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Zia and the Goddesses of Magic [OLD Trailer]

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Now Available for pre-order on my website ! http://orionsoft.free.fr/ In a world where magic is Queen, people lived happily and safely under the protection of the ten guardian goddesses. Out of the unknown came a powerful demon who brought trouble upon the world, and all the goddesses got captured and locked away. Zia is a little girl who lives in a village in the mountains with her parents. When she was younger, she discovered a spell book and started to practice magic. An old wise man came and told Zia about the existence of several spell books spread around the world. During her journey, Zia will discover the trapped goddesses. Now is your chance to help her rescue the goddesses from the evil creatures by casting magic spells!
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Text Comments (21)
tae tea (2 years ago)
I heard this game will be availiable for PS1 console too. Is that rumor true? It would be good to play a new game on my old (but still the best) PSone.
Tu877 (2 years ago)
looks really good
FinalFantasySete (2 years ago)
Will the Ps1 version be an original black disc or will I have to have a chipped console in order to play it?
Orion_ (2 years ago)
+Cristiano it will be on a black disc, but it's still a CD-R, for now it is impossible for an individual to reproduce a selfboot ps1 cd. so, modchip or "boot cd" (like ps-x-change) will be required.
LSGNKDMSTWSL (2 years ago)
Orion on AA says: "it's not just alpha blending, it's also graphic layers. For Alice I had 2 layers of 32x32 tiles and even with the blitter, I got 30 fps on this RPG I have 3 layers of 16x16 tiles + dialog text, etc..., it would barely run at 15 fps." Sorry Orion we love your games, but the Jaguar could very easily pull this off, as could most 16 bit and even some 8 bit systems. I think it is more of a case of time and financial return over Jaguars capabilities.
MultiTarded (2 years ago)
Your game looks nice. However, it is clear that you are in need of an editor. If you are interested, I am available.
MultiTarded (2 years ago)
No, there were no 8-bit home video game consoles capable of producing graphics of this level. Take a look back at Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, they somewhat pale in comparison. Any 16-bit machine could easily outdo these, though.
Orion_ (2 years ago)
+LSGNKDMSTWSL no. I sold many games on jaguar, programing on it for more than 6 years, I can't do any better than what I already did. Jaguar programming is really a pain, try it and you will understand.
LSGNKDMSTWSL (2 years ago)
I bet if you could get more buyers, the struggles would be much easier to overcome. Just saying.
Orion_ (2 years ago)
+LSGNKDMSTWSL sorry but I'm done with the jaguar, I already made 4 games for it, and the technical struggles is too much for me, I want to do games on more powerful machine. (ps1/dreamcast)
KGRAMR (2 years ago)
Just for curiosity orion,would you consider a Jaguar CD port if there is a demand?
GoodAdvicesForFranco (2 years ago)
Thank you for the response, even thos it has crushed everyone at AtariAge including myself. Would it be possible to do another RPG conversion to the jaguar cd? I don't know how you guys programme the games, but I really enjoy Alice mom game, it has some great music.
KGRAMR (2 years ago)
Yeah,looking the footage again,there's transparent special effects,and depending on the scope you're targeting for the game,it may not be feasable on the black cat,which is sad 'cause the jaguar could need a new RPG besides tower II. Oh well,wish you for the best in your project :)
Orion_ (2 years ago)
+KGRAMR unfortunately, it's not a question of demand, it's a question of feasibility. It won't be possible to have this game running at decent speed on the Jaguar, there is too much graphic layers to be displayed, not enough RAM, and the transparency of magical effects won't be possible on Jaguar as it doesn't fully support alpha blending.
referral madness (2 years ago)
looks like pier solar , awesome
mazonemayu (2 years ago)
Looking great, I'll buy one

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