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How to Style Short Hair on Women with Pomade | Bed Head Hard-To-Get Pomade

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Watch as Toni and Guy Stylist Rachel Brumbaugh takes you through how to most effectively use Bed Head Hard-to-Get to style any short haircut or pixie haircut on women. Professional Hair Styling Tip: When using Bed Head's Hard to Get or any pomade it's important to work the product all the way through to the root to create more pieces within the hair style. Get Bed Head Hard-to-Get at ShopToniGuy.com - http://bit.ly/x7VE6R Become a stylist - http://ow.ly/ti07S Connect with on social! http://www.facebook.com/toniandguy Twitter @ToniGuyUSA http://pinterest.com/ToniGuyUSA/ Toni and Guy Blog - http://ow.ly/cY3Qi How to Use Pomade Hair Tutorial for Short Hair Short Hair Styles for Women
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katie gresham (2 years ago)
Will bed head gel work
Dawn Tobin (3 years ago)
Hi ! Thanks for the video....Could you please tell me which hair wax I could use before styling long hair ..into a bun or a braid...to give the hair more neatness and body.. so it is easy to handle. I find it hard to style very silky hair and it is a struggle. I need to know how to make it manageable for a style. :-)

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