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Straight Talk APN Settings for 4G LTE Picture Messaging SMS to work on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ATT

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Text Comments (42)
Dorothy Coleman (7 months ago)
all of your info is incorrect for an att phone using straightalk.
That’s a first
Daniel Bob (1 year ago)
thank you so much
+Daniel Bob your welcome
smilebee (1 year ago)
Thank you so much man!
+ura rahlan anytime
Ethan Azwar (2 years ago)
Thanks man! Tried everything I could find on Google and the straight talk rep's apn settings didn't even work, but this did the trick. You. The. Man. 👌
+Ethan Azwar lol Your welcome, I had this settings that I came up with from 2010 I am surprised why don't they give correct APN settings by now lol
DigitalJ05h (2 years ago)
Thank you!
your so welcome glad to help
Tammy Shipes-Leggett (2 years ago)
thank you worked perfect!
your so welcome thanks for watching, consider becoming a subscriber :)
happy tulips (2 years ago)
I buy a unlocked phone Z1s xperia (T-Mobile) . But my straight talk simcard doesnt work :(. Please help me!
+happy tulips great, you should be ok, I hope, first make sure you have the right sim by calling them, then activate it, then do my APN settings you should be ok, yes let me know, I want to be sure you made it work.
happy tulips (2 years ago)
Thank you for reply. I bought this in ebay and the seller says its unlocked phone. And i just got a new simcard from straight talk a week before the phone. Maybe need to call the straight talk cuz until now i never activate my new sim. I will update you about my phone case soon Thanks again! :)
+happy tulips sounds like a nice phone, I am not sure if T mobile phone will work, but they do say bring your own phone, I know that Att and Verizon works, let's say, straight talk plan should work on yours, then they need to sell you the right SIM card for your phone, my best answer is call straight talk and ask them about this problem, The APN settings I have Should work for ATT phones that you bring to straight talk, others might work to, I just haven't tried them, let me know if is helps, or feel free to ask any questions i am here to help.
oh ok is it working now?
lastochka74ak (2 years ago)
это мой YouTube не работал , уже всё пять !!!!
lastochka74ak (2 years ago)
отчего видео не работает ?
+lastochka74ak что ты имеешь в виду
Tim Johnson (2 years ago)
These are old, for any at&t phone 4.4.4 and up it's much different, NAME- straight talk, APN- tfdata, skip down to MMSC and put in http://mmsc.mobile.att.net, then MMS PROXY put in- proxy.mobile.att.net, then MMS PORT put in 80 then down to APN TYPE put in- default,mms,supl,hipri leave the rest the way it is. you should be all set its the ones I use and all functions are 100%.
Tim Johnson (2 years ago)
+ZIMALETA & Agnessa Kalashnik because ST has updated them to work the newer OS. I see your not getting the LTE symbol so thought id share mine. I made one up idk how itll work in your area but i'll share it its totally made up so its only experimental on my note 4 at&t ST service. in name put AT&T phone- APN put in tfdata-  port put in 80, MMSC put in http://att.mobile.net MMS proxy put in, proxy.att.mobile.net, multi message port put in , 80 authentication type put in- pap or chap ( combined ) APN type put in- default,hipri,supl,mms,fota,admin,  and bearer check off LTE and mobile virtual network operator type put in, check off GIG and just below mobile value put in att.net try them and see what you think.
+Timmy Johnson why do you think this is old, is yours better? I am still using my version I am running 5.1.1 and everything works on mine I don't see a reason to update if 4G LTE works picture and video messaging works
guys watch my other video I do a better job at explaining how to set Up APN settings and do a test https://youtu.be/AoDOy_9gwvE
Romayne333 Parnell (3 years ago)
Very easy and spot on video thank you. The only kink I have is I still can't receive or send mms via text..can you help?
+kh kh hi
kh kh (2 years ago)
+Romayne333 Parnell yes I can, I recommend you watch my other video where I do everything and demonstrate how it works, there is a link in this video but heres a link to that video https://youtu.be/AoDOy_9gwvE
Maelieng (3 years ago)
I have Galaxy grand prime unlocked (T-Mobile) with straight talk sim and I have been online almost a week trying to find APN that will work. I've tried so many and none works. I tried this one but as I go to save it , all it does is go right back to beginning without my new APN that I tried to save. Any idea why it's doing that? I have done it over 10 times. If anyone who have the same phone who found APN that works please share. Thanks in advance
wow yey I am so glad that worked for you, in trying to help you further I just made another video its not up yet, but will be tomorrow, in that video I made it a tutorial with testing the settings and showing exactly what to do, but you got it lol :) glad it worked
Maelieng (3 years ago)
+ZIMALETA & Agnessa Kalashnik omg I got it! ! yaay! but I hope I didn't just did something bad to it. I was just changing things, removing things, and testing it after to see if the mms will work, so the one I did and was the only change was going to the "mobile virtue " the last one of the APN setting and I select the second one that CDMA etc (the one without LTE) and boom! tested it and omg! !my mms worked! I'm kind of afraid though because when I click on the "mobile virtue" it won't allow me to anymore...it went select and give me options to switch back.
It's no problem, I am active with my YouTube chanel, I am sorry to hear this bad news I understand your frustration, I just don't know why won't it alow you to save the new APN settings it's so strange, I recommend go to the store you bought the phone from and tell them what you are trying to do, maybe they can explain why you can't save APN settings or how you should save them, It sounds like you have an amazing phone, I did not know about that one, I really hope you can resolve that issue, if it's not to much to ask can you like and Subscribe to my chanel, I will subscribe back, BTW I do want to hear back from you if you get it fixed, thanks for watching my video I hope it still helps ;)
Maelieng (3 years ago)
+ZIMALETA & Agnessa Kalashnik hi thanks for responding. I tried your setting and it is not letting me save. when I tried to save it by pressing "save" it brings me back to the home APN screen and does not show the new APN. I watched so many videos and Google, tried everything and I just don't know what else to do. few I tried, the Internet works but picture sending don't work *only shows "sending" but does not go through. I appreciate you in responding so fast.
+Maeanne Saechao try this if you haven't already, don't change the one you have now, just create new APN settings name it Straight Talk and then do all the changes you see in my video, I really hope this works because you should be able to have more then one APN settings that you can set up and then chose what you like
JB Power Wash (3 years ago)
Does It matters if it is a BYOP...
Curman (3 years ago)
Works perfect on my Note 3. Thank you!
RYUOKAMI the one (3 years ago)
I was on the phone for an hour rltrying to get straight talk to get me the right apn and they couldn't do it you sir are a GOD!
Thanks, glad it help you. Thanks for your coment, please subscribe
John Strange (4 years ago)
This is the 4th one I have watched and still can't get it to work. I have a note 3 but the settings for those match yours. Can't pull data.
that's strange, this is same settings I used on my IPhone 4, and Samsung S4 and my Samsung note 4 using same sim card all ATT phones and it works great, one thing I will recommend is deleting the old APN settings from ATT you have, that comes with the phone, and leave only a new one with, name it straight talk, but just right down the old settings just in case, let me know if that helped. thanks  
John Strange (3 years ago)
+ZIMALETA & Agnessa Kalashnik Yes att phone. I had to use the apn settings straight talk suggested on their website.
I know that got to be frustrating, is your phone ATT version? This APN settings should work for any ATT smart phone, data and pix messages

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