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T H E M Totally Hidden Extreme Magic episode 1

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"T.H.E.M." was a short-lived TV series. On the show, a gang of street magicians set up various scenarios to lure unsuspecting targets. After the team bewildered their victims, they would reveal themselves to the target as one of T.H.E.M.
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Dragon Associates (2 months ago)
Is it me or has YouTube ruined magic. Either it’s blatant fakes that are produced using after effects or ones like these that used to be kinda cool but now are so well know to be trickery and explainable . No more are the days or things that would make someone wonder. Now all you need is stick glue, magnets, perfect chemical mixtures and slight of hand and of course stooges
Dragon Associates (2 months ago)
Example: use stick glue and apply to surface of your skin (preferably on the inside of your arm or creases of the front of your neck) then get a pen or “pointy round object” or thread. Place object over glued area (creased or loose skin) pull skin around and hold it folded around object. Wah- la, now you have recreated the impaled trick
JustJoshinMagic (3 years ago)
Do you have the other episodes?
Robby Thompson (4 years ago)
Jest come down it didn't show anything man Soo don't get bent out. It didnt show the background or tricks to do it. vernonclassic

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