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My love letter to cosplay | Adam Savage

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Adam Savage makes things and builds experiments, and he uses costumes to add humor, color and clarity to the stories he tells. Tracing his lifelong love of costumes — from a childhood space helmet made of an ice cream tub to a No-Face costume he wore to Comic-Con — Savage explores the world of cosplay and the meaning it creates for its community. "We're connecting with something important inside of us," he says. "The costumes are how we reveal ourselves to each other." TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Text Comments (1735)
Viet Vu (4 hours ago)
Thank you for all your works. You are my idol when I was a child. And also thank you for the introduction of anime and especially Ghibli.
BootsFoWalkin 4444 (6 hours ago)
Nothing's better than the feeling of someone asking to take a picture of you in cosplay ❤
BootsFoWalkin 4444 (6 hours ago)
Heya! Im 15 and have been cosplaying for over 2 years now and I freakin love this : 0 Edit: Omggggg i love you talking about the uncomfort of your costumes while still loving them- thats literally me. Attending cons for over two years, ive worn giant masks, fursuits, and a large variety of wigs- never comfy yet i feel like im on top of the world.
zinah (9 hours ago)
That's truly a man of culture.
Luna Lupa (1 day ago)
His crooked glasses..... awwww.... Adam Savage is a wonderful, wonderful man. He just inspired me to keep working hard so that one day, when I finish University, I will be free do do fun things like cosplay.
Samoaba Jamir (1 day ago)
Just found this and now holding back tears. heh
Cheesy Lasagna (1 day ago)
his glasses crooked af
Hannah m (2 days ago)
I love this dude
Angelique Cheung (4 days ago)
"If you don't know about Spirited Away or it's director Hayo Miyazaki. Your welcome." Ain't that the truth. 🤩 Thanks Adam your making Studio Ghibli fans.
Andrei OK (4 days ago)
10:02 joker from the dark knight
free9174 (5 days ago)
Jim Dighton (6 days ago)
Nfkrz bangerz is that you?
Lexy ARB (6 days ago)
"They let their freak flag fly and it's beautiful"
Szokusia (7 days ago)
This reminded me of my friend who cosplayed as Deku from My Hero Academia earlier today at school. She did reenactments of some scenes, too (I remember her saying "EAT THIS").
Katherine Terria (8 days ago)
Oh my god I totally saw him at comic con!
Peter Gašperan (10 days ago)
But yeah, its a weird fetish hobby, sry guys
Peter Gašperan (10 days ago)
Im here only for the No Face from the thumbnail
MountainRain (11 days ago)
aww. makes all the middle aged men butt slaps almost worth it <3 thx my dude
WEEABOO 64 (12 days ago)
Gay cheese (12 days ago)
*When you release Adam Savage is a weeb too* Me: (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Yaya Haha (13 days ago)
Myth busters was literally the best show in the world. I cried when he had his farewell show.
Thomas the Train (13 days ago)
Burqa + no face mask
Bektas Konca (13 days ago)
you made an old man cry damn it...
Bria McCallum (14 days ago)
those were great cosplay costumes, go jealous I don't have one
Pit Viper XP (15 days ago)
No matter how many times I watch this, I always get goosebumps.
P A P (15 days ago)
I miss Myth Busters :(
Elizabeth Claiborne (15 days ago)
AAAAARRGHH! I built aluminum flashing armor when I was a kid! I thought I was the only weirdo in the world who’d do that.
aaron lee riadi (15 days ago)
Heyal yea no face!
Alexis Sarabia (15 days ago)
this... is beautiful.
Kareploof (16 days ago)
Boys make space ships, men make armor, but savages cosplay
Amelia Hu (17 days ago)
It's the guy from myth busters
Fe Lix (18 days ago)
Cosplay is Art
SHANOOBS ! (19 days ago)
10:20 ah ah... ah ah ah.... ah ah..... ah ah ah...... ah ah
BookDraco (19 days ago)
This man... I love him
TheVidzWatcher (20 days ago)
"Heath Ledgers "Joker!
Matthew Hubble (21 days ago)
Saturday 23rd of March 2019 was my 1st time cosplaying, I went as the Winter Soldier and in that space of 6 hours in a costume I had the exact same feelings Adam had.
Koloshow (22 days ago)
Glad this popped back up in my recommendations
Norm Rayos (22 days ago)
Fangirling out for both Adam Savage and Cosplay in the same video. It’s so hard to not want to be best friends with this guy.
Allelujah Rivero (24 days ago)
“Specifically anime”
Arthur Pendragon (26 days ago)
From the bottom of my heart: Thank you, Adam Savage!
Rev K (26 days ago)
Always loved Adam but this puts at a new level of "Great". Cosplay helped my painfully shy, anxiety ridden daughter, find a voice, have fun and eventually be cool with who she really is in her own skin.
JakulaithWolff (26 days ago)
Ted, If we were to sign up on your website to talk, you say it's a platform to talk about ideas worth a hear. There are many people who have many better things to talk about, but people like this individual are wasting a space/chance and time and even money, instead of something that would make a big change in the world, or at least provoke thoughts : / this video up there is not something you want to read about in human history that changed something... I am upset because I for myself is one of these people who wish to be there to say something the world would like to know about and hear, but I'm not big enough yet to reach the point to stand up on a big stage ; - ; but I will try and will die trying. Starting from publishing a book near future. If it was to happen it will do happen. I'll make it happen. And that video above is just another human disappointment.
Robplayswithdragons (27 days ago)
i've been recommended this video about 8 times. watch it and a few months later there it is again.
Jenna G. (27 days ago)
i met a no-face who offered me fake gold. i shook my head "no way!"
NiD0 Ravensbeard (30 days ago)
this almost made me cry... I never cry
Amber Scarlet (30 days ago)
In comic-con, I learned 3 things... 1) Don't dress up as Flandre... literally everyone in Touhou is Flan... 2) Don't steal your big sister's spear or your clone's Leviathan. (Actually, My bro was Remi and a friend was playing as Sakuya and she had tiny crystal wings and she was keeping my wand) 3) *DON'T* run into a crowd of Sakuyas and yell 'pad'. (I actually used the nickname "Perfect and delicate servant" but whatevs) You have to hide in a heard of Sanss Frisks and floweys.
Nenad Šeguljev (1 month ago)
Mind Refinery (1 month ago)
This is probably one of our favourite talks. We literally came up with an entire doc because of his line about costumes being a way to reveal ourselves to each other. We just dropped the first episode of that doc earlier today, thought we'd revisit where we started. If any have time check it out, we'd love feedback from the community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fbfJPWOBJk&t=104s
Duvmasta (1 month ago)
Why is he an atheist?
Manubibi Walsh (1 month ago)
I'm not a cosplayer because I'm too lazy to make costumes and I wouldn't even know where to start from, but I'm a huge admirer of cosplayers. I truly think it's one of the best things about geek culture and generally fandom, it's a beautiful thing I'll never stop getting amazed by. All honor and all my admiration to cosplayers everywhere.
Gabriel Cunha (1 month ago)
Got to love the narrative and the passion in it. I find it very emotional
The Spirits Demise (1 month ago)
I started crying near the end there, because so many people don't understand and this feeling is explained so beautifully here.
Gavin Blackshear (1 month ago)
I go all out for Halloween every year. I started really enjoying making costumes in 2014, and started wearing them in 2015. So far I’ve cosplayed as: 2015: Knight Artorias 2016: Father Gascoigne 2017: Ringwraith 2018: B.J. Blaskowicz I’m still debating on this year. I’ve never been able to go to ComicCon but I plan to in a few years.
Paul Hymans (1 month ago)
A fantastic talk !
Mad Man (1 month ago)
Made me cry. Thank you
Zahid H Khan (1 month ago)
Juanjo Haro (1 month ago)
I love it!!!
Euryphaessa (1 month ago)
That was so beautiful! Thank you so much! <3
KaiyaCorrbin (1 month ago)
Adamn is such an awesome nerd... <3 Also, I feel your heat problems, Adam. I have to really prepare my head before I do my cosplay else I just soak my wig. EVEN WHEN WEARING EXTREMELY REVEALING THINGS. :|
The Dancing Hyena (2 months ago)
Now I want to rewatch Spirited Away
otaku dina (2 months ago)
Spirited away is a masterpiece indeed
dishchicken (2 months ago)
Going to an anime convention with my significant other. They will be Charlie and I will be Alistair from Hazbin Hotel. Can't wait!!!!!!!!
someday, which iznt farr i come there with very nice bag and yelling AllaahoAkkbarr! suddenly all of your shiti or logical problems will be gone for eva.. no thanks, its my pleasure
Campbell Kane (2 months ago)
I see No Face. I click.
James Ray (2 months ago)
man.... i didnt even think about where his mic was until i saw his youtube video adapting v-sauces. :-P
Kelsey Carroll (2 months ago)
I did it last year for the first tome, Tracer from Overwatch. I loved it! I started planning everything for my next cosplay next summer, planned everything out. I’m going as red hood from Dc comics. It helps when you use old clothes similar to what it is!
Doukz (2 months ago)
See, _that_ is how I want to be able to present myself when I cosplay.  I don't want to just be a girl dressed up as some 40 year old hero, I want to be believable as that hero despite my otherwise petite appearance through my voices and actions. If I'm cosplaying a villain a want to be able to _play_ that villain- all in lighthearted fun, of course. If I'm a squid sister I want people to walk up to me and be able to believe I am a piece of that core character when I pose and when I perform in competitions I want to be good enough that people can set aside reality and truly believe I'm that character, if only for a minute. Of course that's pretty deep... and I'm not great at staying in character but still I think what I'm really striving for is to be able to dress up as a villain, stand up for someone, and still be thought of as that villain because I know the ins and outs of that villain and how to portray them even in heroic ways.
Mr. blag (3 months ago)
10:14 I agree, spirited away is a very Underappreciated movie
Alonzo Branson (3 months ago)
He understands....HE REALLY UNDERSTANDS...!
End Nitro (3 months ago)
I wonder if Adam ate anyone during that comic con
Erik Bojay (3 months ago)
So deep😭
lykke (3 months ago)
i had shivers through this video, and started crying when he was talking about no face. this really spoke to me, and I feel so inspired, and grateful to Adam. Thanks for spreading your wonderful light and hope.
Dragon maid (3 months ago)
Spirited Away is legendary.
Don Mega (3 months ago)
the ending was better than any miss universe speech for sure. didn't even need to mention "children" and none of the crap those airheads are told to say to get the applause.
Don Mega (3 months ago)
that noface head is way too big.
ano Anonymous (3 months ago)
Ryan Rousseau (3 months ago)
Gisselle ! (3 months ago)
Adam savage is such an amazing human being god I would love to meet him someday
Kuhoo Not Kuhu (3 months ago)
Ok I cried
Mr. Koala (3 months ago)
Zer0 TheSocklessBastard (3 months ago)
5:58 - the good days
espy-ninja (3 months ago)
as a cosplayer, I just started wanting to cry as I watched this because....because it's just so TURE He hits on everything that makes cons and cosplays great! He put this deep feeling that so many cosplayers have into words that anyone can understand and it means so much to me! thank you, Adam Savage. Thank you from me and all the other cosplayers you touched.
xXBattleBlazeXx (4 months ago)
That no face part was adorable
RoraOnline (4 months ago)
this was beautiful
Devon Carey (4 months ago)
I've always adored Adam since I was little and watched Mythbusters, but I never knew about him and cosplay ! I'm a cosplayer myself and I love how he talks about the community. ❤️❤️❤️
miester rhovanion (4 months ago)
he is like my best friend is supposed to be.....wonder if adam drinks like me...if he did then really he would be my best friend ...if he wanted...maybe.
Artist (4 months ago)
Wonderful! I love it, that you love it sooooo much! :) Thank´s for telling us how you feel, it brings me back to the time I made and wore Cosplays myself.
It is so cute, how he loves, what he doing
Cliché the Cat (4 months ago)
Furries unite
Maru (4 months ago)
Studio Ghibli is the REAL Disney. I think every film made up until Howl's Moving Castle are TRUE masterpieces
lance allison (4 months ago)
A beutiful story told well and simply , I wish I was younger and fitter so I could cosplay too, But I'm too old and too big now so I'll just watch the younger ones have the fun and wistfully sigh.
Krogan Popy (4 months ago)
Spirited Away is great.
Jewel Robinson (4 months ago)
Cosplay has always been my life
Ambi Cahira (4 months ago)
Whoa, what a great ted talk <3
NovaComputing (4 months ago)
I liked this so much, I clicked the like button twice!
VaellieTheAngel (4 months ago)
I will say that this is how he is all the time. for the inagural NOMCON, he sat and watched as my crew and I painted the giant NOMCON backdrop that would continue to feature in every NOMCON in the future. He watched, chatted with us, took video, and he did it all as ADAM FREAKING SAVAGE. he sat there, in a giant ballroom with a bunch of kids and some adults (I'm 16, I met him when I was 15) we finished the mural, we signed it, and the day went on. the first day of the actual conference he came to the front desk, said hi, thanked all of us for helping out, and went into the ballroom, the second (main keynote day) he congratulated us on the mural, on stage, with a live audience of almost 500 people, each of us were given an award for our work by the board, and each of us got a picture with him. He is actually, genuinely, a kind, geeky dude. he deserves all the love he's gotten over the years and he is incredible. I urge anyone who doesn't know who he is to watch his TESTED episodes, all of them, watch mythbusters, watch the mythbusters JR. show coming out, watch it all because this guy is amazing.
Vanny Agustina (4 months ago)
Adam "Savage" Savage :')))
Cresalia Cres (4 months ago)
I only watched "Spirited Away" because my friend made me XD I enjoyed it though.
rgnestle (5 months ago)
A BROmance in the making! I tell you, Adam (Mr. Savage)!!!
debdras (5 months ago)
Loved it!!! Although I would've never taken the money from No Face in the first place, like, at all lmao I know the story!! I don't want that gold just to get eaten :P Silly people taking money from No Face...

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