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Girl You Need These Ankara Head Wraps 😍! Here’s 5 easy styles with Affordable Prints under $20!

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Hey FAM! You definitely need these Ankara head wraps! Today I am sharing 5 easy Ankara Print Head Wrap Styles that are beginner friendly using Affordable Head wraps that cost under $20 each. I am going to share how to tie a headscarf in a variety of styles and how to tie a headband bow as well. I am using Ankara head wraps from ColourShot Cards. You can find all information on the shop down below. Hope you enjoy this super easy duku head wrap tutorial sharing how to slay your print headscarf whenever protective styling or giving your hair an extra accessory. On my channel, I create helpful tutorials that teach you how to accomplish a variety of beauty looks and even become a DIY handiwork pro. I encourage and empower through my weekly chats and Sharing my twin-mom journey! Become a part of the positive ASEAMAE FAM by subscribing! NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK. Live Chat about My New Wig Line: https://youtu.be/V8YctUuhLMw Shop my wigs 👉🏾 AseaMaeBeauty.com How to DIY Feed in Braids: https://youtu.be/5k6SNrw_OBo Mented Lipgloss Collection Review: https://youtu.be/fymUI5Zit8Q Festival Inspired Makeup Tutorial: https://youtu.be/RIDN8_k2Qgg Beaded Halo with Beads: https://youtu.be/HXVYAeUJuRE Makeup & Motivation: The Secret to Successful Dating + Trying a Cut Crease https://youtu.be/AP7R0pjGdJg More Product Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4ZlCkYaak3DN0fhzHbU5JOyGMeFAcL4i My Channel: Youtube.com/aseamae P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D: Shop Colourshot Cards Headscarves: https://goo.gl/1gPBca 1. Queen in Green Diamond 2. Queen in Orange 3. Queen in Pink and Purple 4. Queen in Blue Batik 5. Bandana in Yellow Batik Sizes of Head Wrap Styles: Queen: 70" x 20" , Triangle: 45" on the straight sides of a triangle Bandana: 70" x 11" www.instagram.com/colourshotcards www.instagram.com/colourshot100 --- MY BLOG: TheBrownGirlSwatches.com Blog Instagram: Instagram.com/thebrowngirlswatches Connect With Me: Instagram.com/aseamae Facebook.com/aseamae Twitter.com/aseamae_ Save While You Shop: ------------- Shop My Wig Collection: http://aseamaebeauty.com/shop Coupon Code: ASEAMAEFAM Shop Mented Cosmetics: https://goo.gl/4gr3AL Coupon Code: BrownGirl Shop Protective Styles Hair coupon code: ASEAMAE Shop Irresistible Me | irresistibleme.com coupon code: IrresistibleAsea Shop Madam Glam | madamglam.com coupon code: Asea30 Shop Feshfen Hair | feshfen.com coupon code: Aseamae Free products to review with Octoly: https://www.octoly.com/creators?cref=has9t Camera: Sony A5100: http://amzn.to/2ejoFk7 Nikon D5300: http://amzn.to/2dMxDB2 Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X For business Inquires and Collaborations: [email protected] https://famebit.com/#/profile/AseaMae FTC: Not Sponsored. Some products were sent to me free for my honest review. Affiliate links are used in the description box. MUSIC: Shine by Joakim Karud Joakim Karud - https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud https://www.facebook.com/joakimkarudm... https://twitter.com/JoakimKarud
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AseaMae (1 year ago)
Hey Loves! Back with a new video sharing 5 easy ways to style Ankara Head Wraps! Let me know your Fave Wrap below ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ! xoxo, Asea.
Diane Dunbar (2 months ago)
How do you keep your scarf from crawling up your ears?
Pris-k 2.0 (3 months ago)
Hiiiii! Really cut I love all the head wraps
Raenett Williams (3 months ago)
Not sure if the Anakara is enough material...I got a big head.
Denise Griffin (4 months ago)
Beautiful.MakeUp. Explosive💥💥💥
Topsycole (1 year ago)
Girl! I don't even wear head scarves but the cuteness that is you is making me want to wear them. I love them all especially the first one with the bow, super cute! Loved it x
AseaMae (1 year ago)
Topsycole aw thanks beauty! ❤️
TheKingKasie (1 year ago)
I love this! I might just have to get this I've been using an old scarf 😂 You wore all of them so good!
AseaMae (1 year ago)
Thanks hun!
Asia Monet Wright (1 year ago)
This makes me want to wear these scarves . I liked all the styles.
OnyiiTV (1 year ago)
This is definitely helpful, now I dont have to keep doing the same boring old style haha.
BeatByQui (1 year ago)
That bow with the unit on top genius I love going head wraps especially during the winter so thanks for the different ideas Wonderful video
AseaMae (1 year ago)
thanks beauty!
BeautybyNy (1 year ago)
Girl I'm so glad I found your video, I've been looking for some cute inexpensive head wraps these past few weeks
Sonya Ni'cole (1 year ago)
the items look absolutely beautiful.
AseaMae (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Jeannide V (1 year ago)
my favorite style was the two toned headwrap. Nice unit you made and the ct crease is super cute also :)
AseaMae (1 year ago)
Thanks girl!
Kay's Ways (1 year ago)
That is such a good idea to add the unit on top!! I've been loving headwraps lately, I normally only wear it one way so I appreciate the variety you showed. The green & blue ones are my favorites 💜
AseaMae (1 year ago)
Same! I usually only rock it one way as well. Im definitely going to do some more intricate styles next! Tried to keep it beginner friendly lol.
Missybeelondon (1 year ago)
Loving these headwraps hun. I am steadily growing my collecting in different colours and design. Tfs hun
AseaMae (1 year ago)
Your Welcome! I am adding more to my collection for sure! I love them.
AbigailAshley (1 year ago)
This is the most detailed head wrap video I've seen! THANK YOU!!!
AseaMae (1 year ago)
YW! Thanks for watching hun!
Those wraps are super cute especially they way you tied them!
AseaMae (1 year ago)
Thanks beauty!
Asiana J. (1 year ago)
omg I love these so pretty! I love every style, but I have silky hair, how can I make mine stay on, every time I try they slide off 😩
AseaMae (1 year ago)
LOL! Listen, I understand the struggle! My purple headscarf falls off every-night and I don't have silky hair haha! But when wearing the printed head wraps, try pulling them down further on your face, and/or use 1-2 wig caps. That may help the fabric to stay put if its placed on top of a wig cap. You can also try a bonnet, but Ive noticed bonnets help them slip IMO.
DiscoveringNatural (1 year ago)
These are so beautiful. I love that they come in several length. The infinity bow is my favorite
AseaMae (1 year ago)
Thanks hun!

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