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Planar Conquest ~ 01 Introduction

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Planar Conquest is the re-release of Worlds of Magic and it's basic game-play is great. It launches on Steam early next week. I'm probably being hypercritical because it is a re-release but for me the UI still needs some attention. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGB6RkFB7ZmMeV_t1f9eOyiHe1SW6diSm EDIT: On release the UI has been worked on a lot and a good number of the issues highlighted in this video have been fixed.
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Coeal Firren (10 months ago)
its almost like you never played an rpg game before. Many of these "little" things, such as randomising of the maps and selection of pre-made or self made kings, is an old, old thing. its called "are you sure" functions. if im randomising a maps again and again and again until i get it juuuust right, and then my finger twitches cuz iv been doing it for 5 mins strait, im going to be PISSED. if i click on premade kings, and thats not what i wanted, and i have to then back out of that menu, thats frustrating as hell
xvc00 (1 year ago)
this was rather been browser-based MMO
очень немало пиздит, а толку не достаточно, я игру поглядеть пришёл, а не пиздеж слушать...
Powerswish (2 years ago)
I love how so many people in forums and videos refer to MoM as "Masters of Magic." It's "Master of Magic" without the plural. Anyway, I hope they keep updating the game. The underlying mechanics trump other attempts at MoM successors in one key way: It tries to be as MoM-ish as possible. The more polished games like FE and AoW3 didn't hold my attention because of that simple fact.
Dusty Zwiger (2 years ago)
this guy talked so much that i dont even care about the game. shitty youtuber and I couldn't even tell you if the game is good here did a good job making this game look boring
tehforma (2 years ago)
I came here to get my own opinion about this game by watching someone play it and explain one game mechanic or another. Instead you complain about bugs for 15 mins while showing only the setup of the actual game... Please try to stay more neutral and focus on entertaining viewers, at least at the beginning of a series!
Tee Bone (2 years ago)
You sound shocked and disapointed that a game would be released unfinished..This as you obviously must know has become the norm,since we have shown to be willing to throw money at incomplete games.The bar has been lowered.
BearNDragon (2 years ago)
try to keep the intro more concise, you got a little repetitive there.
sasawedx (2 years ago)
first 5 minutes of non stop talking omg i almost died
Dusty Zwiger (2 years ago)
bruh -_-
Grey Mouser (2 years ago)
Waffle, rinse, repeat :/
hachnslay (2 years ago)
I have played 183 hours of worlds of magic, so i might be slightly biased, but ... this is an abomination. The "cute" look they went for, so the icons became bigger for the big fingered mobile gamers, the moving treasure chests, the green movement circles of DOOM ... none of those are necessary anymore.
dbouya (2 years ago)
anyone know where I can find an appendix or wiki listing every spell in the game? the worlds of magic wiki which used to list them seems to be gone, the planar conquest pdf manual doesn't list it. most informed way to choose my schools of magic is to read the list of high tier spells I have to choose from. link leads nowhere http://wastelands-interactive.com/mediawiki/?title=Main_Page
soulbladeff (2 years ago)
ummmmm...... you do realize that the dungeons/battle fields do show difficulty. you just need a unit to be on the square in question
SuaatanaTube (2 years ago)
Das when are you going to formarly make ''Game Quality Tester'' your job? That interface nitpick (in a good way) and criticism could take your far as a feeback giving tester. With that buttery voice I would listen and change everything you say. xD
Julien Tenkanen (2 years ago)
This game looks like a mess. I wasn't aware that it was developed by the WoM devs, so thanks for the warning. I'll avoid.
Afngary Ham (2 years ago)
Das, I thought Star Dock was developer on Fallen Enchantress. Per steam this is being developed by Wastelands Interactive, but you said it's being done by the same people? See that this is also being ported for the Xbox and PS4, which i bet is why there is some interface issues on the PC.
DasTactic (2 years ago)
Maybe I wasn't clear, sorry. Wastelands Interactive developed Worlds of Magic, redeveloped it and are now re-releasing it as Planar Conquest. Stardock did the same thing with Elemental redeveloping that game and releasing it as Fallen Enchantress.
NemoCat (2 years ago)
This change from Worlds of Magic to Planar Conquest was supposed to improve the interface and they couldn't even get that right.
Kruztee (2 years ago)
Meh, mobile port is mobile port
Origami_Anarchist (2 years ago)
The interface foibles, and graphics style, which I don't particularly care for, are 100% down to the fact that this is a mobile game / mobile port. Which is a shame, because it also means that the AI is likely to be very very poor as well.
entropino (2 years ago)
I find the game way too ugly to be honest.
Enclave33 (2 years ago)
now we're talking
John Doe (2 years ago)
Das, you are far too lenient. I have come across so many potentially great games sabotaged by abysmally poor UI that I have no more patience or sympathy for such devs. When will they get it through their thick skulls that ease of use is just as important as sound mechanics? It's not like Beta testers don't point it out repeatedly on the forums.
Earl of Doncaster (2 years ago)
It's almost as if they didn't blind test the UI.
Xerberus86 (2 years ago)
started playing the beta version too, game is definitely an improvement but still has some UI / control improvements (or maybe i am just not that used too it). definitely an improvement over WoM and a good game design.
ManicRay (2 years ago)
There doesn't seam to be much improvement over Worlds of Magic from what I'm seeing. I would like to see the tactical battles and see if they improved that because it looked boring as hell in the previous incarnation with no tactics or depth.
Rafael (2 years ago)
About the clicking issue. The left clicking is a design choice. Because it mimics the way Master of Magic was. I'm pretty sure that on the settings menu you can swap this. At least on Worlds of Magic there was an option for this...
Toothless Shark (2 years ago)
I'll steer clear of both this game and World of Magic. Thanks for making this playthrough but both games looks like buggy uninspired messes and there are many games that surpassed old Master of Magic idea and evolved into better games.
Riccardo Orlando (2 years ago)
+Toothless Shark +Kruztee​ thank you!
Kruztee (2 years ago)
Eador. Masters of the Broken World is pretty cool too
Toothless Shark (2 years ago)
Sure. Age of Wonders series, Warlock 1 and 2 (2 with Renaissance mod), Fallen Enchantress Legendary heroes and Sorcerer King. All were inspired by Master of Magic, but took different directions from there.
Riccardo Orlando (2 years ago)
Care to give a few suggestions? :p
Diligent_Gravy (2 years ago)
I remember your earlier reviews on this game in its previous incarnation, I hope this newer one does the IP more justice than the original did
mtgrocks04 (2 years ago)
I think a lot of those strange click issues are related to this being built for touch interfaces where your finger is going to lift on and off the screen each time.
Marlowe221 (2 years ago)
I had the exact same thought when watching the video. I'm sure that's what is going on with some of the odd interface issues.
getter7seven (2 years ago)
Ah, finally this at last---been hoping to see some of the skilled folks out there with the right history wade into this. Absolutely a project with a troubled and wandering history in terms of the crowdfunding phase and WoM post-release, right in keeping with the Master of Magic curse which has been consistently more devastating than any global spell yet wrought, but I want to hope and believe that, maybe just maybe, they can finally turn it all around with this latest attempt and reach a better starting line that Worlds of Magic would've more ideally had in the first place...to put it lightly. There's just not many in the fray on this front, not unlike how Palm Kingdoms III is one of the only hopes for classic HoMM 2/3 fans, so I can't help but root for them on the one hand while still kind of cringing on the edge of my seat on the other. They HAVE to go in hard on this post-release though for PC, regardless of whatever leaps they've made in mobile---there's no way momentum/luck/the universe will be merciful enough in circumstances for it to be able to afford even a whiff of a repeat of WoM's woeful situation. I was amazed they managed to bludgeon out this second chance for themselves as it is---don't know that they, or any other beyond, could bust out a third if it came to that.
Martin Woad (2 years ago)
I was lucky to get Worlds of Magic on sale for around 3$, just before they announced they will be re-releasing it. I hope this one will be at least bearable.
Jadeia (2 years ago)
Never heard of this title, or it's previous name, but very interesting little find. For old school gamers it is expected that game releases are polished. I think the new generation of gamers doesn't quite have this same expectation and game developers take advantage of this fact. I mean, when I used to buy a game, that was it - no internet to download a patch! These days though.. Meh.. :)
Franchu Mir (2 years ago)
Indeed, and some games were really deep and complex, but with minor or no bugs at all. There were exceptions, of course, but the rule was no bugs, now the rule is bugfest untill patchs.

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