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Taylor Swift - End Game ft. Ed Sheeran, Future

2630778 ratings | 191288834 views
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Text Comments (184121)
hugo macial (1 hour ago)
Loka de pinga
Juan Pascual (2 hours ago)
Who's here after listening to Future's latest album The WIZRD?
melisa Xoxo (2 hours ago)
This song deserved way more radio credit tf this is fire
melisa Xoxo (2 hours ago)
SIMRAN Tyagi (3 hours ago)
This song better be in the Avengers
SIMRAN Tyagi (3 hours ago)
Who's here after 1 year!
Alexandro Sandoval (3 hours ago)
Avengers endgame lol
Hey It’s Me (4 hours ago)
Ima need y’all to stop sleeping on this song.
Allex Souza (4 hours ago)
2019 🇧🇷 alguém ? Up
Joe A (5 hours ago)
Adan Subuyujpirir (6 hours ago)
Tylor sabias q german te va a derrotar en subs pz ojala q asi sera xq german es el youtuber mas geniañ del mundo y q te derrotara muy pronto en subs 😛😛😛
Joriz Tamares (6 hours ago)
Less than 9M to go
miguel bs (6 hours ago)
Big reputation
RYAN PEDRO (7 hours ago)
Angeles Garcia (7 hours ago)
The Saviours (7 hours ago)
I hope this is the soundtrack of Avengers EndGame
Só vim pelo Ed Sheeran
T S (10 hours ago)
Daiana Oliva (10 hours ago)
Sam Samira (10 hours ago)
British accent rap da best*-*
sgonged (12 hours ago)
Side chick loves this song while I am nuttin and she still suckin.
Utkrisht Negi (13 hours ago)
Can't get over how hot she is looking in this MV
Moisés Marquardt (14 hours ago)
Looka de pinga, looka de pinga
Raju Thakur (15 hours ago)
Your car number Your earring Your hat Your shirt No there's no illuminati
Wanderson Barbosa (15 hours ago)
Girle cuite (15 hours ago)
Love u Soo much Taylor 💗
Peuzin Renoutte (15 hours ago)
A kika faz assim....
Peuzin Renoutte (15 hours ago)
Loka de pinga loka de pinga então desce uma catuu que eu tô com fogo no cool
мать Россия (17 hours ago)
Man future is really good, he deserves more than just a few seconds in this song
Jimin Park (17 hours ago)
Am i the only one who noticed that there's a cat at 1:04?
Eylül Erdis (18 hours ago)
Purple Rocks (19 hours ago)
2019 anyone??
Bishnu Bhattarai (19 hours ago)
A YouTube channel named almas Jacob is saying that you are a devotte of Satan and you sand to do wrong things
Chihiro Shun (20 hours ago)
Chihiro Shun (20 hours ago)
I wanna be your A TEAM
head above water (21 hours ago)
Ngolwe Shikati (21 hours ago)
Future is supposed to be a rapper but he was killed by both Taylor and ed.
lopi (21 hours ago)
Loka de Pinga, Loka de Pinga
Mahnoor Harmann (1 day ago)
Wow this was a year ago?
Thanos' wig has been snatched
AAshish Bhatti (1 day ago)
I love u taylor 💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝💗💗💗💖💖💖💕💕💕💓💓❤️❤️❤️💗💙💙💜💜🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💋🖤🖤🖤
b1tch blossom (1 day ago)
Vinícius Caetano (1 day ago)
Prefiro Loka de Pinga da Kikaboom
William Kaplan (1 day ago)
Madison Terry (1 day ago)
Did anyone else notice the black cat?
Valerie Yao-Scott (1 day ago)
let's get this to 200M, so that all Rep era singles are over 200M
For You (1 day ago)
I am listening it from 1 year but coming here for only just TS
Julia Guiraldelo (1 day ago)
Loka de pinga, loka de pinga 🎶🎶
Rapha Gomez Oficial (1 day ago)
Edson Salmoria (1 day ago)
Stupid, boring and flop.
Chihiro Shun (20 hours ago)
In your ass!
محمد عسيري (1 day ago)
Ken Rodgers (1 day ago)
I think the God Rob Thomas has a message for you... Song pieces... I swear their the words from Gods lips to you... Lol signed joker to... I mean too Swift
dan Lins (1 day ago)
eu só consigo cantar " LOKA DE PINGA LOKA DE PINGA " SCRR
Rodrigo Fernan (1 day ago)
lokaaa de pinga, lokaa de pinga...huuuu, minhas meninas estão loucas de pingaaa...então desce uma katuuuu, que eu tô com fogo no hããã
Órion official (1 day ago)
Loka de pinga kkkkkkk
Weslley Felipe (1 day ago)
Ally Gomez (1 day ago)
300! 😀😀😀
Ana Mara Coimbra (1 day ago)
Loka de pinga haha (kika boom e danny bond)❤❤🎶🎶
Vstajl Highlity (1 day ago)
I just want to find Avengers Endgame XD
beow cheng Kan (1 day ago)
This has to be part of the soundtrack for avengers 4 because its literally in the title.
anasianperson (1 day ago)
Taylor is psychic. She knew that Avengers 4 would be called that.
Davi Guimarães (1 day ago)
Fanny Almeida (1 day ago)
Loka pinga .
Dele Productions (1 day ago)
Anyone else wishing they could be as perfect as taylor
Maria Rita Santos (1 day ago)
Quem gostou da liki
Maria Rita Santos (1 day ago)
Sou do brasil
Maria Rita Santos (1 day ago)
Maria Rita Santos (1 day ago)
Mary T (1 day ago)
Jhonatan viana (1 day ago)
Jhonatan viana (1 day ago)
Linda Taylor swift
Vianca Lam (1 day ago)
How about Hong Kong🇭🇰? 😢
“OOH” part is everything
Abhishek Ratnu (2 days ago)
Here for ed sheeran
Mark Young (2 days ago)
So Talented , and such a cute personality.
Naina Singh (2 days ago)
its actually a pretty good song it should have gotten more hype than it actually got
ktgirl 75761 (1 day ago)
Discount Snacks (2 days ago)
Taylor was hinting everyone about Marvels fourth Avengers movie for more than a year ago!
MUNEER MAZLAN (2 days ago)
10M views more to 200M !
hiltonruss3 (2 days ago)
Yes or no
hiltonruss3 (2 days ago)
André Luiz (2 days ago)
Loka de pinga, UH MINHAS amigas estão loucas de pingaaaaaaaa Então desce uma catu que eu tô com fogo no CUUUUUUU 🇧🇷
Jesus Taza (2 days ago)
Taylor is beatiful 😍😍 and cool 😎
Adam Maillet (2 days ago)
255 posts on ur instagram, hey did u know that's 2^8 - 1 or 11111111 or robot?
Adam Maillet (2 days ago)
after the storm something was born on the 4th of (julie) july - taylor swift
Zak Abdul (2 days ago)
This is viral
Diba Hp (2 days ago)
let's just talk about the outfits of the video
ohwell (2 days ago)
(Avengers are all fighting Thanos in billion-dollar money shot that changes cinematic history) *Thanos:* reputation, reputation ooooOoOOoooOh you and me got a big reputation
Hala JK (2 days ago)
One year ago ... this was before exams in one day now I’m here also before exams in 3 days. I love yah Tay so much ❤️🧡
Enlicce Mccarter (2 days ago)
Bullshits (2 days ago)
Hau Dang (2 days ago)
16/1/2019 ... 🇻🇳
Sahil Khan (2 days ago)
190million 🙈❤❤
Love and Peace Toons (2 days ago)
Haiqa Iqbal (2 days ago)
Hermione Granger (2 days ago)
Reputation Stadium Tour
Fiene Noortman (2 days ago)
I love this song!
銀魂 (2 days ago)
Sushmita Shankar (2 days ago)
If you just a look at the production value and the aesthetics representing every city. Just the different vibes. Goddamn, this woman is a masterpiece.
Japoy Ramirez (3 days ago)
Sarah Supit (3 days ago)
I love this song and the music video!!!! The traveling and new adventures vibe in this video reminded me of when I went to my sister's bachelorette party in Vegas. Had an unforgettable time. We were playing this song as we were pre-gaming and it felt so applicable for her and her fiance.. End game. Now they're finally married!! :)
Izamara Santos (3 days ago)
🎶Loka de pinga Loka de pinga Uhhhh minhas meninas estão Loka de pingaaaaa🎶😁
Chika Taka (3 days ago)
Came here to see the avengers 4 Comments

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