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Mysteries of Magic 3 - Death-Defying Feats

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Part three of the Mysteries of Magic series examines the fearless magicians who risk their lives for their art and to entertain the audience. Features the sword basket, guillotine, and cannonball escape tricks. ~ Heather M. Fierst, Rovi Credit Mike Slee - Executive Producer, Richard Sattin - Executive Producer, Chris Haws - Executive Producer
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Rapaladude (11 months ago)
David Blaine does a real bullet catch. Crazy bastard needs to stop that shit.
Master (2 years ago)
That bullet trick is ridiculous and irresponsible. No one is buying someone catching a bullet in their teeth except maybe a child who might go out and try it.
Andreas Jansch (1 year ago)
and anyone is buying a woman is sawn into 2 halfs? :D
Peterrabbit (4 years ago)
cool :)
Katalyzt (4 years ago)
Cool ★★★★★
GypsyKing (4 years ago)
and what exactly are they conjuring or  whom?
joed596 (4 years ago)
Thanks for all your uploads  :-)
Harvey Levene (4 years ago)
People laughed at the end because it is such a ridiculous joke!
youlittlerocket (5 years ago)
A cannonball to the chest ? Impressive and vey fuckin' stupid
Thomas Black (5 years ago)
Vernonclassic, your right, unfourtanatly I used to be like that and luckily I joined a club to try and make a profession, now two years later I realise I made a good decision, Respecting the art and loving what you do is more important Even if a spectator saw your trick and worked it out, the magic is the only thing they see, they don't know the art and the preparation of magic, they don't fully understand the history of what we do. And it's important, now I'm gaining more confidence and professional practise I realise the real study of what I do and what I want a career as!!
slagcity (5 years ago)
these series are from 1997, Teller never did secret about his voice it's a gimmick in the penn en teller shows, with Teller did tons over other stuff in the 90s and 00's
Im a youtube magician, I'm also pretty amateur. But i respect the art, i recently got a gig for a popular airline (Im not aloud to name yet) by giving out my business card at a youtube meet up..
AndulkaLP (6 years ago)
Wow. Check out the length people go to entertain people. o.0
Reynold Sam (6 years ago)
Teller is TALKING,,, WOW!!!
David Munns (1 year ago)
The bee trick comes from there TV special DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME On which Jane Cirten was a guest
Matt Revette (6 years ago)
penn and teller are bad ass
Everything Nick (6 years ago)
2:57 Teller Speaks! I've heard him only on the Egypt video and the lecture he gave. Both on Youtube. I've Never seen this though! Sweet. Thanks for the upload
Kleavers (6 years ago)
That bee routine is absolutely mental :D Damn. Love those guys.
paul watt (6 years ago)
For a moment I thought he was going to say proudly showed it to the audience (this is Penn were talking about) lol.
NY32986 (6 years ago)
7:08 LOL

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