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Flex Iron-on Cricut Vinyl

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Text Comments (22)
Theresa Morrison (5 months ago)
Melody, just wondering why you used the Flex Vinyl on a box. Wouldn’t the regular vinyl be better? Just wondering.
Melody Lane (5 months ago)
The Cricut Flex vinyl is really good for luggage or things that are not a flat surface. They don't make this type anymore.
Brad (6 months ago)
Does anyone have any suggestions what type of T-shirt works best for Iron-ons? Links would be helpful. Thank you
Gail Hopper (6 months ago)
What setting, on the Maker, is used to cut regular & strong bond iron-on vinyl?
Christopher Mosley (2 years ago)
heat press works better its even heat applied probably wont melt the box in one spot but this is awesome plan on using this for some legging in my apparel line
Teresa Hampton (2 years ago)
I love this, Melody! One thing I do is...I keep mine on the sticky mat, I use a ruler and a xacto (sp) knife to cut away excess, again while on mat, then I weed it! Much much easier as the sticky holds it in place!
Janice Johnson (3 years ago)
Yay! Melody, I'm so pumped! I watched your video and followed you along as I made my first T-shirt for my husband! I used his initials for a monogram. This was my first time using vinyl! I only hope all my other projects will go as well! Luv you kiddo!
Tonya Anderson (3 years ago)
You inspire me
Nicole (3 years ago)
Great Video!!! Thank You..
Harold Michelo (3 years ago)
Melody, where do I get that type of vinyl cutter and at how much? Your work is very simple and excellent. I have liked it.
magggie22 (3 years ago)
Hi Melody :) really enjoy watching your videos and all the great cricut products... I also enjoy all the great things cricut has in design space but unfortunately I can't purchase anything as I don't live in U.S.  :( I have now got a cricut explore love it too....my daughters bought it for me as a present, but as I say I can't buy anything on design space, hope they make it available to purchase things world wide I am sure a lot of users would appreciate this too :)  love how your videos are so easy to understand :)  Have a wonderful day and Happy crafting :)  Magz :)
Denise Solecki Tuttle (3 years ago)
I haven't been watching in a while...So, I picked this to be my first video. All I can say is this one is FABULOUS!!!!!  ( and no, I haven't tried iron-on yet, but I will now )
Thank you for taking the time to make such awesome videos. I see them and say I can do that. Will have to get that flex vinyl.
susan sharp (3 years ago)
cool video melody! the stretchy vinyl seems awesome. love how the box turned out. as always thank you for the fun and helpful video, hope you are having a super week. hugs, susan
Gail Lopez (3 years ago)
Hi Melody. I love Iron On. Your box came out perfect!!! I love this color. I must get this!!! I love Iron On so much that I am addicted to making t-shirts. I love the glitter Iron on. Made my twins so t-shirts for there Disneyland trip. Great video. Can't wait to get me some of this!!!
2 Mama Designs (3 years ago)
Love this.... great job, and thanks for the inspiration!
kamelinn (3 years ago)
Thank you Melody - you show us how to do the most wonderful projects!  Really appreciate the time and effort you put into your videos.
Off Kilter Crafter Ian (3 years ago)
Oh dear! Hope Ken didn't notice lol
MsSuper Klutz (3 years ago)
Oh that turned out awesome....love the colors!!   That new Flex Vinyl is fabulous have to get me some of this Your video was totally lots of fun!!  YOU so ROCK!! Joan Smith
Melody Lane (3 years ago)
+MsSuper Klutz Thank You
That is really neat :) I dont even own an iron lol
Melody Lane (3 years ago)
+Craft Corner with Esther C lol this was the first time I used one in years, lol Thanks for watching.

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