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How To Undo Any Fortnite Purchase!

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How To Undo Any Fortnite Purchase! This is how you can undo any purchase in fortnite. Welcome to my channel! Chances are if your reading this you want to see mainly links and desc revolving the video. Well, to sum it up I'm a content creator who uploads and streams daily, so make sure to subscribe to not miss anything! (Below this text are some useful links.) ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ My Website: https://streamlabs.com/itzmarconation/v2 ✔️Sponsor The Channel/Membership: https://bit.ly/2CWW8ea ✔️Support The Channel Donation: https://streamlabs.com/itzmarconation 📱Discord Server: https://discord.gg/HtxwDuh 🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/marco64307928?lang=en ☑️Support a Creator/In-Game Name: ItzMarcoNationYT 📦 Download Fortnite for free here ➔ https://www.fortnite.com 💬Nightbot Commands: Type !commands in the live chat for the link 🎵Non-Copyright Music: https://www.youtube.com/c/djquadsofficial 🔥Locker Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=1ZmVdjETf0U&t=464s 😏Fortnite Settings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2kVxRvebnE&t=8s ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Channel Schedule (Can be slightly different at times depending on what's going on with my life but I will try my best to follow this schedule!) 1-3 Daily Videos | 1-3 Streams a week along with videos starting around the item shop reset | Weekly Challenge Guides and Loading Screen Locations every Friday/Wednesday # #
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Text Comments (71)
KiNG ShruKin (5 days ago)
I accidentally just bought wrap I’m killing myself
GoodBoi (8 days ago)
Too bad i left the screen when i accidentally bought slick
GoodBoi hey at least slicks a decent emote
Michael De Costa (8 days ago)
Does it work on Nintendo
The Revivers (11 days ago)
That’s great
Sebastian Joseph (13 days ago)
Thank God buying the hazard agent was an accident I thought I lost my V bucks big time😫
CBKXSJ xxx Bedford (13 days ago)
Can you do this with a skin you been had?
Naveen Cooray (13 days ago)
CBKXSJ xxx Bedford no :(
TSM_KingDog30 (13 days ago)
Does it work if you dont have anymore refund tickets
yes but only while your on the page
ToiletPaper (14 days ago)
Can you undo if you purchased a skin along time ago like I once bought the raven but I don't want it anymore
Sietse Plays (14 days ago)
Thomxs (16 days ago)
So if you go in your locker you can no more undo it ?
Thomxs no
Paulino Garcia (16 days ago)
How you undo gift
you cant
JordyjilianJus (16 days ago)
Does it work with no refunds?
Naveen Cooray (13 days ago)
JordyjilianJus yes
Jif (16 days ago)
I bought something and it didnt let me undo
Jif (16 days ago)
@ItzMarcoNation - Fortnite well RIP 500 vbucks
Jif you need to do it before leaving the page
Evan Choi (16 days ago)
yoo i risked it and did it, but i actually worked. For those of you who are scared, i bought one battle pass in my whole intire life, and i have 500 vbucks. I still tried it and it worked!
Seli (17 days ago)
Does is require Refund Request?
Seli (16 days ago)
@ItzMarcoNation - Fortnite ok
Seli no
NUK3 Kevin the cube (17 days ago)
Can u undo a item wat u have brought a month or couple weeks ago
NUK3 Kevin the cube no it’s only for 5 minutes while your in the screen
index funds (17 days ago)
Jim Will (17 days ago)
Clary Russell (17 days ago)
Hey so, I purchased something and then I went to go undo it but I loaded into a match and I was so mad!
Donald (13 days ago)
I did the same with the Oracle axe
Jamaal Whittle (16 days ago)
Clary Russell dang
Clary Russell (17 days ago)
Jamaal Whittle Flux
Jamaal Whittle (17 days ago)
What did you buy?
Taha Med (17 days ago)
Guys if you use the skin in the locker can you still undo it
Rosie Is watching you (17 days ago)
I wish
Tartaros (17 days ago)
@Eren Jaeger Come on Eren, why do you need to insult peoples parents. (New aot season is lit btw)
Eren Jaeger (17 days ago)
@Carter Kitchens Lol hes a dumbass just like your mother and father
Carter Kitchens (17 days ago)
No dumbass
Romi (18 days ago)
Buy one that you really want and look how long itll take to go away while you stay in the screen
Romi (17 days ago)
D'Metri Samuels thank you so much :)
D'Metri Samuels (18 days ago)
5 minutes
Colt-HotRacer (18 days ago)
Woah that’s actually cool
Lazuli Matics (18 days ago)
Does it work on mobile?
dog (18 days ago)
Lazuli Matics your welcome!
Lazuli Matics (18 days ago)
dog Yeah I tested it out!!! I’m so glad it does! Thanks
dog (18 days ago)
Lazuli Matics yes, yes it does.
IceyBeesGaming (18 days ago)
If something that I own comes back into the item shop, would I be able to undo it?
10min man (17 days ago)
No u cant i already tried
Nzt_Ghost (18 days ago)
IceyBeesGaming i send you a friend Request
Nzt_Ghost (18 days ago)
IceyBeesGaming sure
IceyBeesGaming (18 days ago)
Nzt_Ghost wanna play together my epic is Icey4_HOTWIRE
Nzt_Ghost (18 days ago)
IceyBeesGaming I would try it right now with The Breezy Emote but I don’t want to risk it cause i want Pick it up
ItzJustMe (18 days ago)
Can u undo a purchase that's been their from past 30 days
elias samson (17 days ago)
@ManualSpade2052 ye su can
ItzJustMe (18 days ago)
@ManualSpade2052 oh ok kl
ManualSpade2052 (18 days ago)
ItzJustMe no it’s only while you are in that screen that said undo and once you leave that screen you can no longer undo the purchase
Premium 5tealth (18 days ago)
Even after I’ve just seen you risk your life I’m still too scared to try this 😂
IJAM the mistake (10 days ago)
Don't karma got me good now i can't afford the next battle pass. 😖
rip rattle (12 days ago)
I did it my heart skipped at beat
FlatDietPepsi11 • (17 days ago)
I wanna go buy something then quickly undo it but I’m paranoid in case there was some random bug that came along and they had to remove the feature 😂😂😂
dog (17 days ago)
i did it twice and it worked try it but not on the same item twice because then it wont work
Romi (18 days ago)
Premium 5tealth lmao so true
Kaiden Play's (18 days ago)
Cuz i have - 1 of 3
Kaiden Play's (18 days ago)
Do u know if it uses refund tokens
Eren Jaeger (17 days ago)
@ItzMarcoNation - Fortnite Doesnt (just correcting)
no it doesent
cookie banana (18 days ago)

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