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Mysterious Objects That Science Can't Explain

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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Scientists are trying to solve historical enigmas and puzzles, but there's still a lot of unexplainable facts in history. Mysteries, ancient legends, curses and fantastic artifacts keep bewildering scientists all over the world... Even in the 21st century, there are many stories like this. Today, you will hear some of them. Perhaps you will be able to solve the mysteries that the greatest researchers couldn't?
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Text Comments (908)
TheIkawatay (14 hours ago)
White people, “ihave a found a mysterious object, better take it with me to study” and never turned it back.
Robert Neuschwanger (3 days ago)
Anyone who sits in the chair dies. And anyone who doesn't... Also dies 🤣
Cody Gibson (3 days ago)
6:14 something moves on top of the statue s head
Wierdmanok (4 days ago)
I got a mystery science can’t explain The black ops 3 story line
Eduardo Cezar (4 days ago)
Next time, call it "Mysterious Objects that science didn't give a shit about".
Brandon (5 days ago)
Idk but I really wanna sit in that damn chair lol
Tri Tran (6 days ago)
fam why do you have so much ads in your 11 min vid
Paul Ellis (6 days ago)
To many ad's
David Henderson (6 days ago)
Now the map is something to wonder about. It shows land under a mile of ice that was not known for a fact until ground penetrating radar was invented.
Mayo Valles Dagayloan (8 days ago)
I wanna sit on “busby’s stoop chair”.
Xander and Friends (12 days ago)
1 like = 2 Push up i need to become fit brothers P.S dont like
Dolan Banerjee (12 days ago)
Dude, our diamond is in England. Like we r independent and yet...
Nicki nurse (14 days ago)
ulfbert was obviously a blacksmith why would there be stories about him? His family must have had a "brand" that lasted centuries & knockoffs should be no surprise. Also why the annoying music? ugggg
Dr Satan (15 days ago)
davemonkey0057 (16 days ago)
whats the movie shown at the beginning ?
Iris Bosch (17 days ago)
Why is the mask of tuttigamond the thumbnail lol
C H (17 days ago)
Crazy how everyone suddenly stopped dying once that cursed chair was hung up on the wall.
sudhanshu gupta (17 days ago)
it didnt ended in the treasury but was looted by british east india company
Carleigh Limbach (17 days ago)
I'm sorry I'm still shook that a coffin curse was mentioned
Ilai (18 days ago)
England decides to give the stone back to Scotland but not the Indian Diamond. Lol
fvck you all (18 days ago)
Indians are so poor, there is no way that their ancestors carried and once owned that diamond smh. They probably just shit in their streets that time.
slickk _ (18 days ago)
Helllllooooo everyone 😁
The Endless Tour T.E.T (18 days ago)
Amazing 💙 I loooove your videos 😍 keep up the good work!
al capone (19 days ago)
It must be chinese who did the copy pf the sword
Tubagus Ababil (19 days ago)
It's a ring, nothing is mysterious about it
jamie campbell (19 days ago)
Why does science need to explain legends ? Legends are just cool fairytales
Barry Suridge (19 days ago)
The so-called "Atlantis Ring" is pure fiction. François Joseph Paul, Comte de Grasse was no Egyptologist either. He was an Admiral of the French Fleet that helped the Americans to win the Battle of the Chesapeake in 1781.
mdj2742 (20 days ago)
Why does this voice sound so familiar?
Adam Moonlord (21 days ago)
1 simple question. why men not advanced in 19 hundred years ago. We have proofed that technology and life can be improved within 120 years from 1900 - 2020. So why in past men did not advanced, whereas the men had 19 hundred years of time to do so. If we can find the real answer, then we may find the answer for our future world and universe.
Mac Daddy (21 days ago)
Adam Moonlord :) I just like busting peoples chops. You get a 🥇 for not being a snow flake. 😬
Adam Moonlord (21 days ago)
@Mac Daddy sorry, should be 'proved'
Mac Daddy (21 days ago)
Adam Moonlord proofed? Ummmm 😐
Daa3.1416 Saa (21 days ago)
Ya a ring that can protect his host....what happen to the older host ? He is dead ?
robertojae (19 days ago)
Daa3.1416 Saa well if ting give protection is one thing But imortality is another thing kkk
CodeNameNuclear (21 days ago)
Kc Jones (22 days ago)
You know what they dnt ADD is tht the Archaeologist/Scientist/ Middle Easterners tht Excavate these Ruins get Cursed & 9 times out of 10 they DIE in a matter of Weeks FYI Stop Disrespecting the Dead for PROFIT 💯
Rahul Sen (22 days ago)
elizabeth ii should sit on that chair.that will bring the royal family the royal gift.
Keshan Naidoo2815 (22 days ago)
Atlantis ring wow pity it couldn't save them
MOONLIGHT SHADOW (22 days ago)
@ 5:14 the writing in that book looks perfect. I don't get how they had such great detail way back then.
Raiden (22 days ago)
Scientists can’t explain why the earth is flat..meme..
king kong (22 days ago)
They need to let trump sit in the chair lol
HypliX' (22 days ago)
everybody who sits in this chair will inevitably die..? isn't all chairs like that. I mean I've sat in multiple thousands chairs and I will inevitably die sometime
BN Entertainments (22 days ago)
Stole Egyptian artifacts brought them to America just to put them on display.. I suggest they put everything they stole from Africa. Mummies and all.
Archie Murrell (22 days ago)
More like scientists haven’t explained yet, not can’t
Michael Melecio (22 days ago)
I like how intellectually dishonest all these mystery videos are.
Yo Yo (22 days ago)
Only one answer Aliens 😂
Osama Nofal (22 days ago)
Yo Yo (22 days ago)
Literally Anything Valuable England: It's free real estate
Yo Yo (22 days ago)
Reddit will solve everything
Dharma (22 days ago)
The name ULFBERTH swords sounds like they were made by a man named Ulf Berth. Normal first and last names in Scandinavia and Germany.
keene226 (22 days ago)
StarJo21 (22 days ago)
One word one name one king Nimrod.
alduane embrado (22 days ago)
dislike.. the amount of ads is annoying..goodluck with your money
MOONLIGHT SHADOW (22 days ago)
I only got one
Md Amran Ahmed (22 days ago)
Amrainhossa inked Kevin Hi amra Pinochet Kevin Hi amrainhossa Hi me tell Kevin
Jewel Grier (22 days ago)
On my birthday part of the pyramid opens up.then closes
Abhishek M (23 days ago)
*Hasn't explained
HighHell99 (23 days ago)
Science can't explain everything. Why is that so hard to understand?
Matt Lombardo (23 days ago)
Sure it can
Bob Bobson (23 days ago)
9:03 that sound spooked me..
Darryl Joseph (23 days ago)
Chill with the adds.. it’s a turnoff
Ishan Dr (23 days ago)
u r idiot.
Sajal Nigam (23 days ago)
What is evan luthra doing in this video?
HELL'S HITMAN (23 days ago)
"Scientists currently can't explain" Scientist suggest the ring is from Atlantis. Ok. The sword has what to do with science? Researchers/historians not scientists. A myth about a stone has what to do with science? This is stupid!
CodeNameNuclear (21 days ago)
HELL'S HITMAN this entire video is super autistic
Isaac Escobar (23 days ago)
The add was a type R tho 😗
Khaled Osman (23 days ago)
The comments are so interesting.
Georgius Rama (24 days ago)
Probably an SCP
Them evil ass Europeans stole everything in sight
adamFIVE88 (24 days ago)
Having a picture of Zahi Hawass in the thumb nail makes me not want to watch this video.
vBeauツ (24 days ago)
Science can’t explain everything lmao
vBeauツ (22 days ago)
Yo Yo man idek what I was going for when typing this.
Yo Yo (22 days ago)
Is this comment unironically funny to some people? If Yes, surely Science can't explain this level of dumbness.
Harshvardhan Agarwal (24 days ago)
there is a clip at the beginning of a man holding a dagger, which movie is it from ?
Harshvardhan Agarwal (14 days ago)
@davemonkey0057 thanks
davemonkey0057 (16 days ago)
Ronydenim (24 days ago)
If atheists can explain there is no god why science can’t explain everything. Why not take their help??
Manish Bait (24 days ago)
Kohinoor diamond was ransacked by british empire .. east india company was the most cruel and selfish organisation.. if they have some karma left they should have given back the diamond to indian treasuries.....
Ayesha Shaikh (24 days ago)
You got zahi hawas on thumbnail
Spongebob Squarepants (24 days ago)
1like if you hate the way he says "Hello Everyone"
Giovanni Rosado (24 days ago)
I bet science can’t explain the absurd number of ads in this video
randumz randumz (24 days ago)
How come we have records going back thousands of years but no records of how they built the pyramids
Cynthia Hunter (23 days ago)
@Matt Lombardo no it doesnt explain HOW to build a pyramid but if you had paid attention to what i said..the GIANTS talked about in Genesis 6 and the book of Enoch would explain WHO could have built such large structures ..duh
Matt Lombardo (23 days ago)
Because the people that built them got steamrolled by superior nations and erased any record of them
Matt Lombardo (23 days ago)
@Cynthia Hunter what? Lol the bible doesn't explain how to build a pyramid ...but yea some guy walked on water and talked to a burning bush thats all true ahahaha
Cynthia Hunter (23 days ago)
They do but it would give credence to the Bible so they would rather the world stay ignorant than admit anything from the Bible is true.
The R. (24 days ago)
Because black folk built them and that doesn't fit their narrative for us. They rather say 👽 built it or just destroy the records.
Tony Soza (24 days ago)
Uk Germany France all need to return ancient Greek statues ruins that they took
Do Mel (24 days ago)
Tony Soza to Istanbul?
kanakana mathivha (24 days ago)
The reason why "Scientists" are still baffled about the pyramids it's simply because they don't want to admit that black people built them.
amit thakur (25 days ago)
and now if india want her kohinoor back no one queens or king stop us
amit thakur (25 days ago)
britain thief our Kohinoor and now they cursing by india
quackxhead (25 days ago)
You guys should YouTube proof Atlantis exist. Some guy found where Atlantis is supposed to be. Mind blown af
Yo Yo (22 days ago)
I told him not to but my aquarium had a mini atlantis and that guy just revealed it to the whole world
rajnish tiwari (25 days ago)
Bgm is good
prateek yadav (24 days ago)
Why England not return Kohinoor to India .... that's not belong to queen, she robbed Kohinoor from India
randumz randumz (23 days ago)
Your just jealous
randumz randumz (23 days ago)
@Arsalan Ansari lol says the guy that wipes his arse with his hand or on a leaf
Arsalan Ansari (23 days ago)
European thugs Don’t know how to wash their asshole and claim to be civilised . I hate British dynasty for doing worst things to India.
Jaindar Singh (23 days ago)
@randumz randumz Hey Jackass! Are you sure your name has no spelling mistake? AHoles trying to correct other's grammar. He'll live fine even if he never learn your language.
randumz randumz (24 days ago)
Spell check
Qurat Baloch (25 days ago)
Devil's bible has been debunked
Jon Bell (25 days ago)
Between 1712 - 2009 approximately sixty people have died... I think everyone that didn't sit in the chair did as well.
magic stine (25 days ago)
Or gold mormon plates
magic stine (25 days ago)
Dude that chair is like wow have you herd about the pillar here in agustest
magic stine (25 days ago)
Im not from 🇬🇧 but fucking epic mate
magic stine (25 days ago)
Fucking epic
Psychosis o-O (25 days ago)
Can you Indians stop crying over the stone, it's not like you people didn't colonise your neighbours or perform acts of injustice in the past. Get off your high horse, times were very different back then. Every nationality has performed vile acts throughout history.
East Afrika (25 days ago)
Look at how these European thugs stole our ancient artifacts from Egypt.
Matt Lombardo (23 days ago)
If the Africans got off their asses, out of their hutts and had an industrial revolution like the great USA and Europe..perhaps they wouldn't have gotten their asses handed to themselves and their riches taken by the strongest nations. And if when they did find some minerals the king would keep it for himself and tell his people to go grow yams
East Afrika (23 days ago)
@Rick James who's throne? Not an Afrikan one, we don't bow to white folks here we are Mau Mau
Rick James (24 days ago)
The Crown ordered those things to happen, go ahead now & try to hold them accountable. Same family is still on the throne. But no, most will target some poor peasant to get " revenge" on. Pathetic
ABir NiGam (24 days ago)
Did same to India
extremedude1234 (24 days ago)
@Ben Hughes by that logic let's go to a bank and steal money. That's retarded mate you can't take people's shit
hammer head (25 days ago)
One more fact about piri raiz’s map is that anatrtica was drawn before it was covered in ice.
Rick James (26 days ago)
It's all explained away by liar in chief Hawass.
Jays adventures (26 days ago)
Dude that chair thing is scary
carloslebaron (26 days ago)
The Stone of Scone is the stone Jacob slept on. The "miracle" happened when Jacob put together small stones as a pillow and that night had the dream with angels going up and down using a ladder to heaven, and when he went up next day, rather than small stones was the huge stone. (By the way, that stone is a meteorite) He called it "Betel" and he Gave it to Joseph and blessed him thru his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh. Together with the bones of Joseph the Stone traveled from Egypt to the promised land. When the kingdom of Israel was turned down, The prophet Jeremiah make the arrangements to hide the Arc of Covenant and the stone was sent to what is today's England. The blessing of Jacob was giving the power to Ephraim y Manasseh, which are England and his brother the USA. Both, according to the "blessing" will be in charge to be the bullies and impose (with their horns) their will over the rest of nations, the blessing includes the mention of their "armies". These two brothers were to receive -by force- the best of the goods of the rest of countries. Apparently the prophecy has been fulfilled.
carloslebaron (26 days ago)
To that ring found in Egypt. I see no reason at all to call it "the Atlantic Ring", such a name is full of speculation and creates a myth rather than a science report accepting nobody knows the origin of it.
carloslebaron (24 days ago)
@MarkyD Sure, better calling it the Pee Wee Ring or, the "that thing" ring, something more accurate to describe that we have no idea of where it came from and what it represents.
MarkyD (25 days ago)
carloslebaron. Thank you for stating that it's not a name that they are not calling it..... Whacko
Golden Skin (26 days ago)
I’ve heard everything but God
Bradwel (25 days ago)
Golden Skin 😂😂
5 adds for a 11 minute video, not thanks
john nedeau (26 days ago)
ok .. why are you showing Egyptian hieroglyphs and painting when your talking about Samaria ?
Phenyo Putu (26 days ago)
The “Kohinoor” diamond is actually called the Cullinan diamond and was taken from a mine in Kimberly, South Africa. Google it.
Manish Bait (24 days ago)
East india company also done many slave trading have you google it
dev bhat (25 days ago)
Phenyo Putu I googled it and they are different gems. Cullinan is 3107 carats and Kohinoor is 793 carats (both uncut). Google it
Theodore Bagwell (26 days ago)
Science can explain it, humans just haven’t figured it out yet.
Cynthia Hunter (23 days ago)
Science refuses to accept any answer that would give credence to the Bible. The Smithsonian has destroyed thousands of artifacts in an effort to cover up the real origins of many things. They would rather say "we don't know" than admit the real answer proves anything biblical
Arjun Unhale (26 days ago)
Too many adds 😡
Oscar Velasquez (27 days ago)
The first one is a cock ring! Lol
Gijoe215062056 Ham (27 days ago)
Sy Xs (27 days ago)
Scientists can’t explain but I guarantee the experts in the comment section will solve everything
Mohit Tiwari (11 days ago)
In a comment section are aliens
macymurray12 (16 days ago)
That's because scientists don't want to state the obvious, especially when it simple. Everything has to have a super complex meaning or explanation in their eyes.
Life Of Alisa (18 days ago)
Sy Xs yesh I can solve anything because I’m first, lmao (just a joke)😂
Nishi Mehta (22 days ago)
@skua stone and voila the expert solved the mystery😂
skua stone (23 days ago)
It`s simple, there are non humans involved.
Neil Deep (27 days ago)
The unusual ring looks like a Greek thing. This is like Ancient Aliens.. all fluff.

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