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TechZone ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6H07z6zAwbHRl4Lbl0GSsw 10 PEOPLE WITH REAL SUPERPOWERS Most of us love or used to love films and cartoons about superheroes. Probably you wanted to have the super abilities of Spiderman, or to be as strong as Hulk, or become Human Torch or Mr. Fantastic; unfortunately we are all common people: we go to school, we go to work, and our life is boring and monotonous. Nevertheless there are people on earth with real superpowers that will surprise you. So, here are 10 real people with superpowers. Let's get it on! caught on tape top 10 caught on camera
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Text Comments (5768)
Kawaii _turtle (1 day ago)
What about can head
I took a test and my hidden power is speed
carisa oh (2 days ago)
What was the movie when he ask for a spoon but the spoon came out of his mouth... what was the movie name
carisa oh (2 days ago)
What was the movie name?
zayaan hassan (2 days ago)
I have a superpower i can turn oxygen into carbondioxide
Ethan Mcgeown (2 days ago)
3:41 Hes an octopus!!!
m4isuw plays roblox (2 days ago)
Wait can the torture king guy drown himself and live he can be like the water superhero but dosn't fellmpain if he can
Tina Riddick (2 days ago)
Tina Riddick (2 days ago)
O my gosh!!!! I have magneto!!!!
Adam Belatiq (3 days ago)
I have the best power in life i can frat a silence frat but its deadly
oson hui (4 days ago)
It was a BB pellet from a Airsoft gun not a bullet
dark_magician YT (4 days ago)
I have the magneto shit
gamerz roblox123 (4 days ago)
Rip Stan Lee
than guy skin is fake
john keneth valencia (5 days ago)
RIP Stan Lee
Sarah Montgomery (5 days ago)
The iceman power I have it
Nataly Oliveira (5 days ago)
I can not put a spun on my belly
KPR NAIR (5 days ago)
My grandson has the super samurai power
bridget Mwongeli (6 days ago)
On my god!!!😮
Lwandile Mahanjana (6 days ago)
Only whites on this opinion of your video, Why there are no blacks? 😕
Alex Cohen (6 days ago)
I have a super power. I have speed but I run out of stamina easily
o.o (7 days ago)
This comment section is full of people that doesn't know what a joke is.
Nicole Pappas (7 days ago)
I'm the strongest man earth 🌏 I made an earthquake by clapping
This is awesome
Gäłäxy Kìtkät (7 days ago)
Does the hammer head guy have his head hurt?
MAD CHOCOLATE (7 days ago)
I have superpowers I can make my home turn in to my crush Cruz ♡
Michael Nelson Jr (7 days ago)
I am not an animal human I got super strict without lifting weights I guess skinny arms like a noodle
Lol Lel (7 days ago)
A lot of have the power of magnets?
idk Google it (7 days ago)
The magnetic people may be real but everyone else is completely made up It's not a superpower being good with swords... It's not a power to have elastic skin Handling cold is only that you are warm blooded. Turning your body parts in a creepy way is definitely not a superpower That head thing... Is basically saying he has a thick skull which, means hes... Stupid OK NOW CALM DOWN the not getting able to feel pain is just a rare condition that is just a thing wrong with he's or her's nervous system, or something Not needing sleep, ok I have to admit that is sorta weird
Isaac Chaidez (7 days ago)
I have a superpower I can make sperm
My power is Soler beam
I have a powerfulpower
I have a superpower too i can nut 15 times a day
Jordan Vizcocho (8 days ago)
Can ice man get sick
Michoni Campbell (8 days ago)
Stamina man can run endlessly he Decorie The Usan bolt
isam habib (8 days ago)
isam habib (8 days ago)
PIXELNATOR (8 days ago)
Goddamnit he is the bug from men and black
Ibrahim Caliskan (8 days ago)
Face reveal?
Evamai Flamma (8 days ago)
This is crazy
Super samurai vs Lucille from waking dead Do they win? Or do they both die? *FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z*
Riyaz Nurmamod (8 days ago)
I have all of them
Fortnite Feveer (9 days ago)
I have the power to run faster then a cheetah
Fareed Wattoo (9 days ago)
i have a power to sleep 18 hours during the exams]
Shaila Reza (9 days ago)
This is all fake
Akshay Krishna (9 days ago)
Kelv Muasya (9 days ago)
insomnia man is the real deal
Jason Portas (9 days ago)
Taylor Harris (9 days ago)
My powers I want is super flight,eye lasers,shape shift,
Jeon Jungkook (9 days ago)
i have the superpower to eat and then eat again thank you very much
cody blair (9 days ago)
kxnoz (9 days ago)
I have a super power.... When I’m drunk I leave dirty answerphone messages to my ex-girlfriends mother. Some might say it’s a curse.
scott family (10 days ago)
My super power is turning water to piss
scott family (10 days ago)
All of this people are just people with no feelings in specific parts of the body and with no friends
Code Riot (10 days ago)
I really have a six pack ab.... too bad my tummy's hiding it...
fucking fake no one will ever know about this
Icesaiahpaul Heath (10 days ago)
Thumbs nail: mr. stark i don't feel so well
Robin Williams (10 days ago)
:Name Usain Bolt :Quirk Really Fast
Rush Green lion (10 days ago)
The stamina guy must be a god on the pacer test
marko stander (10 days ago)
I can go from zero naked in 1 beer
xXxtentation lovenish (11 days ago)
I can do the first one
Theodore Cros (11 days ago)
I have a super power too. I turn oxygen to carbon dioxide.
Gary Tran (11 days ago)
these aren't people with powers these people are to laugh at lol
Dipti Dipti (11 days ago)
This is wonderful, really wonderful
Smoking Thrillz (12 days ago)
Run Forrest Run
Naman Gupta (12 days ago)
I liked it a lot
Allen Ouyang (12 days ago)
The samuri is the new fruit ninja
Kul Himal (12 days ago)
I think first one is fake
Dillon Fitzroy (12 days ago)
I can fly
Dillon Fitzroy (12 days ago)
its true
Naluba Moyo (12 days ago)
Naluba Moyo (12 days ago)
diarian sten popy pants escwar
Gblstil Gt (12 days ago)
This peoples are hackers but me have superpower drink to toilet pig
Jeon Jungkookie (13 days ago)
I have superpower.....I can pass my exam paper without answers lol
jsaul zsan delgado (13 days ago)
Gavolskiot Igrac (13 days ago)
Gavolskiot Igrac (13 days ago)
Gavolskiot Igrac (13 days ago)
My power is when im agry my keft eye turns ree and has a BIG scar and when i walk i get hit by electrisity
Football club Fifa (13 days ago)
Willy's Toys (13 days ago)
My superpower is sleeping for extended periods of time
Bailey Clark (8 days ago)
Naomi Bishop (13 days ago)
The rubber boy is creepin me out
Naomi Bishop (13 days ago)
I have a real super power itd called eating food and spitting it out
TorSGaming (14 days ago)
That guy from your thumbnail does not feel so good
BB Ki Vines ✅ (14 days ago)
*Wow* 😒
Mido (14 days ago)
Stamina man is so lucky... i love running but i get exhausted after 2hour or less
ducky the duck (14 days ago)
If i had all the power at 1ce i would us3 it 4 the good
bts kim nam joon (14 days ago)
The man with stong skull- Advice for him- its sometimes dangerous to use your head for breaking. And also one time it will damage your skull
Karen Cabrera (15 days ago)
I love the electroman
Marshmallo pops (15 days ago)
I can convert oxygen into carbon dioxide
Pascal Aarts (15 days ago)
Dutch wins
Possu 1234 (15 days ago)
That ice man is just normal dude from finlsnd :DD
Jess Fal (15 days ago)
Soooo 98000 people have super powers....
Morgz The real (15 days ago)
Just Miema (15 days ago)
I've finally found Goemon
Katsuki Bakugo (16 days ago)
My power is to sweat nitroglycerin and ignite it using my palms causing explosions
free meme for u (16 days ago)
These Guys Can Be the Avengers
Sam Hughes (16 days ago)
I thought that the lady who can smell Parkinsons would be on here
Jamaican Drama TV (16 days ago)
flyin dino nuggets (16 days ago)
4:47 he's forest Gump. 😂😂😂
xXItz_ HaloXx (16 days ago)
I live in Vietnam!
xXItz_ HaloXx (16 days ago)
Well i was born in USA but my family is from Vietnam
xXItz_ HaloXx (16 days ago)
Don’t need to learn Vietnam language to talk to me!
xXItz_ HaloXx (16 days ago)
But I know a lot of English still!
Akinyoola Sunday (16 days ago)
Hello happy weekend to you all

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