to be a "Constitution" of sorts to properly govern it, that way people can come and go, but they all need to adhere to it - perhaps via smart contracts. There simply do need to be "custodians", like any open source project, or it dies. And DAOs haven't been proven to be 100% effective, either. So if we could find a way to put a type of Constitution into a series of smart contracts and have that be what governs, it would help to further decentralize, and protect, crypto projects. And release the governance contracts under open source licenses.
Michael Jack (3 days ago)
Vitalik is stepping down to further improve Ethereum...think about it. Who else can they go after now to corrupt the system? In my humble OPINION.
Oliver Li (3 days ago)
hodl, and wait for RootStock to replace ethereum LOL
Stephen Davis (3 days ago)
Wow I was just thinking the other day that he should do this. Wonder if it's he's gonna stick to it
Laurent Wach (3 days ago)
Stratis! Great project! Great platform! Great team! Great community!
Stacy Dale Barendse (3 days ago)
Is that location Holland, MI by chance? Hail NEXUS!
MelodizeLife (3 days ago)
Always beautiful in beautiful places with a beautiful message. Love your style. My only qualm with the anonymous creator identify is that we don't know who is really pulling the strings. For all we know Satoshi is just an NSA front to appeal to the alternative worlds for support and funding to then slide in a digital currency takeover of fiat. Leading to a less anonymous and more exposed form of currency as an end result. Fast forward to the end of this process, it appears that's what we're getting. Meanwhile 75% of BTC is controlled by a handful of "anonymous" Chinese. I think that is far more dangerous than transparency. I think the Apollo coin is a middle ground between consensus with transparency and the dangers of shadow works. The very movement of BTC in the end might turn out to be a giant hypocrisy. Be prepared should this be the case. Thus, no more need to hate on those projects that are as transparent as non disclosure agreements will allow. The manipulation in this world is appalling. Love and respect for you no matter what happens. Staying positive is key but after this year, crypto is no different than any other future, commodity or currency that exists in other markets. It's simply now an addition of the current structure, in fact, it gives survival to the current structure more than anything else. In the end, there's no way to wage a revolution against the structure using their banks, electricity, interent etc. Thus, I think positions in currencies that are solving the structures problems are set for the best return on investments. It's hard to justify a battle cry when we don't know who is truly behind it nor who has the most control over it. A cornerstone away from realizing that a deep seated hypocrisy runs the attitude currently. Sure to be squashed once Bakkt and Yale etc have made their positions and opened up for just another part of the structure.
Sean Kang (3 days ago)
Crypto Scott (3 days ago)
Didn't Vitalik say that his coin sucked a few months back? Crypto has become like the art market, the creator needs to die or get murdered for their product to gain in value.
Rain Bitcoins (3 days ago)
I agree with you 100%... The Dao hard fork was where ethereum messed up large.
Frank (3 days ago)
I would have to say ETC as well. ETC was born out of a total abandonment. Literally left for dead by the Foundation, when anonymous and public users say example, "whatisgravity" or "arvicco", coordinated on github and picked the project back up keeping the ETH promise of immutability. Soon others joined in as volunteers, ETCDEV was formed to maintain the core projects, IOHK joined in as did another group called "Ethereum Commonwealth." IMO The decentralization is very much akin to how bitcoin progressed from one person (or group) to a few devs, to underground and DNM community, and now slightly more mature, filled with everything from hobbyist to enthusiasts to fund managers to investment banks.
Max Entropy (3 days ago)
He is bored
John M (3 days ago)
Great video as always. Love the specs!
Bit n Mortar (3 days ago)
Do you even EOS bro?
dennis carroll (3 days ago)
Looks like BTC is controlled by China, no longer is it decentralized.
My favourite project is Elastos :) is the most undervalued project that can be huge
Ant Man (1 day ago)
Yeah there's infrastructure is going to be beast if it works out.
Fray Fray (2 days ago)
Federico de la Reguera ELA AllDay
Romac Mi (2 days ago)
Love Elastos. Took a while to get it's potential as it is so different.
Zéco (3 days ago)
The reason why, is cause manipulation. They where gonna step down. Until the rich came and manipulated everything. There for they stayed to make sure everything will at least be close to what satoshi did. So I hope they stay until everything will be for the people. I hope
maxvre (3 days ago)
Charlie Lee, sold at the top and then managed to convince everyone he did it...... FOR THEM!..... Legend.
John Smith (1 hour ago)
That if it was about selling at ath why not premine. Meaning its more than just scamming people
drx1 xym (2 hours ago)
Great lesson in... ? Time will tell.
John Smith (16 hours ago)
True. But he didnt premine 🤔
Mason M (18 hours ago)
Ant Man (1 day ago)
Zéco (3 days ago)
Majority of people love to be controlled. Governed won't leave cause people need to be governed. Look at history. People always looked for a leader. To me that's called the weak cells.
shoaib (3 days ago)
Heidi u r on Satoshi payroll , i will let the world know this reality.. but i kinda love u wont disclose :)
Ray Anderson (3 days ago)
glasses dont suit you. you look beautiful without them
drx1 xym (1 hour ago)
Yeah, but its better to see her with glasses on. I'm good looking, because she is too hard to find.
canopener505ify (3 days ago)
That said, DGB has a great team, all volunteers, but not anonymous. But it doesn't quite have the infrastructure being built around it like BTC, ETH, LTC has.
its more less they own many many of their coins before they had value and waited till now when they went up in value, cash out and talk, Vitalik is doing the same, cash out when ETH has great value. then walk away and make the entity fully decentralized even, so many things out there we will never fully know the true answer is. except those guys are probably laughing right now. Always great for the update thanks for sharing. Sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos
Christian Emeka (2 days ago)
Are u retarded? Why he would not he have sold in January?
canopener505ify (3 days ago)
I think Charlie Lee is very much involved in LTC's implementation, probably more than ever. Donating his share, however ill timed it may be, is better in the long run.
lemireray (3 days ago)
Keeping the roads hot, good for you. Real world traveling is the best educator.
Jesse N (3 days ago)
Vitalik knows that eth wont scale sufficiently and that new cryptos like eos will have it for lunch. Just a matter of time
Drtool23 (3 days ago)
...The Gig Is Up...
Don Crypto (3 days ago)
Michael Murray (3 days ago)
Hello! Good God, ya'll! Hhhuuuu.....say it again! War.... Lol! Great song
Eric Balz (3 days ago)
I love how you naturally talk with a smile on your face, Heidi. So smart, so beautiful, so Crypto. You are the total package ;) Cheers!
Cryptoman! (3 days ago)
Only decentralized currencies will survive
Omar Garcia (1 day ago)
Don't be too sure, there was probably someone saying the same thing on the eve of the internet, yet here we are; the information highway, who obviously hasn't been kind to governments. Can you imagine economies being the same as of now along fiat in the future?... I don't think so, we already have all the money in digital form, this is just the next step and like all things, drastic change is not always welcomed (Science is testament to this problem when it comes to people).. let alone tackling money, the world is sensitive about that. Regarding XRP, you're agreeing with me, I was never against it, I thought you were. I just don't like that Ripple uses a crypto model (kinda, XRP is not decentralized), to help the one's that cause most of our monetary problems (Bankers) Ripple is (in a way) helping banks catch on and not miss the boat, solving their transference problems and limitations, thought that is XRapid/XRP drive-force behind it's adoption and value, so it's a bit of both. I only invest in Bitcoin, but I also understand alt coins place in this paradigm shift. To me it isn't even ridiculous to think that in the far future everyone can have their own currency, including big companies, not that they will, but it's a possibility in the far future, it gives them more control over their product among many other perks, so nothing to me is out of bounds when it comes to crypto including Petro Governments. All those old systems will come to an end, it's inevitable, were are just in it's infancy.
Thirty Three (1 day ago)
Omar Garcia I’m saying the people in power ain’t about to give up and let decentralised currencies take over. so xrp will probably be number 1 a lot sooner than you think
Omar Garcia (1 day ago)
Thirty Three you mean the Banks?... lol. Ripple bought them too (I don’t like it, but that’s how it is)
Thirty Three (1 day ago)
Tell that to the people in power
Omar Garcia (2 days ago)
Tell that to XRP... I despise its existence, but it’s on its way to being the first real adoption so... you were saying?..
Vitor Madeira (3 days ago)
5:55 What? Come on... How about BITCOIN?
Carlos M. (3 days ago)
I guess she knows about that one lol, anyway it is still centralized in the use of the core-node-sw and the alert pkey required to broadcasts such warning notifs
G. Graham (3 days ago)
Touche' for Charlie and Touche' to your videos. Keep them coming :)
Jason Jenkins (3 days ago)
Bitcoin cardano, electroneum,stellar and ripple will hold up for the foreseeable future, not confident in ethereum never bought it.
Daniel Mori (3 days ago)
What is the main source of your crypto news? I'd recommend just reading from peoples twitter feeds (straight from the horses mouth). I think the news over Vitalik leaving ETH is vastly overblown, I think you'd realise this, if you read his twitter. Thanks for your great channel, look forward to more of your videos.
Ryan Robinson (3 days ago)
Heidi what is your opinion about 71% of the mining pool controlled by China?
John Dow (3 days ago)
ETH (Technology/Management) = Garbage. Will fail. Mark my words. I've seen many ill managed software projects like this one in my career (which I was not involved in) and the ONE thing they all have in common: They Fail!!!!!!
drx1 xym (2 hours ago)
Most software >> 70%, is garbage ... even software in crypto, block chain, etc... some is even functional, though not efficient or secure. Why to people suck at code? The machines do not write much better... AI is dumb.
Daclaem Toth (3 days ago)
internet is full of cheap prophets who ask people to mark their words.
Stokjockey (3 days ago)
Heidi very much on Point and Yes I guess that is why I won very little ETH and LTC.....................
den danny (3 days ago)
Anarchy <3
Matt Klimrod (3 days ago)
The more a hear about the crypto world as it is, the more i 8 it. Nice glasses. Trying to look more serious or even more sexy?
Matt Klimrod (1 day ago)
+Mysticmoi dont be jaleous.
Mysticmoi (1 day ago)
What is it with the glasses comments? If this was a man, the point would be mute! Great video content and presentation Heidi!
Matt Klimrod (3 days ago)
Fair enough, i retire.
Crypto Tips (3 days ago)
Or more lazy.
Matt Klimrod (3 days ago)
No really? ...
BitcoinSpock (3 days ago)
I much prefer ETC to ETH. No leader, a solid plan and a community that believes in it.
drx1 xym (2 hours ago)
ETC is Etherium Classic - or the original Etherium ... maybe a bit like BTC vs BCH, yet in reverse.
BitcoinSpock (2 days ago)
Yes, the chain that was left for dead but wouldn't die.
Bevern Beev (2 days ago)
eth classic. the actuall real ethereum. (original chain)
What's ETC ?
BitcoinSpock (2 days ago)
Fair point but the reality is that few platforms are at the moment @Bevern Beev. On the other side of that, there is an ETC incubator that will launch shortly and I expect many projects to come from there and other places. Combine that with the very solid groups that continue to work on improving and developing the platform gives me confidence in the future. Not a "fan boy" here, just someone that holds ETC with no plans to liquidate and in fact I continue to buy more.
Tom Kost (3 days ago)
A few months ago you released a video about Cardano. Consider interviewing Charles Hoskinson. He would probably talk to you. I am yet to see someone more knowledgeable about the cryptocurrency/blockchain space. Seems like an interview would be mutually beneficial. Thoughts?
Tom Kost (3 days ago)
Crypto Tips reach out to YouTuber Boxmining to see how he made it happen. Maybe contact IOHK directly, too, via email.
Tom Kost (3 days ago)
Crypto Tips if I think of another angle I will touch base with you. Thanks for responding.
Crypto Tips (3 days ago)
Tom Kost I’ve reached out to him on Twitter recently but I’ll see if there are better ways to reach him.
Thinking Crypto (3 days ago)
HODL everyone! We're in the infancy stages of crypto, bigger things to come!
Arin Hargett (3 days ago)
I would guess he is being FORCED to get out of the lime light by higher powers!! Blockchains LLC
Rusty Bike (3 days ago)
Vitalik is scared of Cardano 👻
Galactic Magic (3 days ago)
Still buying up LTC! Love the "dip." Hope it goes even lower so I can buy more!
MK (3 days ago)
O.....is the scam known as crypto becoming a bit more clear now......(note to self......buy more popcorn)
MK (3 days ago)
yes i will send you the ICO info and my BTC address......
John Dow (3 days ago)
@MK: PopCorn? Is this a new coin?!! I'm IN !!!!

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